mob名 台詞
ロッカー AAaAaAhHhHhhh!
メタルラ Attacking back? You want a fight? Wanna be smacked down by instruments?
レイドリック Your mistake will lead you to death. Better be careful, eh?
It's time for one-on-one.
レイドリックアーチャー Defeat the enemy!!
カーリッツバーグ Die.. Die.. Die...
半漁人 You have some guts, tresspassing our kingdom, human...
ストラウフ Do you really think you can beat me!?
デビルチ Die Die Die you Human!
マリオネット If you catch on fire, it'll be more fun~
ダークイリュージョン By the name of the Dark Lord, you shall kneel before me!!
ダークロード Mwahaha! Is that all you can do?
Allow me to personally take you to Niflheim!
アラーム It is now your time to die!!
スケルプリズナー Give me her body... Give me your body...
インジャスティス I shall let you meet your ancestors!
ムナック Being by yourself isn't good for you~
ボンゴン I shall kill you without suffering.
アムムト Will it hurt if ! beat you with my club?
ドッペルゲンガー Come, lets talk with swords!
マヤパープル You're the one that kidnapped my mother, isn't it?!
キャットナインテイル Are you trying to make me wear pants?
ジョーカー Can you do this?...
オーガトゥース I might sever one more head today~
イシス Be quiet! Die quietly!


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