hint_1|Crossbows are less effective in rainy weather.
hint_2|Horses and men move less quickly in rainy weather.
hint_3|You can wait on the world map by holding down the space bar.
hint_4|You can recruit new men to your party in taverns.
hint_5|You can give orders to your party while in battle.
hint_6|A party with high morale moves more quickly while travelling on the map.
hint_7|Wounded party members will heal faster while resting in taverns.
hint_8|To quickly buy and sell items in inventory window, hold down control key while you left click.
hint_9|You can press Backspace key during battle to bring the command interface.
hint_10|You will pay half wages to your troops while you are staying in a town or castle. Similarly, you will pay half wages to troops you garrison in a castle.
hint_11|You can leave any location instantly by pressing the tab key.