menu_start_game_1|Welcome, adventurer, to Mount&Blade. Before you can start playing the game you must create a character. To begin, select your character's gender.
mno_go_back|Go back
menu_start_phase_2|You arrive at Calradia, a land torn between rival kingdoms battling each other for supremacy, a haven for knights and mercenaries, cutthroats and adventurers, all willing to risk their lives in pursuit of fortune, power, or glory... In this land which holds great dangers and even greater opportunities, you will leave your past behind and start a new life. Now, on a rise above a distant training field, you feel that you hold the key of your destiny in your hands, free to choose as you will, and that whatever course you take, great adventures await you.
menu_start_game_3|Choose your scenario:
mno_custom_battle_scenario_1|Skirmish 1
mno_custom_battle_scenario_3|Skirmish 2
mno_custom_battle_scenario_4|Siege Defense 1
mno_custom_battle_scenario_5|Skirmish 3
mno_custom_battle_scenario_6|Siege Attack 1
mno_go_back|Go back
menu_tutorial|You approach a field where the locals are training with weapons. You can practice here to improve your combat skills.
mno_tutorial_1|Tutorial #1: Basic movement and weapon selection. {s1}
mno_tutorial_2|Tutorial #2: Fighting with a shield. {s2}
mno_tutorial_3|Tutorial #3: Fighting without a shield. {s3}
mno_tutorial_3b|Tutorial 3 b
mno_tutorial_3b_door|next level
mno_tutorial_4|Tutorial #4: Riding a horse. {s4}
mno_tutorial_5|Tutorial #5: Commanding a band of soldiers. {s5}
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_reports|Character Renown: {reg5}^Honor Rating: {reg6}^Party Morale: {reg8}^Party Size Limit: {reg7}^
mno_cheat_faction_orders|Cheat: Faction orders.
mno_view_character_report|View character report.
mno_view_party_size_report|View party size report.
mno_view_morale_report|View party morale report.
mno_view_character_report|NPC status check.
mno_view_faction_relations_report|View faction relations report.
mno_resume_travelling|Resume travelling.
menu_custom_battle_end|The battle is over. {s1} Your side killed {reg5} enemies and lost {reg6} troops over the battle. You personally slew {reg7} men in the fighting.
menu_start_character_1|You were born years ago, in a land far away. Your father was...
mno_start_noble|An impoverished noble.
mno_start_merchant|A travelling merchant.
mno_start_guard|A veteran warrior.
mno_start_forester|A hunter.
mno_start_nomad|A steppe nomad.
mno_start_thief|A thief.
mno_go_back|Go back
menu_start_character_2|{s10}^^ You started to learn about the world almost as soon as you could walk and talk. You spent your early life as...
mno_page|A page at a nobleman's court.
mno_apprentice|A craftsman's apprentice.
mno_stockboy|A shop assistant.
mno_urchin|A street urchin.
mno_nomad|A steppe child.
mno_go_back|Go back.
menu_start_character_3|{s11}^^ Then, as a young adult, life changed as it always does. You became...
mno_squire|A squire.
mno_lady|A lady-in-waiting.
mno_troubadour|A troubadour.
mno_student|A university student.
mno_peddler|A goods peddler.
mno_craftsman|A smith.
mno_poacher|A game poacher.
mno_go_back|Go back.
menu_start_character_4|{s12}^^But soon everything changed and you decided to strike out on your own as an adventurer. What made you take this decision was...
mno_revenge|Personal revenge.
mno_death|The loss of a loved one.
mno_disown|Being forced out of your home.
mno_greed|Lust for money and power.
mno_go_back|Go back.
mno_begin_adventuring|Become an adventurer and ride to Calradia.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
mno_continue|Continue to face creation...
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_auto_return|This menu automatically returns to caller.
mno_faction_orders_next_faction|Select next faction.
mno_faction_orders_defend|Force defend.
mno_faction_orders_gather|Force gather army.
mno_faction_orders_increase_time|Increase last offensive time by 24 hours.
mno_faction_orders_rethink|Force rethink.
mno_faction_orders_rethink_all|Force rethink for all factions.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_camp|You set up camp. What do you want to do?
mno_camp_action_1|Cheat: Walk around.
mno_camp_action|Take an action.
mno_camp_wait_here|Wait here for some time.
mno_camp_cheat|CHEAT MENU!
mno_resume_travelling|Resume travelling.
menu_camp_cheat|Select a cheat:
mno_camp_cheat_1|Increase player renown.
mno_camp_action_4|Back to camp menu.
menu_camp_action|Choose an action:
mno_camp_recruit_prisoners|Recruit some of your prisoners to your party.
mno_action_read_book|Select a book to read.
mno_action_modify_banner|Modify your banner.
mno_action_retire|Retire from adventuring.
mno_camp_action_4|Back to camp menu.
menu_camp_recruit_prisoners|You offer your prisoners freedom if they agree to join you as soldiers. {s18}
mno_camp_recruit_prisoners_accept|Take them.
mno_camp_recruit_prisoners_reject|Reject them.
mno_continue|Go back.
menu_camp_no_prisoners|You have no prisoners to recruit from.
menu_camp_action_read_book|Choose a book to read:
mno_camp_action_4|Back to camp menu.
menu_retirement_verify|You are at day {reg0}. Your current luck is {reg1}. Are you sure you want to retire?
menu_end_game|The decision is made, and you resolve to give up your adventurer's life and settle down. You sell off your weapons and armour, gather up all your money, and ride off into the sunset....
menu_cattle_herd|You encounter a herd of cattle.
mno_cattle_drive_away|Drive the cattle onward.
mno_cattle_stop|Bring the herd to a stop.
mno_cattle_kill|Slaughter some of the animals.
menu_cattle_herd_kill|How many animals do you want to slaughter?
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_cattle_herd_kill_end|You shouldn't be reading this.
menu_arena_duel_fight|You and your opponent prepare to fight for honour.
menu_simple_encounter|{s2} You have {reg10} troops fit for battle against their {reg11}.
mno_encounter_attack|Charge the enemy.
mno_encounter_order_attack|Order your troops to attack without you.
mno_encounter_retreat|Pull back, leaving some soldiers behind to cover your retreat.
menu_encounter_retreat_confirm|As the party member with the highest tactics skill, ({reg2}), {reg3?you devise:{s3} devises} a plan that will allow you and your men to escape with your lives, but you'll have to leave {reg4} soldiers behind to stop the enemy from giving chase.
mno_leave_behind|Go on. The sacrifice of these men will save the rest.
mno_dont_leave_behind|No. We leave no one behind.
menu_encounter_retreat|You tell {reg4} of your troops to hold the enemy while you retreat with the rest of your party.
menu_order_attack_begin|Your troops prepare to attack the enemy.
mno_order_attack_begin|Order the attack to begin.
mno_call_back|Call them back.
menu_order_attack_2|{s4}^^Your casualties: {s8}^^Enemy casualties: {s9}
mno_order_attack_continue|Order your soldiers to continue the attack.
mno_order_retreat|Call your soldiers back.
menu_battle_debrief|{s11}^^Your Casualties:{s8}{s10}^^Enemy Casualties:{s9}
menu_total_victory|You shouldn't be reading this... {s9}
menu_total_defeat|You shouldn't be reading this...
menu_pre_join|You come across a battle between {s2} and {s1}. You decide to...
mno_pre_join_help_attackers|Move in to help the {s2}.
mno_pre_join_help_defenders|Rush to the aid of the {s1}.
mno_pre_join_leave|Don't get involved.
menu_join_battle|You are helping the {s2} against the {s1}. You have {reg10} troops fit for battle against the enemy's {reg11}.
mno_join_attack|Charge the enemy.
mno_join_order_attack|Order your troops to attack with your allies while you stay back.
menu_join_order_attack|{s4}^^Your casualties: {s8}^^Allies' casualties: {s9}^^Enemy casualties: {s10}
menu_zendar|You enter the town of Zendar.
mno_zendar_enter_door|Door to the town center.
mno_zendar_tavern_door|Door to the tavern.
mno_zendar_merchant_door|Door to the merchant.
mno_zendar_arena_door|Door to the arena.
menu_salt_mine|You enter the salt mine.
menu_four_ways_inn|You arrive at the Four Ways Inn.
menu_test_scene|You enter the test scene.
menu_battlefields|Select a field...
mno_enter|Field 1
mno_enter|Field 2
mno_enter|Field 3
mno_enter|Field 4
mno_enter|Field 5
menu_dhorak_keep|You enter the Dhorak Keep
menu_join_siege_outside|{s1} has come under siege by {s2}.
mno_approach_besiegers|Approach the siege camp.
mno_pass_through_siege|Pass through the siege lines and enter {s1}.
menu_cut_siege_without_fight|The besiegers let you approach the gates without challenge.
menu_besiegers_camp_with_allies|{s1} remains under siege. The banners of {s2} fly above the camp of the besiegers, where you and your men are welcomed.
mno_talk_to_siege_commander| Request a meeting with the commander.
mno_join_siege_with_allies|Join the next assault.
mno_join_siege_stay_back|Order your soldiers to join the next assault without you.
menu_castle_outside|You are outside {s2}.{s11} {s3} {s4}
mno_approach_gates|Approach the gates and hail the guard.
mno_town_sneak|Disguise yourself and try to sneak into the town.
mno_castle_start_siege|Besiege the {reg6?town:castle}.
mno_cheat_castle_start_siege|CHEAT: Besiege the {reg6?town:castle}...
mno_castle_cheat_interior|CHEAT! Interior.
mno_castle_cheat_exterior|CHEAT! Exterior.
menu_castle_guard|You approach the gate. The men on the walls watch you closely.
mno_request_shelter|Request entry to the castle.
mno_request_meeting_commander|Request a meeting with someone.
menu_castle_entry_granted|After a brief wait, the guards open the gates for you and allow your party inside.
menu_castle_entry_denied|The lord of this castle has forbidden you from coming inside these walls, and the guard sergeant informs you that his men will fire if you attempt to come any closer.
menu_castle_meeting|With whom do you want to meet?
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
menu_castle_meeting_selected|Your request for a meeting is relayed inside, and finally {s6} appears in the courtyard to speak with you.
menu_castle_besiege|You are laying siege to {s1}. {s2} {s3}
mno_siege_request_meeting|Call for a meeting with the castle commander.
mno_wait_24_hours|Wait until tomorrow.
mno_castle_lead_attack|Lead your soldiers in an assault.
mno_attack_stay_back|Order your soldiers to attack while you stay back...
mno_build_ladders|Prepare ladders to attack the walls.
mno_build_siege_tower|Build a siege tower.
mno_cheat_castle_lead_attack|CHEAT: Instant build equipments.
mno_lift_siege|Abandon the siege.
menu_siege_attack_meets_sally|The defenders sally out to meet your assault.
menu_construct_ladders|As the party member with the highest Engineer skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you estimate:{s3} estimates} that it will take {reg4} hours to build enough scaling ladders for the assault.
mno_build_ladders_cont|Do it.
mno_go_back|Go back.
menu_construct_siege_tower|As the party member with the highest Engineer skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you estimate:{s3} estimates} that building a siege tower will take {reg4} hours.
mno_build_siege_tower_cont|Start building.
mno_go_back|Go back.
menu_castle_attack_walls_simulate|{s4}^^Your casualties:{s8}^^Enemy casualties were: {s9}
menu_castle_attack_walls_with_allies_simulate|{s4}^^Your casualties: {s8}^^Allies' casualties: {s9}^^Enemy casualties: {s10}
menu_castle_taken_by_friends|Nothing to see here.
menu_castle_taken|{s3} has fallen to your troops, and you now have full control of the castle.{reg1? It would seem that there is nothing stopping you from taking it for yourself...:}
menu_castle_taken_2|{s3} has fallen to your troops, and you now have full control of the castle. It is time to send word to {s9} about your victory. {s5}
mno_castle_taken_claim|Request that {s3} be awarded to you.
mno_castle_taken_no_claim|Ask no rewards.
menu_requested_castle_granted_to_player|You receive a message from your liege, {s3}.^^ {reg4?She:He} has decided to grant {s2}{reg3? and the nearby village of {s4}:} to you, with all due incomes and titles, to hold in {reg4?her:his} name for as long as you maintain your oath of homage.
menu_requested_castle_granted_to_another|You receive a message from your monarch, {s3}.^^ 'I was most pleased to hear of your valiant efforts in the capture of {s2}. Your victory has gladdened all our hearts. You also requested me to give you ownership of the castle, but that is a favour which I fear I cannot grant, as you already hold significant estates in my realm. Instead I have sent you {reg6} denars to cover the expenses of your campaign, but {s2} I give to {s5}.'
mno_accept_decision|Accept the decision.
mno_leave_faction|You have been wronged! Renounce you oath to your liege!
menu_leave_faction|Renouncing your oath is a grave act. Your lord may condemn you and confiscate your lands and holdings. However, if you return them of your own free will, he may let the betrayal go without a fight.
mno_leave_faction_give_back|Renounce your oath and give up your holdings.
mno_leave_faction_hold|Renounce your oath and hold on to your lands, including {s2}.
mno_leave_faction_cancel|Remain loyal and accept the decision.
menu_give_center_to_player|Your lord offers to extend your fiefs! {s1} sends word that he is willing to grant {s2} to you in payment for your loyal service, adding it to your holdings. What is your answer?
mno_give_center_to_player_accept|Accept the offer.
mno_give_center_to_player_reject|Reject. You have no interest in holding {s2}.
menu_give_center_to_player_2|With a brief ceremony, you are officially confirmed as the new lord of {s2}{reg3? and its bound village {s4}:}. {reg3?They:It} will make a fine part of your fiefdom. You can now claim the rents and revenues from your personal estates there, draft soldiers from the populace, and manage the lands as you see fit. However, you are also expected to defend your fief and your people from harm, as well as maintaining the rule of law and order.
menu_oath_fulfilled|You had a contract with {s1} to serve him for a certain duration. Your contract has now expired. What will you do?
mno_renew_oath|Renew your contract with {s1} for another month.
mno_dont_renew_oath|Become free of your bond.
menu_siege_started_defender|{s1} is launching an assault against the walls of {s2}. You have {reg10} troops fit for battle against the enemy's {reg11}. You decide to...
mno_siege_defender_join_battle|Join the battle.
mno_siege_defender_troops_join_battle|Order your men to join the battle without you.
menu_siege_join_defense|{s4}^^Your casualties: {s8}^^Allies' casualties: {s9}^^Enemy casualties: {s10}
menu_enter_your_own_castle|As you approach, you are spotted by the castle guards, who welcome you and open the gates for their {lord/lady}.
mno_village_manage|Manage this village.
mno_recruit_volunteers|Recruit Volunteers.
mno_village_center|Go to the village center.
mno_village_center_door|Door to the village center.
mno_village_buy_food|Buy supplies from the peasants.
mno_village_attack_bandits|Attack the bandits.
mno_village_wait|Wait here for some time.
mno_collect_taxes_qst|{reg5?Continue collecting taxes:Collect taxes} due to {s1}.
mno_train_peasants_against_bandits_qst|Train the peasants.
mno_village_hostile_action|Take a hostile action.
mno_village_reports|CHEAT! Show reports.
menu_village_hostile_action|What action do you have in mind?
mno_village_take_food|Force the peasants to give you supplies.
mno_village_steal_cattle|Steal cattle.
mno_village_loot|Loot and burn this village.
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
mno_recruit_them|Recruit them ({reg6} denars).
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
menu_village_hunt_down_fugitive_defeated|A heavy blow from the fugitive sends you to the ground, and your vision spins and goes dark. Time passes. When you open your eyes again you find yourself battered and bloody, but luckily none of the wounds appear to be lethal.
menu_village_infestation_removed|In a battle worthy of song, you and your men drive the bandits out of the village, making it safe once more. The villagers have little left in the way of wealth after their ordeal, but they offer you all they can find.
mno_village_bandits_defeated_accept|Take it as your just due.
mno_village_bandits_defeated_cont|Refuse, stating that they need these items more than you do.
menu_center_manage|{s19}^{reg6?^^You are currently building {s7}. The building will be completed after {reg8} day{reg9?s:}.:}
mno_center_build_manor|Build a manor.
mno_center_build_fish_pond|Build a mill.
mno_center_build_watch_tower|Build a watch tower.
mno_center_build_school|Build a school.
mno_center_build_messenger_post|Build a messenger post.
mno_center_build_prisoner_tower|Build a prisoner tower.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_center_improve|{s19} As the party member with the highest engineer skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you reckon:{s3} reckons} that building the {s4} will cost you {reg5} denars and will take {reg6} days.
mno_improve_cont|Go on.
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
mno_improve_not_enough_gold|I don't have enough money for that.
menu_town_bandits_failed|{s4} {s5}
menu_town_bandits_succeeded|The bandits fall before you as wheat to a scythe! Soon you stand alone in the streets while most of your attackers lie unconscious, dead or dying. Searching the bodies, you find a purse which must have belonged to a previous victim of these brutes. Or perhaps, it was given to them by someone who wanted to arrange a suitable ending to your life.
menu_village_steal_cattle_confirm|As the party member with the highest looting skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you reckon:{s1} reckons} that you can steal as many as {reg4} heads of village's cattle.
mno_village_steal_cattle_confirm|Go on.
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
menu_village_take_food_confirm|It will be difficult to force and threaten the peasants into giving their precious supplies. You think you will need at least one hour.
mno_village_take_food_confirm|Go ahead.
mno_forget_it|Forget it.
menu_village_take_food|The villagers grudgingly bring out what they have for you.
mno_take_supplies|Take the supplies.
mno_let_them_keep_it|Let them keep it.
menu_village_start_attack|Some of the angry villagers grab their tools and prepare to resist you. It looks like you'll have a fight on your hands if you continue.
mno_village_raid_attack|Charge them.
mno_village_raid_leave|Leave this village alone.
menu_village_loot_no_resist|The villagers here are few and frightened, and they quickly scatter and run before you. The village is at your mercy.
mno_village_loot|Plunder the village, then raze it.
mno_village_raid_leave|Leave this village alone.
menu_village_loot_complete|On your orders your troops sack the village, pillaging everything of any value, and then put the buildings to the torch. From the coins and valuables that are found, you get your share of {reg1} denars.
menu_village_loot_defeat|Fighting with courage and determination, the villagers manage to hold together and drive off your forces.
menu_village_loot_continue|Do you wish to continue looting this village?
menu_center_tax|You receive the accumulated rents and taxes of this fief, amounting to {reg1} denars.
mno_castle_castle|Go to the Lord's hall.
mno_castle_castle_door|Door to the castle.
mno_join_tournament|Join the tournament.
mno_town_castle|Go to the castle.
mno_town_castle_door|Door to the castle.
mno_town_center|Take a walk around the streets.
mno_town_center_door|Door to the town center.
mno_town_tavern|Visit the tavern.
mno_town_tavern_door|Door to the tavern.
mno_town_merchant|Speak with the merchant.
mno_town_merchant_door|Door to the shop.
mno_town_arena|Enter the arena.
mno_town_arena_door|Door to the arena.
mno_town_dungeon|Never: Enter the prison.
mno_town_dungeon_door|Door to the dungeon.
mno_castle_inspect|Take a walk around the courtyard.
mno_castle_inspect_door|To the castle courtyard.
mno_trade_with_merchants|Go to the marketplace.
mno_walled_center_manage|Manage this {reg0?town:castle}.
mno_castle_station_troops|Station a garrison here...
mno_castle_wait|Wait here for some time{s1}.
mno_town_alley|CHEAT: Go to the alley.
mno_collect_taxes_qst|{reg5?Continue collecting taxes:Collect taxes} due to {s1}.
mno_town_leave_door|Leave Area.
mno_castle_cheat_interior|CHEAT! Interior.
mno_castle_cheat_town_exterior|CHEAT! Exterior.
mno_castle_cheat_dungeon|CHEAT! Prison.
mno_castle_cheat_town_walls|CHEAT! Town Walls.
mno_cheat_town_start_siege|CHEAT: Besiege the {reg6?town:castle}...
mno_center_reports|CHEAT! Show reports.
mno_sail_from_port|Sail from port.
menu_town_tournament_lost|You have been eliminated from the tournament.
menu_town_tournament_won|You have won the tournament of {s3}! You are filled with pride as the crowd cheers your name. In addition to honour, fame and glory, you earn a prize of {reg9} denars. {s8}
menu_town_tournament_won_by_another|As the only {reg3?woman:man} to remain undefeated this day, {s1} wins the lists and the glory of this tournament.
menu_town_tournament|{s1}You are at tier {reg0} of the tournament, with {reg1} participants remaining. In the next round, there will be {reg2} teams with {reg3} {reg4?fighters:fighter} each.
mno_tournament_view_participants|View participants.
mno_tournament_bet|Place a bet on yourself.
mno_tournament_join_next_fight|Fight in the next round.
mno_leave_tournament|Withdraw from the tournament.
menu_tournament_withdraw_verify|Are you sure you want to withdraw from the tournament?
mno_tournament_withdraw_yes|Yes. This is a pointless affectation.
mno_tournament_withdraw_yes|No, not as long as there is a chance of victory!
menu_tournament_bet|The odds against you are {reg5} to {reg6}.{reg1? You have already bet {reg1} denars on yourself, and if you win, you will earn {reg2} denars.:} How much do you want to bet?
mno_bet_100_denars|100 denars.
mno_bet_50_denars|50 denars.
mno_bet_20_denars|20 denars.
mno_bet_10_denars|10 denars.
mno_bet_5_denars|5 denars.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_tournament_bet_confirm|If you bet {reg1} denars, you will earn {reg2} denars if you win the tournament. Is that all right?
mno_tournament_bet_accept|Go ahead.
mno_tournament_bet_cancel|Forget it.
menu_tournament_participants|You ask one of the criers for the names of the tournament participants. They are:^{s11}
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_collect_taxes|As the party member with the highest trade skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you expect:{s1} expects} that collecting taxes from here will take {reg4} days...
mno_start_collecting|Start collecting.
mno_collect_later|Put it off until later.
menu_collect_taxes_complete|You've collected {reg3} denars in taxes from {s3}. {s19} will be expecting you to take the money to him.
menu_collect_taxes_rebels_killed|Your quick action and strong arm have successfully put down the revolt. Surely, anyone with a mind to rebel against you will think better of it after this.
menu_collect_taxes_failed|You could collect only {reg3} denars as tax from {s3} before the revolt broke out. {s1} won't be happy, but some silver will placate him better than nothing at all...
menu_collect_taxes_revolt_warning|The people of {s3} are outraged at your demands and decry it as nothing more than extortion. They're getting very restless, and they may react badly if you keep pressing them.
mno_continue_collecting_taxes|Ignore them and continue.
mno_halve_taxes|Agree to reduce your collection by half. ({s1} may be upset)
menu_collect_taxes_revolt|You are interrupted while collecting the taxes at {s3}. A large band of angry {reg9?peasants:townsmen} is marching nearer, shouting about the exorbitant taxes and waving torches and weapons. It looks like they aim to fight you!
menu_train_peasants_against_bandits|As the party member with the highest training skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you expect:{s1} expects} that getting some peasants ready for practice will take {reg4} hours.
mno_make_preparation|Train them.
mno_train_later|Put it off until later.
menu_train_peasants_against_bandits_ready|You put the peasants through the basics of soldiering, discipline and obedience. You think {reg0} of them {reg1?have:has} fully grasped the training and {reg1?are:is} ready for some practice.
mno_peasant_start_practice|Start the practice fight.
menu_train_peasants_against_bandits_attack|As you get ready to continue the training, a sentry from the village runs up to you, shouting alarums. The bandits have been spotted on the horizon, riding hard for {s3}. The elder begs that you organize your newly-trained militia and face them.
mno_peasants_against_bandits_attack_resist|Prepare for a fight!
menu_train_peasants_against_bandits_success|The bandits are broken! Those few who remain run off with their tails between their legs, terrified of the peasants and their new champion. The villagers have little left in the way of wealth after their ordeal, but they offer you all they can find to show their gratitude.
mno_village_bandits_defeated_accept|Take it as your just due.
mno_village_bandits_defeated_cont|Refuse, stating that they need these items more than you do.
menu_disembark|Do you wish to disembark?
menu_ship_reembark|Do you wish to embark?
menu_center_reports|Town Name: {s1}^Rent Income: {reg1} denars^Tariff Income: {reg2} denars^Food Stock: for {reg3} days
mno_to_price_and_productions|Show prices and productions.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_price_and_production|Productions are:^{s1}^^Price factors are:^{s2}
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_town_trade|You head towards the marketplace.
mno_assess_prices|Assess the local prices.
mno_trade_with_arms_merchant|Trade with the arms merchant.
mno_trade_with_armor_merchant|Trade with the armor merchant.
mno_trade_with_horse_merchant|Trade with the horse merchant.
mno_trade_with_goods_merchant|Trade with the goods merchant.
mno_back_to_town_menu|Head back.
menu_town_trade_assessment_begin|You overhear several discussions about the price of trade goods across the local area. You listen closely, trying to work out the best deals around.
menu_town_trade_assessment|As the party member with the highest trade skill ({reg2}), {reg3?you try to figure out:{s1} tries to figure out} the best goods to trade in. {s2}
menu_sneak_into_town_suceeded|Disguised in the garments of a poor pilgrim, you fool the guards and make your way into the town.
menu_sneak_into_town_caught|As you try to sneak in, one of the guards recognizes you and raises the alarm! You must flee back through the gates before all the guards in the town come down on you!
mno_sneak_caught_fight|Try to fight your way out!
menu_sneak_into_town_caught_dispersed_guards|You drive off the guards and cover your trail before running off, easily losing your pursuers in the maze of streets.
menu_sneak_into_town_caught_ran_away|You make your way back through the gates and quickly retreat to the safety of the hills.
menu_enemy_offer_ransom_for_prisoner|{s2} offers you a sum of {reg12} denars in silver if you are willing to sell him {s1}.
mno_ransom_accept|Accept the offer.
mno_ransom_reject|Reject the offer.
menu_training_ground|You approach a training field where you can practice your martial skills. What kind of training do you want to do?
mno_camp_trainer|Speak with the trainer.
mno_camp_train_melee|Sparring practice.
mno_camp_train_archery|Ranged weapon practice.
mno_camp_train_mounted|Horseback practice.
mno_go_to_track|Cheat: Go to track.
mno_go_to_range|Cheat: Go to range.
menu_training_ground_selection_details_melee_1|How many opponents will you go against?
menu_training_ground_selection_details_melee_2|Choose your opponent #{reg1}:
mno_training_ground_selection_details_melee_random|Choose randomly.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_training_ground_selection_details_mounted|What kind of weapon do you want to train with?
mno_camp_train_mounted_details_1|One handed weapon.
mno_camp_train_mounted_details_4|Thrown weapon.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_training_ground_selection_details_ranged_1|What kind of ranged weapon do you want to train with?
mno_camp_train_ranged_weapon_bow|Bow and arrows.
mno_camp_train_ranged_weapon_thrown|Throwing Knives.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_training_ground_selection_details_ranged_2|What range do you want to practice at?
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_1|10 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_2|20 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_3|30 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_4|40 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_5|50 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_6|60 yards.
mno_camp_train_ranged_details_7|70 yards.
mno_go_back_dot|Go back.
menu_marshall_selection_candidate_ask|{s15} will soon select a new marshall for {s23}. Some of the lords have suggested your name as a likely candidate.
mno_marshall_candidate_accept|Let {s15} learn that you are willing to serve as marshall.
mno_marshall_candidate_reject|Tell everyone that you are too busy these days.
menu_captivity_avoid_wilderness|Suddenly all the world goes black around you. Many hours later you regain your conciousness and find yourself at the spot you fell. Your enemies must have taken you up for dead and left you there. However, it seems that none of your wound were lethal, and altough you feel awful, you find out that can still walk. You get up and try to look for any other survivors from your party.
menu_captivity_start_wilderness_defeat|Your enemies take you prisoner.
menu_captivity_start_under_siege_defeat|Your enemies take you prisoner.
menu_captivity_wilderness_taken_prisoner|Your enemies take you prisoner.
menu_captivity_end_wilderness_escape|After painful days of being dragged about as a prisoner, you find a chance and escape from your captors!
menu_captivity_castle_taken_prisoner|You are quickly surrounded by guards who take away your weapons. With curses and insults, they throw you into the dungeon where you must while away the miserable days of your captivity.
menu_captivity_rescue_lord_taken_prisoner|You remain in disguise for as long as possible before revealing yourself. The guards are outraged and beat you savagely before throwing you back into the cell for God knows how long...
menu_captivity_end_exchanged_with_prisoner|After days of imprisonment, you are finally set free when your captors exchange you with another prisoner.
menu_captivity_end_propose_ransom|You spend long hours in the sunless dank of the dungeon, more than you can count. Suddenly one of your captors enters your cell with an offer; he proposes to free you in return for {reg5} denars of your hidden wealth. You decide to...
mno_captivity_end_ransom_accept|Accept the offer.
mno_captivity_end_ransom_deny|Refuse him, wait for something better.
menu_captivity_castle_remain|More days pass in the darkness of your cell. You get through them as best you can, enduring the kicks and curses of the guards, watching your underfed body waste away more and more...
menu_kingdom_army_quest_report_to_army|{s8} sends word that he wishes you to join his new military campaign. You need to bring at least {reg13} troops to the army, and are instructed to raise more men with all due haste if you do not have enough.
menu_kingdom_army_quest_messenger|{s8} sends word that he wishes to speak with you about a task he needs performed. He requests you to come and see him as soon as possible.
menu_kingdom_army_quest_join_siege_order|{s8} sends word that you are to join the siege of {s9} in preparation for a full assault. Your troops are to take {s9} at all costs.
menu_kingdom_army_follow_failed|You have disobeyed orders and failed to follow {s8}. In anger he has disbanded you from the army, and sends a stern warning that your actions will not be forgotten.
menu_invite_player_to_faction_without_center|You receive an offer of vassalage!^^ {s8} of {s9} has sent a royal herald to bring you an invititation in his own hand. You would be granted the honour of becoming a vassal {lord/lady} of {s9}, and in return {s8} asks you to swear an oath of homage to him and fight in his military campaigns, although he offers you no lands or titles. He will surely be offended if you do not take the offer...
mno_faction_reject|Decline the invitation.
menu_invite_player_to_faction|You receive an offer of vassalage!^^ {s8} of {s9} has sent a royal herald to bring you an invititation in his own hand. You would be granted the honour of becoming a vassal {lord/lady} of {s9}, and in return {s8} asks you to swear an oath of homage to him and fight in his military campaigns, offering you the fief of {s2} for your loyal service. He will surely be offended if you do not take the offer...
mno_faction_reject|Decline the invitation.
menu_invite_player_to_faction_accepted|In order to become a vassal, you must swear an oath of homage to {s3}. You shall have to find him and give him your oath in person. {s5}
menu_question_peace_offer|You Receive a Peace Offer^^{s1} offers you a peace agreement. What is your answer?
menu_notification_player_faction_active|You now posess land in your name without being tied to any kingdom, as a masterless warlord who knows no higher authority. Enjoy this freedom, but know that the kings of the land will not look to you kindly and will make every attempt to dispose of you. You may find life very difficult without the protection of a kingdom.
menu_notification_player_faction_deactive|You no longer hold any land.
menu_notification_center_under_siege|{s1} has been besieged by {s2} of {s3}!
menu_notification_village_raided|Enemies have Laid Waste to a Fief^^{s1} has been raided by {s2} of {s3}!
menu_notification_village_raid_started|Your Village is under Attack!^^{s2} of {s3} is laying waste to {s1}.
menu_notification_one_faction_left|Calradia Conquered by One Kingdom^^{s1} has defeated all rivals and stands as the sole kingdom.
menu_notification_oath_renounced_faction_defeated|Your Old Faction was Defeated^^You won the battle against {s1}! This ends your struggle which started after your enounced your oath to them.
menu_notification_center_lost|An Estate was Lost^^You have lost {s1} to {s2}.
menu_notification_troop_left_players_faction|Betrayal!^^{s1} has left {s2} and joined {s3}.
menu_notification_troop_joined_players_faction|Good news!^^ {s1} has left {s2} and joined {s3}.
menu_notification_war_declared|Declaration of War^^{s1} has declared war against {s2}!
menu_notification_peace_declared|Peace Agreement^^{s1} and {s2} have accepted a peace deal!
menu_notification_faction_defeated|Faction Eliminated^^{s1} is no more!
menu_notification_rebels_switched_to_faction|Rebellion Success^^ Your rebellion is victorious! Your faction now has the sole claim to the title of {s11}, with {s12} as the single ruler.
menu_kill_local_merchant_begin|You spot your victim and follow him, observing as he turns a corner into a dark alley. This will surely be your best opportunity to attack him.