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The hot your eyes which scorch me.
It made me feel pain in that silent moon night.
The story written in a lot of paradoxic words.
oh, well, I knew it's so simple casting.

Like tasting around and twining around my skin.

my eyes, lip, fingers and my everything.

They were tricked by you.
I am led to the trap concealed in word "fate".
I'm just falling down in your love.

I cast the another world over the glass with my side glance.
raining there again.
And it is spreading gradually.
So, like that moon night.

Do you remember ?

I have never shown anyone else the rose which is my deepest secret,yet.
I want to wet these all sinful pain and endless drying with your love.
I want you to stick in.
Please make me crazy.
And I want to drown at this lazy night.
Could you accept this gloom?
it's just only you.

The lovely your eyes which scorch me.
I can not see anything because of it.
This story which raised the curtain by our passion.
And We surely know sad conclusion (of it).

Please fascinate my heart.
Please break my all.
I implore your eyes, lip, fingers and your all.
Even if I ain't your true heroine, I don't mind.
So, please do as you think.

When I open my eyes, I look at the ceiling over you.
It looks warped by a cause of our sweet sigh.
Do you remember that moon night?

I have never known your soared needle which is your hottest secret,yet.
I'll accept your heat.
I'll accept your desire.

So please make me crazy.
Liberate my all.
Give me your mercy, please.
Take me unknown high bottom, more.
You say the word "love".
Even if it is lie for me ...

Just only me

Tonight, I want to play the role.

+ 英詩イメージ


灼けるよな 熱い視線が痛すぎたの そう、あの時は
舐めまわすような 絡め取るよな視線も舌も指先にも

横目に見た ガラス越しの世界は

まだ誰にも魅せない あたしの一番深い場所
この疼きを この渇きを潤して…
貫かれて 酔わされて 波に浚われてみたいの
この憂いを受け止めてくれるのは あなたでしょ?

灼けるよな あなたの視線が恋しくて もう、何も見えない
奪って欲しいと “愛(こわ)されたい”と 視線に舌に指先に希う
たとえあたしが本当のヒロインでなくても... 構わないから

目を開ければ あなた越しの天井は
いつものように吐息絡めて 僅かに歪んでいた

まだあたしの知らない あなたの一番熱い場所
その火照りを その猛りを 受け入れて
狂わされて 絆されて 奥まで灼かれてみたいの

あたしだけに 今夜は演じさせて・・・


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