【登録タグ: R さはら とめP 巡音ルカ



  • R&B調の大人向けのしっとりとした愛の歌
  • 全編英詩であり、ルカの愛を込められたしっとりとした歌声が染みる歌。




Yeah, you've got me hypnotized
Can't believe, no...
Boy, you've made me realized
I'm in love with you

You've made a red rose bloom in my room
And I sleep in the sweet perfume
Gets me just dreamin' of those
Things you do

  Your what I've been lookin' for, ain't no one can be like you
  Baby let me hold you close, I don't know what else to do
  Never felt this way before, you got something in your eyes
  And like the scent of this rose, my love for you never dies

I want you
Just want you to know what is on my mind
You softly try to dry my eyes when there's nowhere to find
Yes you've let my heart unwind

You are the one
  who sings a song that's left unsung
You are the one
  whose mind set and heart is so young
Am I the one
  for you to show all your love
Won't you let me be your red rose, cuz I need some affection

My life has turned to be so rosy for your perfection

It doesn't matter how far we are apart
You will forever remain in my heart
We are together and never ever
Meant to be torn apart

I need you
Just need you here right by my side tonite
Thru the window comes the moonshine, and it makes the rose white
Yes you've let my heart ignite

It's cause of you
  that I have been feeling this way
I'm so confused
  with you is where I don't feel stray
I wanna have
  your heart I'll never betray
Don't you make me be your white rose, yeah I need more affection

You've made a red rose bloom in my room
And I rise in the sweet perfume
Gets me thinkin' of things you do
That makes me love you

Do you feel what I feel
I sing you this song for real
If you be feeling this way too
I'll give this rose to you


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