str_no_string|NO STRING!
str_noone|no one
str_blank_s1| {s1}
str_s50_comma_s51|{s50}, {s51}
str_s50_and_s51|{s50} and {s51}
str_s5_s_party|{s5}'s Party
str_given_by_s1_at_s2|Given by {s1} at {s2}
str_given_by_s1_in_wilderness|Given by {s1} whilst in the field
str_s7_raiders|{s7} Raiders
str_bandits_eliminated_by_another|The troublesome bandits have been eliminated by another party.
str_msg_battle_won|Battle won! Press tab key to leave...
str_tutorial_map1|You are now viewing the overland map. Left-click on the map to move your party to that location, enter the selected town, or pursue the selected party. Time will pause on the overland map if your party is not moving, waiting or resting. To wait anywhere simply press and hold down the space bar.
str_change_color_1|Change Color 1
str_change_color_2|Change Color 2
str_change_background|Change Background Pattern
str_change_flag_type|Change Flag Type
str_change_map_flag_type|Change Map Flag Type
str_sample_banner|Sample banner:
str_sample_map_banner|Sample map banner:
str_number_of_charges|Number of charges:
str_change_charge_1|Change Charge 1
str_change_charge_1_color|Change Charge 1 Color
str_change_charge_2|Change Charge 2
str_change_charge_2_color|Change Charge 2 Color
str_change_charge_3|Change Charge 3
str_change_charge_3_color|Change Charge 3 Color
str_change_charge_4|Change Charge 4
str_change_charge_4_color|Change Charge 4 Color
str_change_charge_position|Change Charge Position
str_choose_position|Choose position:
str_choose_charge|Choose a charge:
str_choose_background|Choose background pattern:
str_choose_flag_type|Choose flag type:
str_choose_map_flag_type|Choose map flag type:
str_choose_color|Choose color:
str_charge_no_1|Charge #1:
str_charge_no_2|Charge #2:
str_charge_no_3|Charge #3:
str_charge_no_4|Charge #4:
str_color_no_1|Color #1:
str_color_no_2|Color #2:
str_flip_horizontal|Flip Horizontal
str_flip_vertical|Flip Vertical
str_tutorial_ammo_refilled|Ammo refilled.
str_tutorial_failed|You have been beaten this time, but don't worry. Follow the instructions carefully and you'll do better next time. Press the Tab key to return to to the menu where you can retry this tutorial.
str_tutorial_1_msg_1|In this tutorial you will learn the basics of movement and combat. In Mount&Blade you use the mouse to control where you are looking, and the WASD keys of your keyboard to move. Your first task in the training is to locate the yellow flag in the room and move over it. You can press the Tab key at any time to quit this tutorial or to exit any other area in the game. Go to the yellow flag now.
str_tutorial_1_msg_2|Well done. Next we will cover attacking with weapons. For the purposes of this tutorial you have been equipped with bow and arrows, a sword and a shield. You can draw different weapons from your weapon slots by using the scroll wheel of your mouse. In the default configuration, scrolling up pulls out your next weapon, and scrolling down pulls out your shield. If you are already holding a shield, scrolling down will put your shield away instead. Try changing your wielded equipment with the scroll wheel now. When you are ready, go to the yellow flag to move on to your next task.
str_tutorial_1_msg_3|Excellent. The next part of this tutorial covers attacking with melee weapons. You attack with your currently wielded weapon by using your left mouse button. Press and hold the button to ready an attack, then release the button to strike. If you hold down the left mouse button for a while before releasing, your attack will be more powerful. Now draw your sword and destroy the four dummies in the room.
str_tutorial_1_msg_4|Nice work! You've destroyed all four dummies. You can now move on to the next room.
str_tutorial_1_msg_5|As you see, there is an archery target on the far side of the room. Your next task is to use your bow to put three arrows into that target. Press and hold down the left mouse button to notch an arrow. You can then fire the arrow by releasing the left mouse button. Note the targeting reticule in the centre of your screen, which shows you the accuracy of your shot. In order to achieve optimal accuracy, let fly your arrow when the reticule is at its smallest. Try to shoot the target now.
str_tutorial_1_msg_6|Well done! You've learned the basics of moving and attacking. With a little bit of practice you will soon master them. In the second tutorial you can learn more advanced combat skills and face armed opponents. You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu.
str_tutorial_2_msg_1|This tutorial will teach you how to defend yourself with a shield and how to battle armed opponents. For the moment you are armed with nothing but a shield. Your task is not to attack, but to successfully protect yourself from harm with your shield. There is an armed opponent waiting for you in the next room. He will try his best to knock you unconscious, while you must protect yourself with your shield by pressing and holding the right mouse button. Go into the next room now to face your opponent. Remember that you can press the Tab key at any time to quit this tutorial or to exit any other area in the game.
str_tutorial_2_msg_2|Press and hold down the right mouse button to raise your shield. Try to remain standing for thirty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go.
str_tutorial_2_msg_3|Well done, you've succeeded in defending against an armed opponent. The next phase of this tutorial will pit you and your shield against a force of enemy archers. Move on to the next room when you're ready to face the archers.
str_tutorial_2_msg_4|Defend yourself from arrows by raising your shield with the right mouse button. Try to remain standing for thirty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go.
str_tutorial_2_msg_5|Excellent, you've put up a succesful defence against archers. There is a reward waiting for you in the next room.
str_tutorial_2_msg_6|In the default configuration, the F key on your keyboard is used for non-violent interaction with objects and humans in the gameworld. To pick up the sword on the altar, look at it and press F when you see the word 'Equip'.
str_tutorial_2_msg_7|A fine weapon! Now you can use it to deliver a bit of payback. Go back through the door and dispose of the archers you faced earlier.
str_tutorial_2_msg_8|Very good. Your last task before finishing this tutorial is to face the swordsman. Go through the door now and show him your steel!
str_tutorial_2_msg_9|Congratulations! You have now learned how to defend yourself with a shield and even had your first taste of combat with armed opponents. Give it a bit more practice and you'll soon be a renowned swordsman. The next tutorial covers directional defence, which is one of the most important elements of Mount&Blade combat. You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu.
str_tutorial_3_msg_1|This tutorial is intended to give you an overview of parrying and defence without a shield. Parrying attacks with your weapon is a little bit more difficult than blocking them with a shield. When you are defending with a weapon, you are only protected from one direction, the direction in which your weapon is set. If you are blocking upwards, you will parry any overhead swings coming against you, but you will not stop thrusts or attacks to your sides. Either of these attacks would still be able to hit you. That's why, in order to survive without a shield, you must learn directional defence. Go pick up up the quarterstaff now to begin practice.
str_tutorial_3_msg_2|By default, the direction in which you defend (by clicking and holding your right mouse button) is determined by the attack direction of your closest opponent. For example, if your opponent is readying a thrust attack, pressing and holding the right mouse button will parry thrust attacks, but not side or overhead attacks. You must watch your opponent carefully and only initiate your parry AFTER the enemy starts to attack. If you start BEFORE he readies an attack, you may parry the wrong way altogether! Now it's time for you to move on to the next room, where you'll have to defend yourself against an armed opponent. Your task is to defend yourself successfully for thirty seconds with no equipment other than a simple quarterstaff. Your quarterstaff's attacks are disabled for this tutorial, so don't worry about attacking and focus on your defence instead. Move on to the next room when you are ready to initiate the fight.
str_tutorial_3_msg_3|Press and hold down the right mouse button to defend yourself with your staff after your opponent starts his attack. Try to remain standing for thirty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go.
str_tutorial_3_msg_4|Well done, you've succeeded this trial! Now you will be pitted against a more challenging opponent that will make things more difficult for you. Move on to the next room when you're ready to face him.
str_tutorial_3_msg_5|Press and hold down the right mouse button to defend yourself with your staff after your opponent starts his attack. Try to remain standing for thirty seconds. You have {reg3} seconds to go.
str_tutorial_3_msg_6|Congratulations, you still stand despite the enemy's best efforts. The time has now come to attack as well as defend. Approach the door and press the F key when you see the word 'Go'.
str_tutorial_3_2_msg_1|Your staff's attacks have been enabled again. Your first opponent is waiting in the next room. Defeat him by a combination of attack and defence.
str_tutorial_3_2_msg_2|Defeat your opponent with your quarterstaff.
str_tutorial_3_2_msg_3|Excellent. Now the only thing standing in your way is one last opponent. He is in the next room. Move in and knock him down.
str_tutorial_3_2_msg_4|Defeat your opponent with your quarterstaff.
str_tutorial_3_2_msg_5|Well done! In this tutorial you have learned how to fight ably without a shield. Train hard and train well, and no one shall be able to lay a stroke on you. In the next tutorial you may learn horseback riding and cavalry combat. You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu.
str_tutorial_4_msg_1|Welcome to the fourth tutorial. In this sequence you'll learn about riding a horse and how to perform various martial exercises on horseback. We'll start by getting you mounted up. Approach the horse, and press the 'F' key when you see the word 'Mount'.
str_tutorial_4_msg_2|While on horseback, the WASD keys control your horse's movement, not your own. Ride your horse and try to follow the yellow flag around the course. When you reach the flag, it will move to the next waypoint on the course until you reach the finish.
str_tutorial_4_msg_3|Very good. Next we'll cover attacking enemies from horseback. Approach the yellow flag now.
str_tutorial_4_msg_4|Draw your sword (using the mouse wheel) and destroy the four targets. Try hitting the dummies as you pass them at full gallop -- this provides an extra challenge, but the additional speed added to your blow will allow you to do more damage. The easiest way of doing this is by pressing and holding the left mouse button until the right moment, releasing it just before you pass the target.
str_tutorial_4_msg_5|Excellent work. Now let us try some target shooting from horseback. Go near the yellow flag now.
str_tutorial_4_msg_6|Locate the archery target beside the riding course and shoot it three times with your bow. Although you are not required to ride while shooting, it's recommended that you try to hit the target at various speeds and angles to get a feel for how your horse's speed and course affects your aim.
str_tutorial_4_msg_7|Congratulations, you have finished this tutorial. You can press the Tab key at any time to return to the tutorial menu.
str_tutorial_5_msg_1|TODO: Follow order to the flag
str_tutorial_5_msg_2|TODO: Move to the flag, keep your units at this position
str_tutorial_5_msg_3|TODO: Move to the flag to get the archers
str_tutorial_5_msg_4|TODO: Move archers to flag1, infantry to flag2
str_tutorial_5_msg_5|TODO: Enemy is charging. Fight!
str_tutorial_5_msg_6|TODO: End of battle.
str_trainer_help_1|This is a training ground where you can learn the basics of the game. Use A, S, D, W keys to move and the mouse to look around.
str_trainer_help_2|To speak with the trainer, go near him, look at him and press the 'F' key when you see the word 'Talk' under his name. When you wish to leave this or any other area or retreat from a battle, you can press the TAB key.
str_custom_battle_1|Lord Haringoth of Swadia is travelling with his household knights when he spots a group of raiders preparing to attack a small hamlet. Shouting out his warcry, he spurs his horse forward, and leads his loyal men to a fierce battle.
str_custom_battle_2|Lord Mleza is leading a patrol of horsemen and archers in search of a group of bandits who plundered a caravan and ran away to the hills. Unfortunately the bandits have recently met two other large groups who want a share of their booty, and spotting the new threat, they decide to combine their forces.
str_custom_battle_3|Lady Brina is leading the defense of her castle against a Swadian army. Now, as the besiegers prepare for a final assault on the walls, she must make sure the attack does not succeed.
str_custom_battle_4|When the scouts inform Lord Grainwad of the presence of an enemy war band, he decides to act quickly and use the element of surprise against superior numbers.
str_custom_battle_5|Lord Haeda has brought his fierce huscarls into the south with the promise of plunder. If he can make this castle fall to him today, he will settle in these lands and become the ruler of this valley.
str_delivered_damage|Delivered {reg60} damage.
str_archery_target_hit|Distance: {reg61} yards. Score: {reg60}
str_use_baggage_for_inventory|Use your baggage to access your inventory during battle (it's at your starting position).
str_cant_use_inventory_now|Can't access inventory now.
str_cant_use_inventory_arena|Can't access inventory in the arena.
str_cant_use_inventory_disguised|Can't access inventory while you're disguised.
str_cant_use_inventory_tutorial|Can't access inventory in the training camp.
str_1_denar|1 denar
str_reg1_denars|{reg1} denars
str_january_reg1_reg2|January {reg1}, {reg2}
str_february_reg1_reg2|February {reg1}, {reg2}
str_march_reg1_reg2|March {reg1}, {reg2}
str_april_reg1_reg2|April {reg1}, {reg2}
str_may_reg1_reg2|May {reg1}, {reg2}
str_june_reg1_reg2|June {reg1}, {reg2}
str_july_reg1_reg2|July {reg1}, {reg2}
str_august_reg1_reg2|August {reg1}, {reg2}
str_september_reg1_reg2|September {reg1}, {reg2}
str_october_reg1_reg2|October {reg1}, {reg2}
str_november_reg1_reg2|November {reg1}, {reg2}
str_december_reg1_reg2|December {reg1}, {reg2}
str_town_nighttime| It is late at night and honest folk have abandoned the streets.
str_door_locked|The door is locked.
str_castle_is_abondened|The castle seems to be unoccupied.
str_town_is_abondened|The town has no garrison defending it.
str_place_is_occupied_by_player|The place is held by your own troops.
str_place_is_occupied_by_enemy|The place is held by hostile troops.
str_place_is_occupied_by_friendly|The place is held by friendly troops.
str_do_you_want_to_retreat|Are you sure you want to retreat?
str_give_up_fight|Give up the fight?
str_do_you_wish_to_leave_tutorial|Do you wish to leave the tutorial?
str_do_you_wish_to_surrender|Do you wish to surrender?
str_can_not_retreat|Can't retreat, there are enemies nearby!
str_s1_joined_battle_enemy|{s1} has joined the battle on the enemy side.
str_s1_joined_battle_friend|{s1} has joined the battle on your side.
str_entrance_to_town_forbidden|The town guards are on the lookout for intruders and it seems that you won't be able to pass through the gates unchallenged.
str_sneaking_to_town_impossible|The town guards are alarmed. You wouldn't be able to sneak through that gate no matter how well you disguised yourself.
str_battle_won|You have won the battle!
str_battle_lost|You have lost the battle!
str_attack_walls_success|After a bloody fight, your brave soldiers manage to claim the walls from the enemy.
str_attack_walls_failure|Your soldiers fall in waves as they charge the walls, and the few who remain alive soon rout and run away, never to be seen again.
str_attack_walls_continue|A bloody battle ensues and both sides fight with equal valour. Despite the efforts of your troops, the castle remains in enemy hands.
str_order_attack_success|Your men fight bravely and defeat the enemy.
str_order_attack_failure|You watch the battle in despair as the enemy cuts your soldiers down, then easily drives off the few ragged survivors.
str_order_attack_continue|Despite an extended skirmish, your troops were unable to win a decisive victory.
str_join_order_attack_success|Your men fight well alongside your allies, sharing in the glory as your enemies are beaten.
str_join_order_attack_failure|You watch the battle in despair as the enemy cuts your soldiers down, then easily drives off the few ragged survivors.
str_join_order_attack_continue|Despite an extended skirmish, neither your troops nor your allies were able to win a decisive victory over the enemy.
str_siege_defender_order_attack_success|The men of the garrison hold their walls with skill and courage, breaking the enemy assault and skillfully turning the defeat into a full-fledged rout.
str_siege_defender_order_attack_failure|The assault quickly turns into a bloodbath. Valiant efforts are for naught; the overmatched garrison cannot hold the walls, and the enemy puts every last defender to the sword.
str_siege_defender_order_attack_continue|Repeated, bloody attempts on the walls fail to gain any ground, but too many enemies remain for the defenders to claim a true victory. The siege continues.
str_hero_taken_prisoner|{s1} of {s3} has been taken prisoner by {s2}.
str_hero_freed|{s1} of {s3} has been freed from captivity by {s2}.
str_center_captured|{s2} have taken {s1} from {s3}.
str_troop_relation_increased|Your relation with {s1} has increased from {reg1} to {reg2}.
str_troop_relation_detoriated|Your relation with {s1} has deteriorated from {reg1} to {reg2}.
str_faction_relation_increased|Your relation with {s1} has increased from {reg1} to {reg2}.
str_faction_relation_detoriated|Your relation with {s1} has deteriorated from {reg1} to {reg2}.
str_party_gained_morale|Your party gains {reg1} morale.
str_party_lost_morale|Your party loses {reg1} morale.
str_qst_follow_spy_noticed_you|The spy has spotted you! He's making a run for it!
str_s3s_s2|{s3}'s {s2}
str_s5_is_s51|{s5} is {s51}.
str_s5_is_the_ruler_of_s51|{s5} is the ruler of {s51}.
str_s5_is_a_nobleman_of_s6|{s5} is a nobleman of {s6}.
str_relation_mnus_50| Hostile
str_relation_mnus_40|  Angry
str_relation_mnus_30|    Resentful
str_relation_mnus_20|      Grumbling
str_relation_mnus_10|        Suspicious
str_relation_plus_0|         Indifferent
str_relation_plus_10|          Cooperative
str_relation_plus_20|           Welcoming
str_relation_plus_30|            Favorable
str_relation_plus_40|             Supportive
str_relation_plus_50|              Friendly
str_relation_plus_60|               Gracious
str_relation_plus_70|                 Fond
str_relation_plus_80|                  Loyal
str_relation_plus_90|                   Devoted
str_relation_mnus_100_ns|{s60} is vengeful towards you.
str_relation_mnus_90_ns|{s60} is vengeful towards you.
str_relation_mnus_80_ns|{s60} is vengeful towards you.
str_relation_mnus_70_ns|{s60} is hateful towards you.
str_relation_mnus_60_ns|{s60} is hateful towards you.
str_relation_mnus_50_ns|{s60} is hostile towards you.
str_relation_mnus_40_ns|{s60} is angry towards you.
str_relation_mnus_30_ns|{s60} is resentful against you.
str_relation_mnus_20_ns|{s60} is grumbling against you.
str_relation_mnus_10_ns|{s60} is suspicious towards you.
str_relation_plus_0_ns|{s60} is indifferent against you.
str_relation_plus_10_ns|{s60} is cooperative towards you.
str_relation_plus_20_ns|{s60} is welcoming towards you.
str_relation_plus_30_ns|{s60} is favorable to you.
str_relation_plus_40_ns|{s60} is supportive to you.
str_relation_plus_50_ns|{s60} is friendly to you.
str_relation_plus_60_ns|{s60} is gracious to you.
str_relation_plus_70_ns|{s60} is fond of you.
str_relation_plus_80_ns|{s60} is loyal to you.
str_relation_plus_90_ns|{s60} is devoted to you.
str_relation_reg1| Relation: {reg1}
str_center_relation_mnus_100|The populace hates you with a passion
str_center_relation_mnus_90|The populace hates you intensely
str_center_relation_mnus_80|The populace hates you strongly
str_center_relation_mnus_70|The populace hates you
str_center_relation_mnus_60|The populace is hateful to you
str_center_relation_mnus_50|The populace is extremely hostile to you
str_center_relation_mnus_40|The populace is very hostile to you
str_center_relation_mnus_30|The populace is hostile to you
str_center_relation_mnus_20|The populace is against you
str_center_relation_mnus_10|The populace is opposed to you
str_center_relation_plus_0|The populace is indifferent to you
str_center_relation_plus_10|The populace is acceptive to you
str_center_relation_plus_20|The populace is cooperative to you
str_center_relation_plus_30|The populace is somewhat supportive to you
str_center_relation_plus_40|The populace is supportive to you
str_center_relation_plus_50|The populace is very supportive to you
str_center_relation_plus_60|The populace is loyal to you
str_center_relation_plus_70|The populace is highly loyal to you
str_center_relation_plus_80|The populace is devoted to you
str_center_relation_plus_90|The populace is fiercely devoted to you
str_town_prosperity_0|The poverty of the town of {s60} is unbearable
str_town_prosperity_10|The squalorous town of {s60} is all but deserted.
str_town_prosperity_20|The town of {s60} looks a wretched, desolate place.
str_town_prosperity_30|The town of {s60} looks poor and neglected.
str_town_prosperity_40|The town of {s60} appears to be struggling.
str_town_prosperity_50|The town of {s60} seems unremarkable.
str_town_prosperity_60|The town of {s60} seems to be flourishing.
str_town_prosperity_70|The prosperous town of {s60} is bustling with activity.
str_town_prosperity_80|The town of {s60} looks rich and well-maintained.
str_town_prosperity_90|The town of {s60} is opulent and crowded with well-to-do people.
str_town_prosperity_100|The glittering town of {s60} openly flaunts its great wealth.
str_village_prosperity_0|The poverty of the village of {s60} is unbearable.
str_village_prosperity_10|The village of {s60} looks wretchedly poor and miserable.
str_village_prosperity_20|The village of {s60} looks very poor and desolate.
str_village_prosperity_30|The village of {s60} looks poor and neglected.
str_village_prosperity_40|The village of {s60} appears to be somewhat poor and struggling.
str_village_prosperity_50|The village of {s60} seems unremarkable.
str_village_prosperity_60|The village of {s60} seems to be flourishing.
str_village_prosperity_70|The village of {s60} appears to be thriving.
str_village_prosperity_80|The village of {s60} looks rich and well-maintained.
str_village_prosperity_90|The village of {s60} looks very rich and prosperous.
str_village_prosperity_100|The village of {s60}, surrounded by vast, fertile fields, looks immensely rich.
str_war_report_minus_4|we are about to lose the war
str_war_report_minus_3|the situation looks bleak
str_war_report_minus_2|things aren't going too well for us
str_war_report_minus_1|we can still win the war if we rallys
str_war_report_0|we are evenly matched with the enemy
str_war_report_plus_1|we have a fair chance of winning the war
str_war_report_plus_2|things are going quite well
str_war_report_plus_3|we should have no difficulty defeating them
str_war_report_plus_4|we are about to win the war
str_persuasion_summary_very_bad|You try your best to persuade {s50}, but none of your arguments seem to come out right. Every time you start to make sense, you seem to say something entirely wrong that puts you off track. By the time you finish speaking you've failed to form a single coherent point in your own favour, and you realise that all you've done was dig yourself deeper into a hole. Unsurprisingly, {s50} does not look impressed.
str_persuasion_summary_bad|You try to persuade {s50}, but {reg51?she:he} outmanoeuvres you from the very start. Even your best arguments sound hollow to your own ears. {s50}, likewise, has not formed a very high opinion of what you had to say.
str_persuasion_summary_average|{s50} turns out to be a skilled speaker with a keen mind, and you can't seem to bring forth anything concrete that {reg51?she:he} cannot counter with a rational point. In the end, neither of you manage to gain any ground in this discussion.
str_persuasion_summary_good|Through quick thinking and smooth argumentation, you manage to state your case well, forcing {s50} to concede on several points. However, {reg51?she:he} still expresses doubts about your request.
str_persuasion_summary_very_good|You deliver an impassioned speech that echoes through all listening ears like poetry. The world itself seems to quiet down in order to hear you better . The inspiring words have moved {s50} deeply, and {reg51?she:he} looks much more well-disposed towards helping you.
str_secret_sign_1|The armoire dances at midnight...
str_secret_sign_2|I am selling these fine Khergit tapestries. Would you like to buy some?
str_secret_sign_3|The friend of a friend sent me...
str_secret_sign_4|The wind blows hard from the east and the river runs red...
str_countersign_1|But does he dance for the dresser or the candlestick?
str_countersign_2|Yes I would, do you have any in blue?
str_countersign_3|But, my friend, your friend's friend will never have a friend like me.
str_countersign_4|Have you been sick?
str_surname_1|{s50} of Uxhal
str_surname_2|{s50} of Wercheg
str_surname_3|{s50} of Reyvadin
str_surname_4|{s50} of Suno
str_surname_5|{s50} of Jelkala
str_surname_6|{s50} of Veluca
str_surname_7|{s50} of Halmar
str_surname_8|{s50} of Curaw
str_surname_9|{s50} of Sargoth
str_surname_10|{s50} of Tihr
str_surname_11|{s50} of Zendar
str_surname_12|{s50} of Rivacheg
str_surname_13|{s50} of Wercheg
str_surname_14|{s50} of Ehlerdag
str_surname_15|{s50} of Yaragar
str_surname_16|{s50} of Burglen
str_surname_17|{s50} of Shapeshte
str_surname_18|{s50} of Hanun
str_surname_19|{s50} of Saren
str_surname_20|{s50} of Tosdhar
str_surname_21|{s50} the Long
str_surname_22|{s50} the Gaunt
str_surname_23|{s50} Silkybeard
str_surname_24|{s50} the Sparrow
str_surname_25|{s50} the Pauper
str_surname_26|{s50} the Scarred
str_surname_27|{s50} the Fair
str_surname_28|{s50} the Grim
str_surname_29|{s50} the Red
str_surname_30|{s50} the Black
str_surname_31|{s50} the Tall
str_surname_32|{s50} Star-Eyed
str_surname_33|{s50} the Fearless
str_surname_34|{s50} the Valorous
str_surname_35|{s50} the Cunning
str_surname_36|{s50} the Coward
str_surname_37|{s50} Bright
str_surname_38|{s50} the Quick
str_surname_39|{s50} the Minstrel
str_surname_40|{s50} the Bold
str_surname_41|{s50} Hot-Head
str_surnames_end|surnames end
str_number_of_troops_killed_reg1|Number of troops killed: {reg1}
str_number_of_troops_wounded_reg1|Number of troops wounded: {reg1}
str_number_of_own_troops_killed_reg1|Number of friendly troops killed: {reg1}
str_number_of_own_troops_wounded_reg1|Number of friendly troops wounded: {reg1}
str_siege_continues|Fighting Continues...
str_casualty_display|Your casualties: {s10}^Enemy casualties: {s11}{s12}
str_casualty_display_hp|^You were wounded for {reg1} hit points.
str_quest_log_updated|Quest log has been updated...
str_banner_selection_text|You have been awarded the right to carry a banner. Your banner will signify your status and bring you honour. Which banner do you want to choose?
str_retirement_text_1|Only too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save, and you fare poorly in several desperate attempts to start adventuring again. You end up a beggar in {s9}, living on alms and the charity of the church.
str_retirement_text_2|Only too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save. Once every denar has evaporated in your hands you are forced to start a life of crime in the backstreets of {s9}, using your skills to eke out a living robbing coppers from women and poor townsmen.
str_retirement_text_3|Only too late do you realise that your money won't last. It doesn't take you long to fritter away what little you bothered to save, and you end up a penniless drifter, going from tavern to tavern blagging drinks from indulgent patrons by regaling them with war stories that no one ever believes.
str_retirement_text_4|The silver you've saved doesn't last long, but you manage to put together enough to buy some land near the village of {s7}. There you become a free farmer, and you soon begin to attract potential {wives/husbands}. In time the villagers come to treat you as their local hero. You always receive a place of honour at feasts, and your exploits are told and retold in the pubs and taverns so that the children may keep a memory of you for ever and ever.
str_retirement_text_5|The silver you've saved doesn't last long, but it's enough to buy a small tavern in {s9}. Although the locals are wary of you at first, they soon accept you into their midst. In time your growing tavern becomes a popular feasthall and meeting place. People come for miles to eat or stay there due to your sheer renown and the epic stories you tell of your adventuring days.
str_retirement_text_6|You've saved wisely throughout your career, and now your silver and your intelligence allow you to make some excellent investments to cement your future. After buying several shops and warehouses in {s9}, your shrewdness turns you into one of the most prominent merchants in town, and you soon become a wealthy {man/woman} known as much for your trading empire as your exploits in battle.
str_retirement_text_7|As a landed noble, however minor, your future is all but assured. You settle in your holdfast at {s7}, administrating the village and fields, adjudicating the local courts and fulfilling your obligations to your liege lord. Occasionally your liege calls you to muster and command in his campaigns, but these stints are brief, and you never truly return to the adventuring of your younger days. You have already made your fortune. With your own hall and holdings, you've few wants that your personal wealth and the income of your lands cannot afford you.
str_retirement_text_8|There is no question that you've done very well for yourself. Your extensive holdings and adventuring wealth are enough to guarantee you a rich and easy life for the rest of your days. Retiring to your noble seat in {s8}, you exchange adventure for politics, and you soon establish yourself as a considerable power in your liege lord's kingdom. With intrigue to busy yourself with, your own forests to hunt, a hall to feast in and a hundred fine war stories to tell, you have little trouble making the best of the years that follow.
str_retirement_text_9|As a reward for your competent and loyal service, your liege lord decrees that you be given a hereditary title, joining the major nobility of the realm. Soon you complete your investitute as baron of {s7}, and you become one of your liege's close advisors and adjutants. Your renown garners you much subtle pull and influence as well as overt political power. Now you spend your days playing the games of power, administering your great fiefs, and recounting the old times of adventure and glory.
str_retirement_text_10|Though you started from humble beginnings, your liege lord holds you in high esteem, and a ripple of shock passes through the realm when he names you to the hereditary title of {count/countess} of {s9}. Vast fiefs and fortunes are now yours to rule. You quickly become your liege's most trusted advisor, almost his equal and charged with much of the running of his realm, and you sit a throne in your own splendourous palace as one of the most powerful figures in Calradia.
str_loot_village|attack innocent villagers
str_steal_from_villagers|steal from poor villagers
str_rob_caravan|rob a merchant caravan
str_sell_slavery|sell people into slavery
str_men_hungry|run out of food
str_men_unpaid|not be able to pay the men
str_excessive_casualties|turn every battle into a bloodbath for our side
str_surrender|surrender to the enemy
str_flee_battle|run from battle
str_pay_bandits|pay off common bandits
str_fail_quest|fail a quest which we undertook on word of honour
str_squander_money|squander money given to us in trust
str_murder_merchant|involve ourselves in cold-blooded murder
str_round_up_serfs|round up serfs on behalf of some noble
str_battle_fate_1|We were separated in the heat of battle
str_battle_fate_2|I was wounded and left for dead
str_battle_fate_3|I was knocked senseless by the enemy
str_battle_fate_4|I was taken and held for ransom
str_battle_fate_5|I got captured, but later managed to escape
str_npc_morale_report|I'm {s6} your choice of companions, {s7} your style of leadership, and {s8} the general state of affairs
str_happy|happy about
str_content|content with
str_concerned|concerned about
str_not_happy|not at all happy about
str_miserable|downright appalled at
str_morale_reg1| Morale: {reg1}
str_bar_enthusiastic|                   Enthusiastic
str_bar_content|              Content
str_bar_weary|          Weary
str_bar_disgruntled|     Disgruntled
str_bar_miserable|  Miserable
str_npc1_intro|Ho there, traveller. You wouldn't by chance be in the market for a tracker, would you?
str_npc2_intro|Hello. Would you be so kind as to have a cup with me? I'm down to my last five denars and I'd rather not drink alone.
str_npc3_intro|Good day to you!
str_npc4_intro|Greetings. I am Rolf, son of Rolf, of the most ancient and puissant House of Rolf.
str_npc5_intro|Greetings, traveller. Would you join me for a drink?
str_npc6_intro|I am lost... Lost...
str_npc7_intro|Yes? Keep your distance, by the way.
str_npc8_intro|What do you want?
str_npc9_intro|You there, good {man/woman}, be so kind as to fetch me another drink, eh?
str_npc10_intro|Greetings there, {Brother/Sister}! Here's to the doom and downfall of all high-born lords and ladies!
str_npc11_intro|Hello there, {laddie/lassie}. Have a drink on me.
str_npc12_intro|Greetings, fellow traveller. Perhaps you can help me.
str_npc13_intro|Greetings, traveller. I am Nizar. No doubt you will have heard of me.
str_npc14_intro|Yes? What is it you wish?
str_npc15_intro|Oh! Say, friend, are you by chance heading out of town anytime soon?
str_npc16_intro|Hello there. I couldn't help noticing that you came into town at the head of a company of soldiers. Are you by any chance looking for new hands?
str_npc1_intro_response_1|Perhaps. What's the urgency?
str_npc2_intro_response_1|Your last five denars? What happened to you?
str_npc3_intro_response_1|Hello. What's a clearly well-brought up young lady like you doing in a place like this?
str_npc4_intro_response_1|Hmm... I have never heard of the House of Rolf.
str_npc5_intro_response_1|Certainly. With whom do I have the pleasure of drinking?
str_npc6_intro_response_1|Why so gloomy, friend?
str_npc7_intro_response_1|My apologies. I was merely going to say that you look a bit down on your luck.
str_npc8_intro_response_1|Merely to pass the time of day, ma'am, if you're not otherwise engaged.
str_npc9_intro_response_1|You must have me confused with the tavernkeep, sir.
str_npc10_intro_response_1|Why do you say that, sir?
str_npc11_intro_response_1|What's the occasion?
str_npc12_intro_response_1|How is that?
str_npc13_intro_response_1|Um... I don't think so.
str_npc14_intro_response_1|To pass the time of day with a fellow traveller, if you permit.
str_npc15_intro_response_1|I am. What concern is it of your, may I ask?
str_npc16_intro_response_1|I could be. What's your story?
str_npc1_intro_response_2|Step back, sir, and keep your hand away from my purse.
str_npc2_intro_response_2|I have better things to do.
str_npc3_intro_response_2|Run along now, girl. I have work to do.
str_npc4_intro_response_2|Eh? No thanks, we don't want any.
str_npc5_intro_response_2|I have no time for that.
str_npc6_intro_response_2|No doubt. Well, good luck getting found.
str_npc7_intro_response_2|Right. I'll not bother you, then.
str_npc8_intro_response_2|Nothing at all, from one so clearly disinclined to pleasantries. Good day to you.
str_npc9_intro_response_2|Fetch it yourself!
str_npc10_intro_response_2|That's rebel talk, and I'll hear none of it. Good day to you.
str_npc11_intro_response_2|I think not, madame.
str_npc12_intro_response_2|Sorry, I am afraid that I am otherwise engaged right now.
str_npc13_intro_response_2|No, and I can't say that I much want to make your acquaintance.
str_npc14_intro_response_2|Nothing at all. My apologies.
str_npc15_intro_response_2|I'd be obliged if you minded your own business, sir.
str_npc16_intro_response_2|Mind your own business, lass.
str_npc1_backstory_a|Well, {sir/madame}, it's a long story...
str_npc2_backstory_a|It's a tragic tale, sir.
str_npc3_backstory_a|A good question, and I shall tell you!
str_npc4_backstory_a|Really? Well, perhaps your ignorance can be forgiven. Our ancestral lands are far away, over the mountains.
str_npc5_backstory_a|I am Baheshtur, son of Azabei, grandson of Badzan. Were you not a barbarian, you would likely know from my lineage that I am a Roan Horse Khergit of the highlands, of the tribe of Shamir, of the clan of Dulam, of the family of Ubayn, from the Pantash valley, and you might be able to guess why I am so far from home.
str_npc6_backstory_a|I have commited the greatest of sins, {sir/madame}, and it is to my shame that I must appoint you my confessor, if you should like to hear it.
str_npc7_backstory_a|My luck? You could say that.
str_npc8_backstory_a|Ah. Well, if you must know, I shall tell you.
str_npc9_backstory_a|My most humble apologies. It is sometimes hard to recognize folk amid the smoke and gloom here. I still cannot believe that I must make my home in such a place.
str_npc10_backstory_a|It's a long story, but if you get yourself a drink, I'll be glad to tell it.
str_npc11_backstory_a|Why, I managed to sell my wagon and pots, {lad/lass}. For once I've got money to spend and I intend to make the best of it.
str_npc12_backstory_a|I shall tell you -- but know that it is a tale of gross iniquity. I warn you in advance, lest you are of a choleric temperament, and so become incensed at the injustice done unto me that you do yourself a mischief.
str_npc13_backstory_a|You have not? Then perhaps you will have heard of my steed, who cuts across the Calradian plains like a beam of moonlight? Or of my sword, a connoisseur of the blood of the highest-born princes of the land?
str_npc14_backstory_a|Very well. I do not mind. My name is Lazalet.
str_npc15_backstory_a|I'm an engineer, specialized in the art of fortification. If you need a wall knocked down, I can do that, given enough time. If you need a wall built back up, I can do that too, although it will take longer and cost you more. And you can't cut costs, either, unless you want your new edifice coming down underneath you, as someone around here has just found out.
str_npc16_backstory_a|Well, {sir/madame}, as long as I can remember I've had a weakness for pretty things, and it's gotten me into trouble, you see.
str_npc1_backstory_b|I had a bit of a misunderstanding {s19}in {s20} about a horse that I found tied up outside the inn. It was the spitting image of a beast that threw me a few days back and ran off. Naturally I untied it for a closer look. As it turns out, the horse belonged to a merchant, a pinch-faced old goat who wouldn't accept that it all was a simple misunderstanding, and went off to get the guard.
str_npc2_backstory_b|A while back, I left Geroia with a caravan of goods. I was hoping to sell it all in Sargoth and make a hefty sum. But, what do you know... we were ambushed by a party of Khergit raiders who rode away with most of the horses and goods. And two days later, my own caravan guards ran away with the rest of what I had.
str_npc3_backstory_b|My father, a well-known merchant {s19}in {s20}, decided that I should be married to one of his business partners, a man well past the age of 30. I have been an obedient daughter all of my life, but it was a ridiculous and horrid proposition. So I ran away!
str_npc4_backstory_b|Like all the men of my family, I have come to a foreign land to make a name for myself in the profession of arms before returning home to take over custodianship of my estates. Unfortunately, the authorities in these lands have little understanding of the warrior code, and have chosen to call me a bandit and brigand, and put a price on my head -- a most unfair libel to throw at a gentleman adventurer, you will surely agree.
str_npc5_backstory_b|For as long as any one can remember, our people have feuded with the tribe of Humyan, many of whom have settled in the next valley over. Many men have died in this feud, on both sides, including two of my brothers. The Khan himself has ordered us to cease, to save men for the wars in Calradia. But I know my rights, and my brothers' blood cries out for vengeance. I waylaid and killed a Humyan on a track over the mountains, and I rode out of our village the same night, without even having had the chance to bid farewell to my father. I will bide my time in Calradia, for a year or two, then return home when the Khan's men have forgotten. The Humyan will not forget, of course, but such is the price of honour.
str_npc6_backstory_b|I was a captain of horse in the service of the lord {s19}in {s20}, and my brother served with me. But we were both in love with the same woman, a courtesan -- a temptress, who played upon our jealousies! My brother and I quarreled. I had drunk too much. He slapped me with his glove, and I spit him upon my sword... My own brother! My sword-arm was stained with the blood of my kin!
str_npc7_backstory_b|It was my bad luck to be born to a weak father who married me off to a drunken layabout, who beat me. It was my bad luck, when I ran away from my husband, to be taken by a group of bandits. It was my bad luck that the only one among them who was kind to me, who taught me to hunt and to fight, inspired the jealousy of the others, who knifed him and forced me to run away again.
str_npc8_backstory_b|I am from an old family in the northern lands, the daughter of a thane and also wife to one. I fought by my husband's side, his partner both in war and in peace. But my husband died of the plague, when I was still childless. My husband had decreed that I should inherit his lands, in the absence of an heir. My brother-in-law, cursed be his name, said that it was not our custom that women could inherit a thanedom. That was nonsense, but his gold bought the loyalties of enough of my husband's faithless servants for him to install himself in my hall. So I fled, something I was raised never to do, and something I hope never to do again.
str_npc9_backstory_b|I was my father's first son, and his heir. But my mother died, and my father remarried. His new wife thought that her son should inherit. She could not move against me openly, but the other day I fed a pot of suet that had been left out for me to one of my hounds, and it keeled over. I accused my stepmother, but my father, befuddled by her witchcraft, refused to believe me and ordered me to leave his sight.
str_npc10_backstory_b|A sergeant I was, in the garrison {s19} at {s20}. Twenty years I stood guard for the city, taking many a hard knock in many a tough fight, until they appointed a snot-nosed, downy-lipped princeling, barely out of his mother's cradle, as commander of the garrison. He came upon me standing watch atop the tower, with my crossbow unstrung -- on account of the rain, you see... Can't have the cord loosen... But Little Prince Snot-Nose tells me that an unstrung bow is dereliction of duty. Says he'll have me horsewhipped. And something in me snapped. So I walked off my post.
str_npc11_backstory_b|For 30 years I followed the armies of this land, selling them victuals and drink, watching their games of dice and finding them girls, and nary a denar was left in my purse at the end.
str_npc12_backstory_b|I am by training a natural philosopher, but condemned by the jealousy of the thick-headed doctors of my university to make my living as an itinerant surgeon. I was hired by a merchant of this city to cure his son, who fell into a coma after a fall from his balcony. I successfully trepanned the patient's skull to reduce the cranial swelling, but the family ignored my advice to treat the ensuing fevers with a tincture of willow bark, and the boy died. The father, rather than reward me for my efforts, charged me with sorcery -- me, a philosopher of nature! Such is the ignorance and ingratitude of mankind.
str_npc13_backstory_b|I am a warrior by profession. But perhaps you may also have heard of my prowess as a poet, who can move the iciest of maidens to swoon. Or of my prowess in the art of the bedchamber, in which I must confess a modest degree of skill. I confess a modest affection for Calradia, and for the past several years have visited its towns, castles, and villages, making the most of my talents.
str_npc14_backstory_b|I am the second son of the count of Geroia, of whom you have no doubt heard. Having no inheritance of my own, I came here to seek my fortune in Calradia, training men in the art of battle. Unfortunately, the lords here in {s20} has no taste for the disciplinary methods needed to turn rabble into soldiers. I told him it was wiser to flog them now, then bury them later. But he would not listen, and I was told to take my services elsewhere.
str_npc15_backstory_b|The castellan {s19}in {s20} wanted a new tower added to the wall. Trouble is, he ran out of cash halfway through the process, before I could complete the supports. I told him that it would collapse, and it did. Unfortunately he was standing on it, at the time. The new castellan didn't feel like honouring his predecessor's debts and implied that I might find myself charged with murder if I push the point.
str_npc16_backstory_b|I grew up in Malayurg castle as a bonded servant, working alongside my mother in the kitchens. I would amuse myself by hunting mice through the pantries and sculleries. I was so good at it that I put the castle cats out of a job, and eventually the lord realized that I might also be employed to track down bigger game, on certain errands of a type perhaps better left unsaid. Needless to say, I found a number of opportunities to avail myself of trinkets that had formerly belonged to my lord's enemies. So I was able to buy myself out of bondage, and find hire as a free agent. My last job was {s19}in {s20}.
str_npc1_backstory_c|But if I was with a larger group who could vouch for me, they might let it pass. I'd be very grateful to you.
str_npc2_backstory_c|So here I am, no money and no way home.
str_npc3_backstory_c|I shall marry whom I want, when I want. Moreover, regardless of what my father might think, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I was thinking that I should perhaps join a band of gypsies, or perhaps a troop of mercenaries!
str_npc4_backstory_c|But I am anxious to avoid any further trouble, so if you knew of any company of fighting men where I might enlist, I would be most grateful.
str_npc5_backstory_c|In the meantime, any opportunities to earn a living with my sword would be most welcome.
str_npc6_backstory_c|Do you believe there is hope for a man like me? Can I find the path of righteousness, or am I doomed to follow the demons that dwell inside of me?
str_npc7_backstory_c|But I do not count myself unlucky, stranger, no more than any other woman of Calradia, this fetid backwater, this dungheap among the nations, populated by apes and jackals.
str_npc8_backstory_c|When I have enough gold to raise an army I shall go back and take what it is mine.
str_npc9_backstory_c|I hope to offer my sword to some worthy captain, as it is the only honourable profession for a man of my birth apart from owning land, but in the meantime I am condemned to make my bed among thieves, vagabonds, merchants, and the other riff-raff of the road.
str_npc10_backstory_c|Now I'm here getting drunk, and the Devil take tomorrow.
str_npc11_backstory_c|It's no kind of life, victualling the armies. You earn a bit here and a bit there as the soldiers spend their money, and then along comes one defeat and you have to start over, endebting yourself to buy a new wagon and new oxen. So I've decided to get out of the business, but army life is all I know.
str_npc12_backstory_c|The lord of this castle is reluctant to place me under arrest, but I am anxious to move on elsewhere.
str_npc13_backstory_c|Which reminds me -- somewhere out there in the city is a rather irate husband. I don't suppose you might consider helping me leave town?
str_npc14_backstory_c|So, if you know of any commander who believes that his purpose is to win battles, rather than pamper his soldiers, I would be pleased if you directed me to him .
str_npc15_backstory_c|More fool me for having taken the contract without an advance, I suppose, but the end of it all is that I'm in a difficult spot, with the roads full of bandits and no money to pay for an escort. So I'd be much obliged if a well-armed party heading out in the next few days could take me along.
str_npc16_backstory_c|Unfortunately, my last employer's wife had a lovely amulet, of a kind I simply could not resist. She doesn't know it's missing, yet, but she might soon. So tell me, are you looking for helpers?
str_npc1_backstory_later|I've been here and about, you know, doing my best to keep out of trouble. I'm desperately in need of work, however.
str_npc2_backstory_later|I sold my boots and have managed to make a few denars peddling goods from town to town, but it's a hard living.
str_npc3_backstory_later|I hired myself on as a cook for some passing caravans, and that at least keeps me fed. But it is rough company on the road, and I grow weary of fighting off guards and others who would try to take liberties. I was thinking that if I could find work as a warrior, men would know to leave me alone.
str_npc4_backstory_later|I went back to my ancestral barony, to inspect my lands. But we had locusts, you see, and bad rains, and other things, so here I am again, looking for work.
str_npc5_backstory_later|I've been wandering through this war-torn land, looking for a leader who is worth following.
str_npc6_backstory_later|I have been wandering Calradia, but have yet to find redemption.
str_npc7_backstory_later|I have been wandering, looking for work as a tracker, but it has not been easy. Calradians are mostly ill-bred, lice-ridden, and ignorant, and it is not easy to work with such people.
str_npc8_backstory_later|I am still seeking a war leader in whose shield wall I would fight. But I need gold, and fast, and the lords of this land as often as not prefer to stay behind the walls of their fortresses, rather march out to where glory and riches can be won.
str_npc9_backstory_later|I've offered my sword to a few lords in these parts. But I find as often as not they'll ask me to run messages, or train peasants, or some other job not fit for a gentleman.
str_npc10_backstory_later|I don't know if I told you or not, but I deserted my unit after I struck a young noble who had ordered me to be horsewhipped without cause. Since then I've been laying low. Thankfully I had the wit to pilfer my captain's purse before heading out, but the money is running low.
str_npc11_backstory_later|I've been around and about. But it's a rare captain who'll take on an old bag of bones like me as a fighter, even if I could whip half the boys in his outfit.
str_npc12_backstory_later|I am have been here and about, tending to the sick and taking what reward I can. But the people of these parts are ignorant, and have little respect for my craft. The few denars I make are barely enough for me to replenish my stock of medicine. I should be grateful for the chance to find other work.
str_npc13_backstory_later|I have been wandering through the cities of Calradia, leaving a string of love-sick women and cuckolded husbands in my wake. But I grow weary of such simple challenges, and had been thinking of turning myself to more martial pastimes.
str_npc14_backstory_later|I have gone from court to court, but I have not yet found a lord who is to my liking.
str_npc15_backstory_later|I've been going from castle to castle, looking to see if walls or towers need repair. But either the lord's away, or he's got other things on his mind, or I run into his creditors on the street, begging for change, and I realize that here's one job not to take. So if you hear of anything, let me know.
str_npc16_backstory_later|I do the odd job from time to time. But there's naught like steady employment, and a regular run of corpses to loot.
str_npc1_backstory_response_1|Perhaps. But how do I know that there won't be a 'misunderstanding' about one of my horses?
str_npc2_backstory_response_1|Well, perhaps I could offer you work. Can you fight?
str_npc3_backstory_response_1|Well, as it happens I run a company of mercenaries.
str_npc4_backstory_response_1|I run such a company, and might be able to hire an extra hand.
str_npc5_backstory_response_1|That's the spirit! I might be able to offer you something.
str_npc6_backstory_response_1|Hmm. You might consider joining us. Right wrongs, fight oppressors, redeem yourself, that kind of thing.
str_npc7_backstory_response_1|Hmm... Are you by any chance looking for work?
str_npc8_backstory_response_1|I can offer you opportunities to make money through good honest fighting and pillaging.
str_npc9_backstory_response_1|Perhaps you would like to join my company for a while.
str_npc10_backstory_response_1|If you're looking for work, I can use experienced fighters.
str_npc11_backstory_response_1|What will you do now?
str_npc12_backstory_response_1|Well, you could travel with us, but you'd have to be able to fight in our battle line.
str_npc13_backstory_response_1|I might be able to use an extra sword in my company.
str_npc14_backstory_response_1|I might be able to use you in my company.
str_npc15_backstory_response_1|Where do you need to go?
str_npc16_backstory_response_1|I might be. What can you do?
str_npc1_backstory_response_2|I'll do no such thing. I have better things to do then to help thieves avoid justice.
str_npc2_backstory_response_2|Hard luck, friend. Good day to you.
str_npc3_backstory_response_2|Go back to your family, lass. Fathers must always be obeyed.
str_npc4_backstory_response_2|No, sorry, I haven't heard of one.
str_npc5_backstory_response_2|Sigh.. So long as you hill clans fight tribe against tribe, you will remain a silly, weak people.
str_npc6_backstory_response_2|Away with you, accursed fraticide!
str_npc7_backstory_response_2|Actually, I'm rather fond of the place. Good day to you.
str_npc8_backstory_response_2|Your brother-in-law was right -- women should not rule. Go back home and tend your hearth.
str_npc9_backstory_response_2|Some of my best friends are riff-raff. Good day to you, sir.
str_npc10_backstory_response_2|No doubt you'll wake up with your head in a noose, and you'll deserve it. Good day.
str_npc11_backstory_response_2|Very interesting, madame, but I have work to do.
str_npc12_backstory_response_2|Sorry. I can't take on any new hands.
str_npc13_backstory_response_2|No, sorry. Nothing I can do for you.
str_npc14_backstory_response_2|I'll let you know if I hear of anything. Good day.
str_npc15_backstory_response_2|Sorry. I've got all the men that I can manage right now.
str_npc16_backstory_response_2|Sorry, lass. You sound like you might be trouble.
str_npc1_signup|{Sir/Madame} -- I'm offended that you would even think such a thing. I'd be most indebted to you, and you'll see that I show my gratitude.
str_npc2_signup|Well, I will confess that I am not a warrior by trade.
str_npc3_signup|Do you? Well, I am in no position to be picky! I would be pleased to join you.
str_npc4_signup|Good! I look forward to vanquishing your enemies.
str_npc5_signup|Why, that is a most generous offer.
str_npc6_signup|Yes! You must have been sent by divine providence! Lead me -- lead me away from darkness!
str_npc7_signup|I might be. I could certainly use the money.
str_npc8_signup|Can you? I shall accept your offer.
str_npc9_signup|I would very much like that, sir
str_npc10_signup|Are you, now? Well, that's a sight better than swinging from a gibbet for desertion.
str_npc11_signup|Why, I'll be a soldier myself! Help my old hands to a bit of loot to comfort me in my retirement. Two boys I bore, both soldiers' brats, and they became soldiers themselves. One had his head split by a Khergit war club, the other died of the pox, but at least they didn't die hungry.
str_npc12_signup|As I told you, I am a surgeon, not some silk-robed university physician who has never touched a body. I can get my hands dirty.
str_npc13_signup|Indeed? You would do well to enlist me.
str_npc14_signup|I would be pleased to ride with you, at least for a little while, for pay and a share of any loot.
str_npc15_signup|Geroia, eventually, but I'd welcome the opportunity to get a few denars in my pocket, first, so I don't come home empty handed. So if you promise me food and a share of the loot, I'd be happy to fight with you for a while.
str_npc16_signup|Well, {sir/madame}, let me tell you. I may not know how to read and write, but I know the quickest way to a man's heart is between his fourth and fifth rib, if you understand me.
str_npc1_signup_2|I've ridden over a fair amount of rough country in my time, more often than not in a hurry. I'm a good tracker and I've got a good eye for terrain. So what do you say?
str_npc2_signup_2|I'm a fast learner. I can ride, and know a fair bit about trade, prices and such.
str_npc3_signup_2|I think you would find I would be a most valuable addition to your ranks. I am well versed in the classics of literature and can declaim several of the epic poems of my people. I play the lute and am a skilled manager of household servants.
str_npc4_signup_2|Note however that as a gentleman and the holder of a barony, I expect to be in a position of command, and not be treated as one of the common soldiers.
str_npc5_signup_2|I shall not betray you -- so long, of course, as you do your duty to me by feeding me, paying me, and not dragging my miserable hide into a battle where there is no chance of winning. Hand me some salt, if you will -- it is the custom of our people to take salt from our captains, as a token of their concern for our well-being.
str_npc6_signup_2|I am well practiced in the arts of war -- but I beg you, sir, I wish to use my skills to defend the innocent, the pure, and the defenseless, not to be a common brigand and wreak more misery than I have already wrought.
str_npc7_signup_2|But let your followers know that I do not suffer louts and brutes. Anyone who misbehaves around me will quickly find an arrow in their gullet.
str_npc8_signup_2|I shall be pleased to fight in your shield wall. But I warn you -- if you ask me to gather the firewood, or cook a meal, you will not like the consequences.
str_npc9_signup_2|I am a gentleman, and prefer to fight with sword and lance. I recognize that you are of lower birth than I, there is no shame for me to serve under an experienced captain -- presuming, of course, that your followers do not become too familiar with me. I assume that will not be a problem?
str_npc10_signup_2|You won't regret taking me on, {Brother/Sister}. I'm a dead eye with a crossbow -- a beautiful weapon, it can right punch through a nobleman's armour and spill his blue blood upon the ground. And I've trained more raw recruits than you've had hot dinners, begging your pardon. I don't toadie to the high-born.
str_npc11_signup_2|I know how to swing a blade, staunch a wound, and feed an army on the march. It would be a foolish captain who passed up the opportunity to hire an experienced campaigner like me! Say, {laddie/lassie}, don't you command a war party of your own, now?
str_npc12_signup_2|I have treated every variety of wound that can be inflicted by the hand of man. Before I was a surgeon, I was a student, so you may be sure that I have inflicted wounds as well as healed them.
str_npc13_signup_2|Sword, lance, the bow -- my skill in all such martial pursuits is the stuff of epic verse.  Together we will perform such feats as will be recounted in festivals and campfires, in filthy taverns and in the halls of kings, for many generations to come.
str_npc14_signup_2|I am a skilled swordsman, and I can also instruct your men in fighting. But I warn you that I do not care to fight for a leader who is lax in discipline with {his/her} men, for in the long run they will not respect a soft hand.
str_npc15_signup_2|Siegework is my speciality, although I reckon can handle myself well enough in an open battle, if need be.
str_npc16_signup_2|I can throw knives, in addition to stabbing with them, and I'm slippery as quicksilver. You'll find me useful in a fight, I'll warrant.
str_npc1_signup_response_1|Good. You can be useful to us.
str_npc2_signup_response_1|That will do.
str_npc3_signup_response_1|Um, that's a start. We can teach you the rest.
str_npc4_signup_response_1|Very well. I'll be glad to have you with us, um, 'Baron.'
str_npc5_signup_response_1|Certainly. Here, have some salt.
str_npc6_signup_response_1|Happy to be of service! Get your things together, and we shall be on our way.
str_npc7_signup_response_1|I will hire you. Try not to shoot anyone on your first day.
str_npc8_signup_response_1|No fear, ma'am. You're the widow and the daughter of a thane, and you'll be treated as such.
str_npc9_signup_response_1|Well, it shouldn't be. I'll have a talk with them.
str_npc10_signup_response_1|Good man. We'll treat you with the respect you deserve.
str_npc11_signup_response_1|It sounds like you'll be useful. You are hired.
str_npc12_signup_response_1|Then welcome to our company, doctor
str_npc13_signup_response_1|Good. Make yourself ready, and we'll be on our way.
str_npc14_signup_response_1|Good. I'll be happy to hire someone like you.
str_npc15_signup_response_1|That works for me. I will be pleased to hire you.
str_npc16_signup_response_1|It sounds like you can do the job. I will hire you.
str_npc1_signup_response_2|I'd prefer not to take the risk. Good day, sir.
str_npc2_signup_response_2|I'm afraid I'm only looking for men with some experience. Good day to you.
str_npc3_signup_response_2|Actually, we were looking for a slightly different skill-set.