qst_deliver_message|Deliver Message to {s13}
qst_deliver_message_text|{s9} asked you to take a message to {s13}. {s13} was at {s4} when you were given this quest.
qst_deliver_message_to_enemy_lord|Deliver Message to {s13}
qst_deliver_message_to_enemy_lord_text|{s9} asked you to take a message to {s13} of {s15}. {s13} was at {s4} when you were given this quest.
qst_raise_troops|Raise {reg1} {s14}
qst_raise_troops_text|{s9} asked you to raise {reg1} {s14} and bring them to him.
qst_escort_lady|Escort {s13} to {s14}
qst_deal_with_bandits_at_lords_village|Save the Village of {s15} from Marauding Bandits
qst_deal_with_bandits_at_lords_village_text|{s13} asked you to deal with the bandits who took refuge in his village of {s15} and then report back to him.
qst_collect_taxes|Collect taxes from {s3}
qst_collect_taxes_text|{s9} asked you to collect taxes from {s3}. He offered to leave you one-fifth of all the money you collect there.
qst_hunt_down_fugitive|Hunt down {s4}
qst_hunt_down_fugitive_text|{s9} asked you to hunt down the fugitive named {s4}. He is currently believed to be at {s3}.
qst_kill_local_merchant|Assassinate Local Merchant at {s3}
qst_kill_local_merchant_text|{s9} asked you to assassinate a local merchant at {s3}.
qst_bring_back_runaway_serfs|Bring Back Runaway Serfs
qst_bring_back_runaway_serfs_text|{s9} asked you to bring back the three groups of runaway serfs back to {s2}. He said all three groups must be running away in the direction of {s3}.
qst_follow_spy|Follow the Spy to Meeting
qst_follow_spy_text|{s11} asked you to follow the spy that will leave {s12}. You must be careful not to be seen by the spy during his travel, or else he may get suspicious and turn back. Once the spy meets with his accomplice, you are to ambush and capture them and bring them both back to {s11}.
qst_capture_enemy_hero|Capture a Lord from {s13}
qst_capture_enemy_hero_text|TODO: {s11} asked you to capture a lord from {s13}.
qst_lend_companion|Lend Your Companion {s3} to {s9}
qst_lend_companion_text|{s9} asked you to lend your companion {s3} to him for a week.
qst_collect_debt|Collect the debt {s3} owes to {s9}
qst_collect_debt_text|{s9} asked you to collect the debt of {reg4} denars {s3} owes to him.
qst_incriminate_loyal_commander|Incriminate the Loyal Commander of {s13}, {s16}
qst_raid_caravan_to_start_war|Raid {reg13} Caravans of {s13}
qst_meet_spy_in_enemy_town|Meet Spy in {s13}
qst_capture_prisoners|Bring {reg1} {s3} Prisoners
qst_capture_prisoners_text|{s9} wanted you to bring him {reg1} {s3} as prisoners.
qst_lend_surgeon|Lend Your Surgeon {s3} to {s1}
qst_lend_surgeon_text|Lend your experienced surgeon {s3} to {s1}.
qst_follow_army|Follow {s9}'s Army
qst_report_to_army|Report to {s13}, the Marshall
qst_deliver_cattle_to_army|Deliver {reg3} Heads of Cattle to {s13}
qst_join_siege_with_army|Join the Siege of {s14}
qst_scout_waypoints|Scout {s13}, {s14} and {s15}
qst_rescue_lord_by_replace|Rescue {s13} from {s14}
qst_deliver_message_to_prisoner_lord|Deliver Message to {s13} at {s14}
qst_duel_for_lady|Challenge {s13} to a Trial of Arms
qst_move_cattle_herd|Move Cattle Herd to {s13}
qst_move_cattle_herd_text|Guildmaster of {s10} asked you to move a cattle herd to {s13}.
qst_escort_merchant_caravan|Escort Merchant Caravan to {s8}
qst_escort_merchant_caravan_text|Escort the merchant caravan to the town of {s8}.
qst_deliver_wine|Deliver {reg5} Units of {s6} to {s4}
qst_deliver_wine_text|{s9} of {s3} asked you to deliver {reg5} units of {s6} to the tavern in {s4} in 7 days.
qst_troublesome_bandits|Hunt Down Troublesome Bandits
qst_troublesome_bandits_text|{s9} of {s4} asked you to hunt down the troublesome bandits in the vicinity of the town.
qst_kidnapped_girl|Ransom Girl from Bandits
qst_kidnapped_girl_text|Guildmaster of {s4} gave you {reg12} denars to pay the ransom of a girl kidnapped by bandits. You are to meet the bandits near {s3} and pay them the ransom fee. After that you are to bring the girl back to {s4}.
qst_persuade_lords_to_make_peace|Make Sure Two Lords Do Not Object to Peace
qst_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_text|Guildmaster of {s4} promised you {reg12} denars if you can make sure that {s12} and {s13} no longer pose a threat to a peace settlement between {s15} and {s14}. In order to do that, you must either convince them or make sure they fall captive and remain so until a peace agreement is made.
qst_deal_with_looters|Deal with Looters
qst_deal_with_looters_text|The Guildmaster of {s4} has asked you to deal with several bands of looters around {s4}, and bring back any goods you recover.
qst_deal_with_night_bandits|Deal with Night Bandits
qst_deal_with_night_bandits_text|TODO: The Guildmaster of {s14} has asked you to deal with night bandits at {s14}.
qst_deliver_grain|Bring wheat to {s3}
qst_deliver_grain_text|The elder of the village of {s3} asked you to bring them {reg5} packs of wheat..
qst_deliver_cattle|Deliver {reg5} Heads of Cattle to {s3}
qst_deliver_cattle_text|The elder of the village of {s3} asked you to bring {reg5} heads of cattle.
qst_train_peasants_against_bandits|Train the Peasants of {s13} Against Bandits.
qst_eliminate_bandits_infesting_village|Save the Village of {s7} from Marauding Bandits
qst_eliminate_bandits_infesting_village_text|A villager from {s7} begged you to save their village from the bandits that took refuge there.
qst_join_faction|Give Oath of Homage to {s1}
qst_join_faction_text|Find {s1} and give him your oath of homage.
qst_rebel_against_kingdom|Help {s13} Claim the Throne of {s14}
qst_quests_end|Quests End