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  • それは無意味な語の羅列……さあ、楽しいコトバ遊びを始めましょう?(作者コメ転載)


A rhyme was broken in this morn:
Time had waken and all was worn
Mimes, who often thieve the thorn,
Crimed and blackend sheeps in a lorn

From time to time you are
Too bright to fight at night
From rhyme to rhyme who were
To delight me well by the fright?

I'm a rhyme, typed life:
You'll see bribes by knife and hear the fife of five
I'm a rhyme, life of lies:
Will she jibe for my crime of prime?

Ease is dreaming out of line:
Yours are longing for shout of mine
Cease scattering, or fill with wine:
Is your meaning still in the shine?

From time to time you are
Too right to light with knight
From lies to lies who were
To delight me well by midnight flight?

Gase on haze and days of fades:
You'll see phases of J's and K's in gold rays
Praise my shades by maze of phrase:
We'll see pays by laze in old ways

(life of lies, typed life)
(I'm a rhyme, in this time )

That has all of my fortune
But was called on for his fore tune
What does wall do well for dune?
Letters fall in words of four runes

My life, and lies for guise,
Five lies and rhyme were alive
You know who cries, you guys,
Why all of rhyme and lies dies?,

Drive your life till the end of time:
Will you take me to the fine sign of pine?
Wipe your tears shining in your eyes:
I'll console you for vines of nine

Then I'm a rhyme, typed life,
Will you hold my hand and keep me in your mind
I'm a rhyme, life of lies
Tell me any kind words to find

Want, my dear, your missing life
With the rhyme which laud the lone pome
Don't you hear the mourning chime?
It's the time you should have gone home


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