str_npc4_signup_response_2|Actually, we are not in the habit of hiring bandits with invented pedigrees. Good day, sir.
str_npc5_signup_response_2|Actually, on second thought, I prefer to keep more civilized company.
str_npc6_signup_response_2|On second thought, maybe a mercenary company is not what you need right now.
str_npc7_signup_response_2|Actually, on second thought, you sound like you might be trouble. Good day to you.
str_npc8_signup_response_2|Ah. Actually, if you don't do whatever I order you to do, you'd best seek your fortune elsewhere.
str_npc9_signup_response_2|You assume wrong, sir. In my company we respect courage and skill, rather than noble birth.
str_npc10_signup_response_2|On second thought, we value discipline pretty highly in our company. Good day to you.
str_npc11_signup_response_2|Sorry, madame. We've already got as many in our company as we can handle.
str_npc12_signup_response_2|A battle is not the same thing as a tavern brawl. Perhaps you should look elsewhere for work.
str_npc13_signup_response_2|Actually, on second thought, a fighter overeager for glory is dangerous to have in one's company.
str_npc14_signup_response_2|Actually, I have no wish to provoke a mutiny in my ranks. Good day, sir.
str_npc15_signup_response_2|Actually, I need a different kind of expertise. My apologies.
str_npc16_signup_response_2|To be honest, I'd prefer someone who was a little less tempted to larceny.
str_npc1_payment|I will be very useful to you, {sir/madame}, you can bet on that. Just one more thing before we leave, would you mind lending me {reg3} denars? I am ashamed to say it, but I have made myself a bit of debt here, staying in this tavern over the last few weeks and the tavern owners no longer believe that I am loaded with gold as I used to tell them. You know, things could get ugly here if they see me leaving with you before paying them.
str_npc4_payment|Excellent. Before we depart, would you be so kind to lend me {reg3} denars? I had to pawn a family heirloom at a pawnbroker here in {s20}, and I would like to retrieve it before we leave.
str_npc5_payment|Thank you. Now, to seal off our agreement, I ask for {reg3} denars from you. It's an advice my father gave me. He told me 'Baheshtur, never fight for a barbarian before {he/she} pays you your worth of gold first'.
str_npc7_payment|All right then. I will come with you. But I want a payment of {reg3} denars first. You aren't expecting me to work for free, do you?
str_npc8_payment|Then I will fight your enemies for you. But first I want a bounty of {reg3} denars. If you are a worthy captain who can lead {his/her} company to riches and plunder, you should have no trouble paying. I cannot afford to follow a pauper.
str_npc9_payment|That's very good of you. And before I join, can you lend me {reg3} denars, so that I can buy some proper clothing that befits a gentleman of noble birth such as myself. The coat on me has been worn down badly due to my recent bad fortune, and I cannot let common soldiers mistake me as one of their own.
str_npc10_payment|That's good news. But I'll ask for one last thing, captain. I have a woman here in {s20}, a tavern wench, and she says she has my child in her belly. I want to give her some money before I leave... for the child, you know. Do you think you can spare {reg3} denars?
str_npc11_payment|Hey thank you captain. But before joining up with you, I would ask for a payment of {reg3} denars. I know that in war parties soldiers can go on for weeks without seeing any wages. I am wise enough not to sign anywhere without having myself covered.
str_npc13_payment|Before I sign up, there is the small matter of some expenses I have incurred while staying here -- {reg3} denars. Do you think that you could cover those for me, as a gesture of friendship?
str_npc14_payment|Ah, one last thing. I would ask for an initial bounty of {reg3} denars before I join your command. It's my principle never to enter someone's service without receiving the payment I deserve.
str_npc15_payment|Good. By the way, as a skilled engineer I would expect a payment for my services. A signing bonus of {reg3} denars would be fair, I think.
str_npc16_payment|Now, that's good news, captain. So, how about paying me a little something to seal off our agreement? A mere {reg3} would be enough. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've had some bad luck with employers in the past.
str_npc1_payment_response|Very well, here's {reg3} denars. Now, fall in with the rest.
str_npc4_payment_response|Certainly. Here's {reg3} denars.
str_npc5_payment_response|Well... here's {reg3} denars, then. Your first payment.
str_npc7_payment_response|No, of course not. Here's {reg3} denars.
str_npc8_payment_response|Oh, I am no pauper, madame. Here's {reg3} denars for you.
str_npc9_payment_response|Very well, here's {reg3} denars.
str_npc10_payment_response|Of course. Here, {reg3} denars.
str_npc11_payment_response|Very well, here's {reg3} denars. Make yourself ready. We leave soon.
str_npc13_payment_response|Of course, here's {reg3} denars. Make ready to leave soon.
str_npc14_payment_response|All right, here's {reg3} denars. You are most welcome in our company.
str_npc15_payment_response|All right, here's {reg3} denars. Glad to have you with us.
str_npc16_payment_response|All right, here's {reg3} denars for you. Make yourself ready.
str_npc1_morality_speech|Oy -- boss. Please don't take this the wrong way, but it's a hard life and it's a bit much that we {s21}. Take a little more care in the future, captain, if you don't mind my saying.
str_npc2_morality_speech|I hope you don't mind my saying so, but it's a bit hard for me to see us {s21}. Maybe I ought to try to be more of a hardened soldier, but if we could try to exercise a little mercy from time to time, I'd sleep better.
str_npc3_morality_speech|Perhaps it is not my place to say so, {sir/madame}, but I confess that I am somewhat shocked that we {s21}. Of course I realize that war is cruel, but there is no need to make it more cruel than necessary.
str_npc4_morality_speech|Your pardon -- just so you know, the men of the House of Rolf do not care to {s21}. I will not be pleased if you continue to take this course.
str_npc5_morality_speech|Pardon me, captain. It is not good to {s21}. Your first duty is to the men who have taken your salt. The least they can expect is food, pay, the opportunity to loot, and that you not waste their lives needlessly.
str_npc6_morality_speech|Excuse me, {sir/madame}. As you know, I joined with you to right wrongs, protect the innocent, and make amends for my sin. I did not expect to {s21}.
str_npc7_morality_speech|Captain -- I do not like to see us {s21}. Such are the actions of a common bandit chief, with no regard for his followers.
str_npc8_morality_speech|I was not pleased that you decided to {s21}. To fall in battle is an honour, but to fight in a warband led by a coward is a disgrace.
str_npc9_morality_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- it is not my way to {s21}. Men of my house will accept death but not dishonour. Please do not make me ashamed to serve under you.
str_npc10_morality_speech|Begging your pardon, captain. I can't say that I'm happy to see us {s21}. Those are just simple people, trying to make a living. If we could try to go easy on the poor wretches, captain, I'd feel much better.
str_npc11_morality_speech|Excuse me, captain. It's not good that we {s21}. I've followed armies and warbands for 30 years, and the least the soldiers expect of a leader is to feed them, pay them, and do {his/her} best to keep their sorry skins intact as best {he/she} can.
str_npc12_morality_speech|Captain -- I do not like to see us {s21}. I am prepared to be a warrior, but not a brigand. Pray let us try to show a little more compassion.
str_npc13_morality_speech|Captain, if we can avoid it, I'd prefer not to {s21}. Calradia is a small place, and one's reputation is precious. I would not care for one of my rivals to include this latest unfortunate incident in a satirical verse.
str_npc14_morality_speech|I do not care to {s21}. No one with a reputation for cowardice will be properly feared by his men.
str_npc15_morality_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- just so you know my opinion, any commander with sense will not let his company {s21}.I hope you don't mind me speaking so bluntly.
str_npc16_morality_speech|Captain. I don't like to {s21}. So many throats left uncut, and so many purses left unexplored...
str_npc1_2ary_morality_speech|Boss -- just so you know, I've got no problem if we {s21}. Living to fight another day makes good sense to me.
str_npc2_2ary_morality_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- I'm not altogether happy that we {s21}. I'm a merchant, and in our business one is bonded by one's word. I don't want a reputation for dishonesty -- that would spell my end as a trader, {sir/madame}.
str_npc3_2ary_morality_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- I think it was a brave decision you took to {s21}. There is no shame in finding a way to avoid the spilling of blood.
str_npc4_2ary_morality_speech|Your pardon -- whatever anyone else says, I think nothing of it that you {s21}. You should adopt whatever ruse you need to survive in these troubled times.
str_npc5_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc6_2ary_morality_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- you may choose to {s21}, but would prefer to have no part in it. Such is not the path to my redemption.
str_npc7_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc8_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc9_2ary_morality_speech|Captain, I am dismayed that you {s21}. A {gentleman/gentlewoman} such as yourself should exhibit the highest standards of honour at all times.
str_npc10_2ary_morality_speech|{Brother/Sister} -- I can't say I like to see us {s21}. You should treat your men well, and they'll repay with interest.
str_npc11_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc12_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc13_2ary_morality_speech|[No secondary moral code]
str_npc14_2ary_morality_speech|Captain -- you should not let it bother you that you {s21}. Armies are made to do their leaders' bidding, and hardships are part of a soldier's life.
str_npc15_2ary_morality_speech|You know, friend {playername}, it's none too reassuring to see how you just {s21}. If you can break your word to them, you can break your word to me, is how I figure it.
str_npc16_2ary_morality_speech|Captain -- just so you know, it's no problem by me that we {s21}. We do what we need to do to live, and they'd do the same to us if they were in our shoes.
str_npc1_personalityclash_speech|Captain -- no offense, but I'm a bit tired of {s11}, who puts on airs like she's something better than your humble servant Borcha.
str_npc2_personalityclash_speech|{Sir/Madame} -- as you recall I was a merchant before I signed on with you. I respect men who make their living peacefully, risking all to bring goods for far away lands.
str_npc3_personalityclash_speech|Captain -- in my opinion, {s11} is a hard and cruel man. He speaks of nothing but the need to flog, beat, and hang his fellow soldiers.
str_npc4_personalityclash_speech|{Sir/Madame}. The House of Rolf is one of the most ancient and respected families in this part of the world, with a provenance dating back to the Old Calradic Empire. Yet {s11} openly shows me disrespect, and casts doubt on the provenance of my house.
str_npc5_personalityclash_speech|A moment of your time, captain. {s11} seems to think me a common bandit, just because I have rewarded myself in the past to the legitimate spoils of war from caravans passing through my family's lands.
str_npc6_personalityclash_speech|Your pardon, {sir/madame}, but I cannot keep my tongue stilled any longer. That harlot, {s11} -- every time she sees me she points the five fingers of her hand at me -- a peasant's sign to ward off evil.
str_npc7_personalityclash_speech|Captain, I have done my best to put up with your followers' rude talk and filthy habits. But that one who calls himself {s11} is beyond tolerance.
str_npc8_personalityclash_speech|Just so you know, I cannot abide that insolent mountebank {s11}. Some minutes ago, I was remarking to our companions how the peasants of this region were more than usually slack-jawed and beetle-browed, and speculated that perhaps they had bred with apes.
str_npc9_personalityclash_speech|Sir -- {s11} is a base braggart, a man with no respect for the honour of women. I am tired of hearing how he conquered this or that damsel.
str_npc10_personalityclash_speech|Excuse me, captain. I hate to trouble you with such things, but I just wanted to let you know that I can't abide that fellow Rolf, the one who calls himself a baron.
str_npc11_personalityclash_speech|Begging your pardon, captain, but I can't keep silent. That man, {s11} -- he killed his own brother.
str_npc12_personalityclash_speech|My lord. The barbarian woman, {s11}, complained of headaches -- a possible symptom of excess of sanguinity. I thought to apply my leeches.
str_npc13_personalityclash_speech|Captain, I weary of {s11}, who talks of nothing but chivalry and feats of arms.
str_npc14_personalityclash_speech|Excuse me, captain. A few minutes ago, I had expressed the opinion that liberal use of the lash and occasional use of the gallows is essential to keep soldiers in line. Men without a healthy fear of their commanders are more likely to run from battle.
str_npc15_personalityclash_speech|Excuse me. I hope you don't mind me telling you that in my opinion, that girl {s11} is a danger to the party. She's a feral brat, disrespectful of authority and the basic principles of the military art.
str_npc16_personalityclash_speech|Oy, captain. Just so you know -- there's something funny about {s11}. He makes strange scrawlings in the dirt, and mutters to himself.
str_npc1_personalityclash_speech_b|She's a common bandit, just like myself, and she has no right to tell me to keep my distance from her, as she did just now.
str_npc2_personalityclash_speech_b|I don't much care to hear {s11} gloat about the caravans he has looted, or he plans to loot, like he has no respect for good honest trade.
str_npc3_personalityclash_speech_b|I know that an army is not a nursery, and that strong discipline is important, but I do believe that man enjoys cruelty for cruelty's sake. I hope you do not mind me saying so.
str_npc4_personalityclash_speech_b|{Sir/madame}, these are indeed sorry days if common folk are allowed to mock their betters. That is all.
str_npc5_personalityclash_speech_b|I told him that if the warrior's way bothers him so much, that he become a priest or a beggar and so not have to worry about such things. I hope you do not mind that I said such things.
str_npc6_personalityclash_speech_b|I know the crime I committed was an abomination, but I am seeking repentance, and I deserve better than to be the object of some witch's superstition. I just thought you should know.
str_npc7_personalityclash_speech_b|I do not care for how he stares at me around the campfire after a meal, as he picks his teeth. I believe I recognize him from my days as a bandit. He is base and ignorant. I do not care to travel with such people.
str_npc8_personalityclash_speech_b|{s11}, that font of impudence, overheard me, and called me ignorant, and a savage, and other words I do not care to repeat. It was only out of respect for you that I refrained from cutting his throat then and there. I thought it only fit that I should warn you.
str_npc9_personalityclash_speech_b|If he persists, I shall tell him that he is a base varlot, and if it comes to blows I will not apologize. That is all, {sir/madame}.
str_npc10_personalityclash_speech_b|He's just a simple brigand, as far as I can tell. House of Rolf, my arse. Genuine blue-bloods are bad enough, but those who pretend to be blue-bloods are bloody intolerable. Anyway, I might have said something a bit sharp to him a minute ago. He seemed to take offense, anyway. I just thought you should know.
str_npc11_personalityclash_speech_b|He's a kinslayer, cursed by heaven, and he'll bring misfortune and sorrow upon us, that's for certain. I don't like being around him and I don't think he should be with us. That's all. Sorry for troubling you.
str_npc12_personalityclash_speech_b|But when I tried to afix them, she recoiled and struck me, and accused me of witchcraft. Captain, I am deeply tired of attending to the complaints of such an ungrateful and ignorant lot.
str_npc13_personalityclash_speech_b|Valorous deeds are all very well, but they are not the only goals worth pursuing in life. Personally, I never trust any man who has not at least once woken up drunk in a ditch, or been beaten by the slipper of his lover.
str_npc14_personalityclash_speech_b|That chit {s11} saw fit to admonish me for this. I will not have my methods questioned in front of the men, and I will not serve any commander who tolerates such insubordination in his company. Thank you for allowing me to speak my peace.
str_npc15_personalityclash_speech_b|What's more, I suspect she's a thief. I found her going through my baggage and pawing some of my schematics, and she pulled a knife on me when I thought fit to object. A wise captain would not allow her in his company.
str_npc16_personalityclash_speech_b|Fearing witchcraft, I asked him about it, and he told me that a chit of a girl like myself should mind her own business. So I had a look in his baggage, and found strange plans and diagrams. I think he's a sorceror, {sir/madame}, and if I catch him trying to hex me he'll have a knife in his throat.
str_npc1_personalityclash2_speech|Oy -- boss, I don't fancy myself a sensitive soul, but I don't particularly like how {s11} went about cutting the throats of the enemy wounded, back there.
str_npc2_personalityclash2_speech|{Sir/Madame}. If you don't mind, I'd prefer not to be deployed anywhere near {s11}, after what he said to me during that last battle.
str_npc3_personalityclash2_speech|{Sir/Madame}. Since I have joined your company, I have tried hard to learn how to live like a soldier, and how to honour the warrior's code. If I occasionally make mistakes, I would hope to be forgiven.
str_npc4_personalityclash2_speech|{Sir/Madame}. I happened to exchange a few words with {s11} as we were dividing up the spoils of battle. Please inform her that when she speaks to me, she should call me 'Baron' or perhaps 'Baron Rolf,' or 'Your Grace,' but certainly not just 'Rolf.'
str_npc5_personalityclash2_speech|Captain. {s11} needs to have her tongue cut out.
str_npc6_personalityclash2_speech|My lord. Did you see {s11} during that last battle? He taunts the fallen foe as they lay stricken and helpless on the battlefield, mocking their parentage, their foolishness for having fought us.
str_npc7_personalityclash2_speech|Captain -- I have been searching my mind trying to remember where I have seen {s11}, the one who calls himself a baron. As I watched him in action during that last battle, I suddenly remembered. He is a good fighter, but also a vicious one.
str_npc8_personalityclash2_speech|Captain. {s11} is a most insolent girl. I have tried to be polite, even friendly, only to have her rebuff me.
str_npc9_personalityclash2_speech|{Sir/My lady}, I hope you do not mind me telling you this, but in my opinion {s11}, the merchant, does not know his place. During that last battle, he cut in front of me to engage a foe whom I had marked for my own.
str_npc10_personalityclash2_speech|{Brother/Sister} -- a question for you. Are you in charge of this company, or is it {s11}?
str_npc11_personalityclash2_speech|Captain. I don't much care for that {s11}. After that last battle, he went around muttering some heathen incantation, as he went through the slain looking for loot.
str_npc12_personalityclash2_speech|Captain. I can no longer abide the rank ignorance of {s11}. As I was treating the wounded during our last battle, he saw fit to disparage my use of laudanum in relieving the pain while I conducted surgery, and of treating wounds with a poultice of honey.
str_npc13_personalityclash2_speech|Hello, captain! {s11} is a temperamental one, isn't he? During that last battle, I was merely having a friendly chat with our foes about their mothers as we exchanged swordblows, and it caused him to throw a fit!
str_npc14_personalityclash2_speech|Sir. {s11} is incorrigibly indisciplined. During that skirmish, I called out to him that he should hold ranks with the rest of our battle array. He called back to me that I should 'get stuffed.'
str_npc15_personalityclash2_speech|Captain -- I must tell you that I question {s11}'s medical credentials. As he was tending to our wounded after that last battle, I saw fit to remind him that the peerless Galerian often advocated administering a distillation of beetroot, to restore the humor imbalance brought by loss of sanguinity.
str_npc16_personalityclash2_speech|Beg your pardon, sir. {s11} might have been a very good thief, but he's not got the stomach to be a warrior, if you ask me.
str_npc1_personalityclash2_speech_b|The way she whistles cheerfully as she does it -- it puts a chill down my spine, it does.
str_npc2_personalityclash2_speech_b|The enemy was bearing down on us, and he says, 'Step aside, merchant, this is knight's work.' Next time I will step aside, and let him take a spear in the gut.
str_npc3_personalityclash2_speech_b|After our last victory I was picking through the slain, and availed myself of one of our foe's purses. No sooner had I done so then {s11} came up behind me and struck it from my hands, saying that it was she who had made the kill, and thus she deserved the spoils. My lord, I could not tell in the heat of battle who had struck whom. If {s11} had simply told me that she deserved the purse, I would gladly have given it to her.
str_npc4_personalityclash2_speech_b|I am of noble blood, and she is of the basest birth. She must remember her place.
str_npc5_personalityclash2_speech_b|When the loot was piled up after the last battle, I found among the enemy's baggage a very decent cooking pot. Often I had wished to find such a pot, so I could boil some of the stews that my people use to warm their bellies during the winter months. But {s11} grabs the pot, and tells me that I will not be allowed to 'taint' it with heathen food, and that it should properly belong to her. I yielded the pot to her, but I will not tolerate such disrespect in the future.
str_npc6_personalityclash2_speech_b|My lord -- such hubris will not be overlooked by Heaven, and I fear we shall all of us pay the price.
str_npc7_personalityclash2_speech_b|Back when I lived in the ravines, we would sometimes fight with a rival band called the Brethen of the Woods. Captain -- I would not trust any man who hides his origins, and particularly would not trust a common bandit who calls himself a lord.
str_npc8_personalityclash2_speech_b|As we were cleaning our weapons after that last battle, I remarked that I thought her a handsome girl, and after I regained my lands I would happily find her a match with one of my warriors. I thought it was a very generous offer, as a woman disinherited by her father is hardly going to find herself awash in prospects. But rather than thank me, she simply turned her back without a word. It was only out of respect for your leadership that I did not immediately try to teach her some manners.
str_npc9_personalityclash2_speech_b|I appreciate that he is willing to risk his life in battle, but that alone does not make a gentleman. He is not of noble birth, and his family's wealth comes from commerce and usury. He may fight with us as an auxiliary, but should not attempt to steal glory from his betters.
str_npc10_personalityclash2_speech_b|In that last battle he was shouting at me: 'Go forward, go back, hold the line.' When I told him to mind his own trimming he said he'd have me flogged.  Captain, that man is looking for a crossbow bolt in his chest, begging your pardon.
str_npc11_personalityclash2_speech_b|He said it was a prayer of thanksgiving for victory, but it didn't sound like that to me. Captain, I don't want him raising up the ghosts of the dead to make trouble for us on our travels. I think you had best be rid of him
str_npc12_personalityclash2_speech_b|Captain, if that man knew the slightest thing about medical matters, he would know that one should never undermine a patient's confidence in his doctor, particularly not during a complicated operation. If you would be kind enough to dismiss him from this company, you would be doing all of us a great service.
str_npc13_personalityclash2_speech_b|When all the dust settled, {s11} turned on me and told me not to 'tempt the wrath of the Heavens' with my 'hubris.' I responded that at least I hadn't killed my own brother, which I think bothers the Heavens a lot more than battlefield small talk. {s11} turns red like a baboon's arse and would have struck me had I not artfully dodged out of his away. Tell him to lighten up, will you?
str_npc14_personalityclash2_speech_b|{Sir/Madame}, such defiance of proper authority is a corrosive influence on our company, and I shall have him flogged if he does so again.
str_npc15_personalityclash2_speech_b|{s11} responded that Galenian was an 'antiquated know-nothing.' Captain, no true doctor would have such disrespect for the great masters of the past. I do not believe you should employ such an obvious impostor.
str_npc16_personalityclash2_speech_b|After our last scrap, I was slicing open the guts of some our foes to check for hidden gold, as a girl who counts her pennies ought. He gagged and muttered that I was an 'animal.' I'll inspect his innards for contraband if he doesn't keep a civil tongue in his head.
str_npc1_personalitymatch_speech|Boss. {s11} back there didn't do badly in that last fight at all. He's a good egg, too.
str_npc2_personalitymatch_speech|{Sir/Madame}. I just wanted to tell you that {s11} may be a rough sort, and I'll venture a thoroughgoing rogue as well, but I'm proud to call him my companion.
str_npc3_personalitymatch_speech|Hello, {sir/madame}! I had just wanted to tell you that {s11} is a most gallant knight. Did you see him in our last battle?
str_npc4_personalitymatch_speech|Excuse me, {sir/madame}. I just wanted to say a word in praise of {s11}. He did well in that last battle.
str_npc5_personalitymatch_speech|That was a fine battle, {playername} Bahadur! {s11} is a good man to have by our side in a fight.
str_npc6_personalitymatch_speech|Captain. Sometimes I am troubled by all this bloodshed, although I know that proud warlords must be humbled, and cruel bandits tamed, if we are to restore peace to Calradia.
str_npc7_personalitymatch_speech|Captain. I was just talking to {s11}. She may be a bit savage, but I believe that she is a faithful friend.
str_npc8_personalitymatch_speech|A fine battle that was, captain. And I have to say, I admire the taunts that {s11} hurled at our enemy.
str_npc9_personalitymatch_speech|Captain. {s11} acquitted herself well in that fight back there. A fine, modest maiden she is, if I dare say so myself.
str_npc10_personalitymatch_speech|Ahoy, Brother! I wish you joy of your victory! Say, old Mother {s11}'s not bad in a scrap, is she, for a woman of her years? Although I'm getting to be a bit of an old dog myself, now.
str_npc11_personalitymatch_speech|Ach, captain! A fight like that one sets my old joints a-creaking. Still, we licked them pretty good, didn't we?
str_npc12_personalitymatch_speech|A bloody business, captain, a bloody business -- although a necessary one, of course. {s11}, I believe, shares my ambivalence about this constant fighting.
str_npc13_personalitymatch_speech|You have earned your name today, oh valorous one! And {s11}, too! I like that one. She sings the songs of her people as she goes into battle, which appeals to an artistic soul like my own.
str_npc14_personalityclash_speech|Captain. It is a pleasure going into battle with men like {s11} by my side.
str_npc15_personalitymatch_speech|Captain. I was just having a word with {s11} after our last battle, and it strikes me that the man has got a good head on his shoulders.
str_npc16_personalitymatch_speech|Oy -- captain. I was just having a chat with {s11}, as we picked through the bodies after our last little scrap.
str_npc1_personalitymatch_speech_b|Without good honest souls like him to bring silver into Calradia, scoundrels like me would have a hard time in life, I'll warrant. I'm glad to have him with us.
str_npc2_personalitymatch_speech_b|Based on how he did in that last fight, I'd say that I'd trust my back to him any day, although I'd still keep a hand on my purse.
str_npc3_personalitymatch_speech_b|I also confess that I find him a truly delightful companion, a man of both wit and manners. Perhaps, perhaps... Ah, but I say too much. Good day, {sir/madame}.
str_npc4_personalitymatch_speech_b|You chose well to enlist him in our company. He knows a thing or two about a fight, and also knows the importance of respecting his comrades-in-arms, unlike some others I might mention.
str_npc5_personalitymatch_speech_b|As for his other attributes, I doubt that he is any more a Baron than I am, but I have to admire the brazen way he makes that claim.
str_npc6_personalitymatch_speech_b|I must say that {s11} is a source of great comfort to me. I have told him of my sin, and he said to me that Heaven will forgive my transgression, if I truly repent and truly desire such forgiveness. He is wise, and I am glad that he is with us.
str_npc7_personalitymatch_speech_b|At some point in the future, if you have no need of our services, she has promised to go back to the ravines with me and find the bandits who murdered my lover, and help me take my revenge. It was a kind offer. I am glad that she is with us.
str_npc8_personalitymatch_speech_b|He managed to include their geneology, their appearance, and their eating habits in a well-framed Old Calradic quatrain. I personally prefer the saga, but we Nords respect poetic craftwork when we hear it.
str_npc9_personalitymatch_speech_b|Were she of noble blood, I might ask for her hand. It is a pity that she is a merchant's daughter. But speaking with her is a pleasant way to pass time on the march.
str_npc10_personalitymatch_speech_b|Heh. It just goes to show that youth ain't everything, that experience also wins battles. I reckon she and I could teach the young puppies of the world a thing or two, couldn't we?
str_npc11_personalitymatch_speech_b|Old {s11} in particular showed them a thing or two, I thought. Not bad for the pair of us, I thought, given that between us we've probably seen close to a hundred winters.
str_npc12_personalitymatch_speech_b|It saddens him deeply to take the lives of his fellow men, however just the cause. He and I have talked together of a brighter future, of the need to unite these petty warring kingdoms of Calradia, so that we may bring this time of troubles to an end.
str_npc13_personalitymatch_speech_b|Also, although I normally prefer the coy to the Amazonesque, I confess that I have also noticed the femininity she tries to hide beneath her martial demeanour. True, she is a bit aloof on the march and in camp, but perhaps my fair words can melt the Nordic ice around her heart.
str_npc14_personalityclash_speech_b|He is a professional soldier, and though he may not be as fast on his feet as some others, he knows the wisdom of holding together in a disciplined battle-line. You showed good sense in bringing him into this company.
str_npc15_personalitymatch_speech_b|War, like any other affair, requires careful planning and preparation, and a firm grasp of strategic principals. All other things being equal, the best trained army will win the battle, an observation that I think our last fight bears out. The men may curse him now, but they'll learn to thank him, I'll warrant.
str_npc16_personalitymatch_speech_b|Have you heard her story? Can you believe the wrongs done to her? I tell you, it makes my blood boil. I want to cut off all the little bits of those bastards who mistreated her -- and I'll do it, too, if we ever run into them in our travels.
str_npc1_retirement_speech|I'm a bit tired of marching up and down the land, shedding my blood for someone else's cause. The loot is good, but I think I've got enough of that, now. I'm going to head back to my village, take a wife, settle down, maybe raise horses if I can afford it.
str_npc2_retirement_speech|I'm getting a bit tired of the warrior's life. I'm going to invest my share of our loot into a cargo of goods -- furs, linens, velvets, probably -- and take them back over the mountains. I would like to thank you again for taking me on, and wish you the best of luck.
str_npc3_retirement_speech|I am afraid I have something to tell you. I have decided that the warrior's life is not for me. I think it is probably too late for me to find a good marriage -- no one of my people would take a wife who had served with a company of soldiers -- but I may have enough money to start myself up as a merchant. I hope you will not be angry, {sir/madame}.
str_npc4_retirement_speech|I have fought with you honourably, as befits a son of the House of Rolf, but I am not altogether satisfied with your leadership. I will go home to my ancestral estates, which are much in need of my services.
str_npc5_retirement_speech|Bahadur -- since I have taken your salt, I have fought for you fiercely, and loyally. But you have not always repayed my service with the kind of leadership that I deserve. So I am going home, in the hope that the Khan's men have forgotten me, to see my father and brothers again.
str_npc6_retirement_speech|I joined this company in the hope that you would lead me out of darkness, and indeed I have found a measure of peace here. But I have some qualms about your leadership, and have begun to suspect that the path to redemption can be found elsewhere.
str_npc7_retirement_speech|I am tired of this squalid life of endless warfare, seeing men debased by fear, greed, lust, and a hundred other sins. I have money in my purse. I am going overseas to look for a better land than Calradia. I assume that you will fare well without me.
str_npc8_retirement_speech|I have fought in your shield wall, and done well by it. But your leadership is not always to my liking, and anyways I have another task. I will take what plunder I have won and raise a warband of my own and sail to Nordland to take back my husband's hall from my treacherous brother-in-law. I wish you well.
str_npc9_retirement_speech|We have fought well together, and earned ourselves much glory. But I have some reservations about your leadership, and at any rate have my patrimony to reclaim. I will be leaving you. Perhaps we will meet again.
str_npc10_retirement_speech|I've had enough of tromping up and down the length and breadth of Calradia. I've got enough to buy a small bit of land somewhere, so I think I'll give that a try. So long, and best of luck to you.
str_npc11_retirement_speech|You did an old woman a great service by taking her into your company. But I'm afraid I'm finding this life no more to my liking than driving a wagon. Too much cold, too much hunger, and at the end all I see in front of me is a hole in the ground. So I'll be off, although I don't know where.
str_npc12_retirement_speech|I've done all right in your company. I filled my belly, put some gold in my purse, and broadened my knowledge of wounds and injury -- I can't complain about that! But I think right now that service in this company is holding me back. I have a duty to share my findings with other surgeons, and for that I need to hire scribes, who are rare in Calradia. I shall be going home
str_npc13_retirement_speech|As the luster of your name grows ever brighter, I fear that my own reputation will seem pale in comparison, as the moon is outshined by the sun. I have decided to strike out on my own. The very best of luck to you!
str_npc14_retirement_speech|I would like to inform you that I wish to sever our relationship. I intend to seek alternative employment.
str_npc15_retirement_speech|I appreciate that you took me on, but I'm not altogether happy about how things have worked out. I'm going to head off elsewhere -- maybe go home, maybe find another job, I haven't quite decided yet.
str_npc16_retirement_speech|I've had good times in this company, and I've found myself a pretty trinket or two on the battlefield, but right now it isn't working out. I'm leaving you to go offer my talents to someone else.
str_npc1_rehire_speech|Boss -- it's good to see you again. I know we had our differences in the past, but to tell you the truth, those were some of the best days I've known. And, to tell you the truth, I've had a bit of difficulty finding work. Listen, if you'd be willing to have me back, I'd be willing to sign up with your company again.
str_npc2_rehire_speech|{Sir/Madame}! It's good to see you again. But I'll confess -- I've been looking for you. I bought a load of goods like I told you I would, loaded them up, and took them back across the steppe -- but wouldn't you know it, I was hit again by Khergits, and lost it all. I guess I'm just destined to fight for my fortune. Also, people tell me that you've done very well for yourself. So tell me, {sir/madame}, would you have me back?
str_npc3_rehire_speech|Well, hello {sir/madame}! It is very good to see you again. I have not fared so well since we parted, I am afraid. My mother's family. whom I hoped would give me a start in trading, have not been as welcoming as I have hoped. I receive nothing but lectures from my aunts, on how I have ruined my prospects for marriage by taking service in a mercenary company. Perhaps I am better suited to war than to commerce, to share a meal over a campfire with rough fellows than to drink wine with the burghers of Veluca. {Sir/Madame}, I must ask you -- will you take me back?
str_npc4_rehire_speech|Why hello, captain. It's been a while. You've done well for yourself, I hear. For my part, I've been having some difficulties coaxing a living from my estates -- locusts, bad rains, unruly serfs, that sort of thing. I thought I might take up the sword once more. I know there's been some bad blood between us, but I'd be honoured to fight in your ranks once again.
str_npc5_rehire_speech|{playername} Bahadur! Your fame grows ever greater -- even as far as my homeland, beyond the mountains. I'd returned there, hoping that the Khan's men had forgotten. Well, they had not -- even before I set foot in my valley, I had word from my family that both the Khan and the Humyan were looking for me. So I came back again, hoping you might forget any harsh words I had spoken, to see if I could fight with you once again.
str_npc6_rehire_speech|It is good to see you, {sir/madame}. Everywhere I go, men are in awe of your deeds. I have not had it so well since I left. Wherever I go, I feel my demons returning. My soul is in turmoil. For reasons that I cannot fully explain, I had found peace in your company, even if I had questions about your leadership. Will you allow me to serve with you once again?
str_npc7_rehire_speech|Captain! It is good to see you. Forgive what I may have said when we parted. I took a ship out of Wercheg, bound for the east, but it was taken by pirates and after my ransom I was set ashore back here. There may be better places in the world than Calradia, but I have yet to see them. So I think, if it is my lot to live here, then your company is as good a livelihood as any. Will you have me back?
str_npc8_rehire_speech|Greetings to you, {playername}. I was wondering if the harsh words spoken between us in the past could be forgotten. I have been hunting among the Nords here, to see if I could find enough men to take back my husband's hall. But I could not find enough men to crew a longship, and those whom I gathered quickly got bored and wandered off -- not, I will add, before they drank away such gold as I had accumulated. So I thought back to the battles we fought together. Those were good days, and profitable ones too.
str_npc9_rehire_speech|My dear, dear {man/lady}! So good it is to see you! I have sought service with the lords of this land, but have been most grieviously disappointed. Half of them ask me to collect debts from fellow lords, as though I were a banker's errand boy, or chase down his serfs, as though I were a farm overseer. One even asked me to murder one of his creditors! I have looked for you, to see if you would wish me to join you again.
str_npc10_rehire_speech|Captain! It's good to see you. You see, it turns out I'm not much of a farmer. Too soft on the hired hands, I figure. I let them rob me blind. I guess fighting is what I know best. So tell me, captain, are you still looking for good men?
str_npc11_rehire_speech|Captain! So good to see you! People say that you've been making gold hand over foot. I'm a fidgety old bag of bones, I'll admit. I left you because I wasn't satisfied with the warrior's life, but I spend a bit of time in town and I realize that there's worse things in life than a full belly, honest companions, and the joy of seeing the enemy run before you. So, would you be hiring again
str_npc12_rehire_speech|Captain! It's a fine thing to see an honest face like yours. This world is full of lies. I went home to publish my findings, hired some scribes and made a handful of codices, and waited for the commissions. But it turns out that the universities don't care about real medical knowledge rather than warmed-over Galerian. And publishers -- let me tell you, you never saw anyone so unscrupulous. They rent the books out chapter to by chapter to students to copy, but half of them aren't returned, and those that are have pages soaked in wine, and there's no longer a complete copy of my work anywhere. I'll keep trying, but first I need a bit of money in my pocket, first. Are you looking for a surgeon?
str_npc13_rehire_speech|Well hello there, oh valorous one. I had been hoping to see you again. Everywhere I go, I hear tales and songs of your deeds. I will admit that I felt a twinge of regret that we had parted ways, and, I'll confess, a twinge of jealousy as well at your reputation. I thought that once again I might fight by your side, and thus bask in the reflection of your glory. Perhaps we might ride together again, for a little while?
str_npc14_rehire_speech|Captain. It is good to see you. When last we parted, I was ready to swear that I would not serve you again, but perhaps I judged you too harshly. All over Calradia, men sing your praises. I have tried serving in other lords' armies, and believe me, what I have seen of them restores my opinion of your leadership. If you would have me in your company, I would fight for you again.
str_npc15_rehire_speech|Why hello, {playername}. I can't say I'm entirely displeased to see you. You see, I took on another contract before I left, and sure enough, when it came time to collect the pay, the lord had nothing but talk and excuses and petty little complaints about my handiwork. I can't say I was always happy in your company, but at least I put gold directly into my purse after every battle. You still offering work?
str_npc16_rehire_speech|Captain! They say that you've done well for yourself since we last met. I'll come out and admit that I cursed your name when we parted ways, but thinking back on it you weren't all that bad. All these lords, they're glad enough to send me on little side errands, but they don't much care to have me in their main battle-line. Apparently I spook the men. I've heard it muttered that I'm a witch, or that I eat men's hearts after killing them, or other rot. Not that I mind stabbing a man while he's asleep, but it's a lot more gratifying when he's awake and kicking. So I thought I'd try to find you again, see if you'll take me on.
str_npc1_home_intro|Boss -- did you know that I was born around here, in the high steppe? This is where I got my eye for horseflesh, because this is good land for horses, although a hard land for men. I suppose that's why the Khergits like it.
str_npc2_home_intro|We're approaching Sargoth. That's where I was headed when the Khergits got me.
str_npc3_home_intro|Can you smell that? Lemon trees, apples and crocus flowers, it's the scent of Veluca. I spent many a happy summer here when I was a girl, playing in the gardens of my mother's family while my father was away trading.
str_npc4_home_intro|The Woods of Ehlerdah. Bah. This place is thick with bandits and outlaws.
str_npc5_home_intro|Bahadur, we are nearing Halmar, largest town in the lower steppe. My mother's sister went here to marry a townsman and I thought to seek service with the lord here. That is when I ran into you.
str_npc6_home_intro|I can see by the vines and terraces on the hillside that I am near home. I have no wish to see my family, so I will linger outside the walls if you go into town. I am sure that you will understand.
str_npc7_home_intro|Do you smell that? Salt fish, rotting flax and river mud. The smells of my childhood. I want to retch.
str_npc8_home_intro|Hmf. Do you hear that? It must be the crash of waves on the headland. We must be near Gundig's Point.
str_npc9_home_intro|Behold the Rock of Rivacheg! The strongest fortress in Calradia. My father was one of those who held the line here against the Nords, when they first tried to push inland from the coast.
str_npc10_home_intro|D'you smell that fresh air, Brother? This was my home, before I went abroad in search of coin. It's good to be up in the hills again. It's the smell of freedom. This is the cradle of Rhodok liberty, here under Grunwalder Castle
str_npc11_home_intro|I see the mountains. We must be getting near home.
str_npc12_home_intro|We're passing by the site of one of my greatest medical triumphs, if that interests you.
str_npc13_home_intro|Ah, Castle Ergellon! Such a lovely spot, by the deep lake. Such happy days I spent here, the summer before last.
str_npc14_home_intro|Do you see that fortress up there, on the spur over the valley? Ismirala? I spent a winter there some years back, trying to train the lord's men.
str_npc15_home_intro|You see that castle up on the hill? Culmarr Castle, it's called. I did some work there, not long ago. It's not as showy as some of the other castles in this land, but it's the finest stonework you ever saw.
str_npc16_home_intro|Aye, captain, do you see those? Those are hare tracks in the snow. We must be getting near to my birthplace.
str_npc1_home_description|Well, Khergits always lived here, even back in the old days, as the Emperor gave them gold and lands to keep out the other tribes. I'm told my grandfather was a Khergit chieftain, although my mother didn't know him, any more than I knew my father. When my mother was a lass, the Khergit started coming over the mountains in larger numbers, and now there's a Khergit Khan in Tulga.
str_npc2_home_description|People say that the Nords are a bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians, but they have a good head for trade, if you ask me. They make the people up and down the coast grow flax, which they weave here into linen. It can't compete with Jelkala silks and velvets as a luxury fabric, but it makes good summertime wear and you can use it for the sails of ships. More importantly, linen was one of the few goods that someone else in Calradia wasn't already making.
str_npc3_home_description|Veluca has wet winters and hot summers, but the people here build great cisterns to water their crops. They grow grapes -- Velucan wine is famous, {sir/madame} -- and those who can afford it make walled gardens, where fruit trees grow in abundance, and we sit at night listening to music, or playing chess, or merely sniff the night air.
str_npc4_home_description|Well, you see, the King of Swadia declared this to be his personal hunting preserve, and said he'd kill any man who as much as strung his bow here. So what happens? Some family goes hungry, and succumbs to the temptation to poach, and the king's sheriff comes along and strings him up and takes his land. His sons, rather than starve, go bandit. And so naturally anyone in the whole valley who feels the need to run away from a debt or a nagging wife or a vengeful noble comes up here to join them, living on wild pigs and berries and the purses of unwary travellers.
str_npc5_home_description|Khergits had always come here, to trade and raid, and in the last days of the Empire we began to settle. Just like the Vaegirs, Swadians, Rhodoks and Nords, we took the Emperor's coin to keep the other tribes at bay. But when the Great Horde attacked our homeland in my grandfather's day, we moved into this region in force. We pushed the Vaegirs back, and made their fortresses our own.
str_npc6_home_description|Here in the Vale of Suno, our dialect and customs are closer than anywhere else in Calradia to those of the old Calrad Empire. We grow olives and wine, both crops brought to this land from overseas by the emperors, and also follow the old Calradic ways. We keep our pledges and pay our debts.
str_npc7_home_description|Before I was married off, and before I was taken by bandits, I lived here. I was born in a hovel and spent my childhood in the fields. Our landlords were Nord, but we never saw them, merely their cursed minions and overseers. My father, coward that he was, cringed before them.
str_npc8_home_description|You haven't heard the story? When Gundig Hairy-Breeks came to Calradia from Nordland, he planted his banner on the headland and said that it would remain there until he recaptured his 'inheritance.' His 'inheritance', he called it. Gundig believed the skalds who told him that the Emperor had bequeathed Calradia to the Nords, when in fact he just gave us a small strip of land along the coast, so that we would crew his galleys.
str_npc9_home_description|The Nords would sail up the river in their longships. The townsmen of the coast could have stopped them, but they were cowards then, as they are today, and paid them a yearly stipend, known as the Nordgeld, to be let in peace. But the Vaegir king would not pay. My father decided to come over the mountains, to fight with the Vaegir hosts. Three summers in a row they tried to take the Rock, and each time the Vaegir lords held them back.
str_npc10_home_description|In my father's day the Swadians would come calling, thinking to make us knuckle our foreheads and call them their overlords. But Grunwalder, an old veteran of the wars from the hills, showed us how to form a battleline with spear and crossbow that could break a Swadian charge. He fell in battle, but the people gave his name to the castle that was built here, where he fell, so that we would remember, and always stand firm against the horsemens' onslaught.
str_npc11_home_description|I'm from Praven. You know the saying, {sir/madame} -- 'Barley grown in Uxkhal is made into ale in Praven, and we're all the better for it.' Not sure what that means, {sir/madame}, but it's true about the barley. And wheat, and oats. We grow more grain here in the Vale of Uxkhall then all the rest of Calradia put together, and our ale is the best, too. You can see it in the soil here -- rich and black, and smells of good harvests and full bellies.
str_npc12_home_description|The lord over there in Almerra Castle had the dropsy, and had requested a doctor from Uxkhal to treat him. Like a typical university-educated doctor, he went right to Galerian for a cure. Galerian commends sun-metal for dropsy. Now most of Galerian's writings were useless back in the days of the Calradic emperors when they were first written down, and they're doubly worthless today, but he sometimes he hits upon the right cure by chance: sun-metal does cure some kinds of dropsy in small doses. However, sun-metal in large doses is poison, something that the Galerian-worshippers never grasped.
str_npc13_home_description|I had come up here with a small Swadian force, but they were caught by the Rhodoks in the woods and their horsemen cut down amid the trees. I fled and found shelter by the lake, in the arms of the comeliest cowherd you ever saw. She took me to a cave near the high pastures, and would bring me cheese and berries, and tell me the tale from the hills. They say the lake is a gateway to the underworld, and sometimes on the fringes you can the noxious fumes beneath bubbling up to the surface. Such rustics they are!
str_npc14_home_description|I say 'trying' because in my opinion, Vaegirs don't take well to discipline. Finest archers you ever saw, and good riders too, but they have no stomach for fighting in ranks. Their skills serve them well enough against Khergits and Nords, particularly when they can hide behind walls, but I've seen Swadian knights cut through Vaegirs like a knife through butter. Now, a Rhodok spear-wall is designed to stop a Swadian charge in its tracks, and usually does.
str_npc15_home_description|Like most castles that last around here, it's got foundations that are old Imperial Calradic. You can't see them any more with all the rebuilding, but the slabs are the size of a house. They must have been real sorcerors back in those days, because I don't see how they moved those things otherwise. Beautiful location, too -- Culmarr sits right in front of the pass leading out of Calradia, which allows the lord to charge a pretty penny in tolls during the three months of the year that it's not snowed in.
str_npc16_home_description|The snows in these valleys don't melt until late in the year, and the land is hard to plough. You can grow a bit of barley, but not much else. But there's wealth here in the woods: deer, rabbit and lynx, meat and furs, and the mountains have iron, and traders would ship enough saltfish up the river from the coast to keep the people fed for the winter.
str_npc1_home_description_2|They go easy on us Old Calradians, and don't ask for much in tax -- not that we would be able to pay in any case. The land isn't good enough for most crops. Frankly, it's only good for horse-rearing, and that only for half of the year, in the winter after the rains. In the summer they take their herds back into the mountains. Caravans come over the hills and bring spice to Tulga, but we don't see much of that money down in the villages.
str_npc2_home_description_2|I had loaded up on saffron, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and other spices and a chest full of denars. I estimated that I could buy linens, furs, velvet, iron and wool, and the extra horses to carry them back, and I'd still make a profit. I just hadn't figured in the Khergits, who apparently don't care for others cutting in on their monopoly.
str_npc3_home_description_2|The poets call Veluca a paradise, and I think for once that they do not exaggerate.
str_npc4_home_description_2|How do I know this, you ask? Well... I was taken by them, and held for ransom, but I got away. That's really all there is to tell.
str_npc5_home_description_2|Of course, you know how things go. My father's generation were hard warriors from the cold lands across the mountains, but this generation all has houses in the town and great estates and spend time as much trading as they practicing archery. The next generation will grow soft on Velucan wine and will lose their lands to the next batch of illiterate hill-raiders to come over the mountains, just you watch. It's how things always were, and how things always will be.
str_npc6_home_description_2|We men of Suno also never forget an insult, and avenge any wrong done unto us. Old-fashioned Calradic honour, I dare say, has brought me to my current fallen state. But despite that, I am proud to be from this region. Our lord is a vassal of the Swadian king in Praven, but as far as we are concerned his is just yet another barbarian chieftain, and we are the Empire's true heirs.
str_npc7_home_description_2|We were allowed to fish the river, raise pigs amid the reedbeds, and grow whatever we could in our private plots, but in the open fields we were only permitted to grow flax, to be taken to Sargoth and woven into linen. So we were always hungry, and weak, and never had the courage to rebel.
str_npc8_home_description_2|The skalds' tales at least gave Gundig an excuse to raise a warband -- not that we Nords ever need an excuse, mind. He sailed across the sea, rallied the Calradian Nords to his banner, and marched on the Rock of Rivacheg. The Vaegirs killed him, and threw his banner into the surf. But the Nords keep coming, and some day all of Calradia will be ours.
str_npc9_home_description_2|Just as the Nords can call on their kinfolk overseas, so does the Vaegir king call on his kinfolk from over the mountains. Had my father not disinherited me, I would also have taken an oath of fealty to the lord of Reyvadin. But just as I was shorn of my inheritance, so also was I shown of my obligations, and it is the Vaegir king's loss.
str_npc10_home_description_2|We grow mulberry trees here for silk and kermes too for the dye. We take it to Jelkala where they weave it into the finest velvet -- not that I have ever had enough denars in my pocket to buy velvet, mind. But the craftsmen of Jelkala also make good crossbows, and for that I'll not begrudge them their little luxuries
str_npc11_home_description_2|The Swadian king will tell you that Praven was the biggest city in Calradia back under the Empire, and that's why he should rule the whole land today. Mind you, I don't care much about politics, {sir/madame} -- I've sold provisions to every army that ever marched in Calradia, and I tell you that I wouldn't give a single one of them a single biscuit unless I had the cold, hard denars in my hand first. Why these high and mighty kings and nobles can't pay their bills, I'll never know. But I prattle on a bit, there, don't I?
str_npc12_home_description_2|The difference between poison and cure is the dose. You tell that to everyone you meet, and tell them you heard it first from Jeremus the Great. People think that all the wisdom worth knowing was written in Old Calradic, but I say you can learn twice as much from village midwives and careful examination of nature than from the entire imperial corpus. That's why they threw me out of the university, although in retrospect that was a blessing. Anyway, I put that lord back on his feet, and he availed me of a sack of gold and the corpse of a freshly hanged criminal to dissect. Ha! To think of the lengths I had to go to get specimens back in those days.
str_npc13_home_description_2|Eventually I had to leave, and sometimes I wonder if there is a little herdsboy swaddled on her back, as she takes the cows up to pasture each morning. I'd be tempted to try to find her -- but no, no, one should never look back.
str_npc14_home_description_2|If anyone were ever to unify this little land of ours, I'd sign up to serve them, free of charge. I'd put together an army of Rhodok spears with Nord footmen on the flanks and Vaegir archers in front, take along some Khergit scouts to find and fix the enemy, and some Swadian lancers to finish them off. I'd take that army over the mountains and make the whole world kneel to Calradia.... Of course, that's what the Emperors thought, and in the end the tribes took away their Empire.
str_npc15_home_description_2|And here's the funny thing -- when the Rhodok lands first rebelled against the Swadians, they all said they weren't going to have any noble lords ruling over them. You can guess how long that lasted. One Rhodok hill chieftain sets himself up in Culmarr, calls himself 'Count', and the good burghers of Jelkala and Veluca have to lick his boots if they want to sell their wine and velvet outside Calradia. And if you want to keep the counts under control, and the peasants providing the towns with food rather than selling to the highest bidder, then you need a King too, don't you? The Rhodok lands are no different than anyone else, whatever guff they talk about 'ancient liberties' and 'freedom.'
str_npc16_home_description_2|Still, it was a thin living, and there were always too many mouths around to feed. The Vaegir king and the Khergit khan don't make life any easier for us, squeezing for tax money the villages they control, and raiding for plunder the villages they don't. Of course, I can't say I'd do any differently do the same if I had a castle and an army all of my own. The mighty do whatever the can, and the humble do whatever they must.
str_npc1_home_recap|I'm from the high steppe, near {s21}.
str_npc2_home_recap|I was born over the mountains.  I'm a merchant, the son of a merchant, and the grandson of a merchant.
str_npc3_home_recap|I used to live in my father's house in {s20}, but I spent much of my childhood in {s21}.
str_npc4_home_recap|Our ancestral barony is over the mountains, across the Culdarr pass.
str_npc5_home_recap|I was born in the highlands on the other side of the mountains, past Tulga, but I have relatives in {s21}.
str_npc6_home_recap|My family lives in {s21}, but I cannot bear to face them.
str_npc7_home_recap|I was born in a hovel in the fens, not far from {s21}.
str_npc8_home_recap|I was born overseas, in Nordland, and my husband's hall also was in Nordland.
str_npc9_home_recap|I am from the Vaegir homeland over the mountains, where the Vaegir lords lived before the Emperor brought them in Calradia.
str_npc10_home_recap|Born and raised in Jelkala, {Brother/Sister}, and I hope some day to buy land there. But I had a mind to see a bit of the world first, so I took my crossbow and went off to the wars.
str_npc11_home_recap|I was born in the train of an army, and lived all my days in the train of an army. My folk are from Praven, however, so I guess that's as much home to me as anywhere.
str_npc12_home_recap|I come from overseas. I travel the world in search of medical lore.
str_npc13_home_recap|Oh, far away from here, my {lord/lady}, else you would already have heard about me, and would not need to ask such things.
str_npc14_home_recap|I am the younger son of the Count of Geroia.
str_npc15_home_recap|I'm from over the hills. But Calradia is where the money is to be made, these days, if your trade is siegecraft.
str_npc16_home_recap|Why, captain, I was born in Uslum village, but my mother lost her land to a scheming relative and had to put herself in bond to a nearby lord.
str_npc5_honorific|{playername} Bahadur
str_npc9_honorific|{my good sir/my good lady}
str_npc11_honorific|{laddie/lassie} -- I mean Captain
str_npc13_honorific|oh valorous one
str_comment_intro_liege_affiliated|I am told that you are pledged to one of the pretenders who disputes my claim to the crown of Calradia. But we may still talk.
str_comment_intro_famous_liege|Your fame runs before you! Perhaps it is time that you sought a liege worthy of your valor.
str_comment_intro_famous_martial|Your fame runs before you! Perhaps we shall test each other's valor in a tournament, or on the battlefield!
str_comment_intro_famous_badtempered|I've heard of you. Well, I'm not one for bandying words, so if you have anything to say, out with it.
str_comment_intro_famous_pitiless|I know your name. It strikes fear in men's hearts. That is good. Perhaps we should speak together, some time.
str_comment_intro_famous_cunning|Ah, yes. At last we meet. You sound like a good {man/woman} to know. Let us speak together, from time to time.
str_comment_intro_famous_sadistic|I know your name -- and from what I hear, I'll warrant that many a grieving widow knows too. But that is no concern of mine.
str_comment_intro_famous_goodnatured|I've heard of you! It's very good to finally make your acquaintance.
str_comment_intro_famous_upstanding|I know your name. They say you are a most valiant warrior. I can only hope that your honour and mercy matches your valor.
str_comment_intro_noble_liege|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, although I do not recognize the device. Know that I am always looking for good men to fight for me, once they prove themselves to be worthy of my trust.
str_comment_intro_noble_martial|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Perhaps one day we shall test each other's valor in a tournament, or on the battlefield!
str_comment_intro_noble_badtempered|I don't recognize the device on your banner. No doubt another foreigner come to our lands, as if we didn't have so many here already.
str_comment_intro_noble_pitiless|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Another vulture come to grow fat on the leftovers of war, no doubt!
str_comment_intro_noble_cunning|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Still, it is always worthwhile to make the acquaintance of {men/women} who may one day prove themselves to be great warriors.
str_comment_intro_noble_sadistic|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Perhaps you are the bastard {son/daughter} of a puffed-up cattle thief? Or perhaps you stole it?
str_comment_intro_noble_goodnatured|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. Forgive my ignorance, {sir/madame}! It is good to make your acquaitance.
str_comment_intro_noble_upstanding|I see that you carry a nobleman's banner, but I do not recognize the device. No doubt you have come to Calradia in search of wealth and glory. If this indeed is the case, then I only ask that you show mercy to those poor souls caught in the path of war.
str_comment_intro_common_liege|You may be of common birth, but know that I am always looking for good men to fight for me, if they can prove themselves to be worthy of my trust.
str_comment_intro_common_martial|Perhaps you are not of gentle birth, but if you prove yourself a {man/woman} of valor, then I would be pleased to try my strength against yours in the tournament or on the battlefield.
str_comment_intro_common_badtempered|Speak quickly, if you have anything to say, for I have no time to be bandying words with common soldiers of fortune.
str_comment_intro_common_pitiless|You have the look of a mercenary, another vulture come to grow fat on the misery of this land.
str_comment_intro_common_cunning|Well... I have not heard of you, but you have the look of a {man/woman} who might make something of {himself/herself}, some day.
str_comment_intro_common_sadistic|Normally I cut the throats of impudent commoners who barge into my presence uninvited, but I am in a good mood today.
str_comment_intro_common_goodnatured|Well, you look like a good enough sort.
str_comment_intro_common_upstanding|Peace to you, and always remember to temper your valor with mercy, your courage with honour.
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_benevolent|You have attacked innocent farmers under my protection in the village of {s51}.  I will punish you for your misdeeds!
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_spiteful|You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing the tenants. I will take my compensation in blood!
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy_coldblooded|You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing the tenants. I will make you think twice before you disrupt my revenues like that again.
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_enemy|You have raided my village of {s51}, destroying my property and killing tenants under my protection. You will pay the price for your crime!
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_unfriendly_spiteful|You have raided my village of {s51}. Do it again and I'll gut you like a fish.
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_friendly|You have raided my village of {s51}. This will place a grave strain on our friendship.
str_comment_you_raided_my_village_default|You have raided my village of {s51}. If you continue to behave this way, we may soon come to blows.
str_comment_you_robbed_my_village_enemy_coldblooded|You have robbed my tenants in the village of {s51}. I take that as a personal insult.
str_comment_you_robbed_my_village_enemy|You have robbed innocent farmers under my protection in the village of {s51}.  I will punish you for your misdeeds!
str_comment_you_robbed_my_village_friendly_spiteful|I have heard that you pinched some food from my tenants at {s51}. Well, I'll not begrudge you a scrap or two, but keep in mind that I'm the one who must listen to their whining afterward.
str_comment_you_robbed_my_village_friendly|I have heard that you requisitioned supplies from my tenants at {s51}. I am sure that you would not have done so were you not desperately in need.
str_comment_you_robbed_my_village_default|You have robbed my tenants in the village of {s51}. If you continue to behave this way, we may soon come to blows.
str_comment_you_accosted_my_caravan_enemy|You have been accosting caravans under my protection. But your trail of brigandage will soon come to an end.
str_comment_you_accosted_my_caravan_default|You have been accosting caravans under my protection. This sort of behavior must stop.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_benevolent|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. I had been neglectful in my duties as lord and protector, and I appreciate what you have done.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_friendly_cruel|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. I appreciate that you meant well, but I'd rather you not undercut my authority like that.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_friendly|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. Times are hard, and I know that you mean well, so I will not object to you providing them with assistance.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. As amusing as it is to see you grubbing for favor among my vassals, I would ask you to mind your own business.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_cruel|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. As the peasants' lord and protector, it is most properly my duty to assist them in times of hardship. You may mean well, but your actions still undercut my authority. I would thank you to leave them alone.
str_comment_you_helped_villagers_default|I heard that you gave charity to my tenants in the village of {s51}. Times are hard, and I know that you mean well, but try not to make a habit of it. I am their lord and protector, and I would rather not have them go looking to strangers for assistance.
str_comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_friendly|I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. That was a great dead, and I am proud to call you my friend!
str_comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_spiteful|I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Good work! Soon, we will have all their fortresses to despoil, their treasuries to ransack, their grieving widows to serve us our wine.
str_comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Well, every dog has his day, or so they say. Enjoy it while you can, until your betters kick you back out in the cold where you belong.
str_comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied_unfriendly|I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. Whatever our differences in the past, I must offer you my congratulations.
str_comment_you_captured_a_castle_allied|I heard that you have besieged and taken {s51}. We have them on the run!
str_comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy_spiteful|I hear that you have broken into my home at {s51}. I hope the dungeon is to your liking, as you will be spending much time there in the years to come.
str_comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy_chivalrous|You hold {s51}, my rightful fief. I hope you will give me the chance to win it back!
str_comment_you_captured_my_castle_enemy|You have something that belongs to me -- {s51}. I will make you relinquish it.
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_unfriendly_spiteful|I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our victory over {s54}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces.
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_unfriendly|I will not forget how we fought together against {s54}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us.
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_cruel|That was a great victory over {s54}, wasn't it? We made of his army a feast for the crows!
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_quarrelsome|I won't forget how we whipped {s54}? I enjoyed that.
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_upstanding|I will not forget our victory over {s54}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud.
str_comment_we_defeated_a_lord_default|That was a great victory over {s54}, wasn't it? I am honoured to have fought by your side.
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_unfriendly_spiteful|I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our capture of {s51}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces.
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_unfriendly|I will not forget how we together we stormed {s51}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us.
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_cruel|I won't forget how we broke through the walls of {s51} and put its defenders to the sword. It is a sweet memory.
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_quarrelsome|Remember how the enemy squealed when we came over the walls of {s51}? They had thought they were safe! We wiped the smug smiles of their faces!
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_upstanding|I will not forget our capture of {s51}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud.
str_comment_we_fought_in_siege_default|I will not forget how together we captured {s51}. I am honoured to have fought by your side.
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_unfriendly_spiteful|I suppose you will want to drink to the memory of our great victory near {s51}. Well, save your wine -- it will take more than that to wipe out the stain of your earlier disgraces.
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_unfriendly|I will not forget how we fought together in the great battle near {s51}, but I can also not forget the other matters that lie between us.
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_cruel|I won't forget the great battle near {s51}, when we broke through the enemy lines and they ran screaming before us. It is a sweet memory.
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_quarrelsome|That was a fine fight near {s51}, when we made those bastards run!
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_upstanding|I will not forget how we fought side by side at the great battle near {s51}. Let us once again give thanks to heaven, and pray that we not grow too proud.
str_comment_we_fought_in_major_battle_default|I will not forget how we fought side by side at the great battle near {s51}. I am honoured to have fought by your side.
str_comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_liege|So, you crossed swords with that rascal they call {s54}, and emerged victorious. I am very happy to hear that.
str_comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. Every dog has its day, I suppose.
str_comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_spiteful|I heard that you fought and defeated that dog {s54}. Ah, if only I could have heard him whimpering for mercy.
str_comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_chivalrous|I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. I hope that you did not use dishonourable means to do so.
str_comment_you_defeated_a_lord_allied|I heard that you fought and defeated {s54}. I wish you joy of your victory.
str_comment_you_defeated_me_enemy_chivalrous|I will not begrudge you your victory the last time that we met, but I am anxious for another round!
str_comment_you_defeated_me_enemy_spiteful|I have been looking forward to meeting you again. Your tricks will not deceive me a second time, and I will relish hearing your cries for mercy.
str_comment_you_defeated_me_enemy|When last we met, {playername}, you had the better of me. But I assure you that it will not happen again!
str_comment_i_defeated_you_enemy_spiteful|Back for more? Make me fight you again, and I'll feed your bowels to my hounds.
str_comment_i_defeated_you_enemy_chivalrous|Come to test your valor against me again, {playername}?
str_comment_i_defeated_you_enemy_benevolent|So once again you come at me? Will you ever learn?
str_comment_i_defeated_you_enemy_coldblooded|You are persistent, but a nuisance.
str_comment_i_defeated_you_enemy|How many times must I chastise you before you learn to keep your distance?
str_comment_we_were_defeated_unfriendly_spiteful|Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the men of {s54}. I blame you for that disaster. What a pity to see that you survived.
str_comment_we_were_defeated_unfriendly|Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the men of {s54}. Well, I see that you survived.
str_comment_we_were_defeated_cruel|Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the men of {s54}. Don't worry -- we'll find him, and make him choke on his victory.
str_comment_we_were_defeated_default|Last I saw you, you had been struck down by the men of {s54}. It is good to see you alive and well.
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_friendly_spiteful|I heard that {s54} gave you a hard time. Don't worry, friend -- I'll find him for you, and make you a gift of his head.
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly_cruel|I had heard that {s54} slaughtered your men like sheep. But here you are, alive. Such a disappointment!
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_spiteful|I heard that {s54} crushed you underfoot like an ant. Hah! Children should not play games made for grown-ups, little {boy/girl}!
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_pitiless|I heard that {s54} defeated you, and scattered your forces. That is most disappointing...
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly_upstanding|I heard that {s54} defeated you. Perhaps you should consider if you have considered any misdeeds, that might cause heaven to rebuke you in this way.
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly|I heard that {s54} defeated you. Look, try not to get too many of our men killed, will you?
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied|I heard that {s54} defeated you. But take heart -- the tables will soon be turned!
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly_chivalrous|I heard that you saved {s54} from likely defeat. Whatever else I may think of you, I must at least commend you for that.
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly|[revelance should be zero, and this message should not appear]
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_liege|I heard that you saved my vassal {s54} from likely defeat.
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you rode to the rescue of our poor {s54}. Did you think him a damsel in distress? No matter -- it's a common mistake.
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_spiteful|I heard that you saved {s54} from a whipping. You should have let him learn his lesson, in my opinion.
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_chivalrous|I heard that you got {s54} out of a tight spot. That was a noble deed.
str_comment_you_helped_my_ally_default|I heard that you got {s54} out of a tight spot. Good work!
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied_unfriendly|I heard that {s54} defeated you. Look, try not to get too many of our men killed, will you?
str_comment_you_were_defeated_allied|I heard that {s54} defeated you. But take heart -- the tables will soon be turned!
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_unfriendly_spiteful|You worm! You left us alone to face {s54}, didn't you? I spit at you.
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_unfriendly_pitiless|Well... You abandoned me in the middle of a battle with {s54}, didn't you? I'll see you buried in a traitor's grave.
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_spiteful|You disappeared in the middle of that battle with {s54}... I hope you have a good explanation. Did your bowels give out? Were you shaking too hard with fear to hold your weapon?
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_chivalrous|What happened? You disappeared in the middle of that battle against {s54}. I can only hope that you were too badly wounded to stand, for I would be ashamed to have gone into battle alongside a coward.
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_benefitofdoubt|What happened? You disappeared in the middle of that battle against {s54}. I assume that you must have been wounded, but it did look suspicious.
str_comment_you_abandoned_us_default|What happened? One moment you were fighting with us against {s54}, the next moment you were nowhere to be found?
str_comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_spiteful|Last time we met, you ran from me like a whipped dog. Have you come back to bark at me again, or to whine for mercy?
str_comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_chivalrous|Last time we met, you fled from me. Learn to stand and fight like a gentleman!
str_comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_benevolent|When I saw you flee the last time that we met, I had hoped that I would not have to fight you again.
str_comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy_coldblooded|Last time we met, you fled from me. That was a wise decision
str_comment_you_ran_from_me_enemy|You may have been able to escape the last time we crossed paths, but the next time I doubt that you be so lucky.
str_comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_chivalrous|They say that you fled from {s54}, leaving your men behind. I pray that this is not true, for such conduct does dishonour to us all.
str_comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_upstanding|They say that you fled from {s54}, leaving your men behind. I do not always believe such rumors, and I also know that desperate straits call for desperate measures. But I beg you to take more care of your good name, for men will not fight in our armies if they hear that we abandon them on the field of battle.
str_comment_you_ran_from_foe_allied_spiteful|By the way, they said that you ran away from {s54} like a quaking little rabbit, leaving your men behind to be butchered. Ha! What a sight that would have been to see!
str_comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_pragmatic|You may have bested {s54}, but you cannot defeat us all.
str_comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_chivalrous|I have heard that you defeated {s54}, and ever since have been anxious to cross swords with you.
str_comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy_spiteful|Your fame runs before you, {playername}. {s54} may have fallen for your tricks, but if you fight me, you'll find a me a much more slippery foe.
str_comment_you_defeated_my_friend_enemy|They say that you have defeated {s54}. But I will be a truer test of your skill at arms.
str_comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_friendly_spiteful|I heard that you captured {s54}. I hope that you squeezed him for every denar.
str_comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you captured {s54}. Your coffers must be well-bloated with ransom by now. Such a pity that money cannot transform a low-born cur into a gentleman!
str_comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied_chivalrous|I heard that you captured {s54}. Well done. I assume, of course, that he has been been treated with the honours due his rank.
str_comment_you_captured_a_lord_allied|I heard that you captured {s54}. Well done. His ransom must be worth quite something.
str_comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_chivalrous|I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let him go. Such chivalry does a credit to our cause.
str_comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_upstanding|I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let him go. Well, that was an honourable course of action, if possibly also a dangerous one.
str_comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_coldblooded|I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let him go. That was most chivalrous of you, but chivalry does not win wars.
str_comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let him go. How very chivalrous of you! No doubt the widows and orphans he leaves in his wake will want to commend you in person.
str_comment_you_let_go_a_lord_allied|I heard that you captured {s54}, but then let him go. Well, I will not tell you what to do with your own prisoners.
str_comment_you_let_me_go_spiteful|When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. I hope you enjoyed toying with me, like a cat with a mouse, because soon I will have you at my mercy, to slay or humiliate according to my fancy.
str_comment_you_let_me_go_enemy_chivalrous|When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was most chivalrous of you, and I will not forget. But I also must remember my oath to my liege, and our kingdoms are still at war.
str_comment_you_let_me_go_enemy_coldblooded|When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. But we are still enemies, and I cannot promise to repay your mercy in kind.
str_comment_you_let_me_go_enemy|When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was kind of you. But we are still at war.
str_comment_you_let_me_go_default|When last we met, you had me at your mercy and allowed me to go free. That was kind of you, and I am glad that our kingdoms are no longer at war.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_martial_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Pray do not disgrace us by behaving in a cowardly fashion.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_martial|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I look forward to fighting alongside you against our foes.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_quarrelsome_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Bah. Do yourself a favor, and stay out of my way.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_quarrelsome|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight hard against our foes, respect your betters, and don't cross me, and we'll get along fine.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_selfrighteous_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. If I were he, I would not trust you to clean the sculleries.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_selfrighteous|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight bravely and you will be well-rewarded. Betray us, and we shall make of you the kind of example that will not soon be forgotten.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_cunning_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I do not pretend to be happy about his decision, but perhaps it is better to have you inside our tent pissing out, than the other way around.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_cunning|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. That is good. The more skilled fighters we have with us in these troubled times, the better. I shall be watching your progress.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_debauched_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. No doubt you will soon betray him, and I will have the pleasure of watching you die a traitor's death.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_debauched|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Excellent... I am sure that you and I will become very good friends. But remember -- if you betray us, it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_goodnatured_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, I can't say that I would have trusted you, but perhaps you deserve the benefit of the doubt.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_goodnatured|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Good {man/woman}! Our lord is a noble soul, and rewards loyalty and valor with kindness and generosity.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_upstanding_unfriendly|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Alas, from what I know of you I fear that you will disgrace us, but I will be happy if you prove me wrong.
str_comment_pledged_allegiance_allied_upstanding|I heard that you have pledged allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Fight against our foes with valor, but also with honour and compassion. A good name is as valuable as a sharp sword or a swift horse in affairs of arms.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly_cruel|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. Don't forget -- spare the whip and spoil the peasant!
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly_cynical|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. I am glad to see you prosper -- but be careful. Men are vipers, envious and covetous of their neighbours' wealth. Stay close to me, and I'll watch your back.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_friendly|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. May your new lands prosper.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_unfriendly_upstanding|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. But keep in mind that pride goes before a fall.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_unfriendly_spiteful|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. I suspect, however, that fortune is only raising you up so as to humble you even more, when it casts you back into the dung from whence you came.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied_spiteful|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. Let's hope you are indeed deserving of our lord's favor.
str_comment_our_king_granted_you_a_fief_allied|I heard that {s54} granted you {s51} as a fief. You seem to be doing very well for yourself.
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_enemy_friendly|I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. It grieves me that we must now meet on the field of battle.
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_friendly|I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Let us pray that we may not come to blows.
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_unfriendly_spiteful|I always had you figured for a traitor to {s54}, and now it seems I was proven right. I hope you are prepared to die a traitor's death!
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_unfriendly_moralizing|I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. I am forced to consider you a traitor.
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_enemy|I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, it is the way of the world for old comrades to become enemies.
str_comment_you_renounced_your_alliegance_default|I heard that you renounced your allegiance to our lord, {s54}. Well, that is your decision, but do not expect me to go easy on you when we meet on the battlefield.
str_surrender_demand_default|Yield or die!
str_surrender_demand_martial|The odds are not in your favor today. You may fight us, but there is also no shame if you yield now.
str_surrender_demand_quarrelsome|I've got you cornered. Give up, or I'll ride you down like a dog.
str_surrender_demand_pitiless|You cannot defeat me, and I'll teach you a painful lesson if you try. Yield!
str_surrender_demand_cunning|You are outmatched today. Give up -- if not for your own sake, then think of your men!
str_surrender_demand_sadistic|Surrender or I'll gut you like a fish!
str_surrender_demand_goodnatured|We have the advantage of you. Yield, and you will be well-treated.
str_surrender_demand_upstanding|You may fight us, but many of your men will be killed, and you will probably lose. Yield, and spare us both the unnecessary bloodshed.
str_surrender_offer_default|Stop! I yield!
str_surrender_offer_martial|Stop! I yield!
str_surrender_offer_quarrelsome|Enough! You win today, you dog! Ach, the shame of it!
str_surrender_offer_pitiless|I yield! You have won. Cursed be this day!
str_surrender_offer_cunning|Stop! I yield to you!
str_surrender_offer_sadistic|I give up! I give up! Call back your dogs!
str_surrender_offer_goodnatured|I yield! Congratulations on your victory, {sir/madame}!
str_surrender_offer_upstanding|I yield! Grant me the honours of war, and do yourself credit!
str_prisoner_released_default|You have my gratitude, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget your kindness.
str_prisoner_released_martial|You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!
str_prisoner_released_quarrelsome|I'm free? Well... Good bye, then.
str_prisoner_released_pitiless|Thank you. When you are finally defeated, I will request for your death to be swift and merciful. Unless, that is, you care to join us... Good bye, for now.
str_prisoner_released_cunning|Am I? You are a good {man/woman}. I will try to find a way to repay you.
str_prisoner_released_sadistic|Am I? So refined is your cruelty, that you would rather see me free and humiliated, than in chains. Enjoy your triumph!
str_prisoner_released_goodnatured|You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!
str_prisoner_released_upstanding|You are indeed a {man/woman} of honour, {sir/madame}. I shall not forget this!
str_enemy_meet_default|Who are you, that comes in arms against me?
str_enemy_meet_martial|What is your name, {sir/madame}? If we come to blows, I would know whom I fight.
str_enemy_meet_quarrelsome|Who the hell are you?
str_enemy_meet_pitiless|Who are you? Speak, so that I may know whom I slay.
str_enemy_meet_cunning|Tell me your name. It is always good to know your enemy.
str_enemy_meet_sadistic|Who are you? Speak quick, before I cut your tongue out.
str_enemy_meet_goodnatured|What is your name, {sir/madame}? If we come to blows, I would know whom I fight.
str_enemy_meet_upstanding|Who are you, who would come in arms to dispute our righteous cause?
str_battle_won_default|You have proven yourself a most valued ally, today.
str_battle_won_martial|There is no greater fortune than the chance to show one's valor on the field of arms!
str_battle_won_quarrelsome|Hah! We showed those bastards a thing or two, there, didn't we?
str_battle_won_pitiless|Together, we will make the foe learn to fear our names, and to quail at our coming!
str_battle_won_cunning|Now, we must be sure to press our advantage, so that the blood shed today is not wasted.
str_battle_won_sadistic|Now let us strip their dead and leave them for the crows, so that all will know the fate of those who come against us.
str_battle_won_goodnatured|That was a good scrap! No joy like the joy of victory, eh?
str_battle_won_upstanding|Now, let us give thanks to the heavens for our victory, and mourn the many fine men who have fallen today.
str_battle_won_grudging_default|You helped turn the tide on the field, today. Whatever I may think of you, I cannot fault you for your valor.
str_battle_won_grudging_martial|{playername} -- you have shown yourself a worthy {man/woman} today, whatever your misdeeds in the past.
str_battle_won_grudging_quarrelsome|Hmf. Yours is not a face which I normally like to see, but I suppose today I should thank you for your help.
str_battle_won_grudging_pitiless|Your help was most valuable today. I would not imagine that you came to help me out of kindness, but I nonetheless thank you.
str_battle_won_grudging_cunning|It would be unwise of me not to thank you for coming to help me in my hour of need. So... You have my gratitude.
str_battle_won_grudging_sadistic|Well! How touching! {playername} has come to rescue me.
str_battle_won_grudging_goodnatured|{playername}! I can't say that we've always gotten along in the past, but you fought well today. My thanks to you!
str_battle_won_grudging_upstanding|Perhaps I was wrong about you. Your arrival was most timely. You have my gratitude.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_default|So you're here. Well, better late than never, I suppose.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_martial|We have hard harsh words in the past, but for now let us simply enjoy our victory.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_quarrelsome|If you're standing there waiting for thanks, you can keep waiting. Your help wasn't really needed, but I guess you had nothing better to do, right?
str_battle_won_unfriendly_pitiless|You have come here, like a jackal to a lion's kill. Very well then, help yourself to the spoils. I shall not stop you.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_cunning|{playername}... Well, I suppose your arrival didn't hurt, although I won't pretend that I'm happy to see you.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_sadistic|Back off, carrion fowl! This was my victory, however hard you try to steal the glory for yourself.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_goodnatured|Oh, it's you. Well, I suppose I should thank you for your help.
str_battle_won_unfriendly_upstanding|Thank you for coming to my support. Now I will be off, before I say something that I regret.
str_troop_train_request_default|I need someone like you to knock them into shape.
str_troop_train_request_martial|They need someone to show them the meaning of valor.
str_troop_train_request_quarrelsome|Fat lazy bastards. They make me puke.
str_troop_train_request_pitiless|They are more afraid of the enemy than they are of me, and this will not do.
str_troop_train_request_cunning|But men, like swords, are tempered and hardened by fire.
str_troop_train_request_sadistic|They need someone with steel in his back to flog some courage into them, or kill them trying.
str_troop_train_request_goodnatured|They're good enough lads, but I am afraid that they are not quite ready for a battle just yet.
str_troop_train_request_upstanding|It would be tantamount to murder for me to lead them into combat in their current state.
str_unprovoked_attack_default|What? Why do you attack us? Speak, you rascal!
str_unprovoked_attack_martial|I have no objection to a trial of arms, but I would ask you for what reason you attack us?
str_unprovoked_attack_quarrelsome|You're making a big mistake, {boy/girl}. What do you think you're doing?
str_unprovoked_attack_pitiless|Indeed? If you really want to die today, I'd be more than happy to oblige you, but I am curious as to what you hope to accomplish.
str_unprovoked_attack_cunning|Really? I think that you are acting most unwisely. What do you hope to gain by this?
str_unprovoked_attack_sadistic|What's this? Do you enjoy having your eyes put out?
str_unprovoked_attack_goodnatured|Why do you do this? We've got no quarrel, {sir/madame}.
str_unprovoked_attack_upstanding|I consider this an unprovoked assault, and will protest to your king. Why do you do this?
str_unnecessary_attack_default|I will not hesitate to cut you down if pressed, but I will offer you the chance to ride away from this.
str_unnecessary_attack_martial|I am eager to take you up on your challenge, {sir/madame}, although I will give you a minute to reconsider.
str_unnecessary_attack_quarrelsome|Bah! I'm in no mood for this nonsense today. Get out of my way.
str_unnecessary_attack_pitiless|I am in a merciful mood today. I will pretend that I did not hear you.
str_unnecessary_attack_cunning|I don't see what you have to gain by making an enemy of me. Maybe you should just ride away.
str_unnecessary_attack_sadistic|I have no time to waste on a worm like you. Get out of my way.
str_unnecessary_attack_goodnatured|I don't see what you have to gain by picking a fight, {sir/madame}. You can still ride away.
str_unnecessary_attack_upstanding|If a fight is what you wish, {sir/madame}, then you will have one, but I will yet offer you the chance to back down.
str_lord_challenged_default|As you wish. Prepare to die!
str_lord_challenged_martial|So be it. Defend yourself!
str_lord_challenged_quarrelsome|You impudent whelp! I'll crush you!
str_lord_challenged_pitiless|If you so badly wish to die, then I have no choice but to oblige you.
str_lord_challenged_cunning|Well, if you leave me no choice...
str_lord_challenged_sadistic|You heap of filth! I'll make you wish you'd never been born.
str_lord_challenged_goodnatured|Very well. I had hoped that we might avoid coming to blows, but I see that have no choice.
str_lord_challenged_upstanding|So be it. It saddens me that you cannot be made to see reason.
str_lord_mission_failed_default|Well, I am disappointed, but I am sure that you will have many chances to redeem yourself.
str_lord_mission_failed_martial|There is no honour in failing a quest which you endeavoured to take, but I will accept your word on it.
str_lord_mission_failed_quarrelsome|You failed? Bah. I should have expected as much from the likes of you.
str_lord_mission_failed_pitiless|You failed? Well. You disappoint me. That is a most unwise thing to do.
str_lord_mission_failed_cunning|Well, I am disappointed, but no one can guarantee that the winds of fortune will always blow their way.
str_lord_mission_failed_sadistic|Indeed? Those who fail me do not always live to regret it.
str_lord_mission_failed_goodnatured|Oh well. It was a long shot, anyway. Thank you for making an effort.
str_lord_mission_failed_upstanding|Very well. I am sure that you gave it your best effort.
str_lord_follow_refusal_default|Follow you? You forget your station, {sir/madame}.
str_lord_follow_refusal_martial|Perhaps if you one day prove yourself a valorous and honourable warrior, then I would follow you. But not today.
str_lord_follow_refusal_quarrelsome|Follow someone like you? I don't think so.
str_lord_follow_refusal_pitiless|Lords like me do not follow people like you, {sir/madame}.
str_lord_follow_refusal_cunning|First show me that you are the type of {man/woman} who will not lead me into disaster, and then perhaps I will follow you.
str_lord_follow_refusal_sadistic|I think not! Rather, you should follow me, as a whipped cur follows {his/her} master.
str_lord_follow_refusal_goodnatured|Um, I am a bit pressed with errands right now. Perhaps at a later date.
str_lord_follow_refusal_upstanding|First show me that you are worthy to lead, and then perhaps I will follow.
str_lord_insult_default|base varlot
str_lord_insult_martial|dishonourable knave
str_lord_insult_quarrelsome|filth-swilling bastard
str_lord_insult_pitiless|low-born worm
str_lord_insult_cunning|careless oaf
str_lord_insult_sadistic|sniveling cur
str_lord_insult_goodnatured|unpleasant fellow
str_lord_insult_upstanding|disgraceful scoundrel
str_rebellion_dilemma_martial|{s45} was clearly wronged. Although I gave an oath to {s46}, it does not bind me to support him if he usurped his throne illegally.
str_rebellion_dilemma_quarrelsome|Hmm. {s46} has never given me my due, so I don't figure I owe him much. However, maybe {s45} will be no better, and {s46} has at least shown himself .
str_rebellion_dilemma_pitiless|Hmm. {s45} says {reg3?she:he} is the rightful heir to the throne. That is good -- it absolves me of my oath to {s46}. But still I must weight my decision carefully.
str_rebellion_dilemma_cunning|Hmm. I gave an oath of homage to {s46}, yet the powerful are not bound by their oaths as our ordinary people. Our duty is to our own ability to rule, to impose order and prevent the war of all against all.
str_rebellion_dilemma_sadistic|Hmm. In this vile world, a wise man must think of himself, for no one else will. So -- what's in it for me?
str_rebellion_dilemma_goodnatured|I do not know what to say. I gave an oath to {s46} as the lawful ruler, but if he is not the lawful ruler, I don't know if I am still bound.
str_rebellion_dilemma_upstanding|This is troublesome. It is a grave thing to declare my homage to {s46} to be null and void, and dissolve the bonds which keep our land from sinking into anarchy. Yet I am also pledged to support the legitimacy of the succession, and {s45} also has a valid claim to the throne.
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_martial|On the other hand, {s46} has led us in war and peace, and I am loathe to renounce my allegiance.
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_quarrelsome|So tell me, why should I turn my back on the bastard I know, in favor of {reg3?a woman:the bastard} I don't know?
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_pitiless|It is a most perilous position to be in, to be asked whom I would make {reg3?ruler:king} of this land. Yet it is also a time of opportunity, for me to reap the rewards that have always been my due!
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_cunning|{s46} has been challenged, and thus he will never be able to rule as strongly as one whose claim has never been questioned. Yet if {s45} takes the throne by force, {reg3?she:he} will not be as strong as one who succeeded peacefully.
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_sadistic|Perhaps if I join {s45} while {reg3?she:he} is still weak {reg3?she:he} will enrich me, but perhaps if I bring {s46} your head he will give me an even greater reward.
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_goodnatured|{s46} has always treated me decently, yet it's true that he did wrong to {s45}. I hesitate to renounce my homage to {s46}, yet I also don't think it's right to support injustice.
str_rebellion_dilemma_2_upstanding|I feel that I must do whatever is best for the realm, to avoid it being laid waste by civil war and ravaged by its enemies.
str_rebellion_prior_argument_very_favorable|I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, and I tend to agree with them.
str_rebellion_prior_argument_favorable|I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, and I tend to agree with them.
str_rebellion_prior_argument_unfavorable|I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, but I do not find them convincing.
str_rebellion_prior_argument_very_unfavorable|I have already heard some arguments for supporting your candidate for the throne, but I disagree with most of them.
str_rebellion_rival_martial|{s49} your ally {s44} once questioned my honour and my bravery. It's not often I get the chance to face him in battle, and make him retract his statement.
str_rebellion_rival_quarrelsome|{s49} you're working with {s44}. He's a crafty weasel, and I don't trust him one bit.
str_rebellion_rival_pitiless|{s49} you seem to have enlisted the support of {s44} -- who is soft, and weak, and not fit to govern a fief, and whom I have always detested.
str_rebellion_rival_cunning|{s49} {s44}, who has already joined you, is headstrong and quarrelsome, and a bit of liability.
str_rebellion_rival_sadistic|{s49} I have no desire to fight alongside your ally {s44}, who puts on such a nauseating display of virtue.
str_rebellion_rival_goodnatured|{s49} I'd be reluctant to be on the same side as {s44}, who has quite a reputation for cruelty.
str_rebellion_rival_upstanding|{s49} your ally {s44} is in my opinion a dangerous, unreliable, and highly unprincipled man.
str_rebellion_argument_favorable|I respect your line of argument
str_rebellion_argument_neutral|I find your line of argument only moderately compelling
str_rebellion_argument_unfavorable|I do not find your line of argument compelling
str_rebellion_persuasion_favorable|you state your case eloquently
str_rebellion_persuasion_neutral|you make a reasonable case
str_rebellion_persuasion_unfavorable|you make an unconvincing case
str_rebellion_relation_very_favorable|I have the greatest respect for you personally.
str_rebellion_relation_favorable|I know and respect you personally.
str_rebellion_relation_neutral|I do not know you as well as I might like.
str_rebellion_relation_unfavorable|I do not trust you.
str_and_comma_1|, and
str_but_comma_1|, but
str_and_comma_2|. Moreover,
str_but_comma_2|. Nonetheless,
str_rebellion_agree_martial|I have decided. I will back {s45} as the rightful heir.
str_rebellion_agree_quarrelsome|Ahh, I've thought long enough. I never did like {s46} much anyway. Let's go take his throne away from him.
str_rebellion_agree_pitiless|You are fortunate. I have decided to join you. Pray do not give me cause to regret this decision.
str_rebellion_agree_cunning|This is a most dangerous decision, but after careful consideration, I have decided that I will join you. Let's hope it is for the best.
str_rebellion_agree_sadistic|I have decided. I will back your {reg3?woman:man} {s45}. But you'd best make sure that {reg3?she:he} rewards me well!
str_rebellion_agree_goodnatured|All right. I think your {reg3?woman:man} will be a good ruler. I'll join you.
str_rebellion_agree_upstanding|So be it. My first duty is to this realm, and to save it from lawlessness I will back {s45} and renounce my homage to {s46}. May the Heavens forgive me if I do wrong.
str_rebellion_refuse_martial|I am sorry. {s45} has a good claim, but it's not enough for me to turn my back on {s46}. I will remain loyal to my liege.
str_rebellion_refuse_quarrelsome|Nah. Your whelp {s45} doesn't have what it takes to rule this realm. I'm sticking with {s46}.
str_rebellion_agree_pitiless|No. I will not join your rebellion. I count it little more than the tantrum of a child, denied a bauble which {reg3?she:he} thinks should be {reg3?hers:his}. I will stick with {s46}, whose ability to rule is well-tested.
str_rebellion_agree_cunning|I am sorry. You do not give me reason for confidence that you will win. Many will die, but I do not wish to be among them. I will continue to back {s46}.
str_rebellion_agree_sadistic|No. I won't play your little game. You grasp at a crown, but I think instead you'll get a quick trip to the scaffold, and I'll be there by {s46}'s side to watch the headsman's axe drop.
str_rebellion_agree_goodnatured|I am sorry. I don't feel right turning my back on {s46}. No hard feelings when me meet on the battlefield.
str_rebellion_agree_upstanding|I am sorry. {s45}'s claim is not strong enough for me to inflict the curse of civil disorder on the poor wretches of this land. I will continue to back {s46}. May the Heavens forgive me if I do wrong.
str_talk_later_martial|Now is not the time to talk politics! I am here today with my fellow lords, armed for battle. You'd better prepare to fight.
str_talk_later_quarrelsome|Do you expect me to discuss betraying my liege with you, while we are surrounded by his army? What do you take me for, a bloody idiot?
str_talk_later_pitiless|Still your tongue! Whatever I have to say on this matter, I will not say it here and now, while we are in the midst of our army.
str_talk_later_cunning|This is hardly the time or the place for such a discussion. Perhaps we can discuss it at a later time and a different place, but for now we're still foes.
str_talk_later_sadistic|You should have your mouth sewn shut! Can you imagine what would happen if the other vassals see me talking to you of treason?
str_talk_later_goodnatured|So you wish to discuss your rebellion with me? Try that again when we aren't surrounded by my liege's army, and I will hear what you have to say.
str_talk_later_upstanding|Whatever my thoughts on the legitimacy of the succession, I am not about to discuss them here and now. If we meet again when we can talk in privacy, I will hear what you have to say on the matter. But for now, consider me your enemy.
str_gossip_about_character_default|They say that {s6} doesn't possess any interesting character traits.
str_gossip_about_character_martial|They say that {s6} loves nothing more than war.
str_gossip_about_character_quarrelsome|They say that {s6} almost came to blows with another lord lately, because the man made a joke about his nose.
str_gossip_about_character_selfrighteous|I heard that {s6} had a squire executed because the unfortunate man killed a deer in his forest.
str_gossip_about_character_cunning|They say that {s6} is a cunning opponent.
str_gossip_about_character_sadistic|They say that {s6} likes to torture his enemies. I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of that man.
str_gossip_about_character_goodnatured|They say that {s6} is a good man and treats people living in his lands decently. That is more than what can be said for most of the nobles.
str_gossip_about_character_upstanding|People say that it is good to be in the service of {s6}. He is good to his followers, and rewards them if they work well.
str_latest_rumor|The latest rumor you heard about {s6} was:
str_swadian_rebellion_pretender_intro|I am Isolla, rightful Queen of the Swadians.
str_vaegir_rebellion_pretender_intro|My name is Valdym. Some men call me 'the Bastard.' I am a prince of the Vaegirs, but by all rights I should be their king, instead of my cousin Yaroglek.
str_khergit_rebellion_pretender_intro|I am Dustum Khan, son of Janakir Khan, and rightful Khan of the Khergits.
str_nord_rebellion_pretender_intro|I am Lethwin Far-Seeker, son of Hakrim the Old, who should be king of the Nords of Calradia.
str_rhodok_rebellion_pretender_intro|I am Lord Kastor, the rightful King of the Rhodoks, who will free them from tyranny.
str_swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_1|I was the only child of my father, King Esterich. Although I am a woman, he loved me like a son and named me his heir -- not once, but several times, before the grandest nobles of the land so that none could doubt his intention. There is no law that bars a woman from ruling -- indeed, we Swadians tell tales of warrior queens who ruled us in our distant past.
str_vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_1|My father died when I was young, leaving me in the care of his brother, the regent Burelek. But rather than hold the throne until I came of age, this usurper used his newfound power to accuse my mother of adultery, and to claim that I was not my father's son. She was executed for treason, and I was declared a bastard.
str_khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_1|Sanjar Khan and I are brothers, sons of the old Janakir Khan, although of different mothers. Although I was the younger brother, all those who knew the old Khan will testify that throughout my father's life, I was his favorite, entrusted with the responsibilities of government. Sanjar busied himself with hunts and feasts to win the affection of the more dissolate of my father's commanders.
str_nord_rebellion_pretender_story_1|I am called the Far-Seeker because I have travelled great distances, even by the standards of the Nords, in search of knowledge. Before I came of age, my father sent me abroad on a tour of study at the courts and universities in the lands overseas. If the Nords are to call themselves the heirs of the Calradian empire, then they must act the part, and know something of law and letters, and not call themselves content merely to fight, plunder, and drink.
str_rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_1|The Rhodoks are a free people, and not slaves to any hereditary monarch. The king must be chosen from one of the leading noble families of the land, by a council drawn by lot from the patricians of the cities of Jelkala, Veluca, and Yalen. The council meets on a field before Jelkala, and no man is allowed to appear in arms during their deliberations, on pain of death.
str_swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_2|Yet when my father died, his cousin Harlaus convinced the nobles that no Swadian king of sound mind could name a woman as his heir. Harlaus said that his designation of me was the act of a madman, and thus had no legal standing, and that he, as my father's closest male relative, should of take the throne.
str_vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_2|I was smuggled abroad by a faithful servant, but now I am of age and have returned to reclaim what is rightfully mine. Burelek died soon after his act of perfidy -- the judgment of heaven, no doubt. His son Yaroglek now calls himself king, but as his claim is tainted, he is no less a usurper than his father, and I will topple him from his throne.
str_khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_2|According to Khergit custom, when a man dies his herds are split between all his sons, equally. So too it is with the khanate. When I heard of my father's death, I was away inspecting our borders, but I hurried home to Tulga, ready to give Sanjar his due and share the khanate with him. But when I arrived, I found that he rushed his supporters to the court, to have himself proclaimed as the sole khan.
str_nord_rebellion_pretender_story_2|My father died however before I completed my course of study, and as I hurried home to claim his throne my ship was wrecked by a storm. One of my father's thanes, Ragnar, seized this opportunity and spread rumors that I had died abroad. He summoned a gathering of his supporters to have himself proclaimed king, and has taken the past few years to consolidate his power.
str_rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_2|During the last selection, there were but two candidates, myself, and Lord Graveth. While the council was deliberating, Graveth appeared, sword in hand, telling them that a Swadian raiding party was about to descend on the field of deliberation -- which was true, by the way -- and if he were not elected king, then he would leave them to their fate.
str_swadian_rebellion_pretender_story_3|I will admit that I did my cause no good by cursing Harlaus and all who listened to him as traitors, but I also believe that the magistrates who ruled in his favor were bought. No matter -- I will raise an army of loyal subjects, who would honour their old king's memory and will. And if anyone doubts that a woman can wield power, then I will prove them wrong by taking Harlaus' ill-gotten crown away from him.
str_vaegir_rebellion_pretender_story_3|Until I have my rights restored in the sight of all the Vaegirs, I will bear the sobriquet, 'the Bastard', to remind me of what I must do.
str_khergit_rebellion_pretender_story_3|My brother thinks that Khergits will only respect strength: a leader who takes what he wants, when he wants it. But I think that he misreads the spirit of our people.--we admire a resolute leader, but even more we a just one, and we know that a man who does not respect his own brother's rights will not respect the rights of his followers.
str_nord_rebellion_pretender_story_3|So I remain in exile -- except now I am not looking for sages to tutor me in the wisdom of faraway lands, but warriors, to come with me back to the land of the Nords and regain my throne. If Ragnar doubts my ability to rule, then let him say so face to face, as we stare at each other over the rims of our shields. For a warrior can be a scholar, and a scholar a warrior, and to my mind, only one who combines the two is fit to be king!
str_rhodok_rebellion_pretender_story_3|Well, Graveth defeated the Swadians, and for that, as a Rhodok, I am grateful. When I am king, I will myself place the wreath of victory on his head. But after that I will have it separated from his shoulders, for by his actions he has shown himself a traitor to the Rhodok confederacy and its sacred custom.
str_swadian_rebellion_monarch_response_1|Isolla thinks she should be Queen of the Swadians? Well, King Esterich had a kind heart, and doted on his daughter, but a good-hearted king who doesn't use his head can be a curse to his people. Isolla may tell you stories of warrior queens of old, but you might also recall that all the old legends end in the same way -- with the Swadians crushed underfoot by the armies of the Calradic Emperor.
str_vaegir_rebellion_monarch_response_1|Were Valdym to come to me in peace, I would laden him with titles and honours, and he would become the greatest of my vassals. But as he comes in war, I will drag him before me in chains and make him acknowledge me as rightful sovereign, then cut his tongue from his mouth so that he cannot recant.
str_khergit_rebellion_monarch_response_1|My brother Dustum has perhaps told you of his insistence upon splitting the khanate, as though it were a herd of sheep. Let me tell you something. Ever since the Khergits established themselves on this land, the death of every khan has had the same result -- the land was divided, the khan's sons went to war, and the strongest took it all anyway. I simply had the foresight to stave off the civil war in advance.
str_nord_rebellion_monarch_response_1|Lethwin 'Far-Seeker'? Lethwin Inkfingers, is more like it. Perhaps you have heard the expression, 'Unhappy is the land whose king is a child.' Unhappy too is the land whose king is a student. You want the Nords to be ruled by a beardless youth, whose hand bears no callouses left by a sword's grip, who has never stood in a shield wall? If Lethwin were king, his thanes would laugh at him to his face!
str_rhodok_rebellion_monarch_response_1|No doubt Lord Kastor told you that I defiled the hallowed Rhodok custom by interfering with the patricians' election of a king. Well, let me tell you something. The patricians of the towns make longwinded speeches about our ancient liberties, but then choose as their king whichever noble last sat in their villa and sipped a fine wine and promised to overlook their unpaid taxes.
str_swadian_rebellion_monarch_response_2|Those who weep for the plight of a Swadian princess denied her father's throne should reflect instead on the fate of a Swadian herdswoman seized by a Vaegir raider and taken as chattel to the slave markets. Talk to me of queens and old stories when our warlike neighbors are vanquished, and our land is at peace.
str_vaegir_rebellion_monarch_response_2|Whatever my father may or may not have done to secure the throne does not matter. I have inherited it, and that is final. If every old claim were to be brought up anew, if every man's inheritance could be called into question at any time, then it would be the end of the institution of kingship, and we would live in a state of constant civil war.
str_khergit_rebellion_monarch_response_2|Dustum would make a fine assessor of flocks, or adjudicator of land disputes. But can you imagine such a man as khan? We would be run off of our land in no time by our neighbors, and return to our old days of starving and freezing on the steppe.
str_nord_rebellion_monarch_response_2|Old Hakrim may have had fancy ideas about how to dispose of his kingdom, but it is not just royal blood that makes a King of the Nords. I am king by acclamation of the thanes, and by right of being the strongest. That counts for more than blood, and woe to any man in this land who says otherwise.
str_rhodok_rebellion_monarch_response_2|The only liberty that concerns them is their liberty to grow fat. Meanwhile, my men sleep out on the steppe, and eat dry bread and salt fish, and scan the horizon for burning villages, and shed our blood to keep the caravan routes open. Here's an idea -- if I ever meet a merchant who limps from a Khergit arrow-wound or a Swadian sword-stroke, then I'll say, 'Here's a man whose counsel is worth taking.'
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str_credits_5|Concept Artist:^Ganbat Badamkhand
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