【登録タグ: F GUMI Metragoon
唄:GUMI V3(English)


  • Happy 4th Anniversary Gumi! 私の最初GUMIオリジナル曲です。また、最初English曲!(作者コメより転載)
  • 2015年6月26日には、リメイクver.が投稿された。



Time is everlasting and serene
Sings a tale from a pleasant dream
Linking the past to things long foretold
It's a story not so old...

There was a day that we couldn't foresee
It happened so quickly
They were amongst the skies
I looked up and made a promise to my heart
They will not claim this land

Running through the fields as fast as I can
Warning others of this evil clan
Riding on the back of dragons up high
In control of this great sky

People already fleeing for their lives
But I decide to stand and fight
Afterall this Evergreen is my home
Where nothing evil shall roam

Now cometh the day the people didn't see
It happened so quickly
They believed not their eyes
I took up my bow ready to make a stand
They cannot take this land

I equip my bow and take steady aim
Standing tall in this large terrain
Firing off arrows into sky
The battle outcome is nigh

People start to stare in great disbelief
As a figure rises from the smoke
A female carrying a bow around
From exhaust falls to the ground

Here in thee Evergreen I must lay
Singing songs of thee olden days
Stories to be told of valor and mead
The Fairytale we believed...