dlga_castle_guard_sneaked_intro_1:castle_guard_sneaked_intro_2|I want to enter the hall and speak to the lord.
dlga_castle_guard_sneaked_intro_2:close_window|Are you out of your mind, {man/woman}? Beggars are not allowed into the hall. Now get lost or I'll beat you bloody.
dlga_start:castle_guard_intro_1|What do you want?
dlga_castle_guard_intro_1:castle_guard_intro_2|I want to enter the hall and speak to the lord.
dlga_castle_guard_intro_1:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_castle_guard_intro_2:castle_guard_intro_2|You can go in after leaving your weapons with me. No one is allowed to carry arms into the lord's hall.
dlga_castle_guard_intro_2:close_window|Here, take my arms. I'll go in.
dlga_castle_guard_intro_2:castle_guard_intro_2b|No, I give my arms to no one.
dlga_castle_guard_intro_2b:close_window|Then you can't go in.
dlga_start:castle_gate_guard_talk|What do you want?
dlga_castle_gate_guard_talk:castle_gate_open|We need shelter for the night. Will you let us in?
dlga_castle_gate_guard_talk:request_meeting_castle_lord|I want to speak with the lord of the castle.
dlga_castle_gate_guard_talk:request_meeting_other|I want to speak with someone in the castle.
dlga_request_meeting_castle_lord:close_window|Wait here. {s2} will see you.
dlga_request_meeting_castle_lord:castle_gate_guard_pretalk|My lord is not here now.
dlga_request_meeting_other:request_meeting_3|Who is that?
dlga_request_meeting_3:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_request_meeting_4:request_meeting_5|Wait there. I'll send him your request.
dlga_request_meeting_5:request_meeting_6|I'm waiting...
dlga_request_meeting_6:close_window|All right. {s2} will talk to you now.
dlga_request_meeting_6:close_window.1|{s2} says he will not see you. Begone now.
dlga_castle_gate_open:close_window|My lord {s2} will be happy to see you {sir/madam}. Come on in. I am opening the gates for you.
dlga_castle_gate_open:close_window.1|My lord {s2} is not in the castle now. But I think he would approve of you taking shelter here. Come on in. I am opening the gates for you.
dlga_castle_gate_open:close_window.2|Come on in. I am opening the gates for you.
dlga_castle_gate_open:close_window.3|Come on in. But make sure your men behave sensibly within the walls. My lord {s2} does not want trouble here.
dlga_castle_gate_open:close_window.4|My lord {s2} does not want you here. Begone now.
dlga_start:close_window.5|You have come just in time. Let us join our forces now and teach our enemy a lesson.
dlga_start:close_window.6|You are making a big mistake by fighting against us.
dlga_start:ally_thanks_meet|I don't think we have met properly my friend. You just saved my life out there, and I still don't know your name...
dlga_start:ally_thanks_meet.1|Your help was most welcome stranger. My name is {s1}. Can I learn yours?
dlga_start:ally_thanks_meet.2|Thanks for your help, stranger. We haven't met properly yet, have we? What is your name?
dlga_ally_thanks_meet:ally_thanks_meet_2|My name is {playername}.
dlga_ally_thanks_meet_2:close_window|Well met indeed {playername}. My name is {s1} and I am forever in your debt. If there is ever anything I can help you with, just let me know...
dlga_ally_thanks_meet_2:close_window.1|Well met {playername}. I am in your debt for what you just did. I hope one day I will find a way to repay it.
dlga_ally_thanks_meet_2:close_window.2|Well met {playername}. I am {s1}. Thanks for your help and I hope we meet again.
dlga_start:close_window.7|Again you save our necks, {playername}! Truly, you are the best of friends. {s43}
dlga_start:close_window.8|You arrived just in the nick of time! {playername}. You have my deepest thanks! {s43}
dlga_start:close_window.9|You turned up just in time, {playername}. I will not forget your help. {s43}
dlga_start:close_window.10|Good to see you here, {playername}. {s43}
dlga_start:close_window.13|Thank you for your help {sir/madam}. You saved {reg1?our lives:my life} out there.
dlga_start:close_window.14|Thank you for your help {sir/madam}. Things didn't look very well for us but then you came up and everything changed.
dlga_start:close_window.15|Thank you for your help.
dlga_start:kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle|Oh {sir/madam}. Thank you so much for rescuing me. Will you take me to my family now?
dlga_start:freed_hero_answer|I am in your debt for freeing me friend.
dlga_freed_hero_answer:freed_hero_answer_1|You're not going anywhere. You'll be my prisoner now!
dlga_freed_hero_answer_1:close_window|Alas. Will my luck never change?
dlga_freed_hero_answer:freed_hero_answer_2|You're free to go, {s65}.
dlga_freed_hero_answer_2:close_window|Thank you, good {sire/lady}. I never forget someone who's done me a good turn.
dlga_freed_hero_answer:freed_hero_answer_3|Would you like to join me?
dlga_freed_hero_answer_3:close_window|All right I will join you.
dlga_freed_hero_answer_3:close_window.1|No, I want to go on my own.
dlga_start:defeat_hero_answer|You'll not live long to enjoy your victory. My kinsmen will soon wipe out the stain of this defeat.
dlga_defeat_hero_answer:defeat_hero_answer_1|You are my prisoner now.
dlga_defeat_hero_answer_1:close_window|Damn you. You will regret this.
dlga_defeat_hero_answer:defeat_hero_answer_2|You're free to go this time, but don't cross my path again.
dlga_defeat_hero_answer_2:close_window|We will meet again.
dlga_start:local_merchant_mercy|Mercy! Please don't kill me!
dlga_local_merchant_mercy:local_merchant_mercy_no|I have nothing against you man. But {s2} wants you dead. Sorry.
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_no:close_window|Damn you! May you burn in Hell!
dlga_local_merchant_mercy:local_merchant_mercy_yes|I'll let you live, if you promise me...
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes:local_merchant_mercy_yes_2|Of course, I promise, I'll do anything. Just spare my life...
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes_2:local_merchant_mercy_yes_3|You are going to forget about {s2}'s debt to you. And you will sign a paper stating that he owes you nothing.
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes_3:local_merchant_mercy_yes_4|Yes, of course. I'll do as you say.
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes_4:local_merchant_mercy_yes_5|And if my lord hears so much of a hint of a complaint about this issue, then I'll come back for you, and it won't matter how much you scream for mercy then. Do you understand me?
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes_5:local_merchant_mercy_yes_6|Yes {sir/madam}. Don't worry. I won't make any complaint.
dlga_local_merchant_mercy_yes_6:close_window|Good. Go now, before I change my mind.
dlga_start:fugitive_1|Yes, what do you want?
dlga_fugitive_1:fugitive_2|I am looking for a murderer by the name of {s4}. You fit his description.
dlga_fugitive_1:close_window|Nothing. Sorry to trouble you.
dlga_fugitive_2:fugitive_3|I do not know what you are talking about {sir/madam}. I assure you, I am just one of the dwellers here.
dlga_fugitive_3:fugitive_4|Then drop your sword. If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. We'll go now and talk to your neighbours, and if they verify your story, I'll go my way.
dlga_fugitive_4:close_window|Damn you! You will not be going anywhere!
dlga_member_chat:sacrificed_messenger_1|Yes {sir/madam}?
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_1:sacrificed_messenger_2|Take this letter to {s1} and give it to {s2}.
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_1:close_window|Nothing. Nothing at all.
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_2:sacrificed_messenger_3|Yes {sir/madam}. You can trust me. I will not fail you.
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_3:close_window|Good. I will not forget your service. You will be rewarded when you return.
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_3:sacrificed_messenger_cancel|Arggh! I can't do this. I can't send you to your own death!
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_cancel:sacrificed_messenger_cancel_2|What do you mean {sir/madam}
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_cancel_2:sacrificed_messenger_cancel_3|There's a trap set up for you in the town. {s3} ordered me to sacrifice one of my chosen warriors to fool the enemy, but he will just need to find another way.
dlga_sacrificed_messenger_cancel_3:close_window|Thank you, {sir/madam}. I will follow you to the gates of hell. But this would not be a good death.
dlga_start:close_window.16|Don't worry, {sir/madam}, I'm on my way.
dlga_start:follow_spy_talk|Good day {sir/madam}. Such fine weather don't you think? If you'll excuse me now I must go on my way.
dlga_follow_spy_talk:follow_spy_talk_2|In the name of {s1}, you are under arrest!
dlga_follow_spy_talk_2:close_window|You won't get me alive!
dlga_follow_spy_talk:close_window|Never mind me. I was just passing by.
dlga_spy_partners_talk:spy_partners_talk_2|In the name of {s1} You are under arrest!
dlga_spy_partners_talk_2:close_window|You will have to fight us first!
dlga_spy_partners_talk:close_window|Never mind me. I was just passing by.
dlga_start:runaway_serf_intro_1|Good day {sir/madam}.
dlga_runaway_serf_intro_1:runaway_serf_intro_2|I have been sent by your {s4} whom you are running from. He will not punish you if you return now.
dlga_runaway_serf_intro_2:runaway_serf_intro_3|My good {sir/madam}. Our lives at our village {s1} was unbearable. We worked all day long and still went to bed hungry. We are going to {s6} to start a new life, where we will be treated like humans.
dlga_runaway_serf_intro_3:runaway_serf_go_back|You have gone against our laws by running from your bondage. You will go back to {s1} now!
dlga_runaway_serf_intro_3:runaway_serf_let_go|Well, maybe you are right. All right then. If anyone asks, I haven't seen you.
dlga_runaway_serf_go_back:close_window|All right {sir/madam}. As you wish. We'll head back to {s5} now.
dlga_runaway_serf_let_go:close_window|God bless you, {sir/madam}. We will not forget your help.
dlga_start:runaway_serf_reconsider|Good day {sir/madam}. Don't worry. If anyone asks, we haven't seen you.
dlga_runaway_serf_reconsider:runaway_serf_go_back|I have changed my mind. You must back to your village!
dlga_runaway_serf_reconsider:runaway_serf_let_go|Good. Go quickly now before I change my mind.
dlga_start:runaway_serf_talk_caught|Good day {sir/madam}. We were heading back to {s5}, but I am afraid we lost our way.
dlga_runaway_serf_talk_caught:runaway_serf_go_back|Do not test my patience. You are going back now!
dlga_runaway_serf_talk_caught:runaway_serf_let_go|Well, if you are that eager to go, then go.
dlga_start:runaway_serf_talk_again_return|We are on our way back to {s5} {sir/madam}.
dlga_runaway_serf_talk_again_return:runaway_serf_talk_again_return_2|Make haste now. The sooner you return the better.
dlga_runaway_serf_talk_again_return:runaway_serf_talk_again_return_2.1|Good. Keep going.
dlga_runaway_serf_talk_again_return_2:close_window|Yes {sir/madam}. As you wish.
dlga_start:deserter_paid_talk|What do you want? You want to pay us some more money?
dlga_deserter_paid_talk:deserter_paid_talk_2a|Sorry to trouble you. I'll be on my way now.
dlga_deserter_paid_talk_2a:close_window|Yeah. Stop fooling around and go make some money. I want to see that purse full next time I see you.
dlga_deserter_paid_talk:deserter_paid_talk_2b|No. It's your turn to pay me this time.
dlga_deserter_paid_talk_2b:close_window|What nonsense are you talking about? You want trouble? You got it.
dlga_start:deserter_talk|We are the free brothers. We will fight only for ourselves from now on. Now give us your gold or taste our steel.
dlga_deserter_talk:close_window|When I'm done with you, you'll regret ever leaving the army.
dlga_deserter_talk:deserter_barter|There's no need to fight. I am ready to pay for free passage.
dlga_deserter_barter:deserter_barter_2|Good. You are clever. You pay us {reg5} denars. Then you can go.
dlga_deserter_barter_2:deserter_barter_3a|All right here's your {reg5} denars.
dlga_deserter_barter_2:deserter_barter_3b|I don't have that much money with me
dlga_deserter_barter_3b:close_window|Too bad. Then we'll have to sell you to the slavers.
dlga_deserter_barter_3a:close_window|Heh. That wasn't difficult now was it? All right. Go now.
dlga_start:tavernkeeper_talk|Good day dear {sir/madam}. How can I help you?
dlga_tavernkeeper_pretalk:tavernkeeper_talk|Anything else?
dlga_tavernkeeper_talk:tavernkeeper_deliver_wine|I was told to deliver you {reg9} units of {s4}.
dlga_tavernkeeper_deliver_wine:tavernkeeper_pretalk|At last! My stock was almost depleted. I had paid the cost of the {s4} in advance. Here, take these {reg5} denars. That should cover your pay. And give {s9} my regards. I'll put in a good word for you next time I deal with him.
dlga_tavernkeeper_talk:tavernkeeper_deliver_wine_incomplete|I was told to deliver you {reg9} units of {s4}, but I lost some of the cargo on the way.
dlga_tavernkeeper_deliver_wine_incomplete:tavernkeeper_pretalk|Attacked by bandits eh? You are lucky they left you alive. Anyway, I can pay you no more than {reg5} denars for this. And I will let {s1} know that my order was delivered less than completely, so you will probably be charged for this loss.
dlga_tavernkeeper_talk:tavernkeeper_deliver_wine_lost|I was told to deliver you {reg9} units of {s4}, but I lost the cargo on the way.
dlga_tavernkeeper_deliver_wine_lost:tavernkeeper_pretalk|What? I was waiting for that {s4} for weeks! And now you are telling me that you lost it? You may rest assured that I will let {s1} know about this.
dlga_tavernkeeper_talk:tavernkeeper_buy_drinks|I'd like to buy every man who comes in here tonight a jar of your best wine.
dlga_tavernkeeper_buy_drinks:tavernkeeper_buy_drinks_2|Of course, {my lord/my lady}. I reckon {reg5} denars should be enough for that. What should I tell the lads?
dlga_tavernkeeper_buy_drinks_2:tavernkeeper_buy_drinks_end|Let everyone know of the generosity of {playername} to the people of {s10}.
dlga_tavernkeeper_buy_drinks_end:tavernkeeper_pretalk|Don't worry {sir/madam}. Your name will be cheered and toasted here all night.
dlga_tavernkeeper_buy_drinks_2:tavernkeeper_pretalk|Actually, cancel that order.
dlga_tavernkeeper_talk:close_window|I guess I should leave now.
dlga_start:ransom_broker_intro|Greetings to you, {sir/madam}. You look like someone who should get to know me.
dlga_ransom_broker_intro:ransom_broker_intro_2|Why is that?
dlga_ransom_broker_intro_2:ransom_broker_info_talk|I broker ransoms for the poor wretches who are captured in these endless wars. Normally I travel between the salt mines and the slave markets on the coast, on commission from those whose relatives have gone missing. But if I'm out on my errands of mercy, and I come across a fellow dragging around a captive or two, well, there's no harm in a little speculative investment, is there? And you look like the type who might have a prisoner to sell.
dlga_ransom_broker_info_talk:ransom_broker_families|What if their families can't pay?
dlga_ransom_broker_families:ransom_broker_info_talk|Oh, then I spin them a few heartwarming tales of life on the galleys. You'd be surprised what sorts of treasures a peasant can dig out of his cowshed or wheedle out of his cousins, assuming he's got the proper motivation! And if in the end they cannot come up with the silver, then there are always slave merchants who are looking for galley slaves. One cannot do Heaven's work with an empty purse, you see.
dlga_ransom_broker_info_talk:ransom_broker_prices|What can I get for a prisoner?
dlga_ransom_broker_prices:ransom_broker_info_talk|It varies. I fancy that I have a fine eye for assessing a ransom. There are a dozen little things about a man that will tell you whether he goes to bed hungry, or dines each night on soft dumplings and goose. The real money of course is in the gentry, and if you ever want to do my job you'll want to learn about every landowning family in Calradia, their estates, their heraldry, their offspring both lawful and bastard, and, of course, their credit with the merchants.
dlga_ransom_broker_info_talk:ransom_broker_ransom_me|Would you be able to ransom me if I were taken?
dlga_ransom_broker_ransom_me:ransom_broker_info_talk|Of course. I'm welcome in every court in Calradia. There's not many who can say that! So always be sure to keep a pot of denars buried somewhere, and a loyal servant who can find it in a hurry.
dlga_ransom_broker_info_talk:ransom_broker_pretalk|That's all I need to know. Thanks.
dlga_start:ransom_broker_talk|Greetings. If you have any prisoners, I will be happy to buy them from you.
dlga_ransom_broker_pretalk:ransom_broker_talk|Anyway, if you have any prisoners, I will be happy to buy them from you.
dlga_ransom_broker_talk:ransom_broker_sell_prisoners|Then you'd better bring your purse. I have got prisoners to sell.
dlga_ransom_broker_talk:ransom_broker_intro_2|Tell me about what you do again.
dlga_ransom_broker_talk:close_window|Not this time. Good-bye.
dlga_ransom_broker_sell_prisoners:ransom_broker_sell_prisoners_2|Let me see what you have...
dlga_ransom_broker_sell_prisoners_2:close_window|I will be staying here for a few days. Let me know if you need my services.
dlga_start:tavern_traveler_talk|Greetings, friend. You look like the kind of {man/person} who'd do well to know me. I travel a lot all across Calradia and keep an open ear. I can provide you information that you might find useful. For a meager price of course.
dlga_start:tavern_traveler_lost_companion_thanks|Greetings, {playername}. I saw your companion {s10} at a tavern in {s11} some days ago. I thought you might like to know.
dlga_tavern_traveler_lost_companion_thanks:tavern_traveler_pretalk|Thanks. I'll go and find {reg3?her:him} there.
dlga_tavern_traveler_lost_companion_thanks:tavern_traveler_pretalk.1|Thanks, but I don't really care.
dlga_start:tavern_traveler_talk.1|Greetings, {playername}.
dlga_tavern_traveler_talk:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms|What can you tell me about this land?
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_2|Calradia is divided between rival kingdoms, which can neither manage to live in peace with their neighbours, nor completely eliminate them. As a result, there's seldom a break to the bitter wars which plague this land and drain its life blood. Well, at least this must be a good place to be for an adventurer such as yourself. With some luck and skill, you can make a name for yourself here, amass a fortune perhaps, or gain great power. Opportunities are endless and so are the rewards, if you are willing to risk your life for them.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_2:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_3|Tell me more about these opportunities.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_2:close_window|Thank you. That was all I needed to know
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_3:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_4|Well, you probably know everything I could tell you already. You seem to be doing pretty well.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_3:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_4.1|The kingdoms will pay good money for mercenaries if they are engaged in a war. If you have done a bit of fighting, speaking with one of their lords will probably result in being offered a mercenary contract. However the real rewards come if you can manage to become a vassal to a king. A vassal can own villages, castles and towns and get rich with the taxes and revenues of these estates. Normally, only nobles of the realm own land in this way, but in time of war, a king will not hesitate to accept someone who distinugishes {himself/herself} on the battlefield as a vassal, and grant {him/her} the right to own land.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_4:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_5|The only path closed to a an adventurer such as you would be becoming the {king/queen} of a kingdom. The people and nobles of these lands would never accept an upstart adventurer as their ruler. But don't think that kings can sit on their thrones too comfortably, either. They have their own rivals, those who are born to the right family, who could go around and stir up trouble saying they have a better claim to the throne than the current king. If those claim holders could find supporters, they could easily start civil wars and perhaps even replace the king one day.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_5:tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_6|Interesting. Where can I find these claim holders?
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_5:close_window|I guess I heard enough already. Thank you.
dlga_tavern_traveler_tell_kingdoms_6:tavern_traveler_pretalk|A claim holder's life would be in danger in his own country of course. Therefore, they usually stay at rival courts, raising support and hoping to find someone willing to champion their cause. I usually hear news about some of them, and may be able to tell you their location with some precision. But of course, I would ask for a little something for such a service.
dlga_tavern_traveler_talk:tavern_traveler_pretender_location|I want to know the location of a claimant.
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location:tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask|Whose location do you want to know?
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask:tavern_traveler_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask_2:tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask_money|I can reveal this information to you for a small price, let's say 30 denars.
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask_money:tavern_traveler_pretender_location_tell|All right. Here is 30 denars.
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location_ask_money:tavern_traveler_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_tavern_traveler_pretender_location_tell:tavern_traveler_pretalk|{s15} is currently at {s11}.
dlga_tavern_traveler_talk:tavern_traveler_companion_location|I am looking for one of my companions...
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location:tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask|Maybe I can help you. Who are you looking for?
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask:tavern_traveler_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask_2:tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask_money|I guess I know where {s15} is. For 30 denars, I'll tell you.
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask_money:tavern_traveler_companion_location_tell|All right. Here is 30 denars.
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location_ask_money:tavern_traveler_pretalk|Never mind.
dlga_tavern_traveler_companion_location_tell:tavern_traveler_pretalk|{s15} is currently at {s11}.
dlga_start:tavern_traveler_answer|Greetings. They say you're the kind of {man/woman} who'd be interested to hear that I travel frequently to {s17}. I'll tell you all I know for a mere 100 denars.
dlga_tavern_traveler_answer:tavern_traveler_continue|Here's 100 denars. Tell me what you know.
dlga_tavern_traveler_answer:close_window|Sorry friend. I am not interested.
dlga_tavern_traveler_continue:close_window|Well, that's all I can tell you. Good bye.
dlga_start:bookseller_talk|Good day {sir/madam}, will you be looking at my books?
dlga_bookseller_talk:bookseller_buy|Yes. Show me what you have for sale.
dlga_bookseller_buy:book_trade_completed|Of course {sir/madam}.
dlga_book_trade_completed:bookseller_talk|Anything else?
dlga_bookseller_talk:close_window|Nothing. Thanks.
dlga_start:close_window.17|TODO: Hello. I am a minstrel. (Not implemeted yet)
dlga_start:farmer_from_bandit_village_1|{My lord/Madam}, you look like a {man/lady} of the sword and someone who could help us. Will you hear my plea?
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_1:farmer_from_bandit_village_2|What is the matter, my good man?
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_1:farmer_from_bandit_village_2.1|What are you blurbing about peasant? Speak out.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_2:farmer_from_bandit_village_3|A band of brigands have taken refuge in our village. They take everything we have, force us to serve them, and do us much evil. If one of us so much as breathes a word of protest, they kill the poor soul on the spot right away. Our lives have become unbearable. I risked my skin and ran away to find someone who can help us.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_3:farmer_from_bandit_village_4|Why don't you go to the lord of your village? He should take care of the vermin.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_4:farmer_from_bandit_village_5|I did, {sir/madam}, but our lord's men did not let me see him and said he was occupied with more important matters and that we should deal with our own problem ourselves. Please {sir/madam}, you look like a {man/lady} of valor and a fearsome warrior, and you have no doubt many friends and soldiers at your service. If there is anyone who can help us, it's you.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_5:farmer_from_bandit_village_accepted|Very well, I'll help you. Where is this village?
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_5:farmer_from_bandit_village_denied|I can't be bothered with this right now.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_5:farmer_from_bandit_village_barter|Why would I fight these bandits? What's in it for me?
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_accepted:close_window|God bless you, {sir/madam}. Our village is {s7}. It is not too far from here.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_denied:close_window|As you say {sir/madam}. Forgive me for bothering you.
dlga_farmer_from_bandit_village_barter:farmer_from_bandit_village_5|We are but poor farmers {sir/madam}, and the bandits have already got most of what we have on this world. but we'll be glad to share with you whatever we have got. And we'll always be in your gratitude if you help us.
dlga_start:close_window.18|Thank you for helping us {sir/madam}. Crush those bandits!
dlga_start:mercenary_tavern_talk|Do you have a need for mercenaries, {sir/madam}? {reg3?Me and {reg4?{reg3} of my mates:one of my mates} are:I am} looking for a master. We'll join you for {reg5} denars.
dlga_start:mercenary_after_recruited|Any orders, {sir/madam}?
dlga_mercenary_after_recruited:mercenary_after_recruited_2|Make your preparations. We'll be moving at dawn.
dlga_mercenary_after_recruited:mercenary_after_recruited_2.1|Take your time. We'll be staying in this town for a while.
dlga_mercenary_after_recruited_2:close_window|Yes {sir/madam}. We'll be ready when you tell us to leave.
dlga_mercenary_tavern_talk:mercenary_tavern_talk_hire|All right. I will hire all of you. Here is {reg5} denars.
dlga_mercenary_tavern_talk:mercenary_tavern_talk_hire.1|All right. But I can only hire {reg6} of you. Here is {reg5} denars.
dlga_mercenary_tavern_talk:tavern_mercenary_cant_lead|That sounds good. But I can't afford to hire any more men right now.
dlga_tavern_mercenary_cant_lead:close_window|That's a pity. Well, {reg3?we will:I will} be lingering around here for a while, if you need to hire anyone.
dlga_mercenary_tavern_talk:tavern_mercenary_cant_lead.1|That sounds good. But I can't lead any more men right now.
dlga_mercenary_tavern_talk:close_window|Sorry. I don't need any other men right now.
dlga_start:trainer_intro_1|Good day to you {lad/lass}. You look like another adventurer who has come to try {his/her} chance in these lands. Well, trust my word, you won't be able to survive long here unless you know how to fight yourself out of a tight spot.
dlga_trainer_intro_1:trainer_intro_2|Thank you for your advice. This place looks like a training field. Maybe I can learn about fighting here?
dlga_trainer_intro_2:trainer_intro_3|Indeed you can. I am a veteran soldier... fought a good deal in the wars in my time. But these days, I train young novices in this area. I can find you some opponents to practice with if you like. Or if you have any questions about the theory of combat, feel free to ask.
dlga_trainer_intro_3:trainer_intro_4a|Yes, I do have a few questions.
dlga_trainer_intro_3:trainer_intro_4b|Actually, I can move on to practice.
dlga_trainer_intro_4a:trainer_talk_combat|Well, ask anything you like.
dlga_trainer_intro_4b:trainer_practice_1|Good. It's good to find someone eager for practice. Let's see what you will do.
dlga_start:trainer_practice_1|That was a good fight.
dlga_start:trainer_practice_1.1|Ha! Looks like you've developed a bit of a limp there. Don't worry, even losses have their value, provided you learn from them. Shake the stars out of your eyes and get back in there. There's no other way to win.
dlga_start:trainer_talk|Good day. Ready for some training today?
dlga_trainer_pretalk:trainer_talk|Ah, are you ready for some training?
dlga_trainer_talk:trainer_practice_1|I am ready for some practice.
dlga_trainer_talk:trainer_combat_begin|First, tell me something about combat...
dlga_trainer_talk:close_window|I need to leave now. Farewell.
dlga_trainer_combat_begin:trainer_talk_combat|What do you want to know?
dlga_trainer_combat_pretalk:trainer_talk_combat|What else do you want to know?
dlga_trainer_talk_combat:trainer_explain_defense|Tell me about defending myself.
dlga_trainer_talk_combat:trainer_explain_attack|Tell me about attacking with weapons.
dlga_trainer_talk_combat:trainer_explain_horseback|Tell me about fighting on horseback.
dlga_trainer_talk_combat:trainer_pretalk|I guess I know all the theory I need. Let's talk about something else.
dlga_trainer_explain_defense:trainer_explain_defense_2|Good question. The first thing you should know as a fighter is how to defend yourself. Keeping yourself out of harm's way is the first rule of combat, and it is much more important than giving harm to others. Everybody can swing a sword around and hope to cut some flesh, but only those fighters that are experts at defense live to tell of it.
dlga_trainer_explain_defense_2:trainer_explain_defense_3|Now. Defending yourself is easiest if you are equipped with a shield. Just block with your shield. [Hold down the right mouse button to defend yourself with the shield.] In this state, you will be able to deflect all attacks that come from your front. However, you will still be open to strikes from your sides or your back.
dlga_trainer_explain_defense_3:trainer_explain_defense_4|What if I don't have shield?
dlga_trainer_explain_defense_4:trainer_combat_pretalk|Then you will have to use your weapon to block your opponent. This is a bit more difficult than defending with a shield. Defending with a weapon, you can block against only ONE attack direction. That is, you block against either overhead swings, side swings or thrusts. Therefore you must watch your opponent carefully and start to block AFTER he starts his attack. In this way you will be able to block against the direction of his current attack. If you start to block BEFORE he makes his move, he may just attack in another direction than the one you are blocking against and score a hit.
dlga_trainer_explain_attack:trainer_explain_attack_2|Good question. Attacking is the best defence, they say. A tactic many fighters find useful is taking an offensive stance and readying your weapon for attack, waiting for the right moment for swinging it. [You can ready your weapon for attack by pressing and holding down the left mouse button.]
dlga_trainer_explain_attack_2:trainer_explain_attack_3|That sounds useful.
dlga_trainer_explain_attack_3:trainer_explain_attack_4|It is a good tactic, but remember that, your opponent may see that and take a defensive stance against the direction you are swinging your weapon. If that happens, you must break your attack and quickly attack from another direction [You may cancel your current attack by quickly tapping the right mouse button].
dlga_trainer_explain_attack_4:trainer_explain_attack_5|If my opponent is defending against the direction I am attacking from, I will break and use another direction.
dlga_trainer_explain_attack_5:trainer_combat_pretalk|Yes, selecting the direction you swing your weapon is a crucial skill. There are four main directions you may use: right swing, left swing, overhead swing and thrust. You must use each one wisely. [to control your swing direction with default controls, move your mouse in the direction you want to swing from as you press the left mouse button].
dlga_trainer_explain_horseback:trainer_combat_pretalk|Very good question. A horse may be a warrior's most powerful weapon in combat. It gives you speed, height, power and initiative. A lot of deadly weapons will become even deadlier on horseback. However you must pay particular attention to horse-mounted enemies couching their lances, as they may take down any opponent in one hit. [To use the couched lance yourself, wield a lance or similar weapon, and speed up your horse without pressing attack or defense buttons. after you reach a speed, you'll lower your lance. Then try to target your enemies by maneuvering your horse.]
dlga_trainer_practice_1:trainer_practice_1|I train novices in four stages, each tougher than the one before. To finish a stage and advance to the next one, you have to win three fights in a row.
dlga_trainer_practice_1:novicemaster_are_you_ready|You have passed all stages of training. But if you want you can still practice. Are you ready?
dlga_trainer_practice_1:trainer_practice_1.1|Way to go {lad/lass}. With this victory, you have advanced to the next training level. From now on your opponents will be regular fighters, not the riff-raff off the street, so be on your toes.
dlga_trainer_practice_1:trainer_practice_1.2|Way to go {lad/lass}. Welcome to the third training level. From now on your opponents will be veteran fighters; soldiers and arena regulars and the like. These guys know some dirty tricks, so keep your defense up.
dlga_trainer_practice_1:trainer_practice_1.3|You've got the heart of a champion, {lad/lass}, and the sword arm to match. From now on your opponents will be champion fighters. These are the cream of the crop, the finest warriors I have trained. If you can best three of them in a row, you will join their ranks.
dlga_trainer_practice_1:novicemaster_finish_training|It does my heart good to see such a promising talent. You have passed all tiers of training. You can now tell everyone that you have been trained by the master of the training field.
dlga_novicemaster_finish_training:novicemaster_finish_training_2|Thank you master.
dlga_novicemaster_finish_training_2:close_window|I wish you good luck in the tournaments. And, don't forget,  if you want to practice your swordwork anytime, just come and say the word.
dlga_trainer_practice_1:novicemaster_are_you_ready.1|Your next opponent will be a {s9}. You need to win {reg8} more fights in a row to advance to the next stage. Are you ready?
dlga_novicemaster_are_you_ready:novicemaster_ready_to_fight|Yes I am.
dlga_novicemaster_ready_to_fight:close_window|Here you go then. Good luck.
dlga_novicemaster_are_you_ready:novicemaster_not_ready|Just a minute. I am not ready yet.
dlga_novicemaster_not_ready:close_window|Hey, You will never make it if you don't practice.
dlga_start:mayor_begin|Good day, my lord.
dlga_start:mayor_talk|Hello stranger, you seem to be new to {s9}. I am the guild master of the town.
dlga_start:mayor_begin.1|Good day, {playername}.
dlga_mayor_begin:lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_completed|{playername}, it was an incredible feat to get {s14} and {s15} make peace, and you made it happen. Your involvement has not only saved our town from disaster, but it has also saved thousands of lives, and put an end to all the grief this bitter war has caused. As the townspeople of {s19}, know that we'll be good on our word, and we are ready to pay the {reg12} denars we promised.
dlga_lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_completed:lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_pay|Thank you. Let me have the money.
dlga_lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_completed:lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_no_pay|No need for a payment. I only did what was right.
dlga_lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_pay:close_window|Oh, yes, of course. We had already got the money for you. Here, please accept these {reg12} denars together with our most sincere thanks. Me and the people of our town will not forget your help.
dlga_lord_persuade_lords_to_make_peace_no_pay:close_window|You are indeed an extraordinary person, {sir/madame}, and it is an honour for me to have known you. You not only did what was impossible and put an end to this terrible war, but you won't even accept a reward for it. Very well, I will not insist on the matter, but please know that you will have our eternal respect and gratitude.
dlga_mayor_begin:lord_deal_with_night_bandits_completed|Very nice work, {playername}, you made short work of those lawless curs. Thank you kindly for all your help, and please accept this bounty of 150 denars.
dlga_lord_deal_with_night_bandits_completed:close_window|It was my pleasure, {s65}.
dlga_mayor_begin:mayor_looters_quest_response|Ah, {playername}. Have you any progress to report?
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_response:mayor_looters_quest_destroyed|I've killed some looters.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_response:mayor_looters_quest_goods|I've brought you some goods.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_response:close_window|Not yet, sir. Farewell.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_destroyed:mayor_looters_quest_destroyed_2|Aye, my scouts saw the whole thing. That should make anyone else think twice before turning outlaw! The bounty is 40 denars for every band, so that makes {reg1} in total. Here is your money, as promised.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_destroyed_2:close_window|And that's not the only good news! Thanks to you, the looters have ceased to be a threat. We've not had a single attack reported for some time now.   If there are any of them left, they've either run off or gone deep into hiding. That's good for business,   and what's good for business is good for the town!   I think that concludes our arrangement, {playername}. Please accept this silver as a token of my gratitude. Thank you, and farewell.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_destroyed_2:mayor_looters_quest_response|Anything else you need?
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_goods:mayor_looters_quest_goods_response|Hah, I knew I could count on you! Just tell me which item to take from your baggage, and I'll send some men to collect it. I still need {reg1} denars' worth of goods.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_goods_response:mayor_looters_quest_goods_3|Nothing at the moment, sir.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_goods_3:mayor_looters_quest_response|Anything else you need?
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_goods_2:mayor_looters_quest_goods_response|Excellent, here is the money for your {s6}. Do you have any more goods to give me? I still need {reg1} denars' worth of goods.
dlga_mayor_looters_quest_goods_2:close_window|Well done, {playername}, that's the last of the goods I need. Here is the money for your {s6}, and a small bonus for helping me out. I'm afraid I won't be paying for any more goods, nor bounties on looters, but you're welcome to keep hunting the bastards if any remain. Thank you for your help, I won't forget it.
dlga_mayor_begin:close_window|Good to see you again {playername}. I have heard that you have delivered the cattle successfully. I will tell the merchants how reliable you are. And here is your pay, {reg8} denars.
dlga_mayor_begin:move_cattle_herd_failed|I heard that you have lost the cattle herd on your way to {s9}. I had a very difficult time explaining your failure to the owner of that herd, {sir/madam}. Do you have anything to say?
dlga_move_cattle_herd_failed:move_cattle_herd_failed_2|I am sorry. But I was attacked on the way.
dlga_move_cattle_herd_failed:move_cattle_herd_failed_2.1|I am sorry. The stupid animals wandered off during the night.
dlga_move_cattle_herd_failed_2:merchant_ask_for_debts|Well, it was your responsibility to deliver that herd safely, no matter what. You should know that the owner of the herd demanded to be compensated for his loss, and I had to pay him 1000 denars. So you now owe me that money.
dlga_mayor_begin:close_window.1|Dear {playername}. I am in your debt for bringing back my friend's daughter.  Please take these {reg8} denars that I promised you.  My friend wished he could give more but paying that ransom brought him to his knees.
dlga_mayor_begin:mayor_friendly_pretalk|I have heard about your deeds. You have given those bandits the punishment they deserved. You are really as good as they say. Here is your reward: {reg5} denars. I would like to give more but those bandits almost brought me to bankruptcy.
dlga_mayor_begin:merchant_ask_for_debts|According to my accounts, you owe the merchants guild {reg1} denars. I'd better collect that now.
dlga_merchant_ask_for_debts:merchant_debts_paid|Alright. I'll pay my debt to you.
dlga_merchant_debts_paid:mayor_pretalk|Excellent. I'll let my fellow merchants know that you are clear of any debts.
dlga_merchant_ask_for_debts:merchant_debts_not_paid|I'm afraid I can't pay that sum now.
dlga_merchant_debts_not_paid:close_window|In that case, I am afraid, I can't deal with you. Guild rules... Come back when you can pay the {reg1} denars. And know that we'll be charging an interest to your debt. So the sooner you pay it, the better.
dlga_mayor_begin:mayor_talk|What can I do for you?
dlga_mayor_friendly_pretalk:mayor_talk|Now... What else may I do for you?
dlga_mayor_talk:mayor_info_begin|Can you tell me about what you do?
dlga_mayor_talk:merchant_quest_requested|Do you happen to have a job for me?
dlga_mayor_talk:merchant_quest_last_offered_job|About that job you offered me...
dlga_mayor_talk:merchant_quest_about_job|About the job you gave me...
dlga_mayor_info_begin:mayor_info_talk|I am the guildmaster of {s9}. You can say I am the leader of the good people of {s9}. I can help you find a job if you are looking for some honest work.
dlga_mayor_info_talk:mayor_info_lord|Who rules this town?
dlga_mayor_info_lord:mayor_info_talk|Our town's lord and protector is {s10}. He owns the castle and sometimes resides there, and collects taxes from the town. However we regulate ourselves in most of the matters that concern ourselves. As the town's guildmaster I have the authority to decide those things.
dlga_mayor_info_talk:mayor_pretalk|That's all I need to know. Thanks.
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job:merchant_quest_about_job_2|What about it?
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_2:merchant_quest_what_if_fail|What if I can't finish it?
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_2:merchant_quest_about_job_working|Well, I'm still working on it.
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_working:mayor_pretalk|Good. I'm sure you will handle it.
dlga_merchant_quest_last_offered_job:merchant_quest_brief|Eh, you want to reconsider that. Good...
dlga_merchant_quest_what_if_fail:mayor_pretalk|I hope you don't fail. In that case, I'll have to ask for the price of the cargo you were carrying.
dlga_merchant_quest_what_if_fail:mayor_pretalk.1|Well, just do your best to finish it.
dlga_merchant_quest_taken:mayor_pretalk|Excellent. I am counting on you then. Good luck.
dlga_merchant_quest_stall:mayor_pretalk|Well, the job will be available for a few more days I guess. Tell me if you decide to take it.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief|Well, you look able enough. I think I might have something you could do.
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:merchant_quest_looters_choice|We've had some fighting near the {s5} lately, with all the chaos that comes with it, and that's led some of our less upstanding locals to try and make their fortune out of looting the shops and farms during the confusion. A lot of valuable goods were taken. I need somebody to teach those bastards a lesson. Sound like your kind of work?
dlga_merchant_quest_looters_choice:merchant_quest_looters_brief|Aye, I'll do it.
dlga_merchant_quest_looters_choice:merchant_quest_stall|I'm afraid I can't take the job at the moment.
dlga_merchant_quest_looters_brief:close_window|Excellent! You'll find the looters roaming around the countryside, probably trying to rob more good people. Kill or capture the bastards, I don't care what you do with them. I'll pay you a bounty of 40 denars on every band of looters you destroy, until all the looters are dealt with.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief.1|You're looking for a job? Actually I was looking for someone to deliver some {s4}. Perhaps you can do that...
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:merchant_quest_brief_deliver_wine|I have a cargo of {s6} that needs to be delivered to the tavern in {s4}. If you can take {reg5} units of {s6} to {s4} in 7 days, you may earn {reg8} denars. What do you say?
dlga_merchant_quest_brief_deliver_wine:merchant_quest_taken|Alright. I will make the delivery.
dlga_merchant_quest_brief_deliver_wine:merchant_quest_stall|I am afraid I can't carry all that cargo now.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief.2|You're looking for a job? Actually I was looking for someone to escort a caravan. Perhaps you can do that...
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:escort_merchant_caravan_quest_brief|I am going to send a caravan of goods to {s8}. However with all those bandits and deserters on the roads, I don't want to send them out without an escort. If you can lead that caravan to {s8} in 15 days, you will earn {reg8} denars. Of course your party needs to be at least {reg4} strong to offer them any protection.
dlga_escort_merchant_caravan_quest_brief:merchant_quest_taken|Alright. I will escort the caravan.
dlga_escort_merchant_caravan_quest_brief:merchant_quest_stall|I am afraid I don't have that many soldiers with me.
dlga_escort_merchant_caravan_quest_brief:merchant_quest_stall.1|Sorry. I can't do that right now
dlga_start:close_window.19|We can cover the rest of the way ourselves. Thanks.
dlga_start:close_window.20|Well, we have almost reached {s21}. We can cover the rest of the way ourselves. Here's your pay... {reg14} denars. Thanks for escorting us. Good luck.
dlga_start:merchant_caravan_intro_1|Greetings. You must be our escort, right?
dlga_merchant_caravan_intro_1:merchant_caravan_intro_2|Yes. My name is {playername}. I will lead you to {s1}.
dlga_merchant_caravan_intro_2:escort_merchant_caravan_talk|Well, It is good to know we won't travel alone. What do you want us to do now?
dlga_start:escort_merchant_caravan_talk|Eh. We've made it this far... What do you want us to do?
dlga_escort_merchant_caravan_talk:merchant_caravan_follow_lead|You follow my lead. I'll take you through a safe route.
dlga_merchant_caravan_follow_lead:close_window|Alright. We'll be right behind you.
dlga_escort_merchant_caravan_talk:merchant_caravan_stay_here|You stay here for a while. I'll go ahead and check the road.
dlga_merchant_caravan_stay_here:close_window|Alright. We'll be waiting here for you.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief.3|Actually, I was looking for an able adventurer like you. There's this group of particularly troublesome bandits. They have infested the vicinity of our town and are preying on my caravans. They have avoided all the soldiers and the militias up to now. If someone doesn't stop them soon, I am going to be ruined...
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:troublesome_bandits_quest_brief|I will pay you {reg8} denars if you hunt down those troublesome bandits. It's dangerous work. But I believe that you are the {man/one} for it. What do you say?
dlga_troublesome_bandits_quest_brief:merchant_quest_taken_bandits|Alright. I will hunt down those bandits.
dlga_merchant_quest_taken_bandits:close_window|You will? I am so happy to hear that. Good luck to you.
dlga_troublesome_bandits_quest_brief:merchant_quest_stall|Sorry. I don't have time for this right now.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief.4|Actually, I was looking for a reliable {man/helper} that can undertake an important mission. A group of bandits have kidnapped the daughter of a friend of mine and are holding her for ransom. My friend is ready to pay them, but we still need someone to take the money to those rascals and bring the girl back to safety.
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:kidnapped_girl_quest_brief|The amount the bandits ask as ransom is {reg12} denars. I will give you that money once you accept to take the quest. You have 15 days to take the money to the bandits who will be waiting near the village of {s4}. Those bastards said that they are going to kill the poor girl if they don't get the money by that time. You will get your pay of {reg8} denars when you bring the girl safely back here.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_quest_brief:kidnapped_girl_quest_taken|Alright. I will take the ransom money to the bandits and bring back the girl.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_quest_taken:close_window|Good. I knew we could trust you at this. Here is the ransom money, {reg12} denars. Count it before taking it. And please, don't attempt to do anything rash. Keep in mind that the girl's well being is more important than anything else...
dlga_kidnapped_girl_quest_brief:merchant_quest_stall|Sorry. I don't have time for this right now.
dlga_start:close_window.21|Thank you so much for bringing me back!  I can't wait to see my family. Good-bye.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_map:kidnapped_girl_liberated_map_2a|Yes. Come with me. We are going home.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_map_2a:close_window|Unfortunately. You do not have room in your party for me.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_map_2a:close_window.1|Oh really? Thank you so much!
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_map:kidnapped_girl_liberated_map_2b|Wait here a while longer. I'll come back for you.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_map_2b:close_window|Oh, please {sir/madam}, do not leave me here all alone!
dlga_start:kidnapped_girl_liberated_map|Oh {sir/madam}. Thank you so much for rescuing me. Will you take me to my family now?
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle:kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2a|Yes. Come with me. We are going home.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2a:kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2b|Unfortunately. You do not have room in your party for me.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2a:close_window|Oh really? Thank you so much!
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle:kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2b|Wait here a while longer. I'll come back for you.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_liberated_battle_2b:close_window|Oh, please {sir/madam}, do not leave me here all alone!
dlga_start:kidnapped_girl_liberated_map.1|Can I come with you now?
dlga_start:bandits_awaiting_ransom_intro_1|Are you the one that brought the ransom? Quick, give us the money now.
dlga_start:bandits_awaiting_ransom_intro_1.1|You came back? Quick, give us the money now.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_intro_1:bandits_awaiting_ransom_pay|Here, take the money. Just set the girl free.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_pay:close_window|Heh. You've brought the money all right. You can take the girl now. It was a pleasure doing business with you...
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_intro_1:bandits_awaiting_ransom_b|No way! You release the girl first.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_b:bandits_awaiting_ransom_b2|You fool! Stop playing games and give us the money!
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_b2:bandits_awaiting_ransom_pay|All right. Here's your money. Let the girl go now.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_b2:bandits_awaiting_ransom_no_money|I had left the money in a safe place. Let me go fetch it.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_no_money:close_window|Are you testing our patience or something?  Go and bring that money here quickly.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_b2:bandits_awaiting_ransom_fight|I have no intention to pay you anything. I demand that you release the girl now!
dlga_bandits_awaiting_ransom_fight:close_window|You won't be demanding anything when you're dead.
dlga_start:bandits_awaiting_remeet|What's it? You have given us the money. We have no more business.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_remeet:close_window|Sorry to bother you. I'll be on my way now.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_remeet:bandits_awaiting_remeet_2|We have one more business. You'll give the money back to me.
dlga_bandits_awaiting_remeet_2:close_window|Oh, that business! Of course. Let us get down to it.
dlga_start:kidnapped_girl_encounter_1|Oh {sir/madam}. Thank you so much for rescuing me. Will you take me to my family now?
dlga_kidnapped_girl_encounter_1:kidnapped_girl_join|Yes. Come with me. I'll take you home.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_join:close_window|Unfortunately. You do not have room in your party for me.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_join:close_window.1|Oh, thank you so much!
dlga_kidnapped_girl_encounter_1:kidnapped_girl_wait|Wait here a while longer. I'll come back for you.
dlga_kidnapped_girl_wait:close_window|Oh, please {sir/madam}, do not leave me here all alone!
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_2:lost_kidnapped_girl|Unfortunately I lost the girl on the way here...
dlga_lost_kidnapped_girl:lost_kidnapped_girl_2|Oh no! How am I going to tell this to my friend?
dlga_lost_kidnapped_girl_2:lost_kidnapped_girl_3|I'm sorry. I could do nothing about it.
dlga_lost_kidnapped_girl_3:lost_kidnapped_girl_4|You let me down {playername}. I had trusted you. I will let people know of your incompetence at this task. Also, I want back that {reg8} denars I gave you as the ransom fee.
dlga_lost_kidnapped_girl_4:merchant_quest_about_job_5a|Of course. Here you are...
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_5a:close_window|At least you have the decency to return the money.
dlga_lost_kidnapped_girl_4:merchant_quest_about_job_5b|Sorry. I don't have that amount with me.
dlga_merchant_quest_about_job_5b:close_window|Do you expect me to believe that? You are going to pay that ransom fee back! Go and bring the money now!
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_1|This war between {s15} and {s14} has brought our town to the verge of ruin. Our caravans get raided before they can reach their destination. Our merchants are afraid to leave the safety of the town walls. And as if those aren't enough, the taxes to maintain the war take away the last bits of our savings. If peace does not come soon, we can not hold on for much longer.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_1:merchant_quest_brief|You are right. But who can stop this madness called war?
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_1:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_reject|It is your duty to help the nobles in their war effort. You shouldn't complain about it.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_reject:close_window|Hah. The nobles fight their wars for their greed and their dreams of glory. And it is poor honest folk like us who have to bear the real burden. But you obviously don't want to hear about that.
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_3|There have been attempts to reconcile the two sides and reach a settlement. However, there are powerful lords on both sides whose interests lie in continuing the war. These men urge all others not to heed to the word of sensible men, but to keep fighting. While these leaders remain influential, no peace settlement can be reached.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_3:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_4|Who are these warmongers who block the way of peace?
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_3:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_4.1|Who are these lords you speak of?
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_4:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_5|They are {s12} from {s15} and {s13} from {s14}. Until they change their mind or lose their influence, there will be no chance of having peace between the two sides.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_5:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_6|What can be done about this?
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_5:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_6.1|Alas, it seems nothing can be done about it.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_6:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_7|There is a way to resolve the issue. A particularly determined person can perhaps persuade one or both of these lords to accept making peace. And even if that fails, it can be possible to see that these lords are defeated by force and taken prisoner. If they are captive, they will lose their influence and they can no longer oppose a settlement... What do you think? Can you do it?
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_7:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_8|It seems difficult. But I will try.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_7:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_8.1|If the price is right, I may.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_7:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_8.2|Forget it. This is not my problem.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_8:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_9|Most of the merchants in the town will gladly open up their purses to support such a plan. I think we can collect {reg12} denars between ourselves. We will be happy to reward you with that sum, if you can work this out. Convince {s12} and {s13} to accept a peace settlement, and if either of them proves too stubborn, make sure he falls captive and can not be ransomed until a peace deal is settled.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_9:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_10|All right. I will do my best.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_9:merchant_quest_persuade_peace_no|Sorry. I can not do this.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_10:close_window|Excellent. You will have our blessings. I hope you can deal with those two old goats. We will be waiting and hoping for the good news.
dlga_merchant_quest_persuade_peace_no:close_window|Don't say no right away. Think about this for some time. If there is a {man/lady} who can manage to do this, it is you.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_deal_with_night_bandits|Do I indeed! There's a group of bandits infesting the town, and I'm at the end of my rope as to how to deal with them. They've been ambushing and robbing townspeople under the cover of night, and then fading away quick as lightning when the guards finally show up. We've not been able to catch a one of them. They only attack lone people, never daring to show themselves when there's a group about. I need someone who can take on these bandits alone and win. That seems to be the only way of bringing them to justice. Are you up to the task?
dlga_merchant_quest_deal_with_night_bandits:deal_with_night_bandits_quest_taken|Killing bandits? Why, certainly!
dlga_merchant_quest_deal_with_night_bandits:merchant_quest_stall|My apologies, I'm not interested.
dlga_deal_with_night_bandits_quest_taken:mayor_pretalk|That takes a weight off my shoulders, {playername}. You can expect a fine reward if you come back successful. Just don't get yourself killed, eh?
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:merchant_quest_brief.5|One of the merchants here is looking for herdsmen to take his cattle to the market at {s13}.
dlga_merchant_quest_brief:move_cattle_herd_quest_brief|The cattle herd must be at {s13} within 30 days. Sooner is better, much better, but it must be absolutely no later than 30 days. If you can do that, I'd be willing to pay you {reg8} denars for your trouble. Interested?
dlga_move_cattle_herd_quest_brief:move_cattle_herd_quest_taken|Aye, I can take the herd to {s13}.
dlga_move_cattle_herd_quest_brief:merchant_quest_stall|I am sorry, but no.
dlga_move_cattle_herd_quest_taken:mayor_pretalk|Splendid. You can find the herd right outside the town. After you take the animals to {s13}, return back to me and I will give you your pay.
dlga_merchant_quest_requested:mayor_pretalk|I am afraid I can't offer you a job right now.
dlga_start:village_elder_deliver_cattle_thank|My good {sir/madam}. Our village is grateful for your help. Thanks to the {reg5} heads of cattle you have brought, we can now raise our own herd.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_cattle_thank:village_elder_talk|My good {lord/lady}, please, is there anything I can do for you?
dlga_start:village_elder_talk|Good day, {sir/madam}, and welcome to {s9}. I am the elder of this village.
dlga_start:village_elder_talk.1|Welcome to {s9}, my {lord/lady}. We were rejoiced by the news that you are the new {lord/lady} of our humble village. I am the village elder and I will be honoured to serve you in any way I can.
dlga_start:village_elder_talk.2|{My lord/My lady}, you honour our humble village with your presence.
dlga_start:village_elder_talk.3|Good day, {sir/madam}.
dlga_village_elder_pretalk:village_elder_talk|Is there anything else I can do for you?
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_ask_fugitive|I am looking for a man by the name of {s4}. I was told he may be hiding here.
dlga_village_elder_ask_fugitive:village_elder_pretalk|Strangers come and go to our village, {sir/madam}. But I doubt you'll run into him at this hour of the night. You would have better luck during the day.
dlga_village_elder_ask_fugitive:close_window|Strangers come and go to our village, {sir/madam}. If he is hiding here, you will surely find him if you look around.
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_active_mission_1|About the task you asked of me...
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_request_mission_ask|Do you have any tasks I can help you with?
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_trade_begin|I want to buy some supplies. I will pay with gold.
dlga_village_elder_trade_begin:village_elder_trade_talk|Of course, {sir/madam}. Do you want to buy goods or cattle?
dlga_village_elder_trade_talk:village_elder_trade|I want to buy food and supplies.
dlga_village_elder_trade:village_elder_pretalk|We have some food and other supplies in our storehouse. Come have a look.
dlga_village_elder_trade_talk:village_elder_buy_cattle|I want to buy some cattle.
dlga_village_elder_trade_talk:village_elder_pretalk|I changed my mind. I don't need to buy anything.
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_ask_enemies|Have you seen any enemies around here recently?
dlga_village_elder_ask_enemies:village_elder_pretalk|I am sorry, {sir/madam}. We have neither seen nor heard of any war parties in this area.
dlga_village_elder_ask_enemies:village_elder_tell_enemies|Hmm. Let me think about it...
dlga_village_elder_tell_enemies:village_elder_tell_enemies|{s1} {s2}
dlga_village_elder_tell_enemies:village_elder_pretalk|No, {sir/madam}. We haven't seen any war parties in this area for some time.
dlga_village_elder_tell_enemies:village_elder_pretalk.1|Well, I guess that was all.
dlga_village_elder_talk:village_elder_recruit_start|Are there any lads from this village who might want to seek their fortune in the wars?
dlga_village_elder_buy_cattle:village_elder_buy_cattle_2|We have {reg5} heads of cattle, each for {reg6} denars. How many do you want to buy?
dlga_village_elder_buy_cattle:village_elder_buy_cattle_2.1|I am afraid we have no cattle left in the village {sir/madam}.
dlga_village_elder_buy_cattle_2:village_elder_pretalk|Forget it.
dlga_village_elder_buy_cattle_complete:village_elder_pretalk|I will tell the herders to round up the animals and bring them to you, {sir/madam}. I am sure you will be satisfied with your purchase.
dlga_village_elder_recruit_start:village_elder_talk|I don't think anyone would be interested, {sir/madam}. Is there anything else I can do for you?
dlga_village_elder_recruit_start:village_elder_recruit_decision|I can think of {reg5} whom I suspect would jump at the chance. If you could pay 10 denars {reg7?each for their equipment:for his equipment}. Does that suit you?
dlga_village_elder_recruit_decision:village_elder_pretalk|So be it.
dlga_village_elder_recruit_decision:village_elder_pretalk.1|Tell {reg7?them:him} to make ready.
dlga_village_elder_recruit_decision:village_elder_pretalk.2|No, not now.
dlga_village_elder_active_mission_1:village_elder_active_mission_2|Yes {sir/madam}, have you made any progress on it?
dlga_village_elder_active_mission_2:village_elder_deliver_grain_thank|Indeed. I brought you {reg5} packs of wheat.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_grain_thank:village_elder_deliver_grain_thank_2|My good {lord/lady}. You have saved us from hunger and desperation. We cannot thank you enough, but you'll always be in our prayers. The village of {s13} will not forget what you have done for us.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_grain_thank_2:village_elder_talk|My good {lord/lady}, please, is there anything I can do for you?
dlga_village_elder_active_mission_2:village_elder_active_mission_3|I am still working on it.
dlga_village_elder_active_mission_2:village_elder_mission_failed|I am afraid I won't be able to finish it.
dlga_village_elder_active_mission_3:village_elder_pretalk|Thank you, {sir/madam}. We are praying for your success everyday.
dlga_village_elder_mission_failed:village_elder_pretalk|Ah, I am sorry to hear that {sir/madam}. I'll try to think of something else.
dlga_village_elder_request_mission_ask:village_elder_pretalk|Well {sir/madam}, you are already engaged with a task helping us. We cannot ask more from you.
dlga_village_elder_request_mission_ask:village_elder_pretalk.1|No {sir/madam}, We don't have any other tasks for you.
dlga_village_elder_request_mission_ask:village_elder_tell_mission|A task?
dlga_village_elder_tell_mission:village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission|{My good sir/My good lady}, our village has been going through such hardships lately. The harvest has been bad, and recently some merciless bandits took away our seed grain that we had reserved for the planting season. If we cannot find some grain soon, we will not be able to plant our fields and then we will have nothing to eat for the coming year. If you can help us, we would be indebted to you forever.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission:village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission_2|Hmmm. How much grain do you need?
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission:village_elder_deliver_grain_mission_reject|I can't be bothered with this. Ask help from someone else.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission_2:village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission_3|I think {reg5} packs of wheat will let us start the planting. Hopefully, we can find charitable people to help us with the rest.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission_3:village_elder_deliver_grain_mission_accept|Then I will go and find you the wheat you need.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_grain_mission_3:village_elder_deliver_grain_mission_reject|I am afraid I don't have time for this. You'll need to find help elsewhere.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_grain_mission_accept:close_window|Thank you, {sir/madam}. We'll be praying for you night and day.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_grain_mission_reject:close_window|Yes {sir/madam}, of course. I am sorry if I have bothered you with our troubles.
dlga_village_elder_tell_mission:village_elder_tell_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission|We are suffering greatly at the hands of a group of bandits. They take our food and livestock, and kill anyone who doesn't obey them immediately. Our men are angry that we cannot defend ourselves, but we are only simple farmers... However, with some help, I think that some of the people here could be more than that. We just need an experienced warrior to teach us how to fight.
dlga_village_elder_tell_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission:village_elder_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission_accept|I can teach you how to defend yourself.
dlga_village_elder_tell_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission:village_elder_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission_reject|You peasants have no business taking up arms. Just pay the bandits and be off with it.
dlga_village_elder_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission_accept:close_window|You will? Oh, splendid! We would be deeply indebted to you, {sir/madam}. I'll instruct the village folk to assemble here and receive your training. If you can teach us how to defend ourselves, I promise you'll receive everything we can give you in return for your efforts.
dlga_village_elder_train_peasants_against_bandits_mission_reject:close_window|Yes, of course {sir/madam}. Thank you for your counsel.
dlga_village_elder_tell_mission:village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission|Bandits have driven away our cattle. Our pastures are empty. If we had just a few heads of cattle we could start to raise a herd again.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission:village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission_2|How many animals do you need?
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission:village_elder_deliver_cattle_mission_reject|I don't have time for this. Ask help from someone else.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission_2:village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission_3|I think {reg5} heads will suffice for a small herd.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission_3:village_elder_deliver_cattle_mission_accept|Then I will bring you the cattle you need.
dlga_village_elder_tell_deliver_cattle_mission_3:village_elder_deliver_cattle_mission_reject|I am afraid I don't have time for this. You'll need to find help elsewhere.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_cattle_mission_accept:close_window|Thank you, {sir/madam}. We'll be praying for you night and day.
dlga_village_elder_deliver_cattle_mission_reject:close_window|Yes {sir/madam}, of course. I am sorry if I have bothered you with our troubles.
dlga_village_elder_tell_mission:village_elder_pretalk|Thank you, {sir/madam}, but we do not really need anything right now.
dlga_start:goods_merchant_talk|{My lord/my lady}, you honour my humble shop with your presence.
dlga_start:goods_merchant_talk.1|Welcome {sir/madam}. What can I do for you?
dlga_goods_merchant_pretalk:goods_merchant_talk|Anything else?
dlga_goods_merchant_talk:goods_trade_requested|I want to buy a few items... and perhaps sell some.
dlga_goods_trade_requested:goods_trade_completed|Sure, sure... Here, have a look at my stock...
dlga_goods_trade_completed:goods_merchant_talk|Anything else?
dlga_goods_merchant_talk:trade_info_request|What goods should I buy here to trade with other towns?
dlga_goods_merchant_talk:close_window|Nothing. Thanks.
dlga_trade_info_request:trade_info_request_2|That information can be best obtained from caravan masters and travelling merchants. If you want I can send you to the district where foreign merchants stay at when they come to the town. If you spend some time there and listen to the talk, you can learn a lot about what to buy and where to sell it.
dlga_trade_info_request_2:close_window|Then I'll go and spend some time with these merchants.
dlga_trade_info_request_2:goods_merchant_pretalk|I have no time for this right now.
dlga_start:arena_intro_1.1|Good day friend. If you came to watch the tournaments you came in vain. There won't be a tournament here anytime soon.
dlga_arena_intro_1:arena_intro_2|Tournaments? So they hold the tournaments here...
dlga_arena_intro_2:arena_intro_3|Yes. You should see this place during one of the tournament fights. Everyone from the town and nearby villages comes here. The crowd becomes mad with excitement. Anyway, as I said, there won't be an event here soon, so there isn't much to see. Except, there is an official duel every now and then, and  of course we have melee fights almost every day.
dlga_arena_intro_3:arena_training_melee_intro|Tell me about the melee fights.
dlga_arena_training_melee_intro:arena_training_melee_intro_2|The fighters and knights get bored waiting for the next tournament, so they have invented the training melee. It is a simple idea really. Fighters jump into the arena with a weapon. There are no rules, no teams. Everyone beats at each other until there is only fighter left standing. Sounds like fun, eh?
dlga_arena_training_melee_intro_2:arena_training_melee_intro_reward|Is there a reward?
dlga_arena_training_melee_intro_reward:arena_training_melee_intro_2|There is, actually. Some of the wealthy townsmen offer prizes for those fighters who show great skill in the fights. If you can beat {reg1} opponents before going down, you'll earn {reg11} denars. You'll get {reg12} denars for striking down at least {reg2} opponents, {reg13} denars if you can defeat {reg3} opponents, and {reg14} denars if you can survive long enough to beat {reg4} opponents. If you can manage to be the last {man/fighter} standing, you'll earn the great prize of the fights, {reg15} denars. Sounds good, eh?
dlga_arena_training_melee_explain_reward:arena_master_melee_pretalk|Some of the wealthy townsmen offer prizes for those fighters who show great skill in the fights. If you can beat {reg1} opponents before going down, you'll earn {reg11} denars. You'll get {reg12} denars for striking down at least {reg2} opponents, {reg13} denars if you can defeat {reg3} opponents, and {reg14} denars if you can survive long enough to beat {reg4} opponents. If you can manage to be the last {man/fighter} standing, you'll earn the great prize of the fights, {reg15} denars. Sounds good, eh?
dlga_arena_training_melee_intro_2:arena_training_melee_intro_3|Can I join too?
dlga_arena_training_melee_intro_3:arena_master_melee_talk|Ha ha. You would have to be out of your mind not to. Of course. The melee fights are open to all. Actually there is going to be a fight soon. You can go and hop in if you want to.
dlga_start:arena_master_intro_1|Hello. You seem to be new here. Care to share your name?
dlga_arena_master_intro_1:arena_master_intro_2|I am {playername}.
dlga_arena_master_intro_2:arena_master_pre_talk|Well met {playername}. I am the master of the tournaments here at {s1}. Talk to me if you want to join the fights.
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk|Ha-ha, that's quite the bruise you're sporting. But don't worry; everybody gets trounced once in awhile. The important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep fighting. That's what champions do.
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.1|Hey, you managed to take down {reg8} opponents. Not bad. But that won't bring you any prize money. Now, if I were you, I would go back there and show everyone what I can do...
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.2|You put up quite a good fight there. Good moves. You definitely show promise. And you earned a prize of {reg10} denars for knocking down {reg8} opponents.
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.3|That was a good fight you put up there. You managed to take down no less than {reg8} opponents. And of course, you earned a prize money of {reg10} denars.
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.4|Your performance was amazing! You are without doubt a very skilled fighter. Not everyone can knock down {reg8} people in the fights. Of course you deserve a prize with that performance: {reg10} denars. Nice, eh?
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.5|That was damned good fighting, {playername}. You have very good moves, excellent tactics. And you earned a prize of {reg10} denars for knocking down {reg8} opponents.
dlga_arena_master_fight_result:arena_master_pre_talk.6|Congratulations champion! Your fight there was something to remember! You managed to be the last fighter standing beating down everyone else. And of course you won the grand prize of the fights: {reg10} denars.
dlga_start:arena_master_pre_talk|Hello {playername}. Good to see you again.
dlga_arena_master_pre_talk:arena_master_talk|What would you like to do?
dlga_arena_master_talk:arena_master_melee_pretalk|About the melee fights...
dlga_arena_master_talk:arena_master_ask_tournaments|Will there be a tournament in nearby towns soon?
dlga_arena_master_talk:close_window|I need to leave now. Good bye.
dlga_arena_master_ask_tournaments:arena_master_talk|{reg2?There won't be any tournaments any time soon.:{reg1?Tournaments are:A tournament is} going to be held at {s15}.}
dlga_arena_master_melee_pretalk:arena_master_melee_talk|There will be a fight here soon. You can go and jump in if you like.
dlga_arena_master_melee_talk:close_window|Good. That's what I am going to do.
dlga_arena_master_melee_talk:arena_master_melee_reject|Thanks. But I will give my bruises some time to heal.
dlga_arena_master_melee_reject:arena_master_pre_talk|Good {man/girl}. That's clever of you.
dlga_arena_master_melee_talk:arena_training_melee_explain_reward|Actually, can you tell me about the rewards again?
dlga_start:galeas_talk|Hello {boy/girl}. If you have any prisoners, I will be happy to buy them from you.
dlga_galeas_talk:galeas_sell_prisoners|Then you'd better bring your purse. I have got prisoners to sell.
dlga_galeas_talk:close_window|Not this time. Good-bye.
dlga_galeas_sell_prisoners:galeas_sell_prisoners_2|Let me see what you have...
dlga_galeas_sell_prisoners_2:close_window|You take more prisoners, bring them to me. I will pay well.
dlga_start:bandit_introduce|Warning: This line should never display.
dlga_bandit_talk:close_window|I'll give you nothing but cold steel, you scum!
dlga_bandit_talk:bandit_barter|There's no need to fight. I can pay for free passage.
dlga_bandit_barter:bandit_barter_2|Silver without blood, that's our favourite kind. Pay us {reg5} denars and we'll let you be on your way.
dlga_bandit_barter_2:bandit_barter_3a|Very well, take it.
dlga_bandit_barter_2:bandit_barter_3b|I don't have that much money with me
dlga_bandit_barter_3b:close_window|That's too bad. I guess we'll just have to sell you into slavery. Take {him/her}, lads!
dlga_bandit_barter:close_window|Hey, I've heard of you! You slaughter us freebooters like dogs, and now you expect us to let you go for a few stinking coins? Forget it. You gave us no quarter, and you'll get none from us.
dlga_bandit_barter_3a:close_window|Heh, that wasn't so hard, was it? All right, we'll let you go now. Be off.
dlga_start:bandit_meet|Eh? What is it?
dlga_bandit_meet:bandit_attack|Your luck has run out, wretch. Prepare to die!
dlga_bandit_meet:close_window|Never mind, I have no business with you.
dlga_start:troublesome_bandits_intro_1|This must be your unlucky day indeed. We are the baddest guys you could have run into in these parts...
dlga_troublesome_bandits_intro_1:troublesome_bandits_intro_2|Heh. For me, you are nothing more than walking money bags. A merchant in {s1} offered me good money for your heads.
dlga_troublesome_bandits_intro_2:close_window|A bounty hunter! ... I hate bounty hunters! Kill {him/her}! Kill {him/her} now!
dlga_start:disbanded_troop_ask|Do you want us to follow you?
dlga_disbanded_troop_ask:disbanded_troop_join|Yes. Let us ride together.
dlga_disbanded_troop_ask:close_window|No. Not at this time.
dlga_disbanded_troop_join:close_window|Unfortunately. You do not have room in your party for us.
dlga_disbanded_troop_join:close_window.1|We are at your command.
dlga_start:enemy_talk_1|You will not capture me again. Not this time.
dlga_enemy_talk_1:enemy_talk_2|You don't have a chance against me. Give up.
dlga_enemy_talk_2:close_window|I will give up when you are dead!
dlga_sell_prisoner_outlaws:sell_prisoner_outlaws|Hmmm. 10 denars for each looter makes {reg1} denars for all {reg0} of them.
dlga_sell_prisoner_outlaws:sell_prisoner_outlaws.1|Let me see. You've brought {reg0} bandits, so 20 denars for each comes up to {reg1} denars.
dlga_sell_prisoner_outlaws:sell_prisoner_outlaws.2|Well well, you've captured {reg0} brigands. Each one is worth 30 denars, so I'll give you {reg1} for them in total.
dlga_sell_prisoner_outlaws:sell_prisoner_outlaws_finished|I suppose that'll be all, then.
dlga_prisoner_chat:prisoner_chat_2|Do not try running away or trying something stupid. I will be watching you.
dlga_prisoner_chat_2:close_window|No, I swear I won't.
dlga_start:town_merchant_talk|Greetings, your lordship. How can I serve you today?
dlga_start:town_merchant_talk.1|Good day. What can I do for you?
dlga_town_merchant_talk:trade_requested_weapons|I want to buy a new weapon. Show me your wares.
dlga_town_merchant_talk:trade_requested_armor|I am looking for some equipment. Show me what you have.
dlga_town_merchant_talk:trade_requested_horse|I am thinking of buying a horse.
dlga_trade_requested_weapons:merchant_trade|Ah, yes {sir/madam}. These arms are the best you'll find anywhere.
dlga_trade_requested_armor:merchant_trade|Of course, {sir/madam}. You won't find better quality armour than these in all Calradia.
dlga_trade_requested_horse:merchant_trade|You have a fine eye for horses, {sir/madam}. You won't find better beasts than these anywhere else.
dlga_merchant_trade:town_merchant_talk|Anything else?
dlga_town_merchant_talk:merchant_gossip|Tell me. What are people talking about these days?
dlga_merchant_gossip:town_merchant_talk|Well, nothing new lately. Prices, weather, the war, the same old things.
dlga_start:town_dweller_talk|My {lord/lady}?
dlga_start:town_dweller_talk.1|Good day, {sir/madam}.
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_ask_fugitive|I am looking for a man by the name of {s4}. I was told he may be hiding here.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_fugitive:close_window|Strangers come and go to our village, {sir/madam}. If he is hiding here, you will surely find him if you look around.
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_ask_item|Pardon me, but is that a {s5} you're wearing?
dlga_town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town:town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_dont_know|Eh? What kind of gibberish is that?
dlga_town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_dont_know:close_window|Never mind.
dlga_town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_know:town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_chat|{s4} sent me to collect your reports. Do you have them with you?
dlga_town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_chat:town_dweller_quest_meet_spy_in_enemy_town_chat_2|I've been expecting you. Here they are, make sure they reach {s4} intact and without delay.
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_ask_info|What can you tell me about this village?
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_ask_info.1|What can you tell me about this town?
dlga_town_dweller_ask_info:close_window|{s10} {s11}
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_ask_situation|How is life here?
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_poor|Disaster has struck my family, {sir/madam}. A pestilence has ruined the crops on our fields, and my poor children lie at home hungry and sick. My neighbours are too poor themselves to help me.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_poor.1|My life is miserable, {sir/madam}. I haven't been able to find a job for months, and my poor children go to bed hungry each night. My neighbours are too poor themselves to help me.
dlga_town_dweller_poor:town_dweller_poor_paid|Then take these 300 denars. I hope this will help you and your family.
dlga_town_dweller_poor:town_dweller_poor_not_paid|Then you must work harder and bear your burden without complaining.
dlga_town_dweller_poor_not_paid:close_window|Yes {sir/madam}. I will do as you say.
dlga_town_dweller_poor_paid:close_window|{My lord/My good lady}.  You are so good and generous. I will tell everyone how you helped us.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:close_window|Thank you for your kindness {sir/madam}. With your help our lives will be better. I will pray for you everyday.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk|Times are hard, {sir/madam}. We work hard all day and yet we go to sleep hungry most nights.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk.1|Times are hard, {sir/madam}. But we must count our blessings.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_situation:town_dweller_talk.2|We are not doing too badly {sir/madam}. We must count our blessings.
dlga_town_dweller_talk:town_dweller_ask_rumor|What is the latest rumor around here?
dlga_town_dweller_ask_rumor:town_dweller_talk|I don't know anything that would be of interest to you.
dlga_town_dweller_ask_rumor:town_dweller_talk.2|I haven't heard anything interesting lately.
dlga_start:player_castle_guard_talk|Yes {sir/madam}?
dlga_player_castle_guard_talk:player_castle_guard_talk_2|How goes the watch, soldier?
dlga_player_castle_guard_talk_2:player_castle_guard_talk_3|All quite {sir/madam}. Nothing to report.
dlga_player_castle_guard_talk_3:close_window|Good. Keep your eyes open.
dlga_start:close_window.22|Good day, {sir/madam}. It's nice having you here in {s10}.
dlga_start:close_window.23|Mind your manners within the walls and we'll have no trouble.
dlga_start:hall_guard_talk|Your orders, {my lord/my lady}?
dlga_start:close_window.24|We are not supposed to talk while on guard {sir/madam}.
dlga_hall_guard_talk:hall_guard_duty|Stay on duty and let me know if anyone comes to see me.
dlga_hall_guard_duty:close_window|Yes, {my lord/my lady}. As you wish.
dlga_hall_guard_talk:hall_guard_arrest|I want you to arrest this man immediately!
dlga_hall_guard_arrest:hall_guard_arrest_2|Who do you want arrested {sir/madam}?
dlga_hall_guard_arrest_2:close_window|Ah, never mind my high spirits lads.
dlga_hall_guard_arrest_2:close_window.1|Forget it. I will find another way to deal with this.
dlga_enemy_defeated:close_window|Arggh! I hate this.
dlga_party_relieved:close_window|Thank you for helping us against those bastards.
dlga_start:battle_reason_stated|I will drink from your skull!
dlga_member_chat:regular_member_talk|Your orders {sir/madam}?
dlga_regular_member_talk:view_regular_char_requested|Tell me about yourself
dlga_view_regular_char_requested:do_regular_member_view_char|Aye {sir/madam}. Let me tell you all there is to know about me.
dlga_do_regular_member_view_char:regular_member_talk|Anything else?
dlga_regular_member_talk:close_window|Nothing. Keep moving.
dlga_start:party_encounter_hostile_attacker|You have no chance against us. Surrender now or we will kill you all...
dlga_party_encounter_hostile_attacker:close_window|Don't attack! We surrender.
dlga_party_encounter_hostile_attacker:close_window.1|We will fight you to the end!
dlga_start:party_encounter_hostile_defender|What do you want?
dlga_party_encounter_hostile_defender:party_encounter_hostile_ultimatum_surrender|Surrender or die!
dlga_party_encounter_hostile_defender:close_window|Nothing. We'll leave you in peace.
dlga_start:battle_reason_stated.1|Surrender or die. Make your choice
dlga_battle_reason_stated:close_window|I am not afraid of you. I will fight.
dlga_start:free|Hello. What can I do for you?
dlga_free:view_char_requested|Tell me about yourself
dlga_view_char_requested:view_char|Very well, listen to this...
dlga_view_char:free|Anything else?
dlga_start:threaten_1|Drop your weapons and surrender if you want to live
dlga_threaten_1:end|We will fight you first
dlga_free:close_window| Good-bye.
dlga_free:close_window.1| [Leave]