qstr_Next_Page|Next Page
qstr_Candidate_#1:_{s1}|Candidate #1: {s1}
qstr_Candidate_#2:_{s1}|Candidate #2: {s1}
qstr_{s3}_of_{s4}_wishes_|{s3} of {s4} wishes to select a new marshall and invites his vassals for a counsel. {s1} and {s2} are the likely candidates.
qstr_Who_do_you_wish_to_s|Who do you wish to support?
qstr_{s1}_gives_his_suppo|{s1} gives his support to {s2}.
qstr_Number_of_Supporters|Number of Supporters: {reg0}
qstr_{s2}_has_heard_his_v|{s2} has heard his vassals' counsel. He selects {s1} as the marshall of {s3}.
qstr_Attack_Type|Attack Type
qstr_Hold_This_Position|Hold This Position
qstr_Follow_Me|Follow Me
qstr_Fall_Back|Fall Back
qstr_Stand_Closer|Stand Closer
qstr_Spread_Out|Spread Out
qstr_Stand_Ground|Stand Ground
qstr_Use_Any_Weapon|Use Any Weapon
qstr_Use_Blunt_Weapons|Use Blunt Weapons
qstr_Number_of_men_knocke|Number of men knocked down: {reg1}
qstr_Number_of_men_left:_|Number of men left: {reg1}
qstr_Opponents_Beaten:_{r|Opponents Beaten: {reg1}
qstr_Opponents_Remaining:|Opponents Remaining: {reg1}
qstr_Remain_in_retirement|Remain in retirement.
qstr_Go_back_to_the_adven|Go back to the adventuring.
qstr_You_have_retired_at_|You have retired at level {reg4} after {reg5} days of adventuring.
qstr_Effect_on_Score|Effect on Score
qstr_Settlements_owned_by|Settlements owned by you: {reg0}
qstr_Friendly_Settlements|Friendly Settlements: {reg0}
qstr_Hostile_Settlements:|Hostile Settlements: {reg0}
qstr_Friendly_Lords:_{reg|Friendly Lords: {reg0}
qstr_Enemy_Lords:_{reg0}|Enemy Lords: {reg0}
qstr_Victories:_{reg0}|Victories: {reg0}
qstr_Defeats:_{reg0}|Defeats: {reg0}
qstr_Quests_Completed:_{r|Quests Completed: {reg0}
qstr_Companions_Found:_{r|Companions Found: {reg0}
qstr_Companions_Lost/Depa|Companions Lost/Departed: {reg0}
qstr_Wealth:_{reg0}_denar|Wealth: {reg0} denars
qstr_Inventory:_{reg0}_de|Inventory: {reg0} denars
qstr_Renown:_{reg0}|Renown: {reg0}
qstr_Experience:_{reg0}|Experience: {reg0}
qstr_Days_Passed:_{reg0}|Days Passed: {reg0}
qstr_Difficulty:_{reg0}%|Difficulty: {reg0}%
qstr_TOTAL_SCORE:_{reg0}|TOTAL SCORE: {reg0}
qstr_{s3}^{s1}_production|{s3}^{s1} production for {s2}: {reg0}
qstr_{s1}_of_{s3}_was_def|{s1} of {s3} was defeated in battle but managed to escape.
qstr_+{reg1}_to_party_mor|+{reg1} to party morale
qstr_Requires_{reg1}_inte|Requires {reg1} intelligence to read
qstr_Reading_Progress:_{r|Reading Progress: {reg1}%
qstr_wound_treament|wound treament
qstr_+1_to_{s1}_while_in_|+1 to {s1} while in inventory
qstr_Move_here|Move here
qstr_View_notes|View notes
qstr__{s61}| {s61}
qstr_ERROR:_More_than_15_|ERROR: More than 15 trade routes are given for {s1}.
qstr_{reg4}_killed_{reg5}|{reg4} killed, {reg5} wounded
qstr_{reg3?{reg3}:}_{s1}_|{reg3?{reg3}:} {s1} ({s2})
qstr_{s0}_{reg3?{reg3}:}_|{s0}, {reg3?{reg3}:} {s1} ({s2})
qstr_{s0}^{reg3?{reg3}:}_|{s0}^{reg3?{reg3}:} {s1} ({s2})
qstr_{s0}^TOTAL:_{reg3}__|{s0}^TOTAL: {reg3} ({s2})
qstr_{reg0}_village{reg1?|{reg0} village{reg1?s:}
qstr_{reg0}_castle{reg1?s|{reg0} castle{reg1?s:}
qstr_{reg0}_castle{reg1?s:|{reg0} castle{reg1?s:} and {s0}
qstr_{reg0}_town{reg1?s:}|{reg0} town{reg1?s:}
qstr_{reg0}_town{reg1?s:}_|{reg0} town{reg1?s:} and {s0}
qstr_{reg0}_town{reg1?s:}_{|{reg0} town{reg1?s:}, {s0}
qstr_Your_opponents_are_r|Your opponents are ready for the fight.
qstr_Try_to_destroy_as_ma|Try to destroy as many targets as you can. You have two and a half minutes to clear the track.
qstr_Stay_behind_the_line|Stay behind the line on the ground and shoot the targets. Try not to waste any shots.
qstr_Battle_Advantage_=_{|Battle Advantage = {reg0}.
qstr_{s9}_wants_you_to_re|{s9} wants you to resume following his army until further notice.
qstr__Being_Raided_|(Being Raided)
qstr__Under_Siege_|(Under Siege)
qstr_The_village_of_{s1}_|The village of {s1} has been looted by {s2}.
qstr_{s3}_is_no_longer_un|{s3} is no longer under siege.
qstr_Enemies_spotted_near|Enemies spotted near {s1}.
qstr_{s1}_has_been_besieg|{s1} has been besieged by {s2} of {s3}.
qstr_{s1}_is_chosen_as_th|{s1} is chosen as the marshall of {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_is_the_new_mars|{s1} is the new marshall of {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_do_n|{s1} decided to do nothing.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_gath|{s1} decided to gather army.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_besi|{s1} decided to besiege {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_raid|{s1} decided to raid {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_atta|{s1} decided to attack {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_decided_to_attac|{s1} decided to attack enemies around {s2}.
qstr_You_gained_{reg12}_r|You gained {reg12} renown.
qstr_You_lose_{reg12}_ren|You lose {reg12} renown.
qstr_Your_relation_with_{|Your relation with {s1} has improved.
qstr_Your_relation_with_{s|Your relation with {s1} has deteriorated.
qstr_You_gain_honour.|You gain honour.
qstr_You_lose_honour.|You lose honour.
qstr_{s1}_has_declared_wa|{s1} has declared war against {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_and_{s2}_have_m|{s1} and {s2} have made peace with each other.
qstr_{s2}_{reg3?was:is_cu|{s2} {reg3?was:is currently} at {s3}.
qstr_{s2}_{reg3?was:is}_t|{s2} {reg3?was:is} travelling to {s3} and {reg4?she:he} {reg3?was:should be} close to {s4}{reg3?: at the moment}.
qstr_{s2}_{reg3?was:is}_i|{s2} {reg3?was:is} in wilderness and {reg4?she:he} {reg3?was:should be} close to {s3}{reg3?: at the moment}.
qstr_{s2}_{reg3?was:is}_b|{s2} {reg3?was:is} being held captive at {s3}.
qstr_{s2}_{reg3?was:has_b|{s2} {reg3?was:has been} taken captive by {reg4?her:his} enemies.
qstr_{reg3?{s2}_s_locatio|{reg3?{s2}'s location was unknown:I don't know where {s2} is}.
qstr_{s6}_has_joined_your|{s6} has joined your party
qstr_You_now_owe_{reg2}_d|You now owe {reg2} denars to {s1}.
qstr_Renown_value_for_thi|Renown value for this battle is {reg8}.
qstr_You_have_run_into_a_|You have run into a trap!
qstr_You_are_attacked_by_|You are attacked by a group of bandits!
qstr_Falling_Back|Falling Back
qstr_Standing_Closer|Standing Closer
qstr_Spreading_Out|Spreading Out
qstr_Any_Weapon|Any Weapon
qstr_Blunt_Weapons|Blunt Weapons
qstr_Infantry__{reg1}_|Infantry ({reg1})
qstr_Archers__{reg2}_|Archers ({reg2})
qstr_Cavalry__{reg3}_|Cavalry ({reg3})
qstr_{s1}_Rebels|{s1} Rebels
qstr_Given_by:_{s62}|Given by: {s62}
qstr_Given_on:_{s60}|Given on: {s60}
qstr_You_have_{reg0}_days|You have {reg0} days to finish this quest.
qstr_This_quest_has_been_|This quest has been concluded. Talk to {s59} to finish it.
qstr_This_quest_has_been_s|This quest has been successfully completed. Talk to {s59} to claim your reward.
qstr_This_quest_has_faile|This quest has failed. Talk to {s59} to explain the situation.
qstr_At_the_time_quest_wa|At the time quest was given:^{s1}
qstr_{s4}_is_in_{s5}|{s4} is in {s5}
qstr_{s1}_is_infested_by_|{s1} is infested by bandits.
qstr_{s7}_and_{s8}|{s7} and {s8}
qstr_{s7}_{s8}|{s7}, {s8}
qstr_{s9}_and_{s10}|{s9} and {s10}
qstr_{s9}_{s10}|{s9}, {s10}
qstr_{s11}_and_{s12}|{s11} and {s12}
qstr_{s11}_{s12}|{s11}, {s12}
qstr_{s5}_is_ruled_by_{s6|{s5} is ruled by {s6}.^It occupies {s8}.^Its vassals are {s10}.^{s5} is at war with {s12}.
qstr_{s5}_has_been_defeat|{s5} has been defeated!
qstr_{s5}_has_a_strength_|{s5} has a strength of {reg1} men in total.
qstr_{s54}_is_a_claimant_|{s54} is a claimant to the throne of {s56}.
qstr_{s57}_and_{s58}|{s57} and {s58}
qstr_{s57}_{s58}|{s57}, {s58}
qstr_{reg6?:{reg4?{s54}_i|{reg6?:{reg4?{s54} is the ruler of {s56}.^:{s54} is a vassal of {s55} of {s56}.^}}Renown: {reg5}.^{reg9?{reg3?She:He} is the {reg3?lady:lord} of {s58}.:{reg3?She:He} has no fiefs.}{s59}
qstr_The_last_time_you_sa|The last time you saw {reg1?her:him}, {s1}
qstr_The_last_time_you_he|The last time you heard about {reg1?her:him}, {s1}
qstr_The_town_of_{s50}|The town of {s50}
qstr_The_village_of_{s50}|The village of {s50} near {s52}
qstr_{s51}_belongs_to_{s1|{s51} belongs to {s1} of {s2}.^
qstr_{s2}It_has_no_villag|{s2}It has no villages.^
qstr_{s2}{reg0?Its_villag|{s2}{reg0?Its villages are:Its village is} {s8}.^
qstr_{s2}Its_prosperity_i|{s2}Its prosperity is: {s50}
qstr_Current_garrison_con|Current garrison consists of {reg5} men.^Has food stock for {reg6} days.
qstr_Very_Poor|Very Poor
qstr_Very_Rich|Very Rich
qstr_A_manor_lets_you_res|A manor lets you rest at the village and pay your troops half wages while you rest.
qstr_A_mill_increases_vil|A mill increases village prosperity by 5%.
qstr_Watch_Tower|Watch Tower
qstr_A_watch_tower_lets_t|A watch tower lets the villagers raise alarm earlier. The time it takes for enemies to loot the village increases by 25%.
qstr_A_shool_increases_th|A shool increases the loyality of the villagers to you by +1 every month.
qstr_Messenger_Post|Messenger Post
qstr_A_messenger_post_let|A messenger post lets the villages send you a message whenever enemies are nearby, even if you are far away from here.
qstr_Prison_Tower|Prison Tower
qstr_A_prison_tower_reduc|A prison tower reduces the chance of captives held here running away successfully.
qstr_Prosperity_of_{s2}_h|Prosperity of {s2} has changed from {s3} to {s4}.
qstr_{s4}_looks_upset.|{s4} looks upset.
qstr_your_party|your party
qstr_{reg0?One_of_your_pr|{reg0?One of your prisoners, :}{s1} of {s3} has escaped from captivity!
qstr_You_brought_{reg3}_h|You brought {reg3} heads of cattle to {s1}.
qstr_I_heard_that_there_w|I heard that there will be a tournament in {s62} soon.
qstr_I_heard_that_one_can|I heard that one can buy {s62} very cheap at {s63}.
qstr_I_heard_that_they_pa|I heard that they pay a very high price for {s62} at {s63}.
qstr_Log_entry_{reg3}:_ty|Log entry {reg3}: type {reg4}
qstr_Center:_{s4}|Center: {s4}
qstr_Troop:_{s4}|Troop: {s4}
qstr_Lord:_{s4}|Lord: {s4}
qstr_Ally_party_is_presen|Ally party is present
qstr_{s4}_is_present_at_e|{s4} is present at event
qstr_Event_#{reg5}_type_{|Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}: player's kingdom relation to troop object = {reg7}
qstr_Event_#{reg5}_type_{r|Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}: player's kingdom relation to center object faction = {reg7}
qstr_Event_#{reg5}_type_{re|Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}: player's kingdom relation to faction object = {reg7}
qstr_Event_#{reg5}_type_{reg|Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}. No relevant kingdom relation
qstr_Event_#{reg5}_type_{reg6|Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}. Player unaffiliated
qstr_Elapsed_hours:_{reg7|Elapsed hours: {reg7}
qstr_Reputation_type:_{s1|Reputation type: {s15}
qstr_Entries_up_to_#{reg5|Entries up to #{reg5} skipped
qstr_Cannot_leave_now.|Cannot leave now.
qstr_You_must_stay_behind|You must stay behind the line on the ground! Point is not counted.
qstr_{s4}:_M{reg3}_2M{reg|{s4}: M{reg3}, 2M{reg4}, PC{reg5}, 2PC{reg6}, PM{reg7}
qstr_You_came_into_the_wo|You came into the world a {reg3?daughter:son} of declining nobility, owning only the house in which they lived. However, despite your family's hardships, they afforded you a good education and trained you from childhood for the rigors of aristocracy and life at court.
qstr_You_were_born_the_{r|You were born the {reg3?daughter:son} of travelling merchants, always moving from place to place in search of a profit. Although your parents were wealthier than most and educated you as well as they could, you found little opportunity to make friends on the road, living mostly for the moments when you could sell something to somebody.
qstr_As_a_child_your_fami|As a child, your family scrabbled out a meagre living from your father's wages as a guardsman to the local lord. It was not an easy existence, and you were too poor to get much of an education. You learned mainly how to defend yourself on the streets, with or without a weapon in hand.
qstr_You_were_the_{reg3?d|You were the {reg3?daughter:son} of a family who lived off the woods, doing whatever they needed to make ends meet. Hunting, woodcutting, making arrows, even a spot of poaching whenever things got tight. Winter was never a good time for your family as the cold took animals and people alike, but you always lived to see another dawn, though your brothers and sisters might not be so fortunate.
qstr_You_were_a_child_of_|You were a child of the steppe, born to a tribe of wandering nomads who lived in great camps throughout the arid grasslands. Like the other tribesmen, your family revered horses above almost everything else, and they taught you how to ride almost before you learned how to walk.
qstr_As_the_{reg3?daughte|As the {reg3?daughter:son} of a thief, you had very little 'formal' education. Instead you were out on the street, begging until you learned how to cut purses, cutting purses until you learned how to pick locks, all the way through your childhood. Still, these long years made you streetwise and sharp to the secrets of cities and shadowy backways.
qstr_As_a_{reg3?girl:boy}|As a {reg3?girl:boy} growing out of childhood, you were sent to live in the court of one of the nobles of the land. There, your first lessons were in humility, as you waited upon the lords and ladies of the household. But from their chess games, their gossip, even the poetry of great deeds and courtly love, you quickly began to learn about the adult world of conflict and competition. You also learned from the rough games of the other children, who battered at each other with sticks in imitation of their elders' swords.
qstr_As_a_{reg3?girl:boy}_|As a {reg3?girl:boy} growing out of childhood, you apprenticed with a local craftsman to learn a trade. After years of hard work and study under your new master, he promoted you to journeyman and employed you as a fully paid craftsman for as long as you wished to stay.
qstr_As_a_{reg3?girl:boy}_g|As a {reg3?girl:boy} growing out of childhood, you apprenticed to a wealthy merchant, picking up the trade over years of working shops and driving caravans. You soon became adept at the art of buying low, selling high, and leaving the customer thinking they'd got the better deal.
qstr_As_a_{reg3?girl:boy}_gr|As a {reg3?girl:boy} growing out of childhood, you took to the streets, doing whatever you must to survive. Begging, thieving and working for gangs to earn your bread, you lived from day to day in this violent world, always one step ahead of the law and those who wished you ill.
qstr_As_a_{reg3?girl:boy}_gro|As a {reg3?girl:boy} growing out of childhood, you rode the great steppes on a horse of your own, learning the ways of the grass and the desert. Although you sometimes went hungry, you became a skillful hunter and pathfinder in this trackless country. Your body too started to harden with muscle as you grew into the life of a nomad {reg3?woman:man}.
qstr_Though_the_distincti|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {reg3?woman:man}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. When you were named squire to a noble at court, you practiced long hours with weapons, learning how to deal out hard knocks and how to take them, too. You were instructed in your obligations to your lord, and of your duties to those who might one day be your vassals. But in addition to learning the chivalric ideal, you also learned about the less uplifting side -- old warriors' stories of ruthless power politics, of betrayals and usurpations, of men who used guile as well as valor to achieve their aims.
qstr_Though_the_distinctio|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {s13}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. You joined the tightly-knit circle of women at court, ladies who all did proper ladylike things, the wives and mistresses of noble men as well as maidens who had yet to find a husband. However, even here you found politics at work as the ladies schemed for prominence and fought each other bitterly to catch the eye of whatever unmarried man was in fashion at court. You soon learned ways of turning these situations and goings-on to your advantage. With it came the realisation that you yourself could wield great influence in the world, if only you applied yourself with a little bit of subtlety.
qstr_Though_the_distinction|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {s13}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. You set out on your own with nothing except the instrument slung over your back and your own voice. It was a poor existence, with many a hungry night when people failed to appreciate your play, but you managed to survive on your music alone. As the years went by you became adept at playing the drunken crowds in your taverns, and even better at talking anyone out of anything you wanted.
qstr_Though_the_distinction_|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {reg3?woman:man}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. You found yourself as a student in the university of one of the great cities, where you studied theology, philosophy, and medicine. But not all your lessons were learned in the lecture halls. You may or may not have joined in with your fellows as they roamed the alleys in search of wine, women, and a good fight. However, you certainly were able to observe how a broken jaw is set, or how an angry townsman can be persuaded to set down his club and accept cash compensation for the destruction of his shop.
qstr_Though_the_distinction_f|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {s13}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. Heeding the call of the open road, you travelled from village to village buying and selling what you could. It was not a rich existence, but you became a master at haggling even the most miserly elders into giving you a good price. Soon, you knew, you would be well-placed to start your own trading empire...
qstr_Though_the_distinction_fe|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {s13}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. You pursued a career as a smith, crafting items of function and beauty out of simple metal. As time wore on you became a master of your trade, and fine work started to fetch fine prices. With food in your belly and logs on your fire, you could take pride in your work and your growing reputation.
qstr_Though_the_distinction_fel|Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you had become a {s13}, and the whole world seemed to change around you. Dissatisfied with common men's desperate scrabble for coin, you took to your local lord's own forests and decided to help yourself to its bounty, laws be damned. You hunted stags, boars and geese and sold the precious meat under the table. You cut down trees right under the watchmen's noses and turned them into firewood that warmed many freezing homes during winter. All for a few silvers, of course.
qstr_Only_you_know_exactl|Only you know exactly what caused you to give up your old life and become an adventurer. Still, it was not a difficult choice to leave, with the rage burning brightly in your heart. You want vengeance. You want justice. What was done to you cannot be undone, and these debts can only be paid in blood...
qstr_Only_you_know_exactly|Only you know exactly what caused you to give up your old life and become an adventurer. All you can say is that you couldn't bear to stay, not with the memories of those you loved so close and so painful. Perhaps your new life will let you forget, or honour the name that you can no longer bear to speak...
qstr_Only_you_know_exactly_|Only you know exactly what caused you to give up your old life and become an adventurer. You're not even sure when your home became a prison, when the familiar became mundane, but your dreams of wandering have taken over your life. Whether you yearn for some faraway place or merely for the open road and the freedom to travel, you could no longer bear to stay in the same place. You simply went and never looked back...
qstr_Only_you_know_exactly_w|Only you know exactly what caused you to give up your old life and become an adventurer. However, you know you cannot go back. There's nothing to go back to. Whatever home you may have had is gone now, and you must face the fact that you're out in the wide wide world. Alone to sink or swim...
qstr_Only_you_know_exactly_wh|Only you know exactly what caused you to give up your old life and become an adventurer. To everyone else, it's clear that you're now motivated solely by personal gain. You want to be rich, powerful, respected, feared. You want to be the one whom others hurry to obey. You want people to know your name, and tremble whenever it is spoken. You want everything, and you won't let anyone stop you from having it...
qstr_Back_to_the_beginnin|Back to the beginning...
qstr_View_next_segment...|View next segment...
qstr___| -
qstr__+| +
qstr_^No_food:___{reg7}|^No food:  -{reg7}
qstr_^Wage_debt:___{reg6}|^Wage debt:  -{reg6}
qstr_Current_party_morale|Current party morale is {reg5}.^Current party morale modifiers are:^^Base morale:  +50^Party size: {s2}{reg1}^Leadership: {s3}{reg2}^Food variety: {s4}{reg3}{s5}{s6}^Recent events: {s7}{reg4}^TOTAL:  {reg5}
qstr_Gathering_army|Gathering army
qstr_Besieging_{s11}|Besieging {s11}
qstr_Raiding_{s11}|Raiding {s11}
qstr_Attacking_enemies_ar|Attacking enemies around {s11}
qstr_No_one|No one
qstr_{s9}{s10}^Current_st|{s9}{s10}^Current state: {s11}^Marshall: {s12}^Since the last offensive: {reg1} hours^Offensive maximum followers: {reg2}^^
qstr_Selected_faction_is:|Selected faction is: {s10}^^{s9}
qstr_You_are_currently_re|You are currently reading {s8}.
qstr_You_are_not_reading_|You are not reading any books.
qstr_{s5}_and_{s6}|{s5} and {s6}
qstr_{s5}_{s6}|{s5}, {s6}
qstr_Renown:_{reg2}.^Hono|Renown: {reg2}.^Honour rating: {reg3}.^Friends: {s8}.^Enemies: {s6}.^{s9}
qstr_Your_estates_are:_{s|Your estates are: {s8}.^{s9}
qstr_You_are_a_lord_of_{s|You are a lord of {s8}.^{s9}
qstr_Current_party_size_l|Current party size limit is {reg5}.^Current party size modifiers are:^^Base size:  +10^Leadership: {s2}{reg1}^Charisma: {s3}{reg2}^Renown: {s4}{reg3}^TOTAL:  {reg5}
qstr_{s2}^{s4}:_{reg1}__{|{s2}^{s4}: {reg1} ({s3})
qstr_Your_relation_with_t|Your relation with the factions are:^{s2}
qstr_Player_renown_is_inc|Player renown is increased by 100.
qstr_{reg1}_{s1}_{reg2?ac|{reg1} {s1} {reg2?accept:accepts} the offer.
qstr_No_one_accepts_the_o|No one accepts the offer.
qstr_You_start_reading_{s|You start reading {s2}. After a few pages, you feel you could learn a lot from this book. You decide to keep it close by and read whenever you have the time.
qstr_You_flip_through_the|You flip through the pages of {s2}, but you find the text confusing and difficult to follow. Try as you might, it soon gives you a headache, and you're forced to give up the attempt.
qstr_You_paid_{reg3}_of_y|You paid {reg3} of your {reg4} denars to your men. You have {reg5} denars left.
qstr_Your_debt_to_your_me|Your debt to your men amounted to {reg3} denars, however you only had {reg4}. Unpaid sum of {reg5} denars is added as debt. Your party loses morale.
qstr_This_week_s_wages:_{|This week's wages: {reg6} denars^Earlier debts: {reg2} denars^Total payment: {reg3} denars^Current wealth: {reg4} denars^^{s1}
qstr_You_have_encountered|You have encountered {s1}.
qstr_You_have_engaged_{s1|You have engaged {s1} while they were raiding {s3}.
qstr_You_were_caught_by_{|You were caught by {s1} while your forces were raiding {s3}.
qstr_You_were_victorious!|You were victorious!
qstr_Battle_was_lost._You|Battle was lost. Your forces were utterly crushed.
qstr_Your_companions_carr|Your companions carry you away from the fighting.
qstr_You_have_defeated_th|You have defeated the enemy.
qstr_You_have_retreated_f|You have retreated from the fight.
qstr_^^Ally_Casualties:{s|^^Ally Casualties:{s0}
qstr_{s1}_of_{s3}_managed|{s1} of {s3} managed to escape.
qstr_Enemy_starting_stren|Enemy starting strength: {reg7}
qstr_Victory_comment._Pla|Victory comment. Player was alone
qstr_Ordinary_victory_com|Ordinary victory comment. The player provided at least 40 percent forces.
qstr_Player_participation|Player participation comment. The enemy had at least 1k starting strength.
qstr_No_victory_comment._|No victory comment. The battle was small, and the player provided less than 40 percent of allied strength
qstr_Some_of_your_tendons|Some of your tendons have been damaged in the battle. You lose 1 strength.
qstr_You_took_a_nasty_wou|You took a nasty wound which will cause you to limp slightly even after it heals. Your lose 1 agility.
qstr_You_have_trouble_thi|You have trouble thinking straight after the battle, perhaps from a particularly hard hit to your head, and frequent headaches now plague your existence. Your intelligence is reduced by 1.
qstr_Perhaps_I_m_getting_|Perhaps I'm getting unlucky...
qstr_Retirement_is_starti|Retirement is starting to sound better and better.
qstr_No_matter!_I_will_pe|No matter! I will persevere!
qstr_What_did_I_do_to_des|What did I do to deserve this?
qstr_I_suppose_it_ll_make|I suppose it'll make for a good story, at least...
qstr_Player_retreats_from|Player retreats from battle
qstr_{s9}_wants_you_to_fo|{s9} wants you to follow his army until further notice.
qstr_{s8}_of_{s9}|{s8} of {s9}
qstr__Your_own_banner_fli| Your own banner flies over the castle gate.
qstr__You_see_the_banner_| You see the banner of {s7} over the castle gate.
qstr__This_castle_seems_t| This castle seems to belong to no one.
qstr__Your_own_banner_flie| Your own banner flies over the town gates.
qstr__You_see_the_banner_o| You see the banner of {s7} over the town gates.
qstr__The_townsfolk_here_| The townsfolk here have declared their independence.
qstr_The_{reg6?town_s:cas|The {reg6?town's:castle's} food stores should last for {reg3} more days.
qstr_The_{reg6?town_s:cast|The {reg6?town's:castle's} food stores have run out and the defenders are starving.
qstr_You_re_preparing_to_|You're preparing to attack the walls, the work should finish in {reg9} hours.
qstr_Your_forces_are_buil|Your forces are building a siege tower. They estimate another {reg9} hours to complete the build.
qstr_You_are_ready_to_att|You are ready to attack the walls at any time.
qstr_The_siege_tower_is_b|The siege tower is built and ready to make an assault.
qstr_As_a_last_defensive_|As a last defensive effort, you retreat to the main hall of the keep. You and your remaining soldiers will put up a desperate fight here. If you are defeated, there's no other place to fall back to.
qstr_You_ve_been_driven_a|You've been driven away from the walls. Now the attackers are pouring into the streets. IF you can defeat them, you can perhaps turn the tide and save the day.
qstr_You_ve_breached_the_|You've breached the town walls, but the stubborn defenders continue to resist you in the streets! You'll have to deal with them before you can attack the keep at the heart of the town.
qstr_The_town_centre_is_y|The town centre is yours, but the remaining defenders have retreated to the castle. It must fall before you can complete your victory.
qstr_The_remaining_defend|The remaining defenders have retreated to the castle as a last defense. You must go in and crush any remaining resistance.
qstr_However_since_you_ar|However, since you are not a sworn {man/follower} of {s9}, there is no chance he would recognize you as the {lord/lady} of this {reg8?town:castle}.
qstr_The_enemy_has_been_f|The enemy has been forced to retreat. The assault is over, but the siege continues.
qstr__This_village_and_th| This village and the surrounding lands belong to you.
qstr__You_remember_that_t| You remember that this village and the surrounding lands belong to {s7}.
qstr__These_lands_belong_| These lands belong to no one.
qstr__{s3}__{reg9}_.| {s3} ({reg9}).
qstr__The_village_is_infe| The village is infested by {reg8} {s35}.
qstr__The_village_has_bee| The village has been looted. A handful of souls scatter as you pass through the burnt out houses.
qstr__The_village_is_bein| The village is being raided.
qstr_No_one_here_seems_to|No one here seems to be willing to join your party.
qstr_One_{s3}_volunteers_|One {s3} volunteers to follow you.
qstr_{reg5}_{s3}_voluntee|{reg5} {s3} volunteer to follow you.
qstr_Try_as_you_might_you|Try as you might, you could not defeat the bandits. Infuriated, they raze the village to the ground to punish the peasants, and then leave the burning wasteland behind to find greener pastures to plunder.
qstr_{s18}_{s0}|{s18}, {s0}
qstr_The_{s17}_has_no_imp|The {s17} has no improvements.
qstr_The_{s17}_has_the_fo|The {s17} has the following improvements:{s18}.
qstr_The_assasins_beat_yo|The assasins beat you down and leave you for dead. .
qstr_You_have_fallen._The|You have fallen. The bandits quickly search your body for every coin they can find, then vanish into the night. They have left you alive, if only barely.
qstr_Luckily_some_of_your|Luckily some of your companions come to search for you when you do not return, and find you lying by the side of the road. They hurry you to safety and dress your wounds.
qstr_Luckily_some_passing|Luckily some passing townspeople find you lying by the side of the road, and recognise you as something other than a simple beggar. They carry you to the nearest inn and dress your wounds.
qstr_You_fail_to_steal_an|You fail to steal any cattle.
qstr_You_drive_away_{reg1|You drive away {reg17} {reg12?heads:head} of cattle from the village's herd.
qstr_You_are_at_{s2}.|You are at {s2}.
qstr__You_have_successful| You have successfully sneaked in.
qstr_{s13}_A_tournament_w|{s13} A tournament will be held here soon.
qstr___{reg1}_denars_per_| ({reg1} denars per night)
qstr_Moreover_you_earn_{r|Moreover, you earn {reg8} denars from the clever bets you placed on yourself...
qstr_Victory_is_yours!_Yo|Victory is yours! You have won this melee, but now you must prepare yourself for the next round.
qstr_You_have_been_bested|You have been bested in this melee, but the master of ceremonies declares a recognition of your skill and bravery, allowing you to take part in the next round.
qstr_You_were_beaten._The|You were beaten. The peasants are heartened by their success, but the lesson you wanted to teach them probably didn't get through...
qstr_After_beating_your_l|After beating your last opponent, you explain to the peasants how to better defend themselves against such an attack. Hopefully they'll take the experience on board and will be prepared next time.
qstr_The_bandits_are_brok|The bandits are broken! Those few who remain alive and conscious run off with their tails between their legs, terrified of the peasants and their new champion.
qstr_{s1}_s_Ship|{s1}'s Ship
qstr_^{s3}_=_{reg1}{s1}|^{s3} = {reg1}{s1}
qstr_^{s3}_=_{reg1}{s2}|^{s3} = {reg1}{s2}
qstr_However_{reg3?You_ar|However, {reg3?You are:{s1} is} unable to find any trade goods that would bring a profit.
qstr_^Buying_{s4}_here_an|^Buying {s4} here and selling it at {s5} would bring a profit of {reg6} denars per item.{s3}
qstr_{reg3?You_find:{s1}_|{reg3?You find:{s1} finds} out the following:^{s3}
qstr_{s2}^{reg1}_{s1}_ear|{s2}^{reg1} {s1} earned {reg0} experience.
qstr_{s2}^{s1}_earned_an_|{s2}^{s1} earned an additional {reg0} experience.
qstr_^You_earned_{reg0}_e|^You earned {reg0} experience.{s2}
qstr_The_training_didn_t_|The training didn't go well at all.
qstr_The_training_didn_t_g|The training didn't go very well.
qstr_The_training_went_qu|The training went quite well.
qstr_The_training_went_ve|The training went very well.
qstr_The_training_went_pe|The training went perfectly.
qstr_{s13}_asked_you_to_r|{s13} asked you to report to him with at least {reg13} troops.
qstr_{s13}_ordered_you_to|{s13} ordered you to join the assault against {s14}.
qstr_Find_and_speak_with_|Find and speak with {s3} of {s4} to give him your oath of homage.
qstr_Breaking_camp...|Breaking camp...
qstr_Current_wealth:_{reg|Current wealth: {reg1}
qstr_Your_party_is_spotte|Your party is spotted by {s1}.
qstr_Party_has_nothing_to|Party has nothing to eat!
qstr_{reg1}_{s1}_{reg2?ha|{reg1} {s1} {reg2?have:has} escaped from your party during the night.
qstr_{s1}_of_{s3}_has_bee|{s1} of {s3} has been released from captivity.
qstr_Building_of_{s0}_in_|Building of {s0} in {s4} has been completed.
qstr_{s1}_has_won_the_tou|{s1} has won the tournament at {s2}.
qstr_{s1}_is_infested_by_b|{s1} is infested by bandits (at night).
qstr_{s1}_is_no_longer_in|{s1} is no longer infested by bandits (at night).
qstr_{s1}_is_holding_a_to|{s1} is holding a tournament.
qstr_You_pay_for_accommod|You pay for accommodation.
qstr__Your_tactics_skill_| Your tactics skill has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_persuasion_ski| Your persuasion skill has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_leadership_ski| Your leadership skill has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_intelligence_h| Your intelligence has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_trade_skill_ha| Your trade skill has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_weapon_master_| Your weapon master skill has increased by 1.
qstr__Your_engineer_skill| Your engineer skill has increased by 1.
qstr_You_have_finished_re|You have finished reading {s1}.{s2}
qstr_Book_Read|Book Read
qstr_You_must_follow_{s1}|You must follow {s1}!
qstr_You_must_follow_{s1}!|You must follow {s1}! This is your last warning!
qstr_{s1}_is_scouted.|{s1} is scouted.
qstr_{s1}_has_switched_fr|{s1} has switched from {s2} to {s3}.
qstr_{reg65?my_Lady:my_Lo|{reg65?my Lady:my Lord}
qstr_{reg65?My_Lady:My_Lo|{reg65?My Lady:My Lord}
qstr_It_s_your_money_or_y|It's your money or your life, {mate/girlie}. No sudden moves or we'll run you through.
qstr_Lucky_for_you_you_ca|Lucky for you, you caught me in a good mood. Give us all your coin and I might just let you live.
qstr_This_a_robbery_eh?_I|This a robbery, eh? I givin' you one chance to hand over everythin' you got, or me and my mates'll kill you. Understand?
qstr_we_have_made_very_li|we have made very little progress so far
qstr_we_have_suceeded_in_|we have suceeded in gaining some ground, but we still have a long way to go
qstr_we_have_become_a_sig|we have become a significant force, and we have an even chance of victory
qstr_we_are_winning_the_w|we are winning the war, but our enemies are still holding on.
qstr_we_are_on_the_verge_|we are on the verge of victory. The remaining enemies pose no threat, but we still need to hunt them down.
qstr__no_fiefs_|(no fiefs)
qstr__fiefs:_{s0}_|(fiefs: {s0})
qstr_{playername}_when_we|{playername}, when we started our long walk, few people had the courage to support me. And fewer still would be willing to put their lives at risk for my cause. But you didn't hesitate for a moment in throwing yourself at my enemies. We have gone through a lot together, and there were times I came close to losing all hope. But with God's help, we prevailed. It is now time for me to leave your company and take what's rightfully mine. From now on, I will carry out the great responsibility of ruling {s3}. There still lie many challanges ahead and I count on your help in overcoming those. And of course, you will always remain as my foremost vassal.
qstr_{s6}_has_joined_your_|{s6} has joined your party.
qstr_I_am_{s4}_the_ruler_|I am {s4}, the ruler of {s6}
qstr_I_am_{s4}_a_vassal_o|I am {s4}, a vassal of {s6}
qstr_{s9}{reg5?_and_the_l|{s9}{reg5? and the lord of {s8}.:.
qstr_Your_mission_is_comp|Your mission is complete, {s9} wants you to resume following his army until further notice.
qstr_{s13}_asked_you_to_g|{s13} asked you to gather {reg3} heads of cattle and deliver them back to him.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_sc|{s9} asked you to scout {s13}, {s14} and {s15}, then report back.
qstr_{s16}_and_{s17}|{s16} and {s17}
qstr_{s16}_{s17}|{s16}, {s17}
qstr_Very_well_I_will_acc|Very well, I will accept you back into my ranks, if you're ready to swear your solemn oath once more.
qstr_A_pardon_will_only_b|A pardon will only be possible if you are willing to cede {s17} to me. Do you agree my terms?
qstr_No._There_is_no_chan|No. There is no chance of peace between us, I am not interested.
qstr_We_are_not_at_war_wi|We are not at war with anyone.
qstr_We_are_at_war_with_{|We are at war with {s12}.
qstr_Prior_argument_effec|Prior argument effect: {reg6}, rebellion chance: {reg7}
qstr_Rebellion_chance__30|Rebellion chance -30 from rival = {reg7}
qstr_Consistency_check:_{|Consistency check: {reg10}/{reg11}
qstr_Current_argument_eff|Current argument effect: {reg6}, rebellion chance: {reg7}
qstr_Persuasion_effect:_{|Persuasion effect: {reg6}, rebellion chance: {reg7}
qstr_Personal_relation_ef|Personal relation effect: {reg6}, rebellion chance: {reg7}
qstr_Rebellion_check:_{re|Rebellion check: {reg6}
qstr_You_promised_to_help|You promised to help {s13} claim the throne of {s14}.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_ta|{s9} asked you to take a message to {s13}. {s13} was believed to be at {s4} when you were given this quest.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_tak|{s9} asked you to take a message to {s13} of {s15}. {s13} was believed to be at {s4} when you were given this quest.
qstr_{s11}_asked_you_to_e|{s11} asked you to escort his {s17} {s13} to {s14}.
qstr_{s13}_asked_you_to_d|{s13} asked you to deal with the bandits who are occupying the village of {s15} and then report back to him.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_ra|{s9} asked you to raise {reg1} {s14} and bring them to him.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_co|{s9} asked you to collect taxes from {s3}. He offered to leave you one-fifth of all the money you collect there.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_hu|{s9} asked you to hunt down a fugitive named {s4}. He is currently believed to be at {s3}.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_as|{s9} asked you to assassinate a local merchant at {s3}.
qstr_{s9}_has_asked_you_t|{s9} has asked you to meet with a spy in {s13}.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_ca|{s9} asked you to capture and loot {reg13} caravans so as to provoke a war with {s13}.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_cat|{s9} asked you to catch the three groups of runaway serfs and bring them back to {s4}, alive and breathing. He said that all three groups are heading towards {s3}.
qstr_{s11}_asked_you_to_f|{s11} asked you to follow the spy that will leave {s12}. Be careful not to let the spy see you on the way, or he may get suspicious and turn back. Once the spy meets with his accomplice, you are to capture them and bring them back to {s11}.
qstr_{s11}_asked_you_to_c|{s11} asked you to capture a lord from {s13}, any lord, and then drag your victim back to {s11} for safekeeping.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_le|{s9} asked you to lend your companion {s3} to him for a week.
qstr_{s9}_asked_you_to_col|{s9} asked you to collect the debt of {reg4} denars {s3} owes to him. {s3} was at {s4} when you were given this quest.
qstr_{s11}_gave_you_a_fak|{s11} gave you a fake letter to fool {s13} into banishing his vassal {s16}. You are to go near {s14}, give the letter to one of your {s15} and send him into the town as a messenger, believing his orders to be genuine.
qstr_{s9}_has_requested_y|{s9} has requested you to bring him {reg1} {s3} as prisoners.
qstr_Lend_your_experience|Lend your experienced surgeon {s3} to {s1}.
qstr_Then_take_it_with_my|Then take it, with my eternal thanks. You are a noble {man/woman}. I will never forget that you helped me in my time of need.
qstr_Forgive_me_{playerna|Forgive me, {playername}, but I must insist you accept it. The money means little to me, and I owe you so much. Here, take it, and let us speak no more of this.
qstr_{playername}_what_a_|{playername}, what a dear {man/woman} you are, but I will not allow you to refuse this. I owe you far more than I can say, and I am sure you can put this money to far better use than I.
qstr_{s11}_asked_you_to_r|{s11} asked you to rescue her {s17}, {s13}, from {s14} by switching clothes and taking his place in prison.
qstr_{s11}_asked_you_to_d|{s11} asked you to deliver a message to {s13}, who is imprisoned at {s14}.
qstr_You_agreed_to_challe|You agreed to challenge {s13} to defend {s11}'s honour.
qstr_{s5}__Persuasion_str|{s5} (Persuasion strength: {reg5})
qstr_Persuasion_Attempt|Persuasion Attempt
qstr_A_villager_from_{s7}|A villager from {s7} begged you to save their village from the bandits that took refuge there.
qstr_You_chose_well_{sir/|You chose well, {sir/madam}. My lads know how to keep their word and earn their pay.
qstr_Well_done_{sir/madam|Well done, {sir/madam}. Keep the money and wine coming our way, and there's no foe in Calradia you need fear.
qstr_We_are_at_your_servi|We are at your service, {sir/madam}. Point us in the direction of those who need hurting, and we'll do the rest.
qstr_You_will_not_be_diss|You will not be dissapointed {sir/madam}. You will not find better warriors in all Calradia.
qstr_The_Guildmaster_of_{|The Guildmaster of {s13} has asked you to deal with looters in the surrounding countryside.
qstr_{s9}_of_{s3}_asked_y|{s9} of {s3} asked you to deliver {reg5} units of {s6} to the tavern in {s4} in 7 days.
qstr_Escort_the_merchant_|Escort the merchant caravan to the town of {s8}.
qstr_Merchant_{s9}_of_{s4|Merchant {s9} of {s4} asked you to hunt down the troublesome bandits in the vicinity of the town.
qstr_Guildmaster_of_{s4}_|Guildmaster of {s4} gave you {reg12} denars to pay the ransom of a girl kidnapped by bandits. You are to meet the bandits near {s3} and pay them the ransom fee. After that you are to bring the girl back to {s4}.
qstr_Guildmaster_of_{s4}_p|Guildmaster of {s4} promised you {reg12} denars if you can make sure that {s12} and {s13} no longer pose a threat to a peace settlement between {s15} and {s14}. In order to do that, you must either convince them or make sure they fall captive and remain so until a peace agreement is made.
qstr_The_Guildmaster_of_{s|The Guildmaster of {s14} has asked you to deal with a group of bandits terrorising the streets of {s14}. They only come out at night, and only attack lone travellers on the streets.
qstr_Guildmaster_of_{s10}|Guildmaster of {s10} asked you to move a cattle herd to {s13}. You will earn {reg8} denars in return.
qstr_He_is_not_commanding|He is not commanding any men at the moment.
qstr_He_currently_command|He currently commands {reg0} men{reg1?, of which around {reg1} are wounded:}.
qstr_The_elder_of_the_vil|The elder of the village of {s3} asked you to bring them {reg5} packs of wheat.
qstr_The_elder_of_the_vill|The elder of the village of {s13} asked you to train {reg5} peasants to fight against local bandits.
qstr_The_elder_of_the_villa|The elder of the village of {s3} asked you to bring them {reg5} heads of cattle.
qstr_{s16}_and_{s15}|{s16} and {s15}
qstr_{s16}_{s15}|{s16}, {s15}
qstr_I_can_smell_a_fat_pu|I can smell a fat purse a mile away. Methinks yours could do with some lightening, eh?
qstr_Why_it_be_another_tr|Why, it be another traveller, chance met upon the road! I should warn you, country here's a mite dangerous for a good {fellow/woman} like you. But for a small donation my boys and I'll make sure you get rightways to your destination, eh?
qstr_Well_well_look_at_th|Well well, look at this! You'd best start coughing up some silver, friend, or me and my boys'll have to break you.
qstr_There_s_a_toll_for_p|There's a toll for passin' through this land, payable to us, so if you don't mind we'll just be collectin' our due from your purse...
qstr_Another_fool_come_to|Another fool come to throw {him/her}self on my weapon, eh? Fine, let's fight!
qstr_We_re_not_afraid_of_|We're not afraid of you, {sirrah/wench}. Time to bust some heads!
qstr_That_was_a_mistake._|That was a mistake. Now I'm going to have to make your death long and painful.
qstr_Brave_words._Let_s_s|Brave words. Let's see you back them up with deeds, cur!
qstr_A_{s5}?_Well..._Yes_|A {s5}? Well... Yes, I suppose it is. What a strange thing to ask.
qstr_Eh?_No_it_most_certa|Eh? No, it most certainly is not a {s5}. I'd start questioning my eyesight if I were you.
qstr_This_is_the_{reg4?to|This is the {reg4?town:village} of {s5}, {sir/madam}.
qstr_{s6}_Our_{reg4?town:|{s6} Our {reg4?town:village} and the surrounding lands belong to you of course, my {lord/lady}.
qstr_{s6}_Our_{reg4?town:v|{s6} Our {reg4?town:village} and the surrounding lands belong to {s7} of {s8}.
qstr_{s3}_and_{s5}|{s3} and {s5}
qstr_{s3}_{s5}|{s3}, {s5}
qstr_{reg20?We_mostly_pro|{reg20?We mostly produce {s5} here:We don't produce much here these days}. If you would like to learn more, you can speak with our {reg4?guildmaster:village elder}. He is nearby, right over there.