ui_texture_detail|Texture Detail:
ui_max_frame_rate|Max. Frame Rate:
ui_enable_bumpmap|Use Bump Mapping
ui_disable_blood|Hide Blood
ui_disable_music|Disable Music
ui_disable_sound|Disable Sound
ui_enable_cheats|Enable Cheats
ui_enable_edit_mode|Enable Edit Mode (Be warned, this slows down the game.)
ui_enable_pixel_shaders|Use Pixel Shaders
ui_enable_sound_variation|Enable Sound Variation
ui_enable_vertex_shaders|Render Method:
ui_shadow_quality|Shadow Quality:
ui_directx_7|DirectX 7
ui_directx_9|DirectX 9
ui_show_framerate|Show Framerate
ui_start_windowed|Start Windowed
ui_trialmode|Mount&&Blade is currently running in Trial Mode. In this mode you can play the game freely until your character reaches level 6. To continue further, please buy a license from TaleWorlds.com. It takes only a minute to buy a license online and unlock the complete mode.
ui_launch_activate|Enter Your Serial Key
ui_launch_buy|Buy a License from TaleWorlds.com
ui_launch_faq|Online Sales FAQ
ui_trialmode3|Afterwards, you will be able to continue your adventures from your last saved game...\n\nOur online sales process is fully secure and we greatly respect our customers' rights to security, privacy, having backup copies of their game and upgrading their computers/hardware. If you'd like to learn more about our sales policy, please take a look at:
ui_trialmode2|After buying a license, you will obtain your serial key.\nTo unlock the full mode just proceed to...
ui_notification_serial_input|Enter your serial key below (you can copy && paste it) and click on Activate button
ui_notification_serial_internet_connection|Activation requires an active Internet Connection!
ui_notification_serial_offline|If this computer does not have access to the Internet you can also use:
ui_manual_activation|Manual Activation
ui_mount_and_blade_activated_successfully|Mount&&Blade Activated Successfully!
ui_activation_denied|Activation Denied!
ui_notification_serial_already_used|Serial Key already used for another computer. You must wait for a few weeks to reactivate on this computer.
ui_notification_unable_to_connect_to_activation_server|Unable to connect to activation server! Please make sure that your internet connection is active and working properly and try again.
ui_incorrect_serial_number|Incorrect Serial Number!
ui_incorrect_hardware_hash|Incorrect Hardware Hash!
ui_incorrect_activation_code|Incorrect Activation Code!
ui_cant_write_to_registry|Can't Write to Registry!
ui_activation_successful|Activation Successful!
ui_mount_and_blade_is_ready|Mount&&Blade is ready.
ui_notification_trial_mode|Mount&&Blade is currently running in Trial Mode. In this mode you can play the game freely until your character reaches level 6. To continue further, please buy a license from taleworlds.com. It takes only a minute to buy a license online and unlock the complete mode.
ui_there_are_no_modules_installed|There are no modules installed!
ui_notification_new_version|A newer version of Mount&Blade was found.\nCurrently installed version is %d.%d%d%d.\nLatest version of Mount&Blade is %d.%d%d%d.\nYou can download the new version from www.taleworlds.com.
ui_new_version_found|New Version Found!
ui_notification_unable_to_retreive_new_version|Unable to retrieve new version info. Please try again later.
ui_new_version|New Version:
ui_notification_latest_version|The installed version of Mount&Blade is the most current one.
ui_mount_and_blade_is_up_to_date|Mount&Blade is up-to-date!
ui_continue_playing_the_trial_mode|Continue playing the Trial Mode
ui_auto_adjust|Auto Adjust
ui_screen_size|Screen Resolution:
ui_use_desktop_resolution|Use Desktop Resolution
ui_play|Play Mount&&Blade
ui_check_for_new_version|Check For New Version
ui_download_new_settings|Download New Modules
ui_website|TaleWorlds Website
ui_current_setting| Current Module:
ui_manual_activation_text1|1) In your web browser, open the following address:
ui_manual_activation_text2|2) In the webpage that opens enter your serial key...
ui_manual_activation_text3|3) ...and this machine's hardware hash:
ui_manual_activation_text4|4) The page will then give you an activation code. Enter or paste it below and click OK.
ui_activation_code|Activation Code:
ui_force_vsync|Force Vertical Sync.
ui_module_newer_than_application|The module you selected has been specified NOT TO WORK with the current version of the game. You are strongly advised not to run this setting. To remedy this, you may try checking for a newer version of the game.
ui_module_older_than_application|The module you selected has been created for an older version of the game and may not work with the current version of the game. You may go ahead and try running it but there is a chance that you will run into difficulties. To remedy this, you may check if a newer version of the module is available.
ui_m_ultra_high|Ultra High
ui_force_single_threading|Force Single Threading
ui_not_enough_memory|It seems that you currently have %d MB of available total physical and virtual memory. Mount&Blade requires at least 700 MB of available memory in order to run without a problem. If Mount&Blade continuously crashes during your play, please close some of your programs before starting Mount&Blade or increase your virtual memory from Control Panel -> System menu.