dlga_start:close_window|Warning: This line is never displayed. It is just for storing conversation variables.
dlga_member_chat:close_window|Warning: This line is never displayed. It is just for storing conversation variables.
dlga_event_triggered:close_window|Warning: This line is never displayed. It is just for storing conversation variables.
dlga_start:ramun_introduce_1|Good day to you, {young man/lassie}.
dlga_ramun_introduce_1:ramun_introduce_2|Forgive me, you look like a trader, but I see none of your merchandise.
dlga_ramun_introduce_1:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_ramun_introduce_2:ramun_introduce_3|A trader? Oh, aye, I certainly am that. My merchandise is a bit different from most, however. It has to be fed and watered twice a day and tries to run away if I turn my back.
dlga_ramun_introduce_4:ramun_introduce_5|Close enough. I like to call myself the man who keeps every boat on this ocean moving. Boats are driven by oars, you see, and oars need men to pull them or they stop. That's where I come in.
dlga_ramun_introduce_5:ramun_introduce_6|Galley slaves.
dlga_ramun_introduce_6:ramun_introduce_7|Now you're catching on! A trading port like this couldn't survive without them. The ships lose a few hands on every voyage, so there's always a high demand. The captains come to me and they pay well.
dlga_ramun_introduce_7:ramun_introduce_8|Where do the slaves come from?
dlga_ramun_introduce_8:ramun_introduce_9|Mostly I deal in convicted criminals bought from the authorities. Others are prisoners of war from various nations, brought to me because I offer the best prices. However, on occasion I'll buy from privateers and other . . . 'individuals'. You can't be picky about your suppliers in this line of work. You wouldn't happen to have any prisoners with you, would you?
dlga_ramun_introduce_10:ramun_introduce_11|Why not? If you intend to set foot outside this town, you're going to cross swords with someone sooner or later. And, God willing, you'll come out on top. Why not make some extra money off the whole thing? Take them alive, bring them back to me, and I'll pay you fifty denars for each head. Don't much care who they are or where they come from.
dlga_ramun_introduce_11:ramun_introduce_12|Hmm. I'll think about it.
dlga_ramun_introduce_12:close_window|Do think about it! There's a lot of silver to be made, no mistake. More than enough for the both of us.
dlga_start:ramun_talk|Hello, {playername}.
dlga_ramun_pre_talk:ramun_talk|Anything else?
dlga_ramun_talk:ramun_sell_prisoners|I've brought you some prisoners, Ramun. Would you like a look?
dlga_ramun_sell_prisoners:ramun_sell_prisoners_2|Let me see what you have...
dlga_ramun_sell_prisoners_2:close_window|A pleasure doing business with you.
dlga_ramun_talk:ramun_ask_about_capturing|How do I take somebody as prisoner?
dlga_ramun_talk:ramun_ask_about_capturing.1|Can you tell me again about capturing prisoners?
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing:ramun_have_blunt_weapon|You're new to this, aren't you? Let me explain it in simple terms. The basic rule of taking someone prisoner is knocking him down with a blunt weapon, like a mace or a club, rather than cutting him open with a sword. That way he goes to sleep for a little while rather than bleeding to death, you see? I'm assuming you have a blunt weapon with you . . .
dlga_ramun_have_blunt_weapon:ramun_have_blunt_weapon_yes|Of course.
dlga_ramun_have_blunt_weapon:ramun_have_blunt_weapon_no|As a matter of fact, I don't.
dlga_ramun_have_blunt_weapon_yes:ramun_ask_about_capturing_2|Good. Then all you need to do is beat the bugger down with your weapon, and when the fighting's over you clap him in irons. It's a bit different for nobles and such, they tend to be protected enough that it won't matter what kind of weapon you use, but your average rabble-rouser will bleed like a stuck pig if you get him with something sharp. I don't have many requirements in my merchandise, but I do insist they be breathing when I buy them.
dlga_ramun_have_blunt_weapon_no:ramun_have_blunt_weapon_no_2|No? Heh, well, this must be your lucky day. I've got an old club lying around that I was going to throw away. It a bit battered, but still good enough bash someone until he stops moving. Here, have it.
dlga_ramun_have_blunt_weapon_no_2:ramun_have_blunt_weapon_yes|Thanks, Ramun. Perhaps I may try my hand at it.
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing:ramun_ask_about_capturing_2|Alright, I'll try and expain it again in simple terms. The basic rule of taking someone prisoner is knocking him down with a blunt weapon, like a mace or a club, rather than cutting him open with a sword. That way he goes to sleep for a little while rather than bleeding to death, you see? It's a bit different for nobles and such, they tend to be protected enough that it won't matter what kind of weapon you use, but your average rabble-rouser will bleed like a stuck pig if you get him with something sharp.
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing_2:ramun_ask_about_capturing_3|Alright, I think I understand. Anything else?
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing_3:ramun_ask_about_capturing_4|Well, it's not as simple as all that. Blunt weapons don't do as much damage as sharp ones, so they won't bring your enemies down as quickly. And trust me, given the chance, most of the scum you run across would just as soon kill you as look at you, so don't expect any courtesy when you pull out a club instead of a sword. Moreover, having to drag prisoners to and fro will slow down your party, which is why some people simply set their prisoners free after the fighting's done. It's madness. How could anyone turn down all that silver, eh?
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing_4:ramun_ask_about_capturing_5|Is that everything?
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing_5:ramun_ask_about_capturing_7|Just one final thing. Managing prisoners safely is not an easy thing to do, you could call it a skill in itself. If you want to capture a lot of prisoners, you should try and learn the tricks of it yourself, or you won't be able to hang on to a single man you catch.
dlga_ramun_ask_about_capturing_7:ramun_pre_talk|Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.
dlga_ramun_talk:ramun_leave|I'd better be going.
dlga_ramun_leave:close_window|Remember, any prisoners you've got, bring them to me. I'll pay you good silver for every one.
dlga_start:manhunter_talk_b|Hey, you there! You seen any outlaws around here?
dlga_manhunter_talk_b:manhunter_talk_b1|Yes, they went this way about an hour ago.
dlga_manhunter_talk_b1:close_window|I knew it! Come on, lads, lets go get these bastards! Thanks a lot, friend.
dlga_manhunter_talk_b:manhunter_talk_b2|No, haven't seen any outlaws lately.
dlga_manhunter_talk_b2:close_window|Bah. They're holed up in this country like rats, but we'll smoke them out yet. Sooner or later.
dlga_start:looters_1|Warning: This line should never be displayed.
dlga_looters_2:close_window|I'm not afraid of you lot. Fight me if you dare!
dlga_looters_2:close_window.1|You'll have nothing of mine but cold steel, scum.
dlga_start:village_farmer_talk| My {lord/lady}, we're only poor farmers from the village of {s11}. {reg1?We are taking our products to the market at {s12}.:We are returning from the market at {s12} back to our village.}
dlga_village_farmer_talk:close_window|We'll see how poor you are after I take what you've got!
dlga_village_farmer_talk:close_window.1|Carry on, then. Farewell.
dlga_start:member_castellan_talk|Yes, {playername}? What can I do for you?
dlga_member_castellan_pretalk:member_castellan_talk|Anything else?
dlga_member_castellan_talk:member_review_castle_garrison|I want to review the castle garrison.
dlga_member_review_castle_garrison:member_castellan_pretalk|Of course. Here are our lists, let me know of any changes you require...
dlga_member_castellan_talk:member_review_castellan_equipment|Let me see your equipment.
dlga_member_review_castellan_equipment:member_castellan_pretalk|Very well, it's all here...
dlga_member_castellan_talk:member_castellan_join|I want you to abandon the castle and join my party.
dlga_member_castellan_join:close_window|I've grown quite fond of the place... But if it is your wish, {playername}, I'll come with you.
dlga_member_castellan_join:member_castellan_pretalk|And where would we sleep? You're dragging a whole army with you, {playername}, there's no more room for all of us.
dlga_start:member_wilderness_talk|Do you want me to rejoin you?
dlga_start:member_inn_talk|Do you want me to rejoin you?
dlga_member_chat:kidnapped_girl_chat_1|Are we home yet?
dlga_kidnapped_girl_chat_1:kidnapped_girl_chat_2|Not yet.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_chat_2:close_window|I can't wait to get back. I've missed my family so much, I'd give anything to see them again.
dlga_member_chat:member_lady_1|{playername}, when do you think we can reach our destination?
dlga_member_lady_1:member_lady_2a|We still have a long way ahead of us.
dlga_member_lady_1:member_lady_2b|Very soon. We're almost there.
dlga_member_lady_2a:close_window|Ah, I am going to enjoy the road for a while longer then. I won't complain. I find riding out in the open so much more pleasant than sitting in the castle all day. You know, I envy you. You can live like this all the time.
dlga_member_lady_2b:close_window|That's good news. Not that I don't like your company, but I did miss my little luxuries. Still I am sorry that I'll leave you soon. You must promise me, you'll come visit me when you can.
dlga_member_chat:supported_pretender_talk|Greetings, {playername}, my first and foremost vassal. I await your counsel.
dlga_supported_pretender_pretalk:supported_pretender_talk|Anything else?
dlga_supported_pretender_talk:pretender_progress|What do you think about our progress so far?
dlga_pretender_progress:pretender_progress_2|{reg11?We have {reg11} lords on our side:We have no lord with us yet}, whereas {reg21?{s9} still has {reg21} lords supporting him:{s9} has no loyal lords left}. {reg19?We control {reg13?{reg13} towns:} {reg14?{reg14} castles:} {reg15?and {reg15} villages:}:We don't control any settlements}, while {reg29?they have {reg23?{reg23} towns:} {reg24?{reg24} castles:} {reg25?and {reg25} villages:}:they have no remaining settlements}. Overall, {s30}.
dlga_pretender_progress_2:supported_pretender_pretalk|Then, we must keep fighting and rally our supporters!
dlga_pretender_progress_2:pretender_quit_rebel_confirm|It seems this rebellion is not going anywhere. We must give up.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm:pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_2|{playername}, you can't abandon me now. Are you serious?
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_2:pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_3|Indeed, I am. I can't support you any longer.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_2:supported_pretender_pretalk|I was jesting. I will fight for you until we succeed.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_3:pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_4|Are you absolutely sure? I will never forgive you if you abandon my cause.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_4:pretender_quit_rebel|I am sure.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel_confirm_4:supported_pretender_pretalk|Let me think about this some more.
dlga_pretender_quit_rebel:close_window|So be it. Then my cause is lost. There is only one thing to do for me now. I will go from Calradia and never come back.
dlga_supported_pretender_talk:supported_pretender_equip|{reg65?My lady:My lord}, would you allow me to check out your equipment?
dlga_supported_pretender_equip:supported_pretender_pretalk|Very well, it's all here...
dlga_supported_pretender_talk:pretneder_view_char_requested|If it would please you, can you tell me about your skills?
dlga_pretneder_view_char_requested:supported_pretender_pretalk|Well, all right.
dlga_supported_pretender_talk:close_window|Let us keep going, {reg65?my lady:sir}.
dlga_do_member_trade:member_talk|Anything else?
dlga_member_chat:member_talk|Yes, {s5}?
dlga_member_talk:member_trade|Let me see your equipment.
dlga_member_trade:do_member_trade|Very well, it's all here...
dlga_member_talk:view_member_char_requested|What can you tell me about your skills?
dlga_view_member_char_requested:do_member_view_char|All right, let me tell you...
dlga_member_talk:member_separate|We need to separate for a while.
dlga_member_separate:member_separate_confirm|Oh really? Well, I'm not just going to wait around here. I'm going to go to the towns to look for other work. Is that what you want?
dlga_member_separate:companion_quitting|Well, actually, there was something I needed to tell you.
dlga_member_separate_confirm:member_separate_yes|That's right. We need to part ways.
dlga_member_separate_confirm:do_member_trade|No, I'd rather have you at my side.
dlga_member_separate_yes:close_window|Well. I'll be off, then. Look me up if you need me.
dlga_member_talk:member_question|I'd like to ask you something.
dlga_member_talk:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_member_question:member_question_2|Very well. What did you want to ask?
dlga_member_question_2:member_morale|How do you feel about the way things are going in this company?
dlga_member_question_2:member_background_recap|Tell me your story again.
dlga_member_background_recap_3:do_member_trade|Then shortly after, I joined up with you.
dlga_do_member_view_char:member_talk|Anything else?
dlga_start:close_window.1|Let's leave whenever you are ready.
dlga_start:close_window.2|Please do not waste any more of my time today, {sir/madame}. Perhaps we shall meet again in our travels.
dlga_companion_recruit_signup_response:close_window|Unfortunately, I can't take on any more hands in my party right now.
dlga_companion_recruit_payment_response:close_window|Sorry. I can't afford that at the moment.
dlga_start:companion_recruit_meet_again|We meet again.
dlga_companion_recruit_meet_again:companion_recruit_backstory_delayed|So... What have you been doing since our last encounter?
dlga_companion_recruit_meet_again:close_window|Good day to you.
dlga_companion_recruit_secondchance:companion_recruit_backstory_b|My apologies if I was rude, earlier. What was your story again?
dlga_companion_recruit_secondchance:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_companion_recruit_backstory_delayed_response:companion_recruit_signup_b|I might be able to use you in my company.
dlga_companion_recruit_backstory_delayed_response:close_window|I'll let you know if I hear of anything.
dlga_companion_recruit_signup_confirm:close_window|Good! Give me a few moments to prepare and I'll be ready to move.
dlga_start:companion_rehire|My offer to rejoin you still stands, if you'll have me.
dlga_start:companion_rehire.1|It is good to see you alive, {s5}! {s6}, and I did not know whether you had been captured, or slain, or got away. I've been roaming around since then, looking for you. Shall I get my gear together and rejoin your company?
dlga_start:companion_was_dismissed|It is good to see you, {s21}! To tell you the truth, I had hoped to run into you.
dlga_companion_was_dismissed:companion_rehire|{s5}. Would you want me to rejoin your company?
dlga_companion_rehire:companion_recruit_signup_confirm|Welcome back, my friend!
dlga_companion_rehire:companion_rehire_refused|Sorry, I can't take on anyone else right now now.
dlga_companion_rehire_refused:close_window|Well... Look me up if you change your mind, eh?
dlga_event_triggered:center_captured_lord_advice|{s1} is not being managed by anyone. Whom shall I put in charge?
dlga_center_captured_lord_advice:center_captured_lord_advice_2|{s11}. {s1}
dlga_center_captured_lord_advice:center_captured_lord_advice_2.1|Please {s65}, I want to have {s1} for myself. (fiefs: {s0})
dlga_center_captured_lord_advice:center_captured_lord_advice_2.2|{s66}, you should have {s1} for yourself. (fiefs: {s0})
dlga_center_captured_lord_advice_2:close_window|Hmmm. All right, {playername}. I value your counsel highly. {reg6?I:{reg7?You:{s11}}} will be the new {reg3?lady:lord} of {s1}.
dlga_event_triggered:companion_quitting|{s5} -- there is something I need to tell you.
dlga_companion_quitting_2:companion_quitting_response|To tell you the truth, {s21}
dlga_companion_quitting_response:companion_quitting_yes|Very well. You be off, then.
dlga_companion_quitting_response:companion_quitting_persuasion|Perhaps I can persuade you to change your mind.
dlga_companion_quitting_persuasion:close_window|Hm. When you put it like that, I suppose I can stay a while longer, see if things improve.
dlga_companion_quitting_persuasion:companion_quitting_response|I'm sorry, but I don't see your point. I am leaving whether you like it or not.
dlga_companion_quitting_response:companion_quitting_no|We hang deserters in this company.
dlga_companion_quitting_no:companion_quitting_no_confirm|Oh... Right... Do you mean that?
dlga_companion_quitting_no_confirm:companion_quitting_no_confirmed|Absolutely. You either leave this company by my command, or are carried out on your shield.
dlga_companion_quitting_no_confirm:companion_quitting_yes|No, actually I don't mean that. You are free to leave.
dlga_companion_quitting_yes:close_window|Then this is goodbye. Perhaps I'll see you around, {playername}.
dlga_companion_quitting_no_confirmed:close_window|Hm. I suppose I'm staying, then.
dlga_companion_objection_response:close_window|Thanks, I appreciate your support.
dlga_companion_objection_response:close_window.1|Hopefully it won't happen again.
dlga_companion_objection_response:close_window.2|Your objection is noted. Now fall back in line.
dlga_companion_personalityclash2_response:close_window|{s11} is a valuable member of this company. I don't want you picking any more fights with {reg11?her:him}.
dlga_companion_personalityclash2_response:close_window.1|Tell {s11} you have my support in this, and {reg11?she:he} should hold {reg11?her:his} tongue.
dlga_companion_personalityclash2_response:close_window.2|I don't have time for your petty dispute. Do not bother me with this again.
dlga_companion_personalityclash_response:close_window|{s11} is a capable member of this company. I don't want you picking any more fights with {reg11?her:him}.
dlga_companion_personalityclash_response:close_window.1|Tell {s11} you have my support in this, and {reg11?she:he} should hold {reg11?her:his} tongue.
dlga_companion_personalityclash_response:close_window.2|I don't have time for your petty dispute. Do not bother me with this again.
dlga_companion_personalitymatch_response:close_window|Very good.
dlga_companion_home_description:companion_home_description_2|Tell me more.
dlga_companion_home_description:close_window|We don't have time to chat just now.
dlga_companion_home_description:close_window.1|I prefer my companions not to bother me with such trivialities.
dlga_event_triggered:close_window.1|Sorry -- just talking to myself [ERROR]
dlga_start:player_siege_castle_commander_1|What do you want?
dlga_player_siege_castle_commander_1:player_siege_ask_surrender|Surrender! Your situation is hopeless!
dlga_player_siege_castle_commander_1:close_window|Nothing. I'll leave you now.
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender:player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment|Perhaps... Do you give your word of honour that we'll be treated well?
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender:player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested|We are ready to leave this castle to you and march away if you give me your word of honour that you'll let us leave unmolested.
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender:close_window|Surrender? Hah! We can hold these walls until we all die of old age.
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment:player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment_reject|I give you nothing. Surrender now or prepare to die!
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment_reject:close_window|Bastard. We will fight you to the last man!
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment:player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment_accept|You will be ransomed and your soldiers will live. I give you my word.
dlga_player_siege_ask_surrender_treatment_accept:close_window|Very well then. Under those terms, I offer you my surrender.
dlga_player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested:player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested_accept|You have my word. You will not come under attack if you leave the castle.
dlga_player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested_accept:close_window|Very well. Then we leave this castle to you. You have won this day. But we'll meet again.
dlga_player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested:player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested_reject|Unacceptable. I want prisoners.
dlga_player_siege_ask_leave_unmolested_reject:close_window|Then we will defend this castle to the death, and this parley is done. Farewell.
dlga_rebel_thanks_answer:rebel_thanks_answer_2|It was an honour to fight for your cause, {reg65?madame:my lord}.
dlga_rebel_thanks_answer:rebel_thanks_answer_2.1|You will always my loyal support, {reg65?my lady:sir}.
dlga_rebel_thanks_answer_2:close_window|I will miss living this life of adventure with you, but my duties await me. So... farewell for now, {playername}. I hope I'll see you again soon.
dlga_start:freed_lord_answer|I am in your debt for freeing me, friend.
dlga_freed_lord_answer:freed_lord_answer_1|You're not going anywhere, 'friend'. You're my prisoner now.
dlga_freed_lord_answer_1:close_window|I'll have your head on a pike for this, you bastard! Someday!
dlga_freed_lord_answer:freed_lord_answer_2|You are free to go wherever you want, sir.
dlga_freed_lord_answer_2:close_window|Thank you, good {sire/lady}. I never forget someone who's done me a good turn.
dlga_defeat_lord_answer:defeat_lord_answer_1|You are my prisoner now.
dlga_defeat_lord_answer_1:close_window|I am at your mercy.
dlga_defeat_lord_answer:defeat_lord_answer_2|You have fought well. You are free to go.
dlga_party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2:party_encounter_offer_dont_fight|Is there no way to avoid this battle? I don't want to fight with you.
dlga_party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2:close_window|Don't attack! We surrender.
dlga_party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2:close_window.1|We will fight you to the end!
dlga_party_encounter_offer_dont_fight:close_window|I owe you a favor, don't I. Well... all right then. I will let you go just this once.
dlga_party_encounter_offer_dont_fight:close_window.1|Ha-ha. But I want to fight with you.
dlga_start:pretender_start|[Our first task is to seize a fortress. Then other lords will join us.]
dlga_start:supported_pretender_talk|I await your counsel, {playername}.
dlga_start:pretender_intro_1|Do I know you?.
dlga_pretender_intro_1:pretender_intro_2|My name is {playername}. At your sevice.
dlga_pretender_intro_1:pretender_intro_2.1|I am {playername}. Perhaps you have heard of my exploits.
dlga_pretender_intro_3:pretender_rebellion_cause_1|I thought {s12} was ruled by {s11}?
dlga_start:pretender_start.1|Greetings, {playername}
dlga_pretender_start:pretender_rebellion_cause_prelim|What was your story again, {reg65?my lady:sir}?
dlga_pretender_rebellion_cause_prelim:pretender_rebellion_cause_1|I shall tell you.
dlga_pretender_start:pretender_discuss_rebellion_1|I want to take up your cause and help you reclaim your throne!
dlga_pretender_start:pretender_end|I must leave now.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_1:pretender_discuss_rebellion_2|Are you sure you will be up to the task, {playername}? Reclaiming my throne will be no simple matter. The lords of our realm have all sworn oaths of homage to {s11}. Such oaths to a usurper are of course invalid, and we can expect some of the lords to side with us, but it will be a very tough and challenging struggle ahead.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_2:pretender_discuss_rebellion_3|I am ready for this struggle.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_2:pretender_end|You are right. Perhaps, I should think about this some more.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_3:close_window|I have no doubt that your support for my cause is heartfelt, {playername}, and I am grateful to you for it. But I don't think we have much of a chance of success. If you can gain renown in the battlefield and make a name for yourself as a great commander, then our friends would not hesitate to join our cause, and our enemies would be wary to take up arms against us. When that time comes, I will come with you gladly. But until that time, it will be wiser not to openly challange the usurper, {s11}.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_3:close_window.1|Haven't you already taken up the cause of {s17}? You must have a very strong sense of justice, indeed. But no, thanks. I will not be part of your game.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_3:close_window.2|{playername}, you are already oath-bound to serve {s15}. As such, I cannot allow you to take up my cause, and let my enemies claim that I am but a mere puppet of {s16}. No, if I am to have the throne of {s17}, I must do it due to the righteousness of my cause and the support of my subjects alone. If you want to help me, you must first free yourself of your oath to {s15}.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion_3:pretender_rebellion_ready|You are a capable warrior, {playername}, and I am sure with your renown as a commander, and my righteous cause, the nobles and the good people of {s12} will flock to our support. The time is ripe for us to act! I will come with you, and together, we will topple the usurper {s11} and take the throne from his bloodied hands. But first, you must give me your oath of homage and accept me as your liege {reg65?lady:lord}.
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion:pretender_town_quest|[Before we rebel, I want you to raise support for my cause. I have always had strong backing from the town of {s4}, but you may have good ties in other places. Are you up for that?]
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion:pretender_town_quest.1|[Before we rebel, I want you to raise support for my cause. If you have good ties with any towns, you should try there. Are you up for that?]
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion:pretender_start|[Circumstances aren't really right for a rebellion right now. Let us lay low for a while]
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion:pretender_start.1|[You have laid the groundwork for a rebellion, but you are affiliated with another liege]
dlga_pretender_discuss_rebellion:pretender_rebellion_ready|You have done good work. {s4} and possibly other towns are ready to rebel. Whenever you are ready, let us ride forth to war.
dlga_pretender_rebellion_ready:lord_give_oath_2|I am ready to pledge myself to your cause, {reg3?my lady:sir}.
dlga_pretender_rebellion_ready:pretender_end|Let us bide our time a little longer.
dlga_lord_give_conclude_2:close_window|Forward, then! Our first task is to take hold of a fortress and persuade other lords to join us. You lead the way!
dlga_pretender_town_quest:pretender_discuss_rebellion|[Abracadabra - the town is ready]
dlga_pretender_town_quest:pretender_end|[Not interested, thanks]
dlga_pretender_end:close_window|Farewell for now, then.
dlga_start:lord_event_choose_friend|I heard that you have befriended that {s43} called {s6}. Believe me, you can't trust that man. You should end your dealings with him.
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend:lord_event_choose_friend_renounce|I assure you, {s65}, I am no friend of {s6}.
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend_renounce:lord_pretalk|Glad news, {playername}. I would fear for your safety otherwise. If you do encounter {s6}, be on your guard and don't believe a word.
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend:lord_event_choose_friend_defend|{s6} is an honourable man, you've no right to speak of him thus.
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend_defend:lord_pretalk|As you like, {playername}. A fool you might be, but a loyal fool at the least. {s6}'s loyalty may not be so steadfast, however...
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend:lord_event_choose_friend_neutral|I don't want to be involved in your quarrel with {s6}.
dlga_lord_event_choose_friend_neutral:lord_pretalk|Hmph. As you wish, {playername}. Just remember that a {man/woman} needs friends in this world, and you'll never make any if you never stand with anyone.
dlga_start:lord_invite_1|{playername}, I've been expecting you. Word has reached my ears of your exploits. Why, I keep hearing such tales of prowess and bravery that my mind was quickly made up. I knew that I had found someone worthy of becoming my vassal.
dlga_lord_invite_1:lord_invite_2|Thank you, {s65}, you honour me with your offer.
dlga_lord_invite_1:lord_invite_2.1|It is good to have my true value recognised.
dlga_lord_invite_2:lord_invite_3|Aye. Let us dispense with the formalities, {playername}; are you ready to swear homage to me?
dlga_lord_invite_3:lord_give_oath_2|Yes, {s65}.
dlga_lord_invite_3:lord_enter_service_reject|No, {s65}. I cannot serve you right now.
dlga_start:lord_start|If it isn't my brave champion, {playername}...
dlga_start:lord_start.1|Good to see you again {playername}...
dlga_start:lord_start.2|We meet again, {playername}...
dlga_start:lord_meet_neutral|Do I know you?
dlga_lord_meet_neutral:lord_intro|I am {playername}.
dlga_lord_meet_neutral:lord_intro.1|My name is {playername}. At your service sir.
dlga_lord_meet_enemy:lord_intro|I am {playername}, {s65}.
dlga_lord_meet_enemy:lord_intro.1|They know me as {playername}. Mark it down, you shall be hearing of me a lot.
dlga_start:lord_start.3|Well, {playername}...
dlga_lord_start:lord_generic_mission_completed|Your surgeon managed to convince my friend and made the operation.  The matter is in God's hands now,, and all we can do is pray for his recovery. Anyway, I thank you for lending your surgeon to me {sir/madam}. You have a noble spirit. I will not forget it.
dlga_lord_start:lord_generic_mission_completed.1|Hah! Our little plot against {s3} worked perfectly, {playername}. The fool has lost one of his most valuable retainers, and we are one step closer to bringing him to his knees. Here, this purse contains {reg5} denars, and I wish you to have it. You deserve every copper. And, need I remind you, there could be much more to come if you've a mind to earn it...
dlga_lord_start:close_window|You werent't able to complete a simple task. I had set up everything. The only thing you needed to do was sacrifice a messenger, and we would be celebrating now. But no, you were too damned honorable, weren't you?
dlga_lord_start:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_completed|Have you brought me any news about that task I gave you? You know the one I mean...
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_completed:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_completed_2|I have the reports you wanted right here.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_completed_2:lord_pretalk|Ahh, well done. It's good to have competent {men/people} on my side. Here is the payment I promised you.
dlga_lord_start:lord_pretalk|Brilliant work, {playername}! Your caravan raids really got their attention, I must say. I've just received word that {s13} has declared war! Now the time has come for us to reap the benefits of our hard work, {playername}. And by that I of course mean taking and plundering {s13} land! This war is going to make us rich {men/souls}, mark my words!
dlga_lord_start:lord_pretalk.1|You incompetent buffoon! What in Hell made you think that getting yourself captured while trying to start a war was a good idea? These plans took months to prepare, and now everything's been ruined! I will not forget this, {playername}. Oh, be assured that I will not.
dlga_lord_start:lord_collect_debt_completed|I'm told that you've collected the money owed me from {s7}. Good, it's past time I had it back. I believe I promised to give you one-fifth of it all, eh? Well, that makes {reg3} denars, so if you give me my share -- that's {reg4} denars -- you can keep the rest.
dlga_lord_collect_debt_completed:lord_collect_debt_pay|Of course, {s65}. {reg4} denars, all here.
dlga_lord_collect_debt_pay:lord_pretalk|I must admit I'm impressed, {playername}. I had lost hope of ever getting this money back. Please accept my sincere thanks.
dlga_lord_collect_debt_completed:lord_collect_debt_no_pay|I am afraid I don't have the money with me sir.
dlga_lord_collect_debt_no_pay:close_window|Is this a joke? I know full well that {s7} gave you the money, and I want every denar owed to me, {sir/madam}. As far as I'm concerned, I hold you personally in my debt until I see that silver.
dlga_lord_start:close_window.1|I heard you got rid of that poxy merchant that was causing me so much grief. I can see you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, eh? I like that in a {man/woman}. Here's your reward. Remember, {playername}, stick with me and we'll go a long, long way together.
dlga_lord_start:close_window.2|Oh, it's you. Enlighten me, how exactly does one lose a simple fight to some poxy, lowborn merchant? Truly, if I ever need my guardsmen to take a lesson in how to lay down and die, I'll be sure to come to you. Just leave me be, {playername}, I have things to do.
dlga_lord_start:lord_kill_local_merchant_let_go|You! Do you have sawdust between your ears? Did you think that when I said to kill the merchant, I meant you to have a nice chat with him and then let him go?! What possessed you?
dlga_lord_kill_local_merchant_let_go:lord_kill_local_merchant_let_go_2|Sir, I made sure he will not act against you.
dlga_lord_kill_local_merchant_let_go_2:lord_pretalk|Piffle. You were supposed to remove him, not give him a sermon and send him on his way. He had better do as you say, or you'll both regret it. Here, this is half the money I promised you. Don't say a word, {playername}, you're lucky to get even that. I have little use for {men/people} who cannot follow orders.
dlga_lord_start:lord_follow_spy_completed|Beautiful work, {playername}! You captured both the spy and his handler, just as I'd hoped, and the pair are now safely ensconced in my dungeon, waiting to be questioned. My torturer shall be busy tonight! Anyway, I'm very pleased with your success, {playername}, and I give you this purse as a token of my appreciation.
dlga_lord_start:lord_follow_spy_half_completed|Blast and damn you! I wanted TWO prisoners, {playername} -- what you've brought me is one step short of useless! I already know everything the spy knows, it was the handler I was after. Here, half a job gets you half a reward. Take it and begone.
dlga_lord_start:lord_follow_spy_half_completed.1|I asked you for two prisoners, {playername}, not one. Two. Still, I suppose you did capture the spy's handler, the more important one of the pair. The spy will not dare return here and will prove quite useless to whatever master he served. 'Tis better than nothing. However, you'll understand if I pay you half the promised reward for what is but half a success.
dlga_lord_start:lord_follow_spy_failed|Truly, {playername}, you are nothing short of totally incompetent. Failing to capture both the spy AND his handler plumbs astonishing new depths of failure. Forget any reward I offered you. You've done nothing to earn it.
dlga_lord_follow_spy_half_completed:lord_pretalk|I did my best, {s65}.
dlga_lord_follow_spy_completed:lord_pretalk|Thank you, {s65}.
dlga_lord_follow_spy_failed:lord_pretalk|Hrm. As you like, {s65}.
dlga_lord_start:lord_generic_mission_completed.2|Damn me, but you've done it, {playername}. All the serfs are back and they're busy preparing for the harvest. You certainly earned your reward. Here, take it, with my compliments.
dlga_lord_start:lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed|{playername}. I have been waiting patiently for my serfs, yet none have returned. Have you an explanation? Were you outwitted by simple fieldhands, or are you merely incompetent? Or perhaps you are plotting with my enemies, intending to ruin me...
dlga_lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed:lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed_1a|Forgive me, {s65}, those serfs were slippery as eels.
dlga_lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed:lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed_1b|Perhaps if you had treated them better...
dlga_lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed_1a:lord_pretalk|Hmph, that is hardly an excuse for failure, {playername}. Now if you will excuse me, I need to recruit new men to work these fields before we all starve.
dlga_lord_bring_back_runaway_serfs_failed_1b:close_window|Hah, now you reveal your true colours, traitor! Your words match your actions all too well. I should never have trusted you.
dlga_lord_start:lord_runaway_serf_half_completed|You disappoint me, {playername}. There were 3 groups of serfs that I charged you to return. 3. Not {reg17}. I suppose the ones who did come back shall have to work twice as hard to make up for those that got away. As for your reward, {playername}, I'll only pay you for the serfs you returned, not the ones you let fly. Here. Take it, and let this business be done.
dlga_lord_runaway_serf_half_completed:lord_pretalk|Thank you, {s65}. You are indeed generous.
dlga_lord_runaway_serf_half_completed:lord_pretalk.1|Bah, this proved to be a waste of my time.
dlga_lord_start:lord_deal_with_bandits_completed|{playername}, I was told that you have crushed the bandits at my village of {s5}. Please know that I am most grateful to you for that. Please, let me pay the expenses of your campaign. Here, I hope these {reg14} denars will be adequate.
dlga_lord_deal_with_bandits_completed:lord_pretalk|Not a problem, {s65}.
dlga_lord_deal_with_bandits_completed:lord_pretalk.1|Glad to be of service.
dlga_lord_deal_with_bandits_completed:lord_pretalk.2|It was mere child's play.
dlga_lord_start:lord_pretalk.2|Damn it, {playername}. I heard that you were unable to drive off the bandits from my village of {s5}, and thanks to you, my village now lies in ruins. Everyone said that you were a capable warrior, but appearently, they were wrong.
dlga_lord_start:lord_deliver_cattle_to_army_thank|Ah, {playername}. My quartermaster has informed me of your delivery, {reg13} heads of cattle, as I requested. I'm impressed.
dlga_lord_deliver_cattle_to_army_thank:lord_pretalk|Not a problem, {s65}.
dlga_lord_deliver_cattle_to_army_thank:lord_pretalk.1|Glad to be of service.
dlga_lord_deliver_cattle_to_army_thank:lord_pretalk.2|Mere child's play.
dlga_lord_start:lord_scout_waypoints_thank|You make a good scout, {playername}. My runner just brought me your reports of the mission to {s13}, {s14} and {s15}. Well done.
dlga_lord_scout_waypoints_thank:lord_pretalk|A simple task, {s65}.
dlga_lord_scout_waypoints_thank:lord_pretalk.1|Nothing I couldn't handle.
dlga_lord_scout_waypoints_thank:lord_pretalk.2|My pleasure, sir.
dlga_lord_start:lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army|The army's supplies are dwindling too quickly, {playername}. I need you to bring me {reg3} heads of cattle so I can keep the troops fed. I care very little about where you get them, just bring them to me as soon as you can.
dlga_lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army:lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army_accepted|Very well, I can find you some cattle.
dlga_lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army:lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army_rejected|Sorry, sir, I have other plans.
dlga_lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army_accepted:close_window|Excellent! You know what to do, {playername}, now get to it. I need that cattle sooner rather than later.
dlga_lord_mission_told_deliver_cattle_to_army_rejected:close_window|That . . . is unfortunate, {playername}. I shall have to find someone else who's up to the task. Please go now, I've work to do.
dlga_lord_start:lord_report_to_army_asked|Ah, you have arrived at last, {playername}. We've been expecting you. I hope you have brought with you troops of sufficient number and experience.
dlga_lord_report_to_army_asked:lord_report_to_army_completed|I have a company of good, hardened soldiers with me. We are ready to join you.
dlga_lord_report_to_army_asked:lord_report_to_army_continue|I don't have the sufficient number of troops yet. I will need some more time.
dlga_lord_report_to_army_completed:close_window|Excellent. I will send the word when I have a task for you. For the moment, just follow us and stay close. We'll be moving soon.
dlga_lord_report_to_army_continue:close_window|Then you'd better hurry. We'll be moving out soon against the enemy and I need every able hand we can muster.
dlga_lord_start:lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints|{playername}, I need a volunteer to scout the area. We're sorely lacking on information, and I simply must have a better picture of the situation before we can proceed. I want you to go to {s13}, {s14} and {s15} and report back whatever you find.
dlga_lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints:lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints_accepted|You've found your volunteer, sir.
dlga_lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints:lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints_rejected|I fear I must decline.
dlga_lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints_accepted:close_window|Good {man/lass}! Simply pass near {s13}, {s14} and {s15} and check out what's there. Make a note of anything you find and return to me as soon as possible.
dlga_lord_mission_told_scout_waypoints_rejected:lord_pretalk|Hm. I'm disappointed, {playername}. Very disappointed. We'll talk later, I need to go and find somebody to scout for us.
dlga_lord_generic_mission_thank:lord_generic_mission_completed|You have been most helpful, {playername}. My thanks.
dlga_lord_generic_mission_completed:lord_pretalk|It was an honour to serve.
dlga_lord_start:lord_pay_debt_2|I think you owe me {reg1} denars, {playername}. Do you intend to pay your debt anytime soon?
dlga_lord_pay_debt_2:lord_pay_debt_3_1|That is why I came, {s65}. Here it is, every denar I owe you.
dlga_lord_pay_debt_2:lord_pay_debt_3_2|Alas, I don't have sufficient funds, {s65}. But I'll pay you soon enough.
dlga_lord_pay_debt_3_1:lord_pretalk|Ah, excellent. You are a {man/woman} of honour, {playername}. I am satisfied, yopur debt to me has been paid in full.
dlga_lord_pay_debt_3_2:lord_pretalk|Well, don't keep me waiting much longer.
dlga_lord_start:lord_buy_prisoner|I heard that you have captured our enemy {s3} and he is with you at the moment. I can pay you {reg6} denars for him if you want to get rid of him. You can wait for his family to pay his ransom of course, but there is no telling how long that will take, eh?
dlga_lord_buy_prisoner:lord_buy_prisoner_accept|I accept your offer. I'll leave {s3} to you for {reg6} denars.
dlga_lord_buy_prisoner:lord_buy_prisoner_deny|I fear I can't accept your offer.
dlga_lord_buy_prisoner_accept:lord_pretalk|Excellent! Here's your {reg6} denars. I'll send some men to take him to our prison with due haste.
dlga_lord_buy_prisoner_deny:lord_pretalk|Mmm. As you wish, {playername}, but you'll not get a better offer. Take it from me.
dlga_lord_start:lord_talk|What is it?
dlga_lord_pretalk:lord_talk|Anything else?
dlga_hero_pretalk:lord_talk|Anything else?
dlga_lord_talk:lord_lend_companion_end|I should like {s14} returned to me, {s65}, if you no longer require {reg3?her:his} services.
dlga_lord_lend_companion_end:lord_pretalk|You've too many men in your company already, {playername}. You could not lead any more at the moment.
dlga_lord_lend_companion_end:lord_pretalk.1|Certainly, {playername}. {reg3?She:He} is a bright {reg3?girl:fellow}, you're a lucky {man/woman} to have such worthy companions.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_to_collect_debt|I've come to collect the debt you owe to {s1}.
dlga_lord_ask_to_collect_debt:lord_ask_to_collect_debt_2|Oh. Well, {s1} did lend me some silver a ways back, but I've done him many favours in the past and I consider that money as my due payment.
dlga_lord_ask_to_collect_debt_2:convince_begin|{s1} considers it a debt. He asked me to speak to you on his behalf.
dlga_lord_ask_to_collect_debt_2:lord_pretalk|Then I will not press the matter any further.
dlga_convince_accept:close_window|My debt to {s8} has long been overdue and was a source of great discomfort to me. Thank you for accepting to take the money to him. Please give him these {reg10} denars and thank him on my behalf.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_to_make_peace|Please, {s64}, it's time to end this war between {s12} and {s13}.
dlga_lord_ask_to_make_peace:lord_ask_to_make_peace_2|Eh? I'm not sure I heard you right, {playername}. War is not easily forgotten by either side of the conflict, and I have a very long memory. Why should I take any interest in brokering peace with those dogs?
dlga_lord_ask_to_make_peace_2:convince_begin|Perhaps I can talk you into it...
dlga_lord_ask_to_make_peace_2:lord_pretalk|Never mind, peace can wait for now.
dlga_convince_accept:close_window.1|You... have convinced me, {playername}. Very well then, you've my blessing to bring a peace offer to {s14}. I cannot guarantee they will accept it, but on the off-chance they do, I will stand by it.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_challenge_duel_for_lady|I want you to take back your accusations against {s1}.
dlga_lord_challenge_duel_for_lady:lord_challenge_duel_for_lady_2|What accusations? Everyone knows that she beds her stable boys and anyone else she can lay hands on while her husband is away. I merely repeat the words of many.
dlga_lord_challenge_duel_for_lady_2:lord_challenge_duel_for_lady_3|You will recant these lies, sirrah, or prove them against my sword!
dlga_lord_challenge_duel_for_lady_2:lord_pretalk|If you say so...
dlga_lord_challenge_duel_for_lady_3:close_window|You are challenging me to a duel? How droll! As you wish, {playername}, it will be good sport to bash your head in.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_message_delivered|I bring a message from {s9}.
dlga_lord_message_delivered:lord_pretalk|Oh? Let me see that... Well well well! It was good of you to bring me this, {playername}. Take my seal as proof that I've received it, and give my regards to {s9} when you see him again.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_message_delivered_enemy|I bring a message from {s9}.
dlga_lord_message_delivered_enemy:close_window|Oh? Let me see that... Hmmm. It was good of you to bring me this, {playername}. Take my seal as proof that I've received it, with my thanks.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_deliver_message_prisoner|I bring a message from {s11}.
dlga_lord_deliver_message_prisoner:lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2|Can it be true? Oh, thank you kindly, {playername}! You have brought hope and some small ray of light to these bleak walls. Perhaps one day I will be able to repay you.
dlga_lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2:lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2a| 'Twas the least I could do, {s65}.
dlga_lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2a:close_window|You've no idea how grateful I am, {playername}. A thousand thanks and more.
dlga_lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2:lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2b|Worry not, {s65}. You'll have ample opportunity once you are free again.
dlga_lord_deliver_message_prisoner_2b:close_window|Hah, of course, {playername}. My eternal thanks go with you.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer|Fear not, I am here to rescue you.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_2|By God, are you serious? What is your plan?
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_2:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_3|A simple ruse, {s65}. If we exchange garments, I shall take your place here in prison, while you make your escape disguised as myself. I paid the guards a handsome bribe, with which I am sure they have already purchased half the wine stocks of the nearest tavern. With some luck they'll soon get so drunk they'd have trouble recognising their own mothers, let alone telling one of us from the other. At least not until you are safely away.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_3:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_4|Hmm, it might just work... But what of you, my {friend/lady}? The guards won't take kindly to this trickery. You may end up spending some time in this cell yourself.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_4:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_5a|Not to worry, {s65}. The place is already starting to grow on me.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_4:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_5b|I shall be fine as long there is an ample reward waiting at the end.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_5a:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_6|You are a brave soul indeed. I won't forget this.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_5b:lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_6|Of course, my {friend/lady}, of course! Come to me when you have regained your freedom, and perhaps I shall be able to repay the debt I owe you.
dlga_lord_rescue_by_replace_offer_6:close_window|Quickly, {s65}, let us change garments. It is past time you were away from here.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_pardon_after_oath_renounced|{s66}, I wish to restore my old oath to {s4}.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_after_oath_renounced:lord_pretalk|That is too great a matter for me to decide, {playername}. You should seek out {s4}. Such clemency is his alone to grant or deny.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_pretalk|As you like, {s65}. I will accept your judgment.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_pretalk.1|A shame, {s65}. A shame.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_pretalk.2|Very well, go and die without me.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_ask_pardon_after_renounce_peace|Aye, I am ready.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_ask_pardon_terms_rejected|On second thought, no. I don't wish to be in your service again.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_ask_pardon_after_renounce_peace.1|Aye, I agree to those terms.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms:lord_ask_pardon_terms_rejected.1|That is too high a price, {s65}. I must decline.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_after_renounce_peace:lord_pretalk|Excellent. Though you strayed from us, {playername}, it gladdens all our hearts that you have found your way back to the right path. I hereby restore your homage to me. Rise once more as an honoured {man/warrior} in my service.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_terms_rejected:close_window|Then get out of my sight, traitor! Begone with you, and do not come back!
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_pardon|I wish to make peace with {s4}.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon:lord_pretalk|Do you indeed, {playername}? Then go and trip on your sword. Give us all peace.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon:lord_pretalk.1|{playername}, you are a {lord/lady} without a master, holding lands in your name, without having allegience to any kingdom. As long as that continues, no king in Calradia would accept a lasting peace with you.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon:lord_ask_pardon_2|Hmm. I could use my considerable influence to arrange a pardon for you, {playername}, but there are some who see you as an enemy and will not be satisfied unless you pay tribute. All in all, you'd need to bring no less than {reg16} denars to make any friends in {s4}.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_2:lord_ask_pardon_tribue_accept|I have the money here. {reg16} denars.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_2:lord_ask_pardon_tribue_deny|I fear I cannot pay that much.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_tribue_accept:close_window|Excellent, {playername}. I'll use the coin to smooth the feathers of those that can oppose your pardon, and I'm sure that word will soon spread that you are no longer an enemy of {s4}.
dlga_lord_ask_pardon_tribue_deny:lord_pretalk|Then there's nothing I can do for you, {playername}. No silver, no pardon.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_active_mission_1|About the task you gave me...
dlga_lord_talk:lord_pay_mercenary|{s67}, I humbly request the weekly payment for my service.
dlga_lord_pay_mercenary:lord_pay_mercenary_2|Hmm, let me see... According to my ledgers, we owe you {reg8} denars for your work. Here you are.
dlga_lord_pay_mercenary_2:lord_pretalk|Thank you, sir.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_request_mission_ask|Do you have any tasks for me?
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_enter_service|{s66}, I have come to offer you my sword in vassalage!
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_enter_service.1|{s66}, I wish to become your sworn {man/woman} and fight for your honour.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_leave_service|{s66}, I wish to be released from my oath to you.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_talk_preoffer|I have an offer for you.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_give_troops|I want to give some troops to you.
dlga_lord_give_troops:lord_pretalk|Well, I could use some good soldiers. Thank you.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_give_order_ask|I have a new task for you.
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_give_order_answer|Follow me.
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_give_order_details_ask|Go to...
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_give_order_details_ask.1|Raid around the village of...
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_give_order_details_ask.2|Patrol around...
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_give_order_stop|I won't need you for some time. You are free to do as you like.
dlga_lord_give_order:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_give_order_details:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_give_order_stop:lord_pretalk|All right. I will do that.
dlga_lord_give_order_answer:lord_pretalk|I am sorry. I need to attend my own business at the moment.
dlga_lord_give_order_answer_2:close_window|I will do that.
dlga_lord_give_order_answer_2:lord_pretalk|I am sorry, it is not possible for me to do that.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_give_order_call_to_arms_verify|I want to start a new campaign. Let us assemble the army here.
dlga_lord_give_order_call_to_arms_verify:lord_give_order_call_to_arms_verify_2|You wish to summon all lords for a new campaign?
dlga_lord_give_order_call_to_arms_verify_2:lord_give_order_call_to_arms|Yes. We must gather all our forces before we march on the enemy.
dlga_lord_give_order_call_to_arms_verify_2:lord_pretalk|On second thought, it won't be necessary to summon everyone.
dlga_lord_give_order_call_to_arms:lord_pretalk|All right then. I will send messengers and tell everyone to come here.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_give_order_disband_army_verify|I want to end the campaign and let everyone return home.
dlga_lord_give_order_disband_army_verify:lord_give_order_disband_army_2|You want to end the current campaign and release all lords from duty?
dlga_lord_give_order_disband_army_2:lord_give_order_disband_army|Yes. We no longer need all our forces here.
dlga_lord_give_order_disband_army_2:lord_pretalk|On second thought, it will be better to stay together for now.
dlga_lord_give_order_disband_army:lord_pretalk|All right. I will let everyone know that they are released from duty.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_talk_ask_something|I wish to ask you something.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_something:lord_talk_ask_something_2|Aye? What is it?
dlga_lord_talk_ask_something_2:lord_talk_ask_location|I want to know the location of someone.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_something_2:lord_tell_objective|What are you and your men doing?
dlga_lord_talk_ask_something_2:lord_talk_ask_about_war|How goes the war?
dlga_lord_talk_ask_something_2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_location:lord_talk_ask_location_2|Very well, I may or may not have an answer for you. About whom do you wish to hear?
dlga_lord_talk_ask_location_2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_about_war_2:lord_talk_ask_about_war_details|Tell me more about the war with {s1}.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_about_war_2:lord_pretalk|That's all I wanted to know. Thank you.
dlga_lord_talk_ask_about_war_details:lord_talk_ask_about_war_2|We have {reg5?{reg5}:no} {reg3?armies:army} and they have {reg6?{reg6}:none}. Overall, {s9}.
dlga_lord_talk:party_encounter_lord_hostile_ultimatum_surrender|I say this only once, {s4}! Surrender or die!
dlga_lord_talk:lord_predemand|I'm here to deliver you my demands!
dlga_lord_predemand:lord_demand|Eh? What do you want?
dlga_lord_demand:lord_ultimatum_surrender|I offer you one chance to surrender or die.
dlga_lord_attack_verify:lord_attack_verify_cancel|Forgive me sir. I don't know what I was thinking.
dlga_lord_attack_verify_cancel:close_window|Be gone, then.
dlga_lord_attack_verify:lord_attack_verify_commit|That is none of your business. Prepare to fight!
dlga_lord_attack_verify_b:lord_attack_verify_cancel|Forgive me sir. I don't know what I was thinking.
dlga_lord_attack_verify_b:lord_attack_verify_commit|I stand my ground. Prepare to fight!
dlga_lord_demand:lord_pretalk|Forgive me. It's nothing.
dlga_lord_talk:liege_defends_claim_1|I have met in my travels one who calls {reg3?herself:himself} {s45}...
dlga_liege_defends_claim_1:liege_defends_claim_2|Oh really? It is not everyone who dares mention that name in my presence. I am not sure whether to reward your bravery, or punish you for your impudence.
dlga_liege_defends_claim_2:liege_defends_claim_3|Very well. I will indulge your curiosity. But listen closely, because I do not wish to speak of this matter again.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_join_rebellion_suggest|{s12} is the rightful ruler of {s14}. Join our cause against the usurper, {s15}!
dlga_lord_talk:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_cheat|CHEAT: Join our cause by force.
dlga_party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_cheat|CHEAT: Join our cause by force.
dlga_party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2:lord_join_rebellion_suggest|{s12} is your rightful ruler. Join our cause against the usurper, {s15}!
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest:party_encounter_lord_hostile_attacker_2|I have no time to bandy words with the likes of you. Now defend yourself!
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest:lord_start|I have no time to bandy words with the likes of you.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_2:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3|So tell me. Why should I support {s45}?
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4|Legality -- {s45} has the better claim to the throne
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4.1|Justice -- {s45} will treat {reg39?her:his} subjects better than {s46}
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4.2|Expediency -- {s45} will win, and the sooner  {reg39?she:he} wins, the sooner this war will end.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4.3|Self-interest -- {s45} will reward  {reg39?her:his} followers well.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4.4|None of the usual reasons. My thinking is a little different.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4.5|There is more than one reason. I will let you make up your own mind.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_3:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_5|If that is your reasoning, perhaps you should remain loyal to {s46}.
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4|Hmm. Do you perhaps tell each lord something different, depending on what you think he most wants to hear?
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_suggest_4:lord_join_rebellion_suggest_5|Very well. {s51}{s52}{s53}{s54}{s55}
dlga_lord_join_rebellion_ask_for_order:lord_give_order|All right. So, what's the plan? What do you want me to do?
dlga_lord_talk:lord_suggest_action_ask|CHEAT:I want to suggest a course of action.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk|What am I doing? What does it look like I'm doing?! I'm a prisoner here!
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.1|I am not commanding any men at the moment.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.2|We are resting at {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.3|We are travelling to {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.4|We are recruiting new soldiers from {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.5|We are scouting for the enemy around {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.6|We are laying waste to the village of {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.7|We are retreating to {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.8|We are besieging {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.9|We are fighting against {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.10|We are accompanying {s1}.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.11|We are reconsidering our next objective.
dlga_lord_tell_objective:lord_pretalk.12|I don't know: {reg1} {s1}
dlga_lord_talk:lord_ask_follow|Will you follow me? I have a plan.
dlga_lord_ask_follow:close_window|I enjoy your company, {playername}, but there are other things I must attend to. Perhaps in a few days I can ride with you again.
dlga_lord_ask_follow:close_window.1|That would hardly be proper, {playername}. Why don't you follow me instead?
dlga_lord_ask_follow:close_window.3|Lead the way, {playername}! Let us bring death and defeat to all our enemies.
dlga_lord_talk_offer:knight_offer_join|I wish to ransom one of your prisoners.
dlga_lord_talk_offer:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_knight_offer_join:hero_pretalk|I fear I cannot join you at the moment, {playername}, I've important business to attend to and it cannot wait.
dlga_knight_offer_join:hero_pretalk.1|You forget your place, {sir/madam}. I do not take orders from the likes of you.
dlga_knight_offer_join:knight_offer_join_2|I would be glad to fight at your side, my friend, but there is a problem... The thing is, I've found myself in a bit of debt that I must repay very soon. {reg6} denars altogether, and I am honour-bound to return every coin. Unless you've got {reg6} denars with you that you can spare, I've to keep my mind on getting this weight off my neck.
dlga_knight_offer_join:close_window|Join you? I think not.
dlga_knight_offer_join:knight_offer_join_2.1|Aye, my friend, I'll be happy to join you.
dlga_knight_offer_join_2:knight_offer_join_accept|Here, take it, all {reg6} denars you need. 'Tis only money.
dlga_knight_offer_join_2:knight_offer_join_accept.1|Then let us ride together, my friend.
dlga_knight_offer_join_2:close_window|That's good to know. I will think on it.
dlga_knight_offer_join_2:hero_pretalk|That's good to know. I will think on it.
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept:knight_offer_join_accept_party|I've some trusted men in my band who could be of use to you. What do you wish to do with them?
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept:close_window|Ah, certainly, it might be fun!
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept_party:knight_join_party_disband|You may disband your men. I've no need for other troops.
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept_party:knight_join_party_join|Your men may join as well. We need every soldier we can muster.
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept_party:knight_join_party_lead_out|Lead your men out of the town. I shall catch up with you on the road.
dlga_knight_offer_join_accept_party:knight_join_party_lead_out.1|Keep doing what you were doing. I'll catch up with you later.
dlga_knight_join_party_disband:close_window|Ah . . . Very well, {playername}. Much as I dislike losing good men, the decision is yours. I'll disband my troops and join you.
dlga_knight_join_party_join:close_window|Excellent. My lads and I will ride with you.
dlga_knight_join_party_lead_out:close_window|Very well then. I shall maintain a patrol of this area. Return if you have further orders for me.
dlga_lord_enter_service_reject:close_window|What pigswill! And to think I would offer you a place among my nobles. Begone, beggar, before I lose my temper!
dlga_lord_ask_enter_service:lord_give_oath_under_oath_already|You are already oath-bound to serve {s5}, are you not?
dlga_lord_give_oath_under_oath_already:lord_pretalk|Indeed I am, {s65}. Forgive my rambling.
dlga_lord_ask_enter_service:lord_pretalk|I accept oaths only from those I can trust to keep them, {playername}.
dlga_lord_ask_enter_service:lord_give_oath_1|You are known as a brave {man-at-arms/warrior} and a fine leader of men, {playername}. I shall be pleased to accept your sword into my service and bestow vassalage upon you, if you are ready to swear homage to me.
dlga_lord_ask_enter_service:lord_pretalk.1|You've yet to show yourself as a competent commander, {playername}. Take your sword to my enemies and prove to me that you are worthy of becoming my vassal. Then we may speak more of this.
dlga_lord_give_oath_1:lord_give_oath_2|I am ready, {s65}.
dlga_lord_give_oath_1:lord_give_oath_give_up|Forgive me, {s65}, I must give the matter more thought first...
dlga_lord_give_oath_give_up:close_window|What are you playing at, {playername}? Go and make up your mind, and stop wasting my time.
dlga_lord_give_oath_2:lord_give_oath_3|Good. Then repeat the words of the oath with me: I swear homage to you as lawful ruler of the {s41}.
dlga_lord_give_oath_3:lord_give_oath_4|I pledge homage to you as lawful ruler of the {s41}.
dlga_lord_give_oath_3:lord_give_oath_give_up|Excuse me, {reg65?my lady:sir}. But I feel I need to think about this.
dlga_lord_give_oath_4:lord_give_oath_5|I will remain as your loyal and devoted {man/follower} as long as my breath remains....
dlga_lord_give_oath_5:lord_give_oath_6|I will remain as your loyal and devoted {man/follower} as long as my breath remains...
dlga_lord_give_oath_5:lord_give_oath_give_up|{reg65?My lady:Sir}, may I ask for some time to think about this?
dlga_lord_give_oath_6:lord_give_oath_7|...and I will be at your side to fight your enemies should you need my sword.
dlga_lord_give_oath_7:lord_give_oath_8|...and I will be at your side to fight your enemies should you need my sword.
dlga_lord_give_oath_7:lord_give_oath_give_up|{reg65?My lady:My lord}, please give me more time to think about this.
dlga_lord_give_oath_8:lord_give_oath_9|Finally, I will uphold your lawful claims and those of your legitimate heirs.
dlga_lord_give_oath_9:lord_give_oath_10|Finally, I will uphold your lawful claims and those of your legitimate heirs.
dlga_lord_give_oath_9:lord_give_oath_give_up|{reg65?My lady:Sir}, I must have more time to consider this.
dlga_lord_give_oath_10:lord_give_oath_go_on_2|Very well. You have given me your solemn oath, {playername}. May you uphold it always, with proper courage and devotion.
dlga_lord_give_oath_go_on_2:lord_give_oath_go_on_3|Let it be known that from this day forward, you are my sworn {man/follower} and vassal. I give you my protection and grant you the right to bear arms in my name, and I pledge that I shall not deprive you of your life, liberty or properties except by the lawful judgment of your peers or by the law and custom of the land.{reg1? Furthermore I give you the fief of {s1} with all its rents and revenues.:}
dlga_lord_give_oath_go_on_3:lord_give_conclude|You have done a wise thing, {playername}. Serve me well and I promise, you will rise high.
dlga_lord_give_conclude:lord_give_conclude_2|I thank you, {reg39?my lady:lord}.
dlga_lord_give_conclude_2:close_window.1|I have great hopes for you {playername}. I know you shall prove yourself worthy of the trust I have placed in you.
dlga_lord_ask_enter_service:lord_enter_service_swear|Heh, a wise move, {playername}. With loyal service, a {man/woman} in my service could become wealthy and powerful, and our enemies... Well, our enemies are as wheat before a scythe. However, to enter my service you must first renounce all worldly oaths and bonds, and swear to serve only the {s5}.
dlga_lord_enter_service_swear:lord_enter_service_swear_accepted|I do so swear, {s65}.
dlga_lord_enter_service_swear:lord_enter_service_swear_denied|I need some time to think about this.
dlga_lord_enter_service_swear_denied:close_window|Are you having me on? I've no time for games, {playername}. Make up your mind and stop wasting my time.
dlga_lord_enter_service_swear_accepted:lord_enter_service_swear_accepted_2|Then it is my pleasure to welcome you to the service of my house. From this day on, {playername}, you are a soldier of the {s5} with all the duties and privileges that come with it.
dlga_lord_enter_service_swear_accepted_2:close_window|I charge you with rooting out and destroying the forces of our enemies wherever you may find them. Moreover, I will have special tasks for you from time to time, as may some of my other vassal lords. Serve, fight, and honour your oaths. These things will take you far, if you've a mind for promotion. May God grant us long lives and many victories to toast in my hall!
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service:lord_ask_leave_service_verify|Hrm. Has your oath become burdensome, {playername}? It is unusual to request release from homage, but in respect of your fine service, I will not hold you if you truly wish to end it. Though you would be sorely missed.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service:lord_ask_leave_service_verify.1|Release from homage? Hmm, perhaps it would be for the best... However, {playername}, you must be sure that release is what you desire. This is not a thing done lightly.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_verify:lord_ask_leave_service_2|It is something I must do, {s65}.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_verify:lord_ask_leave_service_giveup|You are right, {s65}. My place is here.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_giveup:lord_pretalk|I am pleased to hear it, {playername}. I hope you'll banish such unworthy thoughts from your mind from now on.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_2:lord_ask_leave_service_verify_again|Then you are sure?
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_verify_again:lord_ask_leave_service_3|Yes, {s65}.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_verify_again:lord_ask_leave_service_giveup|Of course not, {s65}. I am ever your loyal vassal.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_3:lord_ask_leave_service_end|As you wish. I hereby declare your oaths to be null and void. You will no longer hold land or titles in my name, and you are released from your duties to my house. You are free, {playername}.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_end:lord_ask_leave_service_end_2|Thank you, sir. It was an honour to serve you..
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_end:lord_ask_leave_service_end_2.1|My thanks. It feels good to be {a free man/free} once again.
dlga_lord_ask_leave_service_end_2:close_window|Farewell then, {playername}, and good luck go with you.
dlga_lord_active_mission_1:lord_lend_companion_end|Oh, you want your companion back? I see...
dlga_lord_active_mission_1:lord_pretalk|{playername}, I must beg your patience, I still have need of your companion. Please return later when things have settled.
dlga_lord_active_mission_1:lord_active_mission_2|Yes, have you made any progress on it?
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_generic_mission_thank|Indeed. I brought you {reg1} {s1} as prisoners.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:capture_enemy_hero_thank|Oh, indeed. I've captured a lord from {s13} for you.
dlga_capture_enemy_hero_thank:capture_enemy_hero_thank_2|Many thanks, my friend. He will serve very well for a bargain. You've done a fine work here. Please accept these {reg5} denars for your help.
dlga_capture_enemy_hero_thank_2:lord_pretalk|Certainly, {s65}.
dlga_capture_enemy_hero_thank_2:lord_pretalk.1|It was nothing.
dlga_capture_enemy_hero_thank_2:lord_pretalk.2|Give me more of a challenge next time.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_raise_troops_thank|Indeed. I have raised {reg1} {s13}. You can take them.
dlga_lord_raise_troops_thank:lord_raise_troops_thank_2|These men may well turn the tide in my plans, {playername}. I am confident you've trained them well. My thanks and my compliments to you.
dlga_lord_raise_troops_thank_2:lord_pretalk|Well, the lads are at your command now, sir. I am sure you will take good care of them.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_collect_taxes_success|Here are all the taxes from {s3}. It comes up to {reg19} denars.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_collect_taxes_half_success|Here are the taxes from {s3}. It comes up to {reg19} denars.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_collect_taxes_fail|Unfortunately, a revolt broke up while I was collecting the taxes. I could only collect {reg19} denars.
dlga_lord_collect_taxes_success:lord_pretalk|Well done, {playername}, very well done indeed! You were truly the right {man/person} for the job. I promised you a fifth of the taxes, so that amounts to {reg21} denars. If you give me {reg20} denars, you may keep the difference. A good result for everyone, eh?
dlga_lord_collect_taxes_half_success:lord_pretalk|What?! Is this some scheme of yours, {playername}? That's less than half the taxes I'm owed! You have let them get away with murder as well as my money. What a farce! You can forget the money I promised you, I'm taking {reg20} denars from what you collected, and you're lucky I'm leaving you a few coins for honour's sake.
dlga_lord_collect_taxes_fail:lord_pretalk|God, what a bloody mess you've gotten us into, {playername}.This could turn very ugly if I do not take immediate action.I certainly hope you're not here expecting to be paid for failure.Hand over my {reg19} denars, if you please, and end our business together.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_hunt_down_fugitive_success|I found {s4} hiding at {s3} and gave him his punishment.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_hunt_down_fugitive_fail|I'm afraid he got away.
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_success:lord_hunt_down_fugitive_success_2|And we'll all be a lot better off without him! Thank you, {playername}, for removing this long-festering thorn from my side. 'Tis good to know you can be trusted to handle things with an appropriate level of tactfulness. A bounty I promised, and a bounty you shall have. 300 denars and not a copper less!
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_success_2:lord_hunt_down_fugitive_reward_accept|Let me take the money, {s65}. Thank you.
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_success_2:lord_hunt_down_fugitive_reward_reject|This is blood money. I can't accept it.
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_reward_accept:lord_pretalk|Of course, {playername}. Here you are. Once again, you've my thanks for ridding me of that {s44}.
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_reward_reject:lord_pretalk|You are a {man/woman} for whom justice is its own reward, eh? As you wish it, {playername}, as you wish it. An honourable sentiment, to be true. Regardless, you've my thanks for ridding me of that {s44}.
dlga_lord_hunt_down_fugitive_fail:lord_pretalk|It is a sad day when that {s44} manages to avoid the hand of justice yet again. I thought you would be able to do this, {playername}. Clearly I was wrong.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_active_mission_3|I am still working on it.
dlga_lord_active_mission_2:lord_mission_failed|I am afraid I won't be able to do this quest.
dlga_lord_active_mission_3:lord_pretalk|Good. Remember, I am counting on you.
dlga_lord_suggest_action_ask:lord_suggest_action|What do you suggest?
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_join_faction|I want to join your faction.
dlga_lord_suggest_join_faction:lord_give_oath_5|Alright then.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_learn_party_id|Cheat:I want to know your leaded party ID.
dlga_lord_suggest_learn_party_id:lord_pretalk|It is {reg0}.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_become_marshall|I want to be your kingdom's marshall.
dlga_lord_suggest_become_marshall:lord_pretalk|Alright then.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_attack_enemy_castle|Let us attack an enemy town or castle.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_go_to_friendly_town|Let us return back to a friendly town.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party|Let us attack an enemy war party.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_lift_siege|Let us lift this siege.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_follow_me|Follow me.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_follow_other|Follow someone.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_suggest_raid_village|Raid a village.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_pretalk|Like me.
dlga_lord_suggest_lift_siege:close_window|As you wish, {playername}.
dlga_lord_suggest_go_to_friendly_town:lord_suggest_go_to_friendly_town2|Hmm. Which town or castle do you suggest we go to?
dlga_lord_suggest_go_to_friendly_town2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_suggest_go_to_friendly_town3:lord_pretalk|Very well, we go to {s1}.
dlga_lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party:lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party2|Hmm. Which party do you suggest we attack?
dlga_lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party2:lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party3|{s1} of {s2} around {s3}
dlga_lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_suggest_attack_enemy_party3:lord_pretalk|As you wish, we will attack {s1}.
dlga_lord_suggest_attack_enemy_castle:lord_suggets_attack_enemy_castle2|Hmm. Which one do you suggest we attack?
dlga_lord_suggets_attack_enemy_castle2:lord_suggets_attack_enemy_castle3|{s1} of {s2}
dlga_lord_suggets_attack_enemy_castle2:lord_pretalk|Never mind my lord.
dlga_lord_suggets_attack_enemy_castle3:lord_pretalk|That should be possible. Very well, we'll attack {s1}.
dlga_lord_suggest_raid_village:lord_suggest_raid_village_2|Hmm. Which village do you suggest we attack?
dlga_lord_suggest_raid_village_2:lord_suggest_raid_village_3|{s1} of {s2}
dlga_lord_suggest_raid_village_2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_suggest_raid_village_3:lord_pretalk|That should be possible. Very well, we'll attack {s1}.
dlga_lord_suggest_follow_me:lord_pretalk|Aye, I'll follow you.
dlga_lord_suggest_follow_other:lord_suggest_follow_other_2|Who do you want me to follow?
dlga_lord_suggest_follow_other_2:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_lord_suggest_follow_other_3:lord_pretalk|As you wish, I shall be accompanying {s1}.
dlga_lord_suggest_action:lord_pretalk.1|Nothing, {s65}. It's not important.
dlga_lord_request_mission_ask:lord_propose_mercenary|Warning: This line should never display.
dlga_lord_propose_mercenary:lord_mercenary_service|As it happens, {playername}, I promised {s10} that I would hire a company of mercenaries for an upcoming campaign. What do you say to entering the service of {s9} as a mercenary captain? I've no doubt that you would be up to the task.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service:lord_mercenary_service_reject|I'm not interested, thank you.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service:lord_mercenary_service_accept|Aye, I'll join {s9}.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service:lord_mercenary_elaborate_pay|I'm interested. Please tell me more.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_accept:lord_mercenary_service_verify|Perfect. Of course you shall have to make a formal declaration of allegiance, and give your oath that you and your company will remain in service to {s9} for a period of no less than three months.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_verify:lord_mercenary_service_verify_2|As you wish. Your enemies are my enemies.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_verify:lord_mercenary_service_reject|On second thought, forget it.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_verify_2:lord_mercenary_service_accept_3|That will do. You've made a wise choice, my friend. {s9} does well by its loyal fighters, you will receive many rewards for your service.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_accept_3:lord_pretalk|Now, I suggest you prepare for a serious campaign. Train and equip your soldiers as best you can in the meantime, and respond quickly when you are summoned for duty.
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_reject:lord_pretalk|I'm very sorry to hear that. You'll find no better place than {s9}, be sure of that.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_pay:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1|I can offer you a contract for three months. At the end of those three, it can be extended month by month. An initial sum of {reg12} denars will be paid to you to seal the contract. After that, you'll receive wages from {s10} each week, according to the number and quality of the soldiers in your company. You still have your rights to battlefield loot and salvage, as well as any prisoners you capture. War can be very profitable at times...
dlga_lord_mercenary_service_elaborate_duty:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1|Duties... There are only a few, none of them difficult. The very first thing is to declare your allegiance. An oath of loyalty to our cause. Once that's done, you shall be required to fulfill certain responsibilities. You'll participate in military campaigns, fulfill any duties given to you by your commanders, and most of all you shall attack the enemies of our kingdom wherever you might find them.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_service_elaborate_duty|And what about my duties as a mercenary?
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_elaborate_castle|Can I hold on to any castles I take?
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_elaborate_banner|Can I fly my own banner?
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_elaborate_pay|How much will you pay me for my service?
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_service_accept|Sounds good. I wish to enter your service as a mercenary.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_1:lord_mercenary_service_reject|Apologies, my sword is not for hire.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_castle:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1|Only my loyal vassals can own lands and castles in my realm. A mercenary can not be trusted with such a responsibility. However, after serving for some time, you can swear homage to me and become my vassal. Then you will be rewarded with a fief.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_castle:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1.1|Only loyal vassals of {s10} can own lands and castles. You understand, a simple mercenary cannot be trusted with such responsibility. However, after serving for some time, you may earn the right to swear homage to {s10} and become his vassal. Then you would be rewarded with a fief.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_banner:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1|Only my noble vassals have the honour of carrying their own banners. However, after some time in mercenary service, you may earn the opportunity to swear homage to me and become my vassal, gaining the right to choose a banner of your own and fight under it in battle.
dlga_lord_mercenary_elaborate_banner:lord_mercenary_elaborate_1.1|Only noble vassals of {s10} have the honour of carrying their own banners. However, after some time of mercenary service, perhaps you can earn the opportunity to swear homage to {s10} and become his vassal, gaining the right to choose a banner of your own and fight under it in battle.
dlga_lord_request_mission_ask:lord_pretalk|You still haven't finished the last job I gave you, {playername}. You should be working on that, not asking me for other things to do.
dlga_lord_request_mission_ask:lord_pretalk.1|I don't have any other jobs for you right now.
dlga_lord_request_mission_ask:lord_tell_mission|A task?
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_deliver_message|I need to send a letter to {s13} who should be currently at {s4}. If you will be heading towards there, would you deliver it to him? The letter needs to be in his hands in 30 days.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message:lord_mission_deliver_message_accepted|Certainly, I intend to pass by {s4} and it would be no trouble.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message:lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected|I doubt I'll be seeing {s13} anytime soon, {s65}. You'd best send it with someone else.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message:lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely|I am no errand boy, sir. Hire a courier for your trivialities.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_accepted:close_window|I appreciate it, {playername}. Here's the letter, and a small sum to cover your travel expenses. Give my regards to {s13} when you see him.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected:lord_pretalk|Ah, all right then. Well, I am sure I will find someone else.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely:lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely_2|Hm, is this how you respond to a polite request for a small favor? A poor show, {playername}. I didn't know you would take offence.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely_2:lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely_3|Then you shall know better from now on.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely_2:lord_mission_deliver_message_accepted|Forgive my temper, {s65}. I'll deliver your letter.
dlga_lord_mission_deliver_message_rejected_rudely_3:close_window|All right. I will remember that.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_deliver_message.1|I need to deliver a letter to {s13} of {s15}, who must be at {s4} currently. If you are going towards there, would you deliver my letter to him? The letter needs to reach him in 40 days.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told|There is a small thing... My {s17} {s13} is due for a visit to her relatives at {s14}. The visit has been postponed several times already with all the trouble on the roads, but this time she is adamant about going. So, I want to at least make sure she's well-guarded. I trust you well, {playername} so I would be very grateful if you could escort her to {s14} and make sure she arrives safe and sound.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_told|A group of bandits have taken refuge in my village of {s1}. They are plundering nearby farms, and getting rich and fat stealing my taxes and feasting on my cattle.I'd like nothing better than to go out there and teach them a lesson, but I have my hands full at the moment, so I can't do anything about it.
dlga_lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_told:lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_accepted|Worry not, I can go to {s1} and deal with these scum for you.
dlga_lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_told:lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_rejected|You shall have to find help elsewhere, I am too busy.
dlga_lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_accepted:close_window|Will you do that? Know that, I will be grateful to you. Here is some money for the expenses of your campaign. Make an example of those {s44}s.
dlga_lord_mission_deal_with_bandits_rejected:lord_pretalk|Ah... Very well then, forget I brought it up.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_raise_troops|No lord should have to admit this, {playername}, but I was inspecting my soldiers the other day and there are men here who don't know which end of a sword to hold. {s44} You are a warrior of renown, {playername}. Will you train some troops for me? I would be grateful to you.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_raise_troops:lord_tell_mission_raise_troops_2|How many men do you need?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_raise_troops_2:lord_mission_raise_troops_told|If you can raise {reg1} {s14} and bring them to me, that will probably be enough.
dlga_lord_mission_raise_troops_told:lord_mission_raise_troops_accepted|Of course, {s65}. Give me {reg1} fresh recruits and I'll train them to be {s14}.
dlga_lord_mission_raise_troops_told:lord_mission_raise_troops_rejected|I am too busy these days to train anyone.
dlga_lord_mission_raise_troops_accepted:close_window|You've taken a weight off my shoulders, {playername}. I shall tell my sergeants to send you the recruits and attach them to your command. Also, I'll advance you some money to help with expenses. Here, this purse should do it. Thank you for your help.
dlga_lord_mission_raise_troops_rejected:lord_pretalk|Oh, of course. I had expected as much. Well, good luck to you then.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_collect_taxes_told|You probably know that I am the lord of the {reg9?town:village} of {s3}. However, it has been months since {s3} has delivered the taxes and rents due me as its rightful lord. Apparently the populace there has grown unruly lately and I need someone to go there and remind them of their obligations. And to . . . persuade them if they won't listen. If you go there and raise the taxes they owe me, I will grant you one-fifth of everything you collect.
dlga_lord_mission_collect_taxes_told:lord_mission_collect_taxes_accepted|A fair offer, {s65}. We have an agreement.
dlga_lord_mission_collect_taxes_told:lord_mission_collect_taxes_rejected|Forgive me, I don't have the time.
dlga_lord_mission_collect_taxes_accepted:close_window|Welcome news, {playername}. I will entrust this matter to you. Remember, those {reg9?townsmen:peasants} are foxy beasts, they will make every excuse not to pay me my rightful incomes. Do not let them fool you.
dlga_lord_mission_collect_taxes_rejected:lord_pretalk|Oh, yes. Well, good luck to you then.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_told|I have something you could help with, an issue with the lawless villain known as {s4}.  He murdered one of my men and has been on the run from his judgment ever since. I can't let him get away with avoiding justice, so I've put a bounty of 300 denars on his head. Friends of the murdered man reckon that this assassin may have taken refuge with his kinsmen at {s3}. You might be able to hunt him down and give him what he deserves, and claim the bounty for yourself.
dlga_lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_told:lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_accepted|Then I will hunt him down and execute the law.
dlga_lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_told:lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_rejected|I am too busy to go after him at the moment.
dlga_lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_accepted:close_window|That's excellent, {playername}. I will be grateful to you and so will the family of the man he murdered. And of course the bounty on his head will be yours if you can get him. Well, good hunting to you.
dlga_lord_mission_hunt_down_fugitive_rejected:lord_pretalk|As you wish, {playername}.I suppose there are plenty of bounty hunters around to get the job done . . .
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told_kill_local_merchant|The wretched truth is that I owe a considerable sum of money to one of the merchants here in {s3}. I've no intention of paying it back, of course, but that loud-mouthed fool is making a terrible fuss about it. He even had the audacity to come and threaten me -- me! -- with a letter of complaint to the trade guilds and bankers. Why, he'd ruin my good reputation! So I need a {man/woman} I can trust, someone who will guarantee the man's silence. For good.
dlga_lord_mission_told_kill_local_merchant:lord_mission_accepted_kill_local_merchant|Worry not, he shan't breathe a word.
dlga_lord_mission_told_kill_local_merchant:lord_mission_rejected|I'm no common murderer, sir. Find someone else for your dirty job.
dlga_lord_mission_accepted_kill_local_merchant:close_window|Very good. I trust in your skill and discretion, {playername}. Do not disappoint me. Go now and wait for my word, I'll send you a message telling when and where you can catch the merchant. Dispose of him for me and I shall reward you generously.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told_meet_spy_in_enemy_town|I have a sensitive matter which needs tending to, {playername}, and no trustworthy retainers to take care of it. The fact is that I have a spy in {s13} to keep an eye on things for me, and report anything that might warrant my attention. Every week I send someone to collect the spy's reports and bring them back to me. The job's yours if you wish it.
dlga_lord_mission_told_meet_spy_in_enemy_town:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted|I don't mind a bit of skullduggery. Count me in.
dlga_lord_mission_told_meet_spy_in_enemy_town:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_rejected|I must decline. This cloak-and-dagger work isn't fit for me.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response|Excellent! Make your way to {s13} as soon as you can, the spy will be waiting.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_2|{s13} is heavily defended. How can I get close without being noticed?
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_2:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response|You shall have to use stealth. Take care to avoid enemy strongholds, villages and patrols, and don't bring too many men with you. If you fail to sneak in the first time, give it a while for the garrison to lower its guard again, or you may have a difficult time infiltrating the town.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_3|How will I recognise the spy?
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_3:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response|Once you get to {s13} you must talk to the locals, the spy will be one of them. If you think you've found the spy, say the phrase '{s11}' The spy will respond with the phrase '{s12}' Thus you will know the other, and {reg7?she:he} will give you any information {reg7?she:he}'s gathered in my service.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_4|Will I be paid?
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_4:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response|Of course, I have plenty of silver in my coffers for loyal {men/women} like you. Do well by me, {playername}, and you'll rise high.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_response:quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_end|I know what to do. Farewell, my lord.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_accepted_end:lord_pretalk|Good luck, {playername}. Remember, the secret phrase is '{s11}' The counterphrase is '{s12}' Bring any reports back to me, and I'll compensate you for your trouble.
dlga_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_rejected:lord_pretalk|As you wish, {playername}, but I strongly advise you to forget anything I told you about any spies. They do not exist, have never existed, and no one will ever find them. Remember that.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told_raid_caravan_to_start_war|This peace with {s13} ill suits me, {playername}. We've let those swine have their way for far too long. Now they get stronger with each passing and their arrogance knows no bounds. I say, we must wage war on them before it's too late! Unfortunately, some of the bleeding hearts among our realm's lords are blocking a possible declaration of war. Witless cowards with no stomach for blood.
dlga_lord_mission_told_raid_caravan_to_start_war:lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_2|You are right, {s65}, but what can we do?
dlga_lord_mission_told_raid_caravan_to_start_war:quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_rejected_1|I disagree, sir. Peace is prefarable to war.
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_2:lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_3|Ah, 'tis good to hear someone who understands! As a matter of fact, there is something we can do, {playername}. A little bit of provocation. The dogs in {s13} are very fond of their merchant caravans, and rely on them overmuch. If one of our war parties managed to enter their territory and pillage some of their caravans, they would have ample cause to declare war on our kingdom. And then, well, even the cowards among us must rise to defend themselves. So what do you say? Are you interested?
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_3:quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_accepted|An excellent plan. Count me in.
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_3:lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_4|Why don't you raid the caravans yourself?
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_4:lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_5|Well, {playername}, some of the lords in our kingdom won't like the idea of someone inciting a war without their consent. They are already looking for an excuse to get at me, and if I did this they could make me pay for it dearly. You, on the other hand, are young and well liked and daring, so you might just get away with it. And of course I will back you up and defend your actions against your opponents. All in all, a few lords might be upset at your endeavour, but I am sure you won't be bothered with that.
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_5:quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_accepted|Then I will go and raid those caravans!
dlga_lord_mission_tell_raid_caravan_to_start_war_5:quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_rejected_2|I don't like this. Find yourself someone else to take the blame for your schemes.
dlga_quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_accepted:close_window|Very good! Now, don't forget that you must capture and loot at least {reg13} caravans to make sure that those fools in {s13} get really infuriated. Once you do that, return to me and make sure you are not captured by their patrols. If they catch you, our plan will fail without a doubt and you will be facing a long time in prisons. Now, good luck and good hunting to you.
dlga_quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_rejected_1:lord_pretalk|Ah, you think so? But how long will your precious peace last? Not long, believe me.
dlga_quest_raid_caravan_to_start_war_rejected_2:lord_pretalk|Hm. As you wish, {playername}. I thought you had some fire in you, but it seems I was wrong.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told.1|Well, some of the serfs working my fields in {s4} have run away. The ungrateful swine, I let them plough my fields and rent my cottages, and this is how they repay me! From what I've been hearing, they're running to {s3} as fast as they can, and have split up into three groups to try and avoid capture. I want you to capture all three groups and fetch them back to {s4} by whatever means necessary. I should really have them hanged for attempting to escape, but we need hands for the upcoming harvest, so I'll let them go off this time with a good beating.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_follow_spy|I have good information that a man in this very town is actually an enemy spy. He should be seized and hanged for his impudence, but we also believe that very soon he will leave town to meet with his master, the man to whom the spy feeds all his little whispers. The spy himself is of little import, but the master is a dangerous man, and could tell us a great deal if we could only get our hands on him...
dlga_lord_tell_mission_follow_spy:lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_2|I want you to wait here until the spy leaves town. Then you must follow him, stealthily, to the meeting place. You must take absolute care not to be seen by the spy on your way, else he may suspect foul play and turn back. When the master appears, you must ambush and arrest them and bring the pair back to me. Alive, if you please.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_2:lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_accepted|I'll do it, {s65}.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_2:lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_rejected|No, this skulking is not for me.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_accepted:close_window|Good, I'm sure you'll do a fine job of it. One of my men will point the spy out to you when he leaves, so you will know the man to follow. Remember, I want them both, and I want them alive.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_follow_spy_rejected:lord_pretalk|A shame. Well, carry on as you were, {playername}...
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero|There is a difficult job I need done, {playername}, and you may be the {man/one} who can carry it off. I need someone to capture one of the noble lords of {s13} and bring him to me. Afterwards, I'll be able to exchange him in return for a relative of mine held by {s13}. It is a simple enough job, but whomever you choose will be guarded by an elite band of personal retainers. Are you up for a fight?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero:lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero_accepted|Consider it done, {s65}.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero:lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero_rejected|I must refuse, {s65}. I am not a kidnapper.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero_accepted:close_window|I like your spirit! Go and bring me one of our enemies, and I'll toast your name in my hall when you return! And reward you for your efforts, of course...
dlga_lord_tell_mission_capture_enemy_hero_rejected:lord_pretalk|Clearly you lack the mettle I had thought you possessed. Very well, {playername}, I will find someone else.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_lend_companion|I don't have a job for you right now, but your companion {s3} is a skilled {reg3?lass:fellow} and I need someone with {reg3?her:his} talents. Will you lend {reg3?her:him} to me for a while?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_lend_companion:lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_2|How long will you be needing {reg3?her:him}?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_2:lord_mission_lend_companion_told|Just a few days, a week at most.
dlga_lord_mission_lend_companion_told:lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_accepted|Then I will leave {s3} with you for one week.
dlga_lord_mission_lend_companion_told:lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_rejected|I am sorry, but I cannot do without {s3} for a whole week.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_accepted:close_window|I cannot thank you enough, {playername}. Worry not, your companion shall be returned to you with due haste.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_lend_companion_rejected:lord_pretalk|Well, that's damned unfortunate, but I suppose I cannot force you or {s3} to agree. I shall have to make do without.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_collect_debt|Some time ago, I loaned out a considerable sum of money to {s3}. {reg4} denars, to be precise. He was supposed to pay it back within a month but I haven't received a copper from him since. That was months ago. If you could collect the debt from him on my behalf, I would be grateful indeed. I would even let you keep one fifth of the money for your trouble. What do you say?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt:lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_2|Do you know where I can find {s3}, {s65}?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_2:lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_3|If you leave now, you should be able to find him at {s4}. I've no doubt that he will be suitably embarassed by his conduct and give you all the money he owes me.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_3:lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_accepted|Then I will talk to {s3} on your behalf.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_3:lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_rejected|Forgive me, {s65}, but I doubt I would be more successful than yourself.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_accepted:close_window|You made me very happy by accepting this {playername}. Please, talk to {s3} and don't leave him without my money.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_collect_debt_rejected:lord_pretalk|Perhaps not, {playername}. I suppose I'm never getting that money back...
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander|I tell you, that blubbering fool {s13} is not fit to rule {s14}. God knows he would be divested of his lands in an instant were it not for one of his loyal vassals, {s15}. As long as he has his vassal aiding him, it will be a difficult job beating him. So I need to get {s15} out of the picture, and I have a plan just to do that... With your help, naturally.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_2|{s66}, I am all ears.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_rejected|I don't wish to involve myself in anything dishonourable against {s15}.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_rejected:lord_pretalk|Dishonourable? Bah! I was hoping I could count on you, {playername}, but you've shown me what a fool I was. I shall have to find someone whose loyalty I can trust.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_2:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_3|I have written a fake letter to {s15}, bearing my own seal, which implicates him in a conspiracy with us to stage a coup in {s14}, in my favour. If we can make {s13} believe the letter is genuine, he will deal with {s15} very swiftly. Of course, the challenge there is to convince {s13} that the letter is indeed real...
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_3:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_4|Please continue, {s65}...
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_3:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_rejected|No, I will not sully myself with this dishonourable scheme.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_4:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_5|This is where you come into play. You'll take the letter to {s14}, then give it to one of your soldiers and instruct him to take it to {s15}. I will have one of my spies inform the town garrison so that your man will be arrested on his way. The guards will then find the letter and take it to {s13}. They'll torture your man, of course, to try and get the truth out of him, but all he knows is that you ordered the letter to be delivered to {s15} under the utmost secrecy. {s13} knows you serve me, and the fool will certainly believe the whole charade.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_5:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_7|Is that all?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_7:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_8|There is one more thing... Your messenger must be someone trustworthy. If you sent the letter with a simple peasant, someone expendable, {s13} might suspect a plot. He may have the wits of a snail, but even a snail can see the obvious. Give the letter to someone of rank. One of your {s9}, perhaps.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_8:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_9|What? I can't send one of my trusted {s9} to his death!
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_8:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_fin|Then a {s8} it will be.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_9:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_10|Come now, {playername}. There is a place for sentimentality, but this is not it. Believe me, you shall be generously compensated, and what is the purpose of soldiers if not to die at our say-so?
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_10:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_fin|A {s8} it is.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_10:lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_rejected|No, I'll not sacrifice one of my chosen men.
dlga_lord_tell_mission_incriminate_commander_fin:lord_pretalk|I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that, {playername}. You are removing one of the greatest obstacles in my path. Here is the letter, as well as 300 denars for your expenses. Remember, there'll be more once you succeed. Much, much more...
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told.2|A group of my soldiers were captured in a recent skirmish with the enemy. Thankfully we have a mutual agreement of prisoner exchange, and they will release my men, but they want us to give them prisoners of equal rank and number. Prisoners I don't currently have. So, I need a good {man/warrior} to find me {reg1} {s3} as prisoners, that I may exchange them.
dlga_lord_tell_mission:lord_pretalk|No {playername}. I do not need your help at this time.
dlga_lord_mission_told:lord_mission_accepted|You can count on me, {s65}.
dlga_lord_mission_told:lord_mission_rejected|I fear I cannot accept such a mission at the moment.
dlga_lord_mission_accepted:close_window|Excellent, {playername}, excellent. I have every confidence in you.
dlga_lord_mission_rejected:close_window|Is that so? Well, I suppose you're just not up to the task. I shall have to look for somebody with more mettle.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_leave_prison|I must leave now.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_leave|This audience is over. I leave now.
dlga_lord_talk:lord_leave.1|I must beg my leave.
dlga_lord_leave:lord_leave_give_quest|Before you go, {playername}, I have something to ask of you... We may be enemies in this war, but I pray that you believe, as I do, that we can still be civil towards each other. Thus I hoped that you would be kind enough to assist me in something important to me.
dlga_lord_leave_give_quest:enemy_lord_tell_mission|I am listening.
dlga_enemy_lord_tell_mission:lord_mission_told|I have a friend here, an old warrior, who is very sick. Pestilence has infected an old battle wound, and unless he is seen to by a surgeon soon,  he will surely die. This man is dear to me, {playername}, but he's also stubborn as a hog and refuses to have anyone look at his injury because he doesn't trust the physicians here. I have heard that you've a capable surgeon with you. If you would let your surgeon come here and have a look, {reg3?she:he} may be able to convince him to give his consent to an operation. Please, I will be deeply indebted to you if you grant me this request.
dlga_enemy_lord_tell_mission:close_window|ERROR: MATCHED WITH QUEST: {s7}.
dlga_lord_leave_prison:close_window|We'll meet again.
dlga_lord_leave:close_window|Of course, {playername}. Farewell.
dlga_lord_leave:close_window.1|Good journeys to you, {playername}.
dlga_lord_leave:close_window.2|Yes, yes. Farewell.
dlga_lord_leave:close_window.3|We will meet again.
dlga_member_chat:lady_journey_1|Are you enjoying the journey, {s65}?
dlga_lady_journey_1:close_window|I am doing quite fine, {playername}. Thank you for your concern.
dlga_start:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_1|My dear {playername}, how joyous to see you again! I heard you gave that vile {s13} a well-deserved lesson. I hope he never forgets his humiliation. I've a reward for you, but I fear it's little compared to what you've done for me.
dlga_lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_1:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_2|Oh, it will just have to do.
dlga_lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_1:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_2.1|{s66}, this is far too much!
dlga_lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_1:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_succeeded_2.2|Please, {s65}, no reward is necessary.
dlga_start:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_failed|I was told that you sought satisfaction from {s13} to prove my innocence, {playername}. It was a fine gesture, and I thank you for your efforts.
dlga_lady_qst_duel_for_lady_failed:lady_qst_duel_for_lady_failed_2|I beg your forgiveness for my defeat, {s65}...
dlga_lady_qst_duel_for_lady_failed_2:lady_pretalk|It matters not, dear {playername}. You tried. The truth cannot be proven at the point of a sword, but you willingly put your life at stake for my honour. That alone will convince many of my innocence.
dlga_start:lady_escort_lady_succeeded|Thank you for escorting me here, {playername}. Please accept this gift as a token of my gratitude. I hope we shall meet again sometime in the future.
dlga_lady_escort_lady_succeeded:close_window|It was an honor to serve you, {s65}.
dlga_start:lady_generic_mission_succeeded|Oh, {playername}, you brought him back to me! Thank you ever so much for rescuing my {s17}. Please, take this as some small repayment for your noble deed.
dlga_lady_generic_mission_succeeded:lady_pretalk|Always an honour to serve, {s65}.
dlga_start:lady_premeet|I say, you don't look familiar...
dlga_lady_premeet:lady_meet|I am {playername}.
dlga_lady_premeet:lady_meet.1|My name is {playername}. At your service.
dlga_lady_meet:lady_meet_end|{playername}? I do not believe I've heard of you before.
dlga_lady_meet_end:lady_talk|Can I help you with anything?
dlga_lady_pretalk:lady_talk|Anything else?
dlga_lady_talk:lady_ask_for_quest|Is there anything I can do to win your favour?
dlga_lady_ask_for_quest:lady_pretalk|I don't have anything else for you to do right now.
dlga_lady_ask_for_quest:lady_mission_told|Oh, I fear I may never see my {s17}, {s13}, again... He is a prisoner in the dungeon of {s14}. We have tried to negotiate his ransom, but it has been set too high. We can never hope to raise that much money without selling everything we own, and God knows {s13} would rather spend his life in prison than make us destitute. Instead I came up with a plan to get him out of there, but it requires someone to make a great sacrifice, and so far my pleas have fallen on deaf ears...
dlga_lady_ask_for_quest:lady_mission_told.1|My poor {s17}, {s13}, is a prisoner in the {s14} dungeons. The only way we can talk to each other is by exchanging letters whenever we can, but the journey is so dangerous that we get little chance to do so. Please, would you deliver one for me?
dlga_lady_ask_for_quest:lady_quest_duel_for_lady|Dear {playername}, you are kind to ask, but you know little of my troubles and I can't possibly ask you to throw yourself into danger on my behalf.
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady:lady_quest_duel_for_lady_2|Tell me what the problem is, and I can make my own decision.
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady_2:lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3|Very well, as you wish it... My husband has made certain enemies in his life, {playername}. One of the most insidious is {s13}. He is going around making terrible accusations against me, impugning my honour at every turn! Because he cannot harm my husband directly, he is using me as a target to try and stain our name. You should hear the awful things he's said! I only wish there was someone brave enough to make him recant his slander, but {s13} is a very fine swordsman, and he's widely feared...
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3:lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3_accepted|I fear him not, {s65}. I will make him take back his lies.
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3_accepted:close_window|Oh! I can't ask that of you, {playername}, but... I would be forever indebted to you, and you are so sure. It would mean so much if you would defend my honour. Thank you a thousand times, all my prayers and my favour go with you.
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3:lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3_rejected|If he's that dangerous, perhaps maybe it would be better to ignore him...
dlga_lady_quest_duel_for_lady_3_rejected:close_window|Oh... Perhaps you're right, {playername}. I should let go of these silly childhood ideas of chivalry and courage. {Men/People} are not like that, not anymore. Good day to you.
dlga_lady_ask_for_quest:lady_pretalk.1|No, {playername}, I've no need for a champion right now.
dlga_lady_mission_told:lady_mission_accepted|As you wish it, {s65}, it shall be done.
dlga_lady_mission_told:lady_mission_rejected|{s66}, I fear I cannot help you right now.
dlga_lady_mission_accepted:close_window|You are a true {gentleman/lady}, {playername}. Thank you so much for helping me
dlga_lady_mission_rejected:close_window|You'll not help a woman in need? You should be ashamed, {playername}... Please leave me, I have some important embroidery to catch up.
dlga_lady_talk:lady_restore_relation|I want to improve my relation with a lord. Can you help me?
dlga_lady_restore_relation:lady_pretalk|{playername}, I don't know you well enough to act on your behalf. I am sorry.
dlga_lady_restore_relation:lady_restore_relation_2|Hmm. I guess you got on the wrong side of somebody. Very well, who do you want to restore your relation with?
dlga_lady_restore_relation_2:lady_pretalk|Never mind. I get along with everyone well enough.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_2b:lady_restore_relation_3|Well I can try to help you there. I am sure a few expensive gifts will make {s10} look at you more favorably.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_3:lady_restore_relation_4|You can improve your relation with {s10} by sending him a gift worth {reg10} denars. But if you can afford spending {reg11} denars on the gift, it would make a good impression on {reg4?her:him}. And if you can go up to {reg12} denars, that would really help smooth things out.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_4:lady_restore_relation_5|I think a gift of {reg10} denars will do.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_4:lady_restore_relation_5.1|Maybe I can afford {reg11} denars.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_4:lady_restore_relation_5.2|In that case, I am ready to spend {reg12} denars.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_4:lady_restore_relation_cant_afford|I don't think I can afford a gift at the moment.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_5:lady_restore_relation_6|Excellent. Then I'll choose an appropriate gift for you and send it to {s10} with your compliments. I am sure {reg4?she:he} will appreciate the gesture.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_6:lady_pretalk|Thank you for your help, madame.
dlga_lady_restore_relation_cant_afford:lady_pretalk|I am afraid, I can't be of much help in that case, {playername}. I am sorry.
dlga_lady_talk:lady_leave|I must beg my leave.
dlga_lady_leave:close_window|Farewell, {playername}.
dlga_convince_begin:convince_options|I still don't see why I should accept what you're asking of me.
dlga_convince_options:convince_bribe|Then I'll make it worth your while. ({reg8} denars)
dlga_convince_options:convince_friendship|Please, do it for the sake of our friendship. (-{reg9} to relation)
dlga_convince_options:convince_persuade_begin|Let me try and convince you. (Persuasion)
dlga_convince_options:lord_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_convince_bribe:convince_bribe_verify|Mmm, a generous gift to my coffers would certainly help matters... {reg8} denars should do it. If you agree, then I'll go with your suggestion.
dlga_convince_bribe_verify:convince_bribe_cant_afford|I'm afraid my finances will not allow for such a gift.
dlga_convince_bribe_verify:convince_bribe_goon|Very well, please accept these {reg8} denars as a token of my gratitude.
dlga_convince_bribe_verify:convince_begin|Let me think about this some more.
dlga_convince_bribe_cant_afford:convince_options|Ah. In that case, there is little I can do, unless you have some further argument to make.
dlga_convince_bribe_goon:convince_accept|My dear {playername}, your generous gift has led me to reconsider what you ask, and I have come to appreciate the wisdom of your proposal.
dlga_convince_friendship:convince_friendship_verify|You've done well by me in the past, {playername}, and for that I will go along with your request, but know that I do not like you using our relationship this way.
dlga_convince_friendship_verify:convince_friendship_go_on|I am sorry, my friend, but I need your help in this.
dlga_convince_friendship_verify:lord_pretalk|If it will not please you, then I'll try something else.
dlga_convince_friendship_go_on:convince_accept|All right then, {playername}, I will accept this for your sake. But remember, you owe me for this.
dlga_convince_friendship:lord_pretalk|I don't think I owe you such a favor {playername}. I see no reason to accept this for you.
dlga_convince_friendship:lord_pretalk.1|Is this a joke? You've some nerve asking me for favours, {playername}, and let me assure you you'll get none.
dlga_convince_persuade_begin:convince_persuade_begin_2|Very well. Make your case.
dlga_convince_persuade_begin_2:convince_persuade|[Attempt to persuade]
dlga_convince_persuade_begin_2:convince_begin|Wait, perhaps there is another way to convince you.
dlga_convince_persuade_begin:lord_pretalk|By God's grace, {playername}! Haven't we talked enough already? I am tired of listening to you, and I do not want to hear any more of it right now.
dlga_convince_persuade:convince_accept|All right, all right. You have persuaded me to it. I'll go ahead with what you suggest.
dlga_convince_persuade:convince_options|You've a point, {playername}, I'll admit that much. However I am not yet convinced I should do as you bid.
dlga_convince_persuade:convince_options.1|Enough, {playername}. You've a lot of arguments, but I find none of them truly convincing. I stand by what I said before.
dlga_convince_persuade:convince_options.2|Truthfully, {playername}, I fail to see the virtue of your reasoning. What you ask for makes even less sense now than it did before.
dlga_start:siege_won_seneschal_1|I must congratulate you on your victory, my {lord/lady}. Welcome to {s1}. We, the housekeepers of this castle, are at your service.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_1:siege_won_seneschal_2|Are you the seneschal?
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_2:siege_won_seneschal_3|Indeed I am, my {lord/lady}. I have always served the masters of {s1} to the best of my ability, whichever side they might be on. Thus you may count on my utmost loyalty for as long as you are the {lord/lady} of this place. Now, do you intend to keep me on as the seneschal? I promise you will not be disappointed.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_3:siege_won_seneschal_4|Very well, you may keep your post for the time being.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_3:siege_won_seneschal_4.1|You can stay, but I shall be keeping a close watch on you.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_4:siege_won_seneschal_5|Thank you, my {lord/lady}. If you do not mind my impudence, may I inquire as to what you wish to do with the castle?
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_5:siege_won_seneschal_6|I will sell it to another lord.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_5:siege_won_seneschal_6.1|I intend to claim it for myself.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_5:siege_won_seneschal_list_options|I haven't given it much thought. What are my options?
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_list_options:siege_won_seneschal_list_options_2|According to our laws and traditions, you can do one of several things. First, you could station a garrison here to protect the castle from any immediate counterattacks, then request an audience with some wealthy lord and ask him to make you an offer. It would be worth a tidy sum, believe you me. If you do not wish to sell, then you will have to find yourself a liege lord and protector who would accept homage from you. Without a royal investiture and an army at your back, you would have a difficult time holding on to the castle. Both you and {s1} would become great big targets for any man with a few soldiers and a scrap of ambition.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_list_options_2:siege_won_seneschal_list_options_3|What do you mean, a liege lord and protector? I won this place by my own hand, I don't need anyone else!
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_list_options_3:siege_won_seneschal_list_options_4|Of course you don't, my {lord/lady}. However, no lord in the land will recognize your claim to the castle unless it is verified by royal decree. They would call {s1} an outlaw stronghold and take it from you at the earliest opportunity. Surely not even you could stand against a whole army.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_list_options_4:siege_won_seneschal_6|Hmm. I'll give it some thought.
dlga_siege_won_seneschal_6:close_window|I am very pleased to hear it, my {lord/lady}. I am only trying to serve you to the best of my ability. Now, if at any time you find you have further need of me, I will be in the great hall arranging a smooth handover of the castle to your forces.
dlga_start:seneschal_intro_1|Good day, {sir/madam}. I do nott believe I've seen you here before. Let me extend my welcome to you as the seneschal of {s1}.
dlga_seneschal_intro_1:seneschal_intro_1a|A pleasure to meet you, {s65}.
dlga_seneschal_intro_1a:seneschal_talk|How can I help you?
dlga_seneschal_intro_1:seneschal_intro_1b|What exactly do you do here?
dlga_seneschal_intro_1b:seneschal_talk|Ah, a seneschal's duties are many, good {sire/woman}. For example, I collect the rents from my lord's estates, I manage the castle's storerooms, I deal with the local peasantry, I take care of castle staff, I arrange supplies for the garrison... All mundane matters on this fief are my responsibility, on behalf of my lord. Everything except commanding the soldiers themselves.
dlga_start:seneschal_talk|Good day, {sir/madam}.
dlga_seneschal_pretalk:seneschal_talk|Anything else?
dlga_seneschal_talk:seneschal_ask_something|I would like to ask you a question...
dlga_seneschal_talk:seneschal_ask_about_someone|I wish to know more about someone...
dlga_seneschal_ask_about_someone:seneschal_ask_about_someone_2|Perhaps I may be able to help. Whom did you have in mind?
dlga_seneschal_ask_about_someone_2:seneschal_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_seneschal_ask_about_someone_relation:seneschal_ask_about_someone_4|{reg1?She:He} hates {s51}.
dlga_seneschal_ask_about_someone_4:seneschal_ask_about_someone_relation|Where does {s1} stand with others?.
dlga_seneschal_ask_about_someone_4:seneschal_pretalk|My thanks, that was helpful.
dlga_seneschal_talk:close_window|I must take my leave of you now. Farewell.
dlga_seneschal_ask_something:seneschal_ask_something_2|I'll do what I can to help, of course. What did you wish to ask?
dlga_seneschal_ask_something_2:seneschal_ask_location|Perhaps you know where to find someone...
dlga_seneschal_ask_location:seneschal_ask_location_2|Well, a man in my position does hear a lot of things. Of whom were you thinking?
dlga_seneschal_ask_location_2:seneschal_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_start:close_window.3|There! I can see the walls of {s3} in the distance. We've made it safely. Here, take this purse of {reg3} denars, as I promised. I hope we can travel together again someday.
dlga_start:talk_caravan_escort|We've made it this far... Is everything clear up ahead?
dlga_talk_caravan_escort:talk_caravan_escort_2a|There might be bandits nearby. Stay close.
dlga_talk_caravan_escort_2a:close_window|Trust me, {playername}, we're already staying as close to you as we can. Lead the way.
dlga_talk_caravan_escort:talk_caravan_escort_2b|No sign of trouble, we can breathe easy.
dlga_talk_caravan_escort_2b:close_window|I'll breathe easy when we reach {s1} and not a moment sooner. Let's keep moving.
dlga_start:merchant_talk|What do you want? We paid our toll to you less than three days ago.
dlga_start:merchant_talk.1|Hail, friend.
dlga_start:merchant_talk.2|What do you want? We are but simple merchants, we've no quarrel with you, so leave us alone.
dlga_start:merchant_talk.3|Be warned, knave! This caravan is under the protection of {s9}. Step out of our way or you will face his fury!
dlga_start:merchant_talk.4|Yes? What do you want?
dlga_merchant_pretalk:merchant_talk|Anything else?
dlga_merchant_talk:caravan_start_war_quest_1|You are trespassing in {s17} territory. I am confiscating this caravan and all its goods!
dlga_caravan_start_war_quest_1:caravan_start_war_quest_2|What? What nonsense is this? We are nowhere near your territory, {mate/wench}, and moreover we have a peace treaty with {s17}!
dlga_caravan_start_war_quest_2:merchant_attack|We'll see about that! Defend yourselves!
dlga_caravan_start_war_quest_2:close_window|Never mind, 'twas but a joke. Farewell.
dlga_merchant_talk:merchant_talk_offer|I have an offer for you.
dlga_merchant_talk_offer:merchant_talk_offer_2|What is it?
dlga_merchant_talk_offer_2:caravan_offer_protection|I can escort you to your destination for a price.
dlga_merchant_talk_offer_2:merchant_pretalk|Nothing. Forget it
dlga_merchant_talk:merchant_demand|I demand something from you!
dlga_merchant_demand:merchant_demand_2|What do you want?
dlga_merchant_demand_2:merchant_demand_toll|There is a toll for free passage here!
dlga_merchant_demand_toll:merchant_demand_toll_2|Please, I don't want any trouble. I can give you {reg6} denars, just let us go.
dlga_merchant_demand_toll:merchant_demand_toll_2.1|I don't want any trouble. I can give you {reg6} denars if you'll let us go.
dlga_merchant_demand_toll_2:merchant_demand_toll_accept|Agreed, hand it over and you may go in peace.
dlga_merchant_demand_toll_accept:close_window|Very well then. Here's {reg6} denars.
dlga_merchant_demand_toll_2:merchant_pretalk|I changed my mind, I can't take your money.
dlga_merchant_demand_toll_2:merchant_attack|No, I want everything you have! [Attack]
dlga_merchant_demand_2:merchant_attack_begin|Hand over your gold and valuables now!
dlga_merchant_demand_2:merchant_pretalk|Nothing. Forget it.
dlga_merchant_attack_begin:merchant_attack_verify|Are you robbing us?
dlga_merchant_attack_verify:merchant_attack_verify_norob|Robbing you? No, no! It was a joke.
dlga_merchant_attack_verify_norob:close_window|God, don't joke about that, {lad/lass}. For a moment I thought we were in real trouble.
dlga_merchant_attack_verify:merchant_attack|Of course I'm robbing you. Now hand over your goods.
dlga_merchant_attack:close_window|Damn you, you won't get anything from us without a fight!
dlga_caravan_offer_protection:caravan_offer_protection_2|These roads are dangerous indeed. One can never have enough protection.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_2:close_window|An escort? We're almost there already! Thank you for the offer, though.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_2:caravan_offer_protection_3|We are heading to {s1}. I will pay you {reg2} denars if you escort us there.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_4:caravan_offer_protection_5|I want you to stay close to us along the way. We'll need your help if we get ambushed by bandits.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_5:caravan_offer_protection_6|Don't worry, you can trust me.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_6:close_window|Good. Come and collect your money when we're within sight of {s1}. For now, let's just get underway.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_3:caravan_offer_protection_4b|Forget it.
dlga_caravan_offer_protection_4b:close_window|Perhaps another time, then.
dlga_merchant_talk:talk_caravan_enemy_2|Not so fast. First, hand over all your goods and money.
dlga_talk_caravan_enemy_2:close_window|Never. It is our duty to protect these goods. You shall have to fight us, brigand!
dlga_start:prison_guard_players|Good day, my {lord/lady}. Will you be visiting the prison?
dlga_prison_guard_players:close_window|Yes. Unlock the door.
dlga_prison_guard_players:close_window.1|No, not now.
dlga_start:prison_guard_talk|Yes? What do you want?
dlga_prison_guard_talk:prison_guard_ask_prisoners|Who is imprisoned here?
dlga_prison_guard_talk:prison_guard_visit_prison|I want to speak with a prisoner.
dlga_prison_guard_ask_prisoners:prison_guard_talk|Currently, {s51} {reg1?are:is} imprisoned here.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison:close_window|Of course {sir/madam}. Go in.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison:prison_guard_visit_prison_2|You need to get permission from the lord to talk to prisoners.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_2:close_window|All right then. I'll try that.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_2:prison_guard_visit_prison_3|Come on now. I thought you were the boss here.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_3:prison_guard_visit_prison_4|He-heh. You got that right. Still, I can't let you into the prison.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_4:close_window|All right then. I'll leave now.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_4:prison_guard_visit_prison_5|I found a purse with 100 denars a few paces away. I reckon it belongs to you.
dlga_prison_guard_visit_prison_5:close_window|Ah! I was looking for this all day. How good of you to bring it back {sir/madam}. Well, now that I know what an honest {man/lady} you are, there can be no harm in letting you inside. Go in.
dlga_prison_guard_talk:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_start:castle_guard_players|Your orders, {Lord/Lady}?
dlga_castle_guard_players:close_window|Open the door. I'll go in.
dlga_castle_guard_players:close_window.1|Never mind.
dlga_start:castle_guard_sneaked_intro_1|Get out of my sight, beggar! You stink!
dlga_start:close_window.4|Get lost before I lose my temper you vile beggar!