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  • AVTechNO氏が中心となって結成されたサークル「 project EATA 」の楽曲第3弾。
  • ニコニコ動画に投稿されたのは英語歌詞の「L - COMPmix」。
  • KarenTレーベルより日本語歌詞版と合わせて楽曲配信が行われている。


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- L Adu-lt-N-Collection

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作詞・作曲: 友場洋・影清・AVTechNO
イラスト: kior&クリマティウス


  1. L - COMPmix (feat. 巡音ルカ)
  2. L - other view (feat. 巡音ルカ)


project EATA official websiteより転載)

This digital city classified by many glasses.
Everyone possesses freedom and pain.
looking down the city, I'm looking for freedom.
another my reflection on distorted mirrors.
I who became a butterfly at all.
It seem like beckoning me.
From the inside of the city light.
Another I'm calling me again.
“follow me.”

I have lived in the cell from my pubescens.
I believed that limited freedom was true freedom.
But now this world spreads right in front of me.
It is the pure world made dirty by no one.
I wished to get true freedom.
So, like that butterfly.
Another I in the cell say
“There ain't the dangerous line.”

Fly in the world...Float in the air...ah...
I want to break out my cell, to breathe in your call.
Why does anyone invade my freedom? 
I knew to want?
Fly in the world...Float in the air...
...for saving myself
Fly in the world...Float in the air...

What do you look at? Anser
What do you feel? No dangerous line.
What do you think? Anser
What do you receive? Who is sender?
What do you hear? Anser Memory
What do you feel? No dangerous voice.
What do you think? Anser
What do you get? and lose under?

There were no glasses, no mirrors & no borders.
I only wanted to think that they were in the world.
I ain't restrained but I wanted the restraint in the cell.
Reality and Ideal. instinct and reason I notice I'm in you & You're in me.

In endless loop.
Everyone is free. Everything is free.
So, You & I own two faces & two minds is free, too.
Though, you & I are the same "ID".
Seek for butterfly. Reach out butterfly.
Vivid lights call me again tonight.

When I was a child, I was innocent and pure.
I used to run after a beautiful butterfly in the wide grasses
under that lightcyan blue sky.
I reached out it, again & agein.
Remember memory?
There ain't border of the dream and the reality there.
However, There were wide grasses,
lightcyan blue sky, beautiful butterfly & me.

blink my my mind Awake...

Now, this digital city classified by many glasses
surely extends in front of me.
If it's free to write the border, it's also free to exceed the border.
It is me that decide & accept.
The cell has already been opened.
& That memory of butterfly was you.
It's just another me...
It's just free that I want.


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