skl_trade_desc|Every level of this skill reduces your trade penalty by 5%%. (Party skill)
skl_leadership_desc|Every point increases maximum number of troops you can command by 5, increases your party morale and reduces troop wages by 5%%. (Leader skill)
skl_prisoner_management|Prisoner Management
skl_prisoner_management_desc|Every level of this skill increases maximum number of prisoners by %d. (Leader skill)
skl_reserved_1|Reserved Skill 1
skl_reserved_1_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_2|Reserved Skill 2
skl_reserved_2_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_3|Reserved Skill 3
skl_reserved_3_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_4|Reserved Skill 4
skl_reserved_4_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_persuasion_desc|This skill helps you make other people accept your point of view. (Personal skill)
skl_engineer_desc|This skill allows you to construct siege equipment and fief improvements more efficiently. (Party skill)
skl_first_aid|First Aid
skl_first_aid_desc|Heroes regain 5%% per skill level of hit-points lost during mission. (Party skill)
skl_surgery_desc|Each point to this skill gives a 4%% chance that a mortally struck party member will be wounded rather than killed. (Party skill)
skl_wound_treatment|Wound Treatment
skl_wound_treatment_desc|Party healing speed is increased by 20%% per level of this skill. (Party skill)
skl_inventory_management|Inventory Management
skl_inventory_management_desc|Increases inventory capacity by +6 per skill level. (Leader skill)
skl_spotting_desc|Party seeing range is increased by 10%% per skill level. (Party skill)
skl_pathfinding_desc|Party map speed is increased by 3%% per skill level. (Party skill)
skl_tactics_desc|Every two levels of this skill increases starting battle advantage by 1. (Party skill)
skl_tracking_desc|Tracks become more informative. (Party skill)
skl_trainer_desc|Every day, each hero with this skill adds some experience to every other member of the party whose level is lower than his/hers. Experience gained goes as: {0,4,10,16,23,30,38,46,55,65,80}. (Personal skill)
skl_reserved_5|Reserved Skill 5
skl_reserved_5_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_6|Reserved Skill 6
skl_reserved_6_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_7|Reserved Skill 7
skl_reserved_7_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_8|Reserved Skill 8
skl_reserved_8_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_looting_desc|This skill increases the amount of loot obtained by 10%% per skill level. (Party skill)
skl_horse_archery|Horse Archery
skl_horse_archery_desc|Reduces damage and accuracy penalties for archery and throwing from horseback. (Personal skill)
skl_riding_desc|Enables you to ride horses of higher difficulty levels and increases your riding speed and manuever. (Personal skill)
skl_athletics_desc|Improves your running speed. (Personal skill)
skl_shield_desc|Reduces damage to shields (by 8%% per skill level) and improves shield speed and coverage. (Personal skill)
skl_weapon_master|Weapon Master
skl_weapon_master_desc|Makes it easier to learn weapon proficiencies and increases the proficiency limits. Limits go as: 60, 100, 140, 180, 220, 260, 300, 340, 380, 420. (Personal skill)
skl_reserved_9|Reserved Skill 9
skl_reserved_9_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_10|Reserved Skill 10
skl_reserved_10_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_11|Reserved Skill 11
skl_reserved_11_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_12|Reserved Skill 12
skl_reserved_12_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_13|Reserved Skill 13
skl_reserved_13_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_power_draw|Power Draw
skl_power_draw_desc|Lets character use more powerful bows. Each point to this skill (up to four plus power-draw requirement of the bow) increases bow damage by 14%%. (Personal skill)
skl_power_throw|Power Throw
skl_power_throw_desc|Each point to this skill increases throwing damage by 10%%. (Personal skill)
skl_power_strike|Power Strike
skl_power_strike_desc|Each point to this skill increases melee damage by 8%%. (Personal skill)
skl_ironflesh_desc|Each point to this skill increases hit points by +2. (Personal skill)
skl_reserved_14|Reserved Skill 14
skl_reserved_14_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_15|Reserved Skill 15
skl_reserved_15_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_16|Reserved Skill 16
skl_reserved_16_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_17|Reserved Skill 17
skl_reserved_17_desc|This is a reserved skill.
skl_reserved_18|Reserved Skill 18
skl_reserved_18_desc|This is a reserved skill.